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2006-06-01Punch lines....And Their Jokes, No. 67

Jewish humor

Punch lines

Punch lines 
Volume 1


Famous Jewish Punch lines

67. "I like ours a lot better.",  June 1, 2006

As retold by Bruce Lowitt

Moishe and Sadie, in their 50s, are having dinner at an upscale restaurant in the Hamptons when a gorgeous blonde half his age walks by, smiles, and says, "Hello, Moishe."

Sadie wheels on her husband. "And who was that?"

"My mistress," he says.

"You have a mistress? I don't believe you. How long has this been going on?"

"About ten years, on and off."

"Ten years? You bastard! I'm getting a divorce!"

"Now wait a minute," Moishe says. "If you get a divorce, you'll get maybe half of what we have together. Goodbye, big house in Great Neck. Goodbye, new Lexus every year. Goodbye vacations in Greece. Are you sure that's what you want?"

Before Sadie can answer, a beautiful brunette passes then and says, "Moishe. Nice to see you again."

"And who was that?" Sadie snaps. "Another one of your 'girls?'"

"No, that's Hymie's mistress."

"Hymie has a mistress, too?"

"Of course, She's been with him for nearly twelve years."

Sadie looks her up and down ands says, "I like ours a lot better."