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  U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.)


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2005-03-03 House of Representatives conducts a brief seminar on basics of Talmud
Jews in House divide 1-25 on 'Real ID bill' 
Symbolism?  Howard Dean blows the shofar as he prepares to become DNC chairman
2005-02-05 Jewish House members divide 11-14-1 on gays vs. military recruiter issue
2005-02-05 Nadler, Weiner, 13 House colleagues urge investigations into Arab nuclear programs
Reps. Emanuel, Nadler and Waxman criticize inclusion of Kuropas in U.S. delegation 
NYC congressional representatives urge Bush to maintain CDBG grants
Nadler, with tongue in cheek, commends Focus on Family for cartoon vigilance
2005-01-11 Jews in Senate average 83, in House 88 in League of Conservation Voters ratings