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  2005-01-27—Jewish Humor~Announcement

Jewish Humor

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Cyberspace Jewish humor, Jan. 27, 2005


Jewish humor, in many forms, flies around the Internet, seemingly looking for a permanent home.  Starting Jan. 27, 2005, with acknowledgment to the ones who forwarded the stories/jokes to us, we will archive them. If the original author is known, we will credit him/her.

To submit a joke or story, please type it up and send it to us via  So that we may credit you, please give us your name and the city, state, and country of your residence.

We will not publish any jokes that demean or dehumanize ourselves nor the  members of any religious, ethnic, gender,  or national group.

So that many individuals may be credited, please do not submit more than one joke per month.    Thank you.   —Donald H. Harrison