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Pesach Humor


2006-04-17—Television program offers quick history of how The Ten Commandments were modified and interpreted over time (Story by Donald H. Harrison)
—'History' Channel offers speculation that a UFO led Moses in Exodus (Television review by Donald H. Harrison)
Moses struggles with issues of morality and competing loyalties to 'family' and 'group' in television's Ten Commandments mini-series  (Review by Donald H. Harrison)
2006-03-30When Do We Eat? is an offensive Passover movie (Review by Cynthia Citron)
Science versus faith at the Red Sea (commentary by Rabbi Baruch Lederman)

Chameitz, Chofeitz-stories for Pesach (by Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal)
Stuffing the goose — and other Passover customs from around the world
2003-01-10 The Worth of Every Soul, by Rabbi Alexis Roberts
2002-03-22: Pesach in Argentina