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2005-07-09—Survivor, Shmvivor

Jewish humor

Modern Adaptations


Survivor, Shmvivor
,  July 9, 2005

Abe and Esther are flying to Australia for a two week vacation to celebrate
their 40th anniversary. Suddenly the Captain announces, "Ladies and
Gentlemen, I am afraid I have some very bad news. Our engines have ceased
functioning and we will attempt an emergency landing. I see an uncharted
island below us and we should be able to land on the beach, but the odds are
we may never be rescued.

The plane lands safely on the island. An hour later Abe says, "Esther, did
we pay our charity pledge check to Beth Shalom Synagogue yet?"


"Did we pay our UJA pledge?"

"Oy, no! I'm sorry. I forgot."

"Did you remember to send a check for the Building Fund  this month?"

"Oy, forgive me, Abie. I didn't sent that one, either."

Abe grabs her and gives her a huge kiss.

"Esther, everything's fine. They'll find us."

* * *
And then there's the story about the thief who broke into the UJA's offices and made off with a million dollars in pledges!

Forwarded by Bruce LowittClearwater,l Fla