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  2006-08-20 Lebanon-Foretaste

Ya'acov Liberman



Lebanon just a foretaste
of worse things to come,  August 20, 2006


By Ya'acov Liberman

SAN DIEGO— The latter Middle East eruption, costly and painful as it was, is nothing short of a predecessor of bigger and worse things to come.

In the meantime everybody is busy spinning impressions of “victories”:  Hezbollah claims victory over Israel; Israel is heralding the dubious concept of having decimated and subdued the terrorists in Lebanon and Gaza; the U.S. Administration is patting itself on the back for having brokered a cease-fire resolution in the UN; and the impotent world body claims achievement in having brought about a cessation of a shooting war on the South Lebanon front.  Applause?  Not really…

In reality, every mature thinker, not overly obsessed with self aggrandizement, knows better.  Israel did not win the current war with Hezbollah and Hamas.  By not winning a decisive victory, Israel has fed the already obese ego of Islamic fascists by allowing them to believe in having achieved a victory over its perennial enemy.

The United States, stoic and courageous in allowing Israel to have its day on the battlefield for a whole month, finally succumbed to international pressure, allowing France and the United Nations to enforce a cease-fire just as Israeli troops began their belated “final” assault on Hezbollah in Lebanon.

If not today, certainly soon, the world will realize that the biggest loser is the State of Lebanon and the United Nations organization, which together conspired for the survival of Hezbollah as a military factor.

Today, we are faced with a no-win situation:  The U.S. is on record of supporting a Lebanese government, which is physically (if not numerically) controlled by the terrorists.  In Gaza and the “West Bank: the U.S. is backing the PLO which is legally, numerically and physically controlled by Hamas.   In Iraq, American soldiers are placed in harm’s way to protect the Iraqi government which is solidly dominated by the Shiites, who are openly supporting the Hezbollah in Lebanon and demonstrating against Israel, as their civilian masses burn American and Israeli flags on the streets.

Another such “victory” and we shall all descend into the abyss! In the meantime, the truly victorious party in this “conflict” is the Government of Teheran, presided pver by a lunatic and supported by the Shiite majority of fanatic Islamic fascists of our time Having engineered the current crisis, Iran has weakened the UN resolve to penalize them into submission on the nuclear development issue. 

While supporting the terrorists in Gaza and Lebanon, the Iranians are madly pursuing the completion of their various nuclear bomb developing facilities.  These might become operational many months before President Bush leaves office.

Instead of building a Middle East future with the flawed concept of international dominance as represented by the UN, it is time to assemble a reliable coalition of parties determined to prevail over the threat of an Islamic fascist assault on the Western civilization.

The immediate call of the day is the liquidation of the Iranian regime and its nuclear dreams.  Unless this is achieved in the coming months, Israel may well fall as the first victim of Iranian madness.  This outcome could have been postponed with the planned elimination of Hezbollah and Hamas, by Israel.

Having failed, Israel now faces the only available alternative, liquidation of Iran’s nuclear potential.

Unless the United States and its allies (whoever they may be) will join Israel in this assault and continue hiding behind the shadow of the shattered umbrella of the United Nations, Israel will have no alternative but to act on its own.  If successful, it will have rescued the world from a nuclear holocaust for the second time in our generation.  If not, the whole world will be paying a price it can ill afford.