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2004-12-30 Rebecca Newman, national Jewish communal leader, honored by hometown UJF
Religion writer tells of neo-Calvinism, a ba'al t'shuvah movement among Protestants
Jewish Citizen: Security in America
Michael Hirsh to leave UJF to direct Peace Corps in Peru

2004-12-28 Families separated by Holocaust find each other through Yad Vashem, Google and
2004-12-28 It's hell on television
Jews split in debate over homeland security grants, church-state separation
Connecting to her dead father helped propel Streisand's career
Fred Lewis' Heart of San Diego a resource for future historians
Book recalls September 11 and its aftermath
Children of two cultures find love in a third  
Armchair Jewishsightseeing: From Zion National Park to Zion to Mount Ararat and beyond
How to defuse a tough law enforcement situation: Make 'em smile, laugh, says the sheriff
Ottinger is not avid yet about another run for elective office
Ori Livney: He happily bursts his own balloon
Rep. Susan Davis, on fact-finding mission, brings school children's greetings to troops
Community college board president wins a bet and his bride lands 'very best man I know'
Kesler provides background on anti-Kerry Vietnam vets
Peace on earth, good will to us too?
2004-12-17 Adding to the political brew in San Diego County
Jimmy Carter tells Jay Leno of Saudi prince's hospitality
Jewish Citizen: The demise of NCCJ
UCSD Television airs collegial Muslim-Jewish dialogue
ADL Director Morris Casuto partners with Eminem on rap CD
KURS radio offers varied content for listeners—Chanukah, deaths on the border, Gospel
Carter: Arafat assassination likely if he had accepted Barak-Clinton offer
History Channel asserts Al Queda, neo-nazi link in 1995 Oklahoma City bombing
Bashed-in skull prompts Discovery Channel to question Exodus account
Anecdotal gems in the pages of Jewish history
How to reach unaffiliated Jews: remember market segmentation

Schwarzenegger is not the real issue in considering constitutional amendment
Book review: My Righteous Gentile
Hertzberg seeks re-invention of local government
Goldberg and friends  find rabbi, combat global anti-Semitism
Israel's government crisis forces Dore Gold speech cancellation in San Diego
Sharansky's thesis: dictatorships, by nature, are enemies of peace
A stranger's gift provides some excellent reading
Rabbi David Rosen, at AJC meeting, outlines inter-faith efforts on four continents
Undecided mayor's race leaves Shira, Wayne, others in limbo

2004-12-02 Controversial columnist James Goldsborough resigns from Union-Tribune over killed column on why most Jews did not vote for Bush.
Marla Bennett's mother expresses satisfaction over killer's 67 life sentences
Fame—and a serial killer
Two lessons of life and immortality
2004-11-28  Chai times and chai tea 

More 2003 stories to be posted
The sweet success of a meringue maven
It's all between the covers at San Diego Jewish Book Fair
Fires leave scars on community: Chabad Academy devastated; many lose their homes
The Search for the Life Diamonds
Scenes for the Succah
Reacting to Reactor
Government shouldn't raise funds for California's missions
Kensington: a neighborhood for independent-minded people
Israel in miniature: New amusement park surveys landmarks of the Holy Land
Wings over Galilee: Fish-farming kibbutz hosts millions of air travelers
Synagogues in Israel and San Diego forge a Conservative connection
Julian, California: Members of Levi's tribe fine serenity in mountain town
Short takes from Sha'ar Hanegev
Tension and hope on the Israel-Gaza frontier
Hier: Don't judge 'Arnold' by sins of his father
Mefalsim: Kibbutz comes close to 'showing the foot'
Kfar Aza: From socialism to capitalism
Movie Review: The Holy Land
Families of the magic carpet: Yemenite moshav mourns lost Torahs in the northern Negev
'Arnold' sought research on father's nazi role
San Diego City Height's project spurred TAU program in Jaffa
Education initiative aids poor Arabs and Jews: A university builds trust in Jaffa
San Diego donors aid student olim
Goal of day schools is honorable menschen 
From Brazil, historical gifts of independence
When soldiers became kibbutzniks near Gaza: Palmach pioneers on the front
Peres urges quick withdrawal from Gaza
Sigal's prize: Peres wedding is sign of devotion to family and Israel's future
Pioneers stay productive at kibbutz on Gaza's edge
Demographics pose challenge to develop Negev 
Ruhama: Kibbutz of compassion
There is a Jewish story everywhere: G is for Guajome—Racism on the rancho; with Gerry Greber
There is a Jewish story everywhere: A is for Alpine (California)
UJF honors longtime staffer Leslie Weening at annual meeting 
Gov. Davis calls recall 'waste of money'; also cites his protection of investments in Israel
Wayne for City Attorney
Memories of San Diego's Jewish trailblazers are preserved at SDSU
Good News and Bad News from Tel Aviv's Mayor
So his dog wasn't the smartest!
Soille headmaster passes on his passion to a new generation of  Jewish students
Jewish weddings around the world
Lake Elsinore Diamond sports a hamische air
Hillel organizer reveals campus strategy
Book Review: Getting Here: Ruth's Story 1935-1949 
Mothers I knew
Prophylaxis for San Diego's image on campus
San Diegan honors bravery of father she never met
Soldier blows his horn for Israel Defense Forces
Young Israelis amazed by 'naivete' of Americans
Israeli admiral warns of a capsized economy
'Suddenly' A Musical
Kosher winemaker smashes grapes—and stereotypes
O Say Can You Sing?
Jews of Iraq: Escape from Babylon
Gulf War not a 'show' 
Festival explores the range of Jewish music
Violinist Zina Schiff stars in tribute to Jascha Heifetz
Considering Haman and rethinking the death penalty
San Diego gathering remembers Herb Brin
Community bids farewell to Cantor Simon Bermanis
Gary Jacobs' Perfect Storm: Minor league team is a major undertaking
UJF works to head off 'donor burn-out'
New beginnings for Jews in Southwest Riverside County
AJC chief joins protest of Belgian ruling in "war crimes" allegations against Sharon
Judge in Pfingst-Sachs dispute allows bias element
Temecula—Its Jewish pioneers, past and present
2003-02-14 S.D. Opera's Norma raises questions of bel canto vs. kol isha
Tribute to a Devilish Angel (Herb Brin obituary)
A fateful decision: What drew me to Herb?
Presidents Day:: Those Other Harrisons
Nowhere in Africa and Il Cielo Cade (movie reviews)
How will Ariel Sharon forge his governing coalition?
Desperate Hours (movie review)
Egoz (movie review)
13th San Diego Jewish Film Festival: Love, tears and laughter at a theatre near you
Seeing the faces of hate in our own mirror
Tifereth Israel's 'Grandparents Shabbat' honors patriarchs and matriarchs of today
We have a winner: Camp name will be 'Mountain Chai"
Elephants in the Garden
From bar mitzvah dad to publisher
Rabbis recall glories, griefs of their own b'nai mitzvah
San Diego family learns of kin's death in West Bank terror
A smorgasbord of Jewish learning
2002-12-27 Janitors vs. Westfield: Is Justice Being Served?
Travails of an Israeli UN diplomat
A Conversation with Richard Perle
2002-12-13 Perle asserts links between Saddam Hussein, terrorists
Schuster finds success as region's new leader
2002-12-06 Jewish Agency's treasurer sees gold in Negev, Galilee
Jewry and Jewelry Sparkle in Cozumel
2002-11-29: Day of Thanks
2002-11-29: Eight Stories for Eight Nights
2002-10-04:NCJW: Changing the world
2002-10-04: When the UJF survey calls, don't hang up (no no)
2002-09-13: What swallowed Jonah?  Sea World educators identify the prime suspects
2002-08-23: Shor's surprise
2002-08-23: Our Chaldean cousins.  From Abraham of Ur to the Aramaic language, they share numerous inheritances with Jews
2002-07-12: Peres' son, granddaughter were at LAX during rampage
2002-06-21: Jewish War Veterans salute local winners of the Congressional Medal of Honor
2002-06-21: Councilman weighs parking at Adat Yeshurun
2002-06-14: Eileen A. Schwartz gets our community involved in a rapidly growing collection of flag images 
2002-05-10: How the City of Gold inspires a house of God
2002-05-10: Orthodox girls school finds a happy home on Reform campus
2002-05-10: Jerusalem Zoo: An island of peace and wildlife
2002-04-18: The state of Jewish education
2002-04-05: Student drama retells Kindertransport saga
2002-03-22: Stuffing the goose — and other Passover customs from around the world
2002-03-22: Pesach in Argentina
2002-03-15: FBI brushes aside rumor about Israeli art spies'
2002-03-08: Jewish Law & Order.  Voters choose Kolender to arrest crime suspects, Dumanis (maybe) to prosecute them and Goldstein to judge them
2002-03-01: Academy students give Lieberman a red, white and blue welcome
2002-03-01: White power failure. Anti-Semites tried hard to exploit Sept. 11, with little success, says ADL expert
2002-03-01: Political deja vu: Cheney & Lieberman come to town
2002-02-15: Fraternity pedals a war against hunger
2002-02-15: Black, white & Brownsville
2002-02-08: Around the Jewish world in 51 minutes.  Wanderings: A Journey to Connect, directed by Nikila Cole, 51 minutes, color.
2002-02-08:Son of the pioneers. How Ron Nachman helped found the West Bank city of Ariel
2002-02-08: Let my people go to the movies
A camp of our own: 153-acre site tops UJF's agenda for community's future.  Federation also tells Israel plans
Jerusalem Express: Mayor Olmert travels to California for traffic solutions
Righward march: Why peace is a casualty for Mayor Shai Hermesh, neighbor of B-G & Sharon
Crisis of faith: Ross discusses Arafat, Sharon and Mideast peacemaking in Heritage interview
Ross: Arafat must have known about arms ship
2002-01-11 Justice, Justice... Rabbi David G. Dalin, presidential scholar, traces the appointments of Jews to the U.S. Supreme Court.
2002-01-04 From generation to generation: family helps welcome cantor's son to covenant
2002-01-04 Farewell to a benefactor: Bernard Lipinsky remembered by a grateful community


2001-12-21: Issa welcomes Jewish support. Congressman targeted in alleged plot affirms his support for Israel and his opposition to terrorism 
2001-12-21: A Fein effort for literacy
2001-12-14: Love for JNF started in Granma's kitchen
2001-12-14: Carter, at USD peace center, hits Bush tribunals
2001-11-23: Linking with the Latinos
2001-11-02: Holy land for sale
2001-11-02: A different coalition:.Arens contrasts today's alliance against terror with 1991's campagin against Iraq
2001-10-26: Meet Your Match program For singles to disband
2001-10-26: Jews and other faiths:  To talk or not to talk?
2001-10-26: Our Catholic partners.  Clerics of two faiths plan high school exchange program
2001-10-26: Councilman's efforts avert forced exodus for Young Israel. Intervention lifts city order for eviction
2001-10-19: Healing touches.  how San Diegans respond to tragedy
2001-10-05: Senator urges close look at student visas
2001-09-28: Bush crafts speech for Jews, Arabs
2001-09-21: In aftermath, a flood of reports, messages
2001-09-21: San Diego rallies Against terrorists And scapegoaters
2001-09-14: UJF plans big move from Mercury to Murphy
2001-09-14: Jews of San Diego react to terror assaults
2001-09-14: Chronology of a catastrophe
2001-09-14: Etz Rimon to honor congregant who inspired Torah fund
2001-09-14: Mysterious Torah scroll is restored by congregation in Ramona
2001-09-14: Mexican consul gives advice On drugs and immigration
2001-09-07: Building a strong Foundation Director is one reason why S.D. agency leads the nation
2001-09-07: Congress members push aid for Jewish, Filipino war vets
2001-08-31: 'Dream' a little dream of Jews
2001-08-31: 'Sneak preview' of the new Beth Israel
2001-08-31: Braun endorses Nakamaura as her school board successor
2001-08-10: First Maccabiah, then Olympics?  San Diego swimmer Ben Weston was a 
                     Frequent winner at games in Israel
2001-08-10: Hunter helps Israelis send Arrow skyward
2001-08-03: Judaism under the shade of a Torrey Pine.  Adat Yeshurun builds a new home in La Jolla
2001-08-03: Medal-laden Maccabeans come home to San Diego
2001-08-03: 'Chicken Soup':  3 San Diegans are in the mix
2001-07-27: Temple denial.  Arab propaganda takes an unsettling new turn
2001-07-27:  Zoo names a lake for Ellen Barnett
2001-07-27: Egalitarian author portrays the lives of 'ordinary' Israelis
2001-07-20: Teaching tips.  Israeli educators check out SDSU program
2001-07-20: Politics and whoredom.  Former councilwoman's novel looks at the seamy underside of city government
2001-07-13: Joseph Astor, longtime JCC director, is laid to rest
2001-07-13: The Jewish Citizen.  Opening the door.  Echoes of Jewish immigrant experience resonate for college board president
2001-07-13: Harriette Schnieder, 84, lifelong Jewish activist
2001-07-06: Former mentor to succeed Beth El's Levin
2001-07-06: Shelf improvement.  Jewish librarians, convening in San Diego, say there's more than one way to get their houses in order
2001-07-06: Book inspired by non-Jewish author's fascination with Shoah
2001-07-06: Confessions of a male congressional spouse
2001-06-29:Developer limits Beth Israel preservation options
2001-06-22: Rabbi Aaron S. Gold.  Final Moments with a Friend
2001-06-15: Enemies were his heroes.  To America and Japan with gratitude
2001-06-15: Activists plan a Father's Day rally for Israel and 2 summer solidarity missions
2001-06-08: 'Isaac': Play poses questions of Jewish faith
2001-06-08: The Jewish Citizen.  Who protects the children?  Filmmaker documents county agency
2001-06-01: Sister assister.  Thelma Press, a pioneer of the Sister Cities movement, comes to San Diego with ideas on finding a municipal sibling in Israel
2001-05-25: The collaborative sheriff.  Bill Kolender looks for alternatives to violence in law enforcement
2001-05-25: A pointed offense.  Jewish leaders assail cartoon in the Union-Tribune
2001-05-18: The Jewish Citizen.  Substance over process; Students work on 'Repairing  the World' at nation's capital
2001-05-11: Bringing Israeli art to the Americans
2001-05-11: Israel soldier band tours in San Diego
2001-05-11: This Peres bypasses Washington for a chance to visit San Diego
2001-05-11: Emanu-El salutes founder of temple's tapestry of healing
2001-05-04: Web of Deceit by Brenda Sue
2001-05-04: From Devil's Island to Zion Tropical prison of Capt.Alfred  Dreyfus is an important landmark in Jewish history
2001-05-03: This was a celebration?  Depressing play brings down audience at Israel Independence Day event
2001-04-27: Frontier novel helps ease way for a grandpa-to-be
2001-04-27: Was he sincere?  Convicted hate criminal Alex Curtis met with his victims to 'apologize'
2001-04-27: Historian Lipstadt to lecture on Holocaust deniers
2001-04-27: Gary's run.  Gary Rotto finished sixth in the 6th Council District. But on an important level, he was clearly a winner
2001-04-20: Last draw for preachy 'B.C."?
2001-04-20: The Jewish Citizen.  Dining with the Israelites.  ADL's '3rd Night Seder' offers Gentiles a first-hand look at Jewish ritual
2001-04-20: Just like Gold Times The rabbi who couldn't stay retired
2001-04-13: Did anti-Semitism block medal for rocker's namesake?
2001-04-13: The Golden Touch.  Rabbi Aaron Gold's western exodus continues, from Las Vegas to San Diego
2001-04-06: Who were the 'Bearded Ones?'  Reclaiming the Jewish past in Barbados
2001-04-06: Golden Years.  The life and times of Rabbi Aaron Gold
2001-03-30: The Jewish Citizen.  Door-to-Door with Gary Rotto
2001-03-23: The Jewish Citizen.  How parents can help stop violence in our schools
2001-03-23: How much punishment is enough for hate criminal? Alex Curtis, prosecutor agree to light sentence and apology
2001-03-23: Cruising with the Washington rabbi Retired cleric reminisces about encounters with world leaders
2001-03-16:  Jews are accepted in Puerto Rico but mainland Americans are resented
2001-03-16: Why is American Airlines Canceling Tel Aviv flights?
2001-03-16: The Jewish Citizen.  Al Schwimmer among those pardoned by President Clinton
2001-03-16: The Jewish Citizen.  Rebbitzen in Augusta, Ga., sees Christian bias in Bush's faith plan
2001-03-16: The Jewish Citizen.  Move of U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem Is an "Ongoing" Process -- Powell
2001-03-16: The Jewish Citizen.  Jacobs, Price listed among top 400 political donors
2001-03-09: Jewish law officers, counselors rush to aid of Santee community
2001-03-09: The Jewish Citizen.  Muslims call for boycott of cosmetics company to punish Ron Lauder for his Israel advocacy
2001-03-09: The Jewish Citizen.  Holocaust suit against Austria faults U.S. Government-negotiated agreement
2001-03-09: The Jewish Citizen.  Dianne Feinstein, Susan Davis seek bipartisan approach to education
2001-03-09: The Jewish Citizen.  In background of tax cut debate is question: 'What does Alan Greenspan really want?'
2001-03-02: The Jewish Citizen.  Faith-Based Initiatives Office may ally Christian Right and ADL
2001-03-02: Jewish community and friends mobilize for Rotto council bid
2001-03-02: The Jewish Citizen.  Pardons for New Square Chasidim under investigation by White
2001-03-02: The Jewish Citizen.  Palestinian demonstrations for Saddam are music to ears of Israel's friends
2001-02-23: A cruise odyssey in three worlds:  Heading for the Amazon aboard the MV Olympic Voyager
2001-02-23: The Jewish Citizen.  Waxman leads campaign for appointment of 'Holocaust envoy' by Bush administration
2001-02-23:The Jewish Citizen.  Gary Rotto resigns AJC post to run for S.D. City Council
2001-02-23: This political controversy is Rich reason for moral self-examination
2001-02-23: The Jewish Citizen.  Lantos lauds Lithuania's conviction of Gimzauskas
2001-02-23: The Jewish Citizen.  House Resolution reaffirms historic U.S. support for Israel, peace
2001-02-23: The Jewish Citizen.  Feinstein measures tackle drugs, environment, education
2001-02-16: Flying with the Duke.  In airborne interview, U.S. Rep.Cunningham says Israel and Arab moderates will benefit from the second Bush Administration
2001-02-16:Through Baptist eyes Seminary museum in Louisville, Ky., indicates deep fascination with the archeology of ancient Israel
2001-02-02: The Jewish Citizen.  Lieberman and New Democrat Coalition offer education plan rivaling Bush's
2001-02-02: The Jewish Citizen.  Campaign Reform bill attracts eight of Senate's 10 Jews as co-sponsors 
2001-02-02: The Jewish Citizen.  Jewish Senators find themselves in thick of debates over Ashcroft and abortions
2001-01-26: The Jewish Citizen.  United Nations unit approves recognition of Hadassah
2001-01-26: The Jewish Citizen.  California legislators take aim at secrecy clauses in out-of-court settlements
2001-01-26:The Jewish Citizen.  Number of top-performing schools up in San Diego Unified School District
2001-01-26: The Jewish Citizen.  Bush inauguration dedicated to Christian deity
2001-01-26: The Jewish Citizen.  American Jewish Committee's top analysts assess how legislation is likely to fare in 107th Congress
2001-01-19: What now?  At the beginning of his third-and final-term in the California Assembly San Diego's Howard Wayne is paying attention to his legacy
2001-01-19: The Jewish Citizen.  Lantos praises Swedes, criticizes Russians over report on Raoul Wallenberg's fate
2001-01-19:The Jewish Citizen.  Jews oppose, defend Ashcroft nomination
2001-01-19: The Jewish Citizen.  On California's Capitol
2001-01-19: The Jewish Citizen.  Jews among Clinton's last honorees
2001-01-19: Assembly's chaplain brings activist message to her flock
2001-01-12: The Jewish Citizen.  Shapiro introduces bill in Texas to give abuse victims fake addresses
2001-01-12: The Jewish Citizen.  Lowey heads Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee - a first for a woman
2001-01-12: The Jewish Citizen.  Lantos moves up to ranking Democrat of House International Relations Committee
2001-01-12: The Jewish Citizen.  Filner lauds appointment of Principi as new secretary of veteran affairs
2001-01-12: Emma Goldman: An Anarchist on film Jewish radical is subject of documentary
2001-01-12: Eleanor and the Jews.  Play explores evolution of Mrs. Roosevelt's attitudes toward 'Hebrews'
2001-01-12: The Jewish Citizen.  Susan Davis puts emphasis on bipartisanship as she is sworn in as freshman congresswoman
2001-01-12: The Jewish Citizen.  Jewish Democrats may join coalition opposing Ashcroft for attorney general
2001-01-12: The Jewish Citizen.  Abramson, ex-mayor of Louisville, likely candidate as mayor of newly created super-city government
2001-01-05: The Jewish Citizen.  Sanders vows new effort to permit reimportation of pharmaceuticals
2001-01-05: The Jewish Citizen.  Levin urges Gov. Engler to veto bill easing permits for concealed weapons
2001-01-05: The Jewish Citizen.  Six Jewish judges to compare U.S. law and ethics with Torah, Talmud thought
2001-01-05: The Jewish Citizen.  Feingold plans to reform campaigns and to pull  the 'pork' out of budgets
2001-01-05: The Jewish Citizen.  Boxer bill awards lands to 8 California tribes
2001-01-05:The Jewish Citizen.  Feinstein proposes new commission to keep voting technology current

2000-12-29: Ben Gurion University water expert Adar questions JNF plans for surface reservoirs
2000-12-29: The Jewish Citizen.  Peter Yarrow's song prompts Marla Strich to add sensitivity training to curriculum
2000-12-29: The Jewish Citizen.  Lieberman returns to restaurants, diners to schmooze with voters of Connecticut
2000-12-29: Documentary on Scottsboro 9 brings gripping case to life
2000-12-29: The Jewish Citizen.  Remer saddles up, jockeys another candidate's run
2000-12-29: The Jewish Citizen.  Disagreement over a library?-- You can make book on it.
2000-12-29: The Jewish Citizen.  Filner faults Senate for failing to bring immigration bill to vote
2000-12-22: The Jewish Citizen.  A day in the life of a Jewish member of California's Electoral College
2000-12-22: The Jewish Citizen.  Wyden says window for bipartisanship exists as Senate weighs budget, committees
2000-12-22: The Jewish Citizen.  Schumer wants U.S. rewards posted for Palestinian killers of Americans
2000-12-22: Lantos seeks House hearing into Goussinsky arrest in Spain
2000-12-22: The Jewish Citizen.  Kohr cautious on bid for Pollard clemency
2000-12-22: Jews turned out strongly for Gore-Lieberman ticket
2000-12-22: The Jewish Citizen.  Gorfine becomes a plaintiff as favor to attorney Miller
2000-12-22: The Jewish Citizen.  Braun, Ottinger elected as president, vice president of SD School Board
2000-12-15: The Jewish Citizen.  Smerican gives Sheres high marks as he begins term as councilman 
2000-12-15: The Jewish Citizen.  Rivera rues near-freeze on school construction
2000-12-15: The Jewish Citizen.  Ottinger ponders schools-within-schools to make them more like family homes
2000-12-15: The Jewish Citizen.  Filner lobbies Mexican president Vicente Fox on border issues
2000-12-15: The Jewish Citizen.  Block takes helm of San Diego Community College Board
2000-15-08: The Jewish Citizen.  Boxer to punch up Democrats' appeal to Naderites, liberals
2000-12-08: The Jewish Citizen.  Abarbanel calls for restructuring of neighboring Del Mar Fair board 
2000-12-08: The Jewish Citizen. Greg Smith offers options, souvenirs to couples wanting civil weddings
2000-12-08: The Jewish Citizen.  Murphy names Shira as special mayoral assistant
2000-12-08: The Jewish Citizen.  3 Representatives push for Pollard commutation
2000-12-08:Giving peace a chance: Jewish woman directs new peace center at University of San Diego
2000-12-08: The Jewish Citizen.  Lantos skeptical about Russian account of Wallenberg's death
2000-12-08: The Jewish Citizen.  Notwithstanding Zimmer and Bloom losses, Jews to be well represented in Congress
2000-12-08: The Jewish Citizen.  Golding tells post-mayoral plans
2000-12-08: The Jewish Citizen.  Davis tells of memorable call from President Clinton
2000-12-01: The Jewish Citizen.  Boxer, Schumer eye balloting reform
2000-12-01: Hillel gets OK to bid for city land near UCSD
2000-12-01: The Jewish Citizen.  Wayne to repeat as natural resources chair
2000-12-01: The Jewish Citizen.  Braun predicts major math push
2000-12-01: The Jewish Citizen.  Davis picks Sherman as chief of staff
2000-12-01: The Jewish Citizen.  Feinstein, Levin urge federal focus be placed on countering terrorism
2000-11-24: The Jewish Citizen.  Dershowitz rhetoric in Florida recount shocks even those who loved 'Chutzpah'
2000-11-24: The Jewish Citizen.  Wolfsheimer, Nussbaum split on Del Mar Fair hikes
2000-11-24: The Jewish Citizen.  Bilbray aide heads for private sector
2000-11-24: The Jewish Citizen.  Gilman to turn in his gavel
2000-11-24: The Jewish Citizen.  San Diego's Golding Memories
2000-11-24: The Jewish Citizen.  San Diego Latino-Jewish dialogue begins
2000-11-17:'Now the family has a yahrzeit' Exhibit at JCC confirms: Jeffrey Ressler's grandparents dies in Auschwitz in 1944
2000-11-17: The Jewish Citizen.  Recount worth recounting at book fair
2000-11-17: The Jewish Citizen.  Solana Beach selects Sheres for council
2000-10-27: Third debate: Bush and Gore on vouchers, Middle East, quotas
2000-10-27: Aztecs: Some traditions are worth letting go
2000-10-27: Jewish Democrat hits Nader for 'anti-Israel' speech
2000-10-20:Filner urges powerful ethnic coalition
2000-10-20:Bush and Gore vow support for Israel.  Second debate put spotlight on foreign policy
2000-10-13:Lieberman, Cheney offer visions of Mideast policy
2000-10-13:Candidates spar over abortion, civil rights
2000-10-06: Jewish leaders too quick to condemn Lieberman-Farrakhan overture
2000-09-29: The men who would be mayor: Murphy, Roberts debate at Jewish forum
2000-09-22: Jim Crow in Kosovo Jewish woman blows whistle on discrimination by Dick Cheney's company
2000-09-22: The Avengers:  Book chronicles attempted mass murder of suspected war criminals 
2000-09-15: ADL's Foxman doesn't see a new era dawning
2000-09-02: Saving Faith: Books by Bush and Lieberman proclaim power of divine principles in public and private life
2000-09-01: GOP, Democrats aren't taking Jewish vote for granted
2000-08-25: Lieberman: Is this a great country or what?
2000-08-11: Interfaith ticket is a dream come true
2000-08-11:Bush and Cheney emphasize religious values at Republican convention.
2000-08-11: Jews take to Republican podium in demonstration of inclusiveness
2000-07-28: Cosmetics heir Ronald Lauder hopes to avert a water disaster in Israel
2000-07-14: Bush urges overhaul of immigration service
2000-07-14: Congressman's father was a stalwart for civil rights
2000-06-30: Distant Davis hears the cheers of fellow Democrats
2000-06-30: In San Diego, President lashes Republican priorities
2000-06-09: Ceremony at SDSU launches program to promote water conservation in the Mideast
2000-05-05: How Israel remembers Harry Truman, the U.S. president who recognized Israe
2000-04-28:A German passion for the truth Why did Walter Ott build a memorial to  the Jews of Buttenhausen?
2000-04-14: Noah Kidding!  Playful animal sculptures from S.D. under wraps at  Israel's Biblical Zoo
2000-04-14: AJC gives a Hand to Lynn Schenk
2000-04-14: Peres the thought:  Birds share a family name
2000-04-07: Vet finds Israel's animal kingdom beats Anaheim's "magical" variety
2000-04-07: Preying for peace.  If the Golan Heights are returned to Syria, what will happen to the vulnerable Griffon Vultures that live there?
2000-03-24:Paws de Deux.  For blind people in Israel, these specially-trained dogs can make the difference between loneliness and love
2000-02-18: "Brekie" in Aadelaide: Down Under with Rabbi Bohm
2000-02-18: America's first president wasn't Jewish, but that didn't stop George Washington from identifying with the Hebrew heroes of the Bible
2000-02-11: Greenebaum: Don't be so smug toward new immigrants


1999-12-31: No fan of smokestacks, Judge Murphy seeks protection for San Diego's beauty
1999-12-24: The Queen Mary permanently docked in Long Beach, once had a synagogue and a kosher kitchen.
1999-12-17: Chabad banks on a bright future in University City
1999-12-17: Bay Area agency to rule on academy's bid for tax-exempt securities
1999-12-10: Jewish ritual at Camp Pendleton
1999-12-10: Rock formations at Mission Trails Park inspire imaginative hikers
1999-12-10: How Jewish staffers on the Nordic Empress decided that the sailing life was for them
1999-12-10:Visit to Haifa turned sea captain's career around
1999-12-03: Reggae Chanukah: Liberation music for peaceful warriors
1999-12-03: A Jewish tree of life on the Ramona frontier
1999-11-26: Germany's daughter, candidate's wife. German-born Ernestine Schlant, wife of presidential  aspirant Bill Bradley, discusses the silence of her parents' generation concerning Jews and the Holocaust.
1999-11-19:Bermuda art show evokes memories of Jewish exodus
1999-11-12: Candidates criticize invocations at City Council
1999-11-12: Emotional moments in the Holy Land
1999-11-12: When Bermuda's top lawman swore oath on a Jewish Bible
1999-11-05: Book fair at JCC opens a new chapter for lovers of Jewish books
1999-11-05:  Bermuda scion links with Zion
1999-11-05:  Return to Austria
1999-10-29:  Israeli diplomat shares memories of Rabin's death
1999-10-29:Expect courtesy from Hollywood folks? Forget about it !
1999-10-29: Under the surface, a troubled past for Jews in Bermuda
1999-10-27: Catholic & Jewish dialogue
1999-10-22: Judah in Bermuda: Resort island's tiny Jewish community struggles to build Yiddishkeit in paradise
1999-10-22: Vista building shared by temple, church marred by graffiti.
1999-10-15: From debate to dialogue. Conversations between Jews and Arabs open peace institute
1999-10-08: This old house.  Luis Moses Gomez found freedom--and prosperity--in the American colonies. A house he built serves as a shrine to Jewish history in the Revolutionary era.
1999-10-01:Frum in the sun: Rabbi Bogopulsky helps build an Orthodox community around Beth Jacob 
1999-10-01: The new citizens
1999-09-24: A life that adds up to Torah: Rabbi Lederman, a math whiz, multiplies at Carmel Mountain 
1999-09-24: Jewish groups lining up with atheists' challenge to cross.
1999-09-17: Come together: Rabbi at newly-merged Ohr Shalom Synagogue knows how to build bridges between cultures
1999-10-17:Car mitzvah: Kindness of San Diegans is the wheel thing for distraught Israeli  teacher
1999-09-10: Shehecheyanu moments: For San Diego's chaplain, daily encounters with illness and grief can lead to blessings
1999-09-03:Humanist leader urges acceptance of 'nontheists'
1999-09-03: A Sephardic outpost in Chula Vista
1999-09-03: Grant from county aids seniors at San Diego Jewish Family Service
1999-09-03: Doctors and scientists build bridges between nations 
1999-08-27: A Bridge Across the Jordan: The Friendship Between a Jewish Carpenter and the King of Jordan
1999-08-27: A day at the races includes advice on political jockeying
1999-08-27: Zoo-ris' and nachas for Jerusalem zoo chief
1999-08-27: Jewish culture's on parade in Toronto
1999-08-20: Two super salesmen of Toronto
1999-08-13: Canada's champion of multiculturalism: Bernie Farber leads the charge against hate speech and for equal rights for religious minorities 
1999-08-13: Toronto's center of Jewish pride
1999-08-07: Old Town San Diego history tour
1999-08-06:  Migratory birds over Israel
1999-07-30: Mayorly passing through:Municipal executives from Israel learn from San Diego government
1999-07-30:Trying to move beyond suspicion between Afula and Jenin
1999-07-30: Abou Foul envisions his town of Jatt as center for tourism, archeology
1999-07-30: Soldier Barda comes home to lead Jezreel's 'Tower of the Valley
1999-07-30: 'Quality of life' is theme for bedroom community of Oranit
1999-07-30: Likudnik mayor of Sderot promotes 'peace in our area'
1999-07-30: Khalil Kasim sees hope for citizens of Arab city
1999-07-23: A shidduch for Shimon the peres: Israeli vulture heading for San Diego Zoo is former prime minister's namesake --in more ways than one
1999-07-23: We can work it out: PAIRS seminar helps couple repair their relationships
1999-07-23:Barak's advisor is 'almost a San Diegan':Goldberg, who taught at SDSU and UCSD, has enduring links to community
1999-07-16: Teaching 'the way of the land: Soille's educational philosophy emphasizes kindness, spiritual growth
1999-07-16: San Diego exhibit charts old maps of Jerusalem
1999-07-12:Jewish walking tour of Balboa Park
1999-07-09: Worldwide hunt for nazi documents turns up surprises
1999-07-09: An Olympian coincidence: KPBS  reporter discovers link to own grandfather at exhibit
1999-07-09: The Jewish Padres: AJC group meets team officials,then enjoy romp at Qualcomm
1999-07-02: The games of shame: Exhibition examines the 1936 Olympics in Berlin
1999-07-02: Jewish athlete still bitter about ruined shot at gold medal
1999-07-02: Museum's founder aims to inspire champions
1999-07-02: Dr. Peres impresses San Diegans with his animal magnetism
1999-07-02: Book Review: Soldier of Peace: The Life of Yitzhak Rabin by Dan Kurzman
1999-06-25: Saga of a scroll: A Torah's odyssey from Roudnice to San Diego
1999-06-25:The President's rabbi: Jack Riemer, who inspired Clinton, returns to San Diego for a visit
1999-06-18: A festival of dreams: San Diego brings Jewish arts to the world
1999-06-11: Searching for Sugihara: Biographer of Japanese diplomat uncovers a 'conspiracy of goodness'  to save Jews 
1999-06-11: Holocaust museum also tells what didn't happen --  Could America have done more to save lives?
1999-06-04: A Jewish mission of mercy for refugees (Tirana, Albania)
1999-06-04: A Jewish mission of mercy for refugees (Budapest, Hungary)
1999-06-04: A Jewish mission of mercy for refugees (Maagan Mikhail, Israel)
1999-06-04: Zina Schiff bows before a friend
1999-05-28: School on the hill: Jaffes and friends envision a thoroughly modern Jewish Academy  in San Diego's Carmel Valley
1999-05-28: Bringing it all together: Educators at SDJA work to integrate secular and religious realms
1999-05-28: Staying in San Carlos: Parents relieved that campus will remain
1999-05-21: Community well represented at Clinton fundraiser
1999-05-14: Solel: 'Everyone's second family': Encinitas temple offers support for newcomers
1999-05-14: Jewish networking in the U.S. Congress:  Rep. Bob Filner  (D-San Diego) describes process
1999-05-07: Hecht Synagogue: A fortress of faith overlooks Jerusalem
1999-05-07: 'Hate filter' seen as first step against youth violence
1999-05-07: Filner reports from parleys with Middle Eastern leaders: Calls Netanyahu's behavior 'cynical' but was impressed by Jordan's new king. He also attended a Passover seder in Egypt
1999-04-30: Orthodoxy with a smiling face: Young Israel tries to make newcomers feel welcome
1999-04-23: Jewish War Veterans describe experiences as POWs
1999-04-23: Is Israel another Serbia? Specialist in terrorism says similarities are superficial
1999-04-16: Panama's Reform Jews shunned by Orthodox
1999-04-16:Leaving God behind: the Humanistic Jews of San Diego
1999-04-09: Family ties draw San Diego, Panama Jews together
1999-04-09: Beth Am: Building on Judaism
1999-04-02:Oily birds get special treatment from Jewish vet at SeaWorld site
1999-03-26: Panamanian businessman can't say "no" to a good Jewish cause
1999-03-26: Opening doors at Adat Shalom
1999-03-19: "Super" kosher market serves Jews of Panama City
1999-03-12: Locks and Bagels: No people have been more caught up in the romances and tragedies of the Panama Canal than the Jews
1999-03-12: Molas for moolah: Jerusalem native wins fame as vendor of textiles by Panamanian Indians
1999-02-19: Through Russian Eyes: Exhibition coming to San Diego's Balboa Park gives Russian perspective on World War II
1999-02-19:The story behind the exhibition
1999-02-12: German city honors last living Holocaust survivor
1999-02-12: Tijuana tour strengthens AJC’s Latin links
1999-02-05: Ex-refusenik helps Russians pursue the Israeli dreams
1999-01-29: Mazel tov: 'Shtetl wedding' celebrates synagogue merger
1999-01-29: Actor recalls his Happy Days and sad ones
1999-01-29:Movie Review: Soleil: Mother Sophia and her children get by
1999-01-22: Learning together: Barrier-smashing Rabbi Danny Landes of Jerusalem's Pardes Institute is coming to San Diego for an academic marathon
1999-01-22: 'Greatest living Reform scholar' is weekend guest at Beth Israel
1999-01-22: Cat Crisis: Feral felines afflict Israeli cities
1999-01-22: Film festival will look at Jews in small-town America
1999-01-15: Jews & Druze: The 'friendly Arabs' of Daliyat al Karmil
1999-01-15: The Druze: An interview with Dr. Mohamad Z. Yakan
1999-01-08: Fighting the Philistines: Settlers of Ma’ale Michmash feel at home on a biblical (and modern) battleground
1999-01-08: Rewards for Adat Shalom vandals arrest raised to $20,000
1999-01-08:Deaf actor gives ShowBIS a 'Hand': Cara Freedman's play is a lesson in the transforming power of mitzvot
1999-01-01:'Phase Two' for Shaoh survivors -- and for Jewish education fest
1999-01-01: Jerusalem archivists seek rarities of pre-Israel cinema
1999-01-01: Nazi vandals strike at synagogue in Poway


1998-12-25: Standing by their man: Many in San Diego's Jewish community rally against impeachment of the president
1998-12-25: Wall in the family: Religious controversies come to life for San Diegans in Israel
1998-12-18:Jewish texts, modern engineering are roommates in Jerusalem College of Technology dormitory
1998-12-18: Holocaust educator wants focus on victims' lives, not their deaths
1998-12-18:Clinton, Israelis share strong affection, former aide says
1998-12-11: In Ibim, San Diegans help fulfill Ben-Gurion's Negev dream
1998-12-11: Judaic Park: S.D. Zoo  helps Israel in quest to return biblical animals to the wild
1998-12-04: Busy Karni border crossing promotes Mideast peace
1998-11-27: City Slights: Jerusalem's mayor attacks one of  San Diego's most popular charities
1998-11-27: From San Diego to Israel: Kids exchange art and compassion
1998-11-20: San Diegans respond to dramatic stories from Ethiopian, Syrian immigrants to Israel
1998-11-06: East Europeans learn about San Diego-Tijuana border problems
1998-11-06: Former San Diegan Walter Kohn wins Nobel Prize for chemistry
1998-10-30: Visit by Chinese scholar sparks Jewish memories
1998-10-30: Meet Tijuana's first Jewish city councilman: David Saul Guakil, who comes from a community of 2,000 Jews will help govern 2 million people
1998-10-23: The Jewish shepherd of Tijuana
1998-10-23:World Series Fever Seizes San Diego Politicians
1998-10-23: The place for space: Nierman Foundation funds Challenger Learning Center at Reuben H. Fleet Space Theatre and Science Center
1998-10-16: A Mexican Mosaic: Jews of Tijuana build a community around religion, education -- and a social life
1998-10-09: Peres envisions science center on borderline
1998-10-09: Little Liram's Yom Kippur Gift of Sight
1998-10-09: What do seniors want? Supervisor gets message: Better transportation
1998-09-18: California Akedah
1998-08-28: Sex, morality in political discourse
1998-08-14:Prospective students at UCSD learn about its Jewish identity
1998-07-03: Return to glory: Jewish duo resurrects historic restaurant in Budapest
1998-07-03: Witness to a new era: Israeli diplomat recalls dramatic breakthrough for peace
1998-06-26: The Jewish connection in Budapest
1998-06-26: Symbol problems: cross and swastika spark city controversies
1998-06-05: Ruth and Naomi: A love story: Controversial 'Girl under Grain' headlines Streisand Festival of New Jewish Plays
1998-06-05: Differing rabbis agree on need for 'friendly synagogues'
1998-05-29: SDSU gets OK to launch effort for Israeli-Arab cooperation 
1998-05-29: Peres' son sees peace dividend for animals in Middle East
1998-05-29: Book Review: "Climbing the Mountain: My Search for Meaning" by Kirk Douglas
1998-05-22: Jerusalem stories: San Diego families put dreams into action
1998-05-15: Conservative rabbi TALIs growth in Israeli schools
1998-05-15: Happiness is Hillel: Where Jewish college students can be themselves
1998-05-08: Time to remember, time to celebrate: A busy week marks Israel's 50th anniversary
1998-05-01: How one man learned he could make a difference in a boy's life
1998-05-01: Comical 'Army' fortifies Jewish Family Service
1998-05-01: Skirball examines Truman, 'the American Cyrus'
1998-05-01: Tales of sorrow and hope on Yom HaShaoh
1998-04-24: Book Review: For the Future of Israel by Shimon Peres and Robert Littell
1998-04-24: Conversations with an author (Noya Ostrowiak)
1998-04-10: Stars of 'Love Boat's' twin have strong connections to Israel
1998-04-10:A Jewish Life in China
1998-04-03: The Fourth Faith: Who are the Baha'i's and why did they put their sacred shrine in Haifa?
1998-04-03: Beth Israel's 'date' in Tijuana
1998-04-03: Envoy: Austria emerging from 'amnesia' about past
1998-03-27:A burial for the books
1998-03-27: The view from Egypt: What Cairo's guides are telling tourists about the history of the Middle Eastern conflicts
1998-02-27: Skits, songs and praises salute activist Joe Stern
1998-03-20: A Job well done: City in Oman is linked to stories in three scriptures
1998-02-20: Dorris Lipinsky, benefactor of SDSU and community, dies at 76
1998-02-20: The Conversion Crisis
1998-02-20: Match Set: Matrimonials on Sunday prove that Jewish matchmakers are striking it hot
1998-02-20: Symposium: Roots of the Jewish identity problem go back to Napoleon?
1998-02-20: Dosick's Comforting Words for the Sufferers
1998-02-13: Local Heroes: S.D. woman is honored for pressing torture charges against her husband
1998-02-13: The annual Jewish Film Festival helps put the 'Jewish' in the Jewish Community Center.
1998-02-13: Reform and Humanist rabbis debate divinity, ethics
1998-02-06: Good news and bad news for the Claims Conference
1998-02-06: Putting the cross crisis to rest?
1998-02-06:Autobiography of a tree


1997-09-26: JNF closes SD office in cost-cutting move
1997-09-26: Averting the severe decree Scott Silverman's work for Homeless people embodies the Holy Day themes of repentance, prayer and deeds of kindness
1997-09-26: Sam Birenzweig, one of 'Schindler's Jews,' dies in S.D. County at 82
1997-09-19:Metzger hate message invites callers to harass ADL director Morris Casuto
1997-09-19: Can we get along? The quest for Jewish pluralism
1997-09-12: Reagan official offers alternative to Jews' liberal "religion"
1997-09-05: Police arrest neo-nazis linked to hate flyers
1997-09-05: A second peace
1997-08-29: San Diego to host forum for Jewish conservatives
1997-08-29: Russian emigres' pain may become Bosnians' gain
1997-08-22: Clinton implements civilian guidelines developed with assistance of AJ Congress official
1997-08-22:San Diego rabbi reports on Tisha B'Av melee at the Wall
1997-08-15: Gold rush: San Diegans bring Maccabiah medals home
1997-08-15: Kushner's flashes of inspiration
1997-08-12: Soldier for Tolerance: ADL's Morris Casuto fights bigotry and hatred
1997-08-08: A Shabbaton in Beijing
1997-08-08:Golding outlines themes for Senate bid
1997-08-01: Beach v-ballers net the gold at Maccabiad San Diegans predominate on U.S. Men's squad
1997-08-01:A busy 'half time' for Justice Wallace
1997-06-20:Jewish entertainers hit "High C" on the High Sea
1997-06-20: 'Can we be one America?' Clinton comes to UCSD to plea for Racial Tolerance
1997-06-13: Sprayed hate  ADL offers $5,000 reward to catch vandals who struck Tifereth Israel last weekend
1997-05-16: Pollard was a latecomer to Israel's cause -- U.S. official
1997-05-09: Saga of Yanov Torah recounted at Yom Hashaoh rites
1997-05-09: 'We will last'  Teddy Kollek remembers the night when Israel became a nation reborn
1997-05-02: New Holocaust Memorial planned for Lawrence Family JCC
1997-04-25: 'Be it resolved...' Rabbis, Federation protest proposed Israeli law on conversion
1997-04-18:Immersed in Exodus  Prof. William Propp of UCSD is analyzing every word of the Biblical story of Moses
1997-04-15: Rabbis share their personal beliefs about God
1997-04-11: For the Vets  Jews from different pasts work together for San Diego's homeless veterans
1997-04-04: Shm'a on ice Jewish faith provides the winning edge for young skating champion
1997-03-28: Desert Alliance With help from the SDSU Foundation, Israel and her Middle Eastern neighbors are working together to transform their arid wastelands into agricultural wonder lands
1997-03-21: Two Moshes When Rabbi Moseh Levin became a doctor of divinity, he shared the spotlight with another Moshe-the lawgiver
1997-03-21:Purim in the land where it began Persian-born Jews of San Diego talk about their special holiday
1997-03-21: Desert Sweets Tomatoes, melons and now wine grapes cultivated with salt water of Negev

1994-02-04Jews and Danes: A 400-year bond
—Myth and Magic Await in Copenhagen
Why the Danes rescued Jews from Nazi killers
—'Girl in red cap' saved hundreds of Jews