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Jan. 4, 2005 — Agency for Jewish Education dedicates Festival of Jewish Learning to 350th anniversary of Jewish settlement in America.

Dec. 31, 2004— David Strom, "Who Was Louis Rose?" San Diego Jewish Times

Dec. 19, 2004 — Posting on

Nov. 15, 2004—Program of Tenth Annual San Diego Jewish Book Fair

Link to Sunbelt Publications Coming Events website

Sept. 8, 2004—Lipinsky Institute for Judaic Studies lecture program

Sept. 5, 2004—Listing in San Diego Union-Tribune

May 25, 2004—Diane Bell column in San Diego Union-Tribune telling of San Diego connection to the Alamo,

July 4, 2003—Heritage editors hear bravos from San Diego Opera

Sept. 18, 2000-- Celebration of 150th anniversary of Jewish Settlement in San Diego