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  2006-09-07 Holocaust in offing

Ya'acov Liberman



Wake Up! Another 
Holocaust in Offing,  September 7,  1006

By Ya'acov Liberman

SAN DIEGO— Jews of America have at no time constituted a serious factor in national elections, be they for President, House or Senate.  And the reason was neither in numbers nor in political clout.  It was mainly due to divisiveness and insecurity.

Let us begin with divisiveness.

There are three better known categories of American Jews:  The Orthodox Jew, with his origin in the first wave of immigrants escaping pogroms in imperial Russia; the German origin pre-Hitler immigrants, who pioneered the Jewish Reform Movement here; and the third category: the eagerly assimilated, anxious to hide their Jewish roots by becoming Jew-haters who found refuge in conversion or secularism.  This latter category, quite naturally, advocated anti-Israelism, from the day the Jewish State was born.

The three categories worked at cross purposes and have seldom blended into anything resembling a consolidated vote.

The next element is that of insecurity.  Although this trend has diminished significantly and has been neutralized in proportion with the decline of anti-Semitism, it is still a factor in some communities, especially among university students and their professors.  Although they often mask themselves as “universalists” or “internationalists," they are implanted in basic insecurity and bereaved of idealism.  These are self-hating Jews, who often find common cause with the self-hating Americans.

As we recall, there was no powerful leadership of American Jewry throughout its history.  Even such well known names as Rabbis Weiss and Silver failed to unite and solidify American Jews.  Perhaps their gravest failure was illustrated by lack of leadership during the darkest years of the Holocaust.  Not only did they fail to unite American Jewry in demanding the Administration to open the borders of North America to Jews fleeing from gas chambers, but also by identifying themselves with the Administration’s lame goal of saving Jews only through a final victory of the Allies.  As a result, the final victory was achieved, but the European Jewry…perished.

History is about to repeat itself.  Will American Jews learn from the past?

Led by Iran and Syria, global Islamic Nazism is out to destroy Jews, Israel and America.  This is no idle threat!

There are only months left before Iran acquires the capacity to produce an atomic weapon.  Eventually, this will lead to a confrontation between the world of Islamic fundamentalism and Judeo-Christian values.  It will be a long and a costly war.  Hopefully, humanitarianism will prevail.  But, in the meantime, Israel will be annihilated together with its five million Jewish citizens.

Again, we are standing at the brink of a Holocaust.  Again we are leaderless.  We are now being pushed to rely on the “moral resolve” of the United Nations and the “heroic might” of Italian and French gladiators.  This will lead us to an abyss.

Our only salvation is with a resolute leadership in both Israel and America.  Both are about to undergo change; in America, by regular elections, and in Israel, through an inevitable vote of non-confidence.  In both cases these elections will not be a regular exercise of democratic procedures.  These elections will determine the course of humanity and the future of Israel.

To assure the continuity of both, Israel must be led by the likes of Ben Gurion or Begin; and America, by a Reagan or a W. Bush.  Regretfully, these powerful leaders will no longer be available.  Let us hope that those coming in their stead will be worthy of their eminent predecessors.

It is therefore in the hands of the American and Israeli electorate to determine tomorrow’s leadership and to assure the future existence of Israel, America and the entire civilized Universe.