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May 2, 1997—Donald H. Harrison, "New Holocaust Memorial planned for Lawrence Family JCC, San Diego Jewish Press-Heritage,


December 11, 1998—Donald H. Harrison, "In Ibim, San Diegans help fulfill Ben-Gurion's Negev dream," San Diego Jewish Press-Heritage,


September 14, 2001—
Donald H. Harrison, "UJF plans big move from Mercury to Murphy," San Diego Jewish Press-Heritage,

September 21, 2001—Donald H. Harrison, "In aftermath, a flood of reports, messages," San Diego Jewish Press-Heritage,


February 8, 2002—
Donald H. Harrison, "Let My People Go to the Movies," San Diego Jewish Press-Heritage,

October 4, 2002—Donald H. Harrison, "When the UJF survey calls, don't hang up (no no)," San Diego Jewish Press-Heritage,


January 17, 2003
Betsy Baranov and Linda Bennett, "Our Town," San Diego Jewish Press-Heritage, social columns in which one item mentions Jacobs.

March 7, 2003—
Donald H. Harrison, "UJF works to head off 'donor burn-out,'" San Diego Jewish Press-Heritage,

March 7, 2003—Donald H. Harrison, "Gary Jacobs' Perfect Storm: Minor league team is a major undertaking," San Diego Jewish Press-Heritage,

April 4, 2003—Donald H. Harrison, "O Say Can You Sing," San Diego Jewish Press-Heritage,

May 16, 2003—Donald H. Harrison, "Lake Elsinore Diamond sports a haimische air," San Diego Jewish Press Heritage,

June 27, 2003—Donald H. Harrison, "UJF honors longtime staffer Leslie Weening at annual meeting," San Diego Jewish Press-Heritage,


2005—San Diego Center for Jewish Culture, Board of Directors List, 2005: .... Gary Jacobs...

Summer 2005—"Thank You Donors! We are grateful for your support," Campus Comments: Hillel of San Diego, page 5:  Gifts received 7/1/04—8/24/05:  $10,000-$39,999— Gary & Jerri-Ann Jacobs

September 2005—
The San Diego Foundation, "Chair and President's Report: Incoming Members of the Board of Governors—Gary E. Jacobs," page 2:  Managing Director, Jacobs Investment Company LLC: Jacobs brings his expertise in investment management, community leadership and education to the Foundation's Board of Governors.  Very active in the San Diego community, he serves as chairman of the Gary and Jerri-Ann High Tech High, Chair of the Dean's Advisory Council for School Sciences at UCSD, and is a member of the CREATE Advisory Board, which is UCSD's K-12 educational outreach program.  Jacobs is immediate past president of the United Jewish Federation of San Diego County and is a board member of the San Diego Symphony, Congregation Beth El, NTC Foundation for Arts and Culture, Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, the San Diego Center for Jewish Culture, and the UCSD Board of Overseers. He earned a bachelor's in management science from UCSD.

September 25, 2005—Norman Greene, "Tribune to Marla Bennett," written for ARMDI -Marla Bennett Memorial Friends Society, and delivered by Dan Greene, Norman's son following a bicycling accident in which Norman shattered his elbow:  

September 30, 2005— Gert Thaler, "Heart to Heart: My Own Exodus" (column on Israel ), San Diego Jewish Times, 2005-09-30

Fall 2005— Seacrest Village Retirement Communities, Happenings: Senior Living in the Jewish Tradition, pages 6-7: It is through the generosity of our Donors that we are able to provide for the well-being of each of our residents. We appreciate your generosity. The following list represents all Donors to our many efforts beginning July 1, 2004 and ending June 30, 2005.  These gifts have helped the Homes to provide the vital services needed for our residents.... Mr. and Mrs. Gary Jacobs...

October 2005—
Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, Jacobs Family Campus, San Diego Jewish Book Fair, October 27, November 10, 12-16, 2005, program, "Pillars of Light Annual Giving Campaign," page 2:   "Charter Members, Visionaries" Gary & Jerri Ann Jacobs and Family....  "Monday, November 14," page 8:  Early Morning Author Lecture, 8 a.m., Art Shamsky, The Magnificent Seasons with Barry Zeman.... Book Signing Follows. Admission $9.50 Member/ $11.50 Non-Member. Light Breakfast Will Be Served; Literary Circle Partner with the Author, Jerri-Ann & Gary Jacobs...."Tuesday, November 15," page 13  Evening Author Lecture, 2nd Annual Murray Goodman Memorial Lecture, 7:30 p.m., Hrish Goodman, Let Me Create A Paradise, God Said to Himself: A Journey of Conscience from Johannesberg to Jerusalem...Underwritten by anonymous, Arthur Brody, Leslie & Shlomo Caspi,  Elaine & Peter Chortek, Marsi & Eric Gardiner, Lucy Goldman, Zelda Goodman, Bryna Haber, Stacy & Jonathan Halberg, Jerri-Ann & Gary Jacobs, Sandy & Arthur Levinson, Julie & Lowell Potiker, Sheila & Hughes Potiker, Gloria & Rodney Stone, Dr. Andrew & Erna Viterbi, The Friends of the Murray Goodman Memorial Lecture...

November 2005—1) "News," captions on Herb Targum photos, San Diego Jewish Journal, page 16: BLESS THIS HOUSE—On Oct. 2, Irwin and Joan Jacobs helped dedicate the newly-constructed Jacobs Family Community Center by affixing a mezuzah to the doorway. The Hall is doubling as a sanctuary while construction continues.  IN TRIBUTE—On Sept. 25, the Marla Bennett Friends Society of American Friends of Magen David Adom (ARMDI) awarded the Marla Bennett Humanitarian Award to Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs (shown above with their extended family.) The Jacobs, who are known in San Diego for their exhaustive schedules of philanthropic and chrity work, were presented the award by SDJJ co-publisher Dr. Mark Moss.

2) Linda Bennett and Betsy Baranov, "Page 18," San Diego Jewish Journal, page 18: American Friends of Magen David Adom Marla Bennett Memorial Friends Societ had its Inaugural presentation of the Marla Bennett Humanitarian Award at the UCSD Faculty Club in La Jolla recently. After a wonderful brunch Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs were introduced and presented their beautiful glass award by Dr. Mark Moss. Gary and Jerri-Ann are true models of generosity. Some of the folks enjoying the lovely occasion were Irving and Teedy Appelbaum, Judy and Harvey Amster, Michael and Melissa Bartel, Jeff and Cindy Bennett, David and Sharlene Berman, Toby Hartman, Marilyn Braun, Stephen and Carol Center, Aileen Eisenstatt, Bat-Sheva Feldman, Mike and Judy Fedlman, Edyie Galper, Helena Galper, Rabbi Philip Graubart, Raphael and Robin Gross, Barry and Suzi Handler, David and Holly Hazan, Irwin and Joan Jacobs, Ray and Evelyn Lipson (San Diego Friends Society Chair), Norman and Sivia Mann, Margie Mopper, Gerry Kaplan and Sheryl Nissen, David and Jeanette Osias, Many and Shirley Ravet, Michael and Ruth Rassler, Ellen Rofman (western region director of ARMDI), Kurt and Shirley Sussman, Steve and Eva Weitzen, David and Doris Yorysh, and Richard and Carolyn Grant, executive director of the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad.

2005 (November issue)—"Board of Governors 2005-2006, The San Diego Foundation, 2005 Annual Report, page 8:  Gary E. Jacobs, Manaing Director, Jacobs Investment Company LLC, incoming board member —Jacobs brings his expertise in investment management, community leadership and education to The Foundation's Board of Governors. Very active in the San Diego community, he serves as chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High, and chair of the Dean's Advisory Council for Social Sciences at UCSD. He co-founded the Jacobs International Teen Leadership Institute, bringing together Jewish teens from San Diego and Israel, with Israeli Bedouins and Palestinians from Gaza. Jacobs is immediate past president of the United Jewish Federation of San Diego County and serves on the boards of the San Diego Symphony, NTC Foundation for Arts and Culture, Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, San Diego Center for Jewish Culture, and UCSD Board of Overseers. He earned a bachelor's in management science from UCSD.

December 2005—1) "Men's Event 2006: Presenting Prime Minister Ehud Barak," invitation from United Jewish Federation of San Diego County,  page 4: Co-Chairs: Danny Dabby, Paul Datnow, Jeff Silberman.... Men's Event Cabinet: Howard Bear, Howard Berkson, Mel Cohn, Daniel Einhorn, Ray Fink, William Friedel, Eric Gardiner, Andy Glatt, Jon Halberg, Todd Kobernick, Robert Lapidus, Arthur Levinson, Don Lipkis, Allen Lyon, Eli Meltzer, Carlos Michan, Larry Newman, James Nierman, Kenneth Polin, Lowell Potiker, David Priver, Andy Ratner, Ed Samiljan, George Scher, Alan Viterbi, Marvin Zaguli

2)" The JCC Senior Adult Department," Shofar (Senior Newsletter of the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, Jacobs Family Campus," page 1:  The JacobsYorysh Senior Endowment Fund is in memory of Shirley and David Jacobs, Josephine and Samuel Klein, Bertha and Abraham Berlin and Rose and Abraham Yorysh. The fund supports the programs of the Senior Adult Department and is a gift from Gary, Jerri-Ann, Adam, Sara, Beth and Mara Jacobs.  Dr. Irwin Mark Jacobs Senior Scholarship Fund provides additional funding.

December 2005—1) "Donor Advised Funds," Defining Our Future, Annual Report 2005, (San Diego) Jewish Community Foundation, pages 7-10: A Donor Advised Fund is an individual charitable fund that allows you to make a tax-deductible contribution (minimum to establish is $1,800) and then recommend grants in the name of the fund to qualified organizations in the Jewish and general community.... Gary & Jerri-Ann Jacobs....

2) "Create a Jewish Legacy," Defining Our Future, Annual Report 2005, (San Diego) Jewish Community Foundation, pages 28-30: Today, you work hard to provide for your family, to support the community, and to make a difference. You teach your children to be caring and generous and to connect with causes and organizations about which they feel passionate. You lead by example and ensure that the generations who follow will be taken care of, and will continue to build upon what you leave behind. Your strength in work and character live forever when you choose to Create a Jewish Legacy.  Since April 2004, more than 220 families have stepped forward through the Create a Jewish Legacy Program to promise an estimated $45 million to 35 different Jewish causes. Their promises today ensure that their individual commitment tot he community will live on in perpetuity for the benefit and improvement of Jewish life in San Diego, Israel and around the world. Options for Legacy gifts include: Simple bequest in will or trust; Outright gift, using appreciated assets or cash; Life insurance policy; IRA or pension plan; Pooled income fund; Charitable remainder trust; Charitable gift annuity... Legacy givers....Gary & Jerri-Ann Jacobs....

December 2005—"The San Diego Foundation," Foundation Focus (The San Diego Foundation's Quarterly), inside back page: Founded in 1975, the San Diego Foundation was created by and for the people of the San Diego region. Its purpose is to promote and increase charitable giving that is effective and responsible.  The Foundation manages $480 million in assets, almost half of which reside in permanent endowment funds that extend the impact of today's gifts to future generations—continuing to make San Diego a better place to live, work and play. Since its inception. The Foundation has granted almost $400 million to nonprofits serving the community.  Bob Kelly, President & CEO; Sara Wilensky, Senior Vice President, Marketing; Sara Duzik, Designer & Editor; Board of Governors: Bruce G. Blakely, chair; John C. Raymond, vice chair; Hon. Rafael A. Arreola, secretary; Raymond V. Thomas, treasurer; Colette Carson Royston, immediate past chair; Fred Applegate; Jennifer Adams-Brooks; Dennis Arriola; Darcy C. Bingham; James M. Cowley; Martha Dennis, Ph.D.; Nora M. Faine, M.D., M.P.H.; Thomas N. Fat; Jane Trevor Fetter; Thomas Hall; Gerald E. Hoffmeister; Murray H. Hutchison; Gary E. Jacobs; Conny Jamison; Jerome Katzin, Denise Lew, Ph.D; Paul Meyer; Barry I. Newman; Eugene L. Step. Daniel Sullivan, Ph.D; Stephen L. Weber, Ph.D; Carisa Wisniewsik; John Wylie; Elizabeth Y. Yamada, James Ziegler.

December 23, 2005—"As our community celebrates Chanukah the Festival of Lights," Southwestern Jewish Press, page 28: We honor all those who have promised to leave a legacy to our Jewish community through the "Create a Jewish Legacy program since April 2004....

December 27, 2005—"The Nederlander Organization President's Club," Playbill/ Civic Center, "The Lion King," page 27: ...Imperial Level: ... Gary & Jerri-Ann Jacobs..... The President's Club offers center orchestra seating and V.I.P. benefits....

January 13, 2006
Gert Thaler, Heart to Heart: Home Sweet Home, San Diego Jewish Times, mentioning how Gary Jacobs turned up by her hospital bed side in Tel Aviv

January 17, 2006—
United Jewish Federation, Men's Event 2006 Program Presenting Prime Minister Ehud Barak, brochure insert: we want to thank our very generous donors who supported the 2005 Annual Campaign  (*deceased): Prime Ministers, $100,000+...Gary Jacobs....

2006-06-28Donald H. Harrison, "Global tsedakah has a way of making round trips, UJF annual meeting hears,"
2006-07-24—Donald H. Harrison, "San Diego County Jews, Christians rally for Israel as it fights 2-front war," 
2006-08-05Donald H. Harrison, "Our San Diego Alef Bet: News of Jews of San Diego County,"