October 1, 2005

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Index to Volume 1-A of the Southwestern Jewish Press
with newspapers from 1922, 1939, 1940, 1945-1950

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Begin Volume 1-A

Wednesday, Sept. 20, 1922The San Diego Jewish Community News—(weekly, by Beth Israel)

p. 3 – Rosh Hashanah Greetings from San Diego Mayor John L. Bacon to Rabbi M.H. Dubin

p. 6    Adolph Levi, Beth Israel president, “Our Growth”--

          Samuel I. Fox,  Beth Israel Vice President, “Looking Backward”—Marcus Schiller, J.S. Mannasse, Louis Rose, Rudolph Schiller, I.J. Asheim, Adolph Levi,  Marcus Schiller, Abraham Blochman, Simon Levi, Adolph Levi, Emanuel Lowenstein, Abraham Blockman, Simon Levi, Adolph Levi, Louis Mendelsohn,

          M. L. Davideson, Beth Israel treasurer and Tifereth member, “Prepare for the Future.”

          Edward H. Samisch, Beth Israel Secretary, “Going Ahead”—Jacob E. Weinberger, S.I. Fox, E.H. Samisch


p. 7    Morris G. Straus,  Beth Israel board member, “A New-Comer’s Views”—Rabbi Dubin;

         L.A. Blochman, “The Congregation as I Knew It.”—Joe Mannasse, Marcus Schiller, Luis Mendelson, A. Blochman, Simon Levi, Rudolph Schiller

         Mark Schoenbrun, Beth Israel Board Member, “Our Temple.”--

         Clara Grossmayer, “Temple Auxiiliary”—Mrs. A. Levi, MRs. H. Wolf, S. Jacobs; Mrs. Lesem; Mrs. A. Blochman; Mrs. Heran Welisch; Miss Celia Mannasse, Miss Celia Schiller; Rabbi Dubin..(p.17)…Mrs. Herman Wolf, Mrs. Simon Levi, Mrs. L.A. Blochman, Mrs. Adolph Levi, Miss Laura Schiller, Mrs. M. Schoenbrun, Mrs. Weinstock, MRs. Jennie Marks, Mrs. Lesem, Mrs. Rosenfeld, Mrs. Herman Wolf, Mrs. Ancker…


p. 8    Mrs. L.A. Blochman, “Ladies Aid Society.” –Mrs. Czerwinski; Mrs. C. Wolfsheimer; Mrs. Simon Levi, Mrs. M.A. Lesem; Dr. Joseph Weinberger; Mrs. Abraham Rosenthal;  Dr. Martin A. Ameyer;  Rbbi/Mrs Maxwell Dubin.


          Mrs. L. Moorstein, “The Jolly Sixteen” – Mrs. A. Buck, Mrs. Geneles, Mrs. Schlessinger, MRs. Rubin, Mrs. Berenson;  Mrs. Meyer Rubin, Mrs. A. Bereson, Mrs. I. Rubin; Mrs. J.A. Selditz; Mrs. M. Rubin; Mrs. M.P. Ostrov; Mrs. J.W. Freiden; Mrs. Leon DeVille; Mrs. Lou Moorstein, Mrs. Meyer Rubin.

          Mrs. M.L. Sokoloff, “The Tuberculosis Auxiliary.”--


p. 10  Mrs. M. Schoenbrun, “Council of Jewish Women”—Mrs. Moses Ruslander, Mrs. Charles Lowenstein;

p. 11  L. A. Blochman, “Lasker Lodge”—Marcus Levy, Pres. Schoenfeld, Pres. Linoberg, Albert Herz, H.J. Wurzburg, J.S. Schiller, Isaac Levi, Wm Cline, Louis Speyer, L.A. Blochman, L. Epstein, Adolph Levi, A. Fortlouis, F. Brown, M. Pearlstone, Chas. Wolfsheimer, abe Spring, Louis Lemline, Simon Levi, Julius Nauman, Adolph Levi, I. Kaufman, Isaac Kuhn, E. Lowenstein, A. Lippman, S.I. Fox, Sam Brust, R. Schiller, Gus Kuhn, H.S. Wolf, H. Lischner, M. Binnard, Harry Goldberg, I.T. Davidson, J. Weinberger, A. Rosenthal, L.A. Unger, M.E. Meyer, E.H. Samisch, Nate Baranov

(separates) – Louis Berman, Mrs. Meyer Leson…M/M M.G. Straus, M/M Julius Frankel…Dave Gershon…M/M Henry Marks, M/M Arthur Goldberger…D/M J.B. Neuberger, Dorothy Neuberger…Louis Broderson…. A. Rosenthal, Mrs. Levy…Lillian Rosenthal, Perle Levy…. M/M M. Schoenbrun, M/M A. Blumberg, Rabbi/Mrs Dubin…. M/M S.I. Fox, Jonathan Fox; M/M Arthur Goldberger; Sopphie Kuhn… M/M L.A. Blochman, Nathalie Blochman… Beatrice de Lac Krombach… Maurice D. Hesse… M/M Julius Frankel…

p. 15  Congregation Beth Israel, “Temple Notes.”—Maswell H. Dubin,  Mrs. M.D. Hesse, Mrs. L.L. Rowan, Mrs. C. Kempley; Dean Blake, John Morgan…Mrs. Alfred Rosenfeld… Stanley Hymes, Alfred Hertzbrun…Dr. Johanna Tow,  Mayor John L. Bacon, Rabbi Dubin,

           Rhoda Meyer, “Beneth Israel Sorority” –Pearle Kaplan, Mary Wrottenberg, (Mary Radin), Pearle Kaplan, Rebecca Berman, Gussie Levin, Minnie Lischner, Frances Smith, Rhoda Meyer, Juliette Sterline (Juliette Amiel), Mary Wrotenberg (Mary Radin);  Eleanore Weinberger, Pauline Lischner, Helen Broderson, Rose Broderson, Minnie Einsig, Lillian Singer, Sophie Jacobson, Sara Rosenstein, Jeanette Grossman, Silvia Golberg, Rebecca Goldberg, Edna Zimel, Leonora Ancker…Rhoada Meyer, Silvia Goldberg, Sara Rosenstein, Jeanette Grossman.

p. 17  Arthur Goldberger, assistant deputy scout commissioner, “The Boy Scouts”--

p. 18  Mrs. Dave Gershon, “The Hadassah”

          Rebecca Berman and Anne Rosen, “The Junior Council”—Mrs. Chas Lowenstein, Rebecca Berman, Anna Rosen, Jeanette Grossman, Jean Rosenberg,  Mrs. Chas Lowenstein, Anne Rosen, Ms. Chas lowenstein

          (unsigned) --The Tifereth Israel Synagog  --Jacob Goldgraber, Mr. Wrottenberg, I. Frank, Abraham Pomeranz, I.T. Davidson, H.S. Wolf, Wm Frieden, Wm Plane, Mr. Breitbard

p. 19  Mrs. Arthur F. Goldberger, “The Junior Charity League—Evelyn Rippner, Mrs. Nate Baranov, Mrs. Abe Shjelley, Miss Rose Schneider, Miss Synda Goldberg, Mrs. Meyer Leson (Minnie Berman), Mrs. Joe Gross (Jessie Moss); Evelyn Rippner, MRs. L. Greenberg, Mrs. Leonora Goldberg, Minnie Gelber, Racile Marks; Mrs. J. Gross; Minnie Gelber; Mrs. Nate Baranov; Mrs. M.H. Dubin; Mrs. Nate Baranov; Mrs. Max Dubin; Mrs. Harry Epsten; Mrs. Arthur Goldberger; Mrs. Sanford Goldman; Miss Ruiby Jacob; Miss Sara Judd; Mrs. Louis Moorstein; Mrs. Paul Nestor;  Rose Schneeider; MRs. Abe Shelley; MRs. Louis Shelley; Mrs. Erle Shierk; Mrs. George Solomon; Mrs. Oscar Sterling; Mrs. Harry Stone; Mrs. Herbert Schwart; Mrs. Abe Tenenbaum; Sara Judd, Mrs. Abe Shelley; Mrs. Sanford Goldman; Mrs. Louis Shelley;  Miriam Kuhn, Caroly Samisch; Sara Lischner, Mrs. Harry Bennet (Emeline Lowenstein) Evelyn Rippner, Helen Rippner, Mrs. Ben Gonzales (Goldie Ziuell), Mrs. Joe Gross; Mrs. Jessie Moss; Mrs. S. Greenberg (Leonara Goldberg) Mrs. Meyer Leson (Minnie Gelber).
           Mrs. M.L. Sokoloff, “Hebrew Sisterhood”—Mrs. Al Neuman, Mrs. B. Ginsberg, Mrs. L. Naiman, Mrs. I Frank.

p. 20   Lieut F.L. Albert, USN, “US Chaplain”--

          Jacob Weinberger, “The Jewish Welfare Board”—Jacob Weinberger, S.I. Fox, L.A. Unger, Mrs. S. Schoenbrun; Mrs. L.A. Blochman, Beatrice De Lac Krombach; Mrs. E. Hamburger; Miss Schiller; Mrs. Charles Lowenstein.

April 1935Southestern Jewish Review, Passover Edition

p. 6  Full-page ad for upcoming California Pacific Exposition in Balboa Park

Back page – Full page ad for Percy J. Benbough for mayor.

No local news articles.


Thursday, July 6, 1939Southwestern Jewish Review
p. 1 – Estate of Sam Fox bequeathed to relatives—Jonathan H. Fox, Lillian M. Gaynes, Arthur F. Gaynes, Leslie Fox, Lena Birnbaum, Esther Cziun, Lilly Szues, Blanch Lux, Rose Straub, Lilly Seligman, Betty Frank, Geor Mandel, Jancho Mandel, Evelyn Gaynes, Beatrice Gaynes, Sophie C. Kuhn.
          Lasker Lodge Installation Due Sunday – A.L. Solof, Morey Levinson, Jack Rosenblum, Abe Dubin

           Card party to raise funds for kids camp—Esther Fried, Mrs. Neumann, Mrs. N. Fried, Mrs. Ruth Newman

           Auxiliary to Give Refugee Benefit Event –Minnie Binnard.

p. 2  Mrs. Aronoff to be S.D. Representative (of J.C. R.A.)

        Yo-Ma-Co Club (Young Married Couples) – Berne Ruden, Harold Keen, Jack Brisker, Ruth Keen, Dave Millsberg

        Junior Girls Auxiliary – Pearl Lehrer

        Jay Dees – Shirley Wolff, Arline Lerarner, Marion Frank, Doreen Brody, Charlotte Fried, Florence Newmark.

         Jolly Circle – Vera Lehrer

         Alpha Phi Pi—Al Slayen, Harry Mallen, Al Maisel, Eddie Baranov, Milt Kraft, Laury Cantor, Julius Brown, Irv Singer, Leo Beck.

          Gordon Pidyan Haben – Stepehn Ellis Gordon, Ben Gordon, Tillie Gordon, Jacob Sabel.   

p. 3  Society, Clubs, Local – M/M Max Moskowitz; M/M Learner; Bill Barkin; Mildred Weinberger, Florence Le Montree, Sarah Meyers;  Norman Seltzer, Cele Rosman; M/M Max Brody; Zelma Brody; M/M J.B. Newmark; Mrs. I. Frank; Bill Burnett, Goerge Burnett; Mrs. Michael Bronstone;  M/M Richard Weinberger; Zelma Brody; Max Press, Lillian Jacobson, Morris Pomeranz; Betty Loui Moorstein; Eugene Burger, Milton Effron; Bernard Joacobson; Al Slayen; Bea Moder; Thelma Multin; Phil Berman; June Solomon; Thelma Multin; Florence Kleigman, Yetta Adler; Julia Smith; Shirley Rubin; Elaine Jay; Lois Solomn; Mrs. Schultz; M/M David Frank; Seymour Ratner; Mrs. Lipinsky; Harry Apelman; M/M Lester Zach; Lois Zach.

            Apelmans Surprised on 20th Anniversary – M/M Harry Apelman; Dr. Isaac….(other items) – Morris Pomeranz, Al Slayen, Zel Slayen, Al Slayen, Harold Dobbs, Stanley Smith, david Stotsky, Sidney Rubin, Alec Maisel, Bernard Jacobson, Matin Siegal, Joseph Rosenberg, Morris Pomeranz, (item) Sada Cohen.

            Yo-Ma-Cos Finishing Dance Arrangements- Jerry Learner… (other items) Sol Rosenberg, Irwin Greenbaum, Ruth Newman

p. 4 – Various items – M/M Harold Keen; Minnie Binnard; M/M Herman Sarfan; M/M Lorry Cantor, M/M Leo Beck

          Symphony Season to be Opened Tuesday –Jewish women ticket sales – Eleanor Epstein, Ruth Newman, Helen Bronstone, L. Moorstein, Bea Rubin, Mrs. I. Rottman, Mrs. O. Reed.

Wednesday, April 24, 1940 San Diego Jewish Press

P. 1  Sixth Annual Banquet to be May 5 – United Jwish Fund, Jacob Weinberger, Dr. Manfred Arie, Melvyn Douglas, Nathan F. Baranov, Irvine M. Schulman, Abe Dubin, Ben B. Rubin, Mrs. K. Burnett, Carl M. Esenoff, Joe Fink, Ralph Hosenpud, Edgar B. Levi, Irving E. Mitchell, Dr. A.P. Nasatir, George Neumann, Mrs. R. Neumann, Its Penter, Frank Pomeranz, Nathan Schiller, Harry Streicher, A. Louis Solof, Sol Stone, Henry Weinberger.

            Jacob Weinberger Wins New Post –San Diego Board of Education, Jewish Committee for Personal Service.


p. 2    Hyman S. Wolf, byline article, “Pesach in Eretz Israel.”

p. 3  Societies, Clubs, Personals --
        Jay Dees – Charlotte Fried, Florence Newmark, Marion frank, Evelyn Adams, Marge Schwartze, Doreen Brody, Pearl Moder.

        Alpha Iota Nu_- Jacqueline Berman, Lois Freeman, Joyce Greenbaum, Audrey Sacks, Sylvia Harowitz, Muriel Newman, Faye Rubenstein, Syril Nestor.

        Luhove Club – Shirley Bronstone, Elaine Bronstone, Ruth Smith, Evelyn Fiddle, Betty Sabel, Jeanette Freedman, Frances Kazansky.

            Just Teens – Ralph Berman, Dick Moorstein, Jacqueline Berman

           High School Orchestra Plays – Betty Sabel, Evelyn Fiddle

            Mrs. Bressler to Review Book – Anna Bressler

           Gatherings – Richard Levi, Marguerite Sharpe, Florence Newmark, Mr. A. Goldberg, Mr. L. Freedman, Mr. M. Weiss, Mrs. A.J. Newman; 

            Junior Girls – Ruth Rovich

Thursday, July 4, 1940, Southwestern Jewish Review

Page 1 – S.D. to Welcome B.B. Delegates, Hudnreds Due from All Parts of West --  Henry Weinberger to be elevated to president of the District grand lodge


Page 2 – Hyman S. Wolf byline, “The Pious and the Niggard.

                Jeanette Radin –“Odds and Ends” –Sammy Siraton, Harvey Learner, Joe FreemanA, Hilda Gerson, Lee Douglass, Audrey Wolff, Gene Shlaichow, Dr. Helen Simmons, Dr. Jay Simmons, Leo Davidson, Hi Cohen, Dan Schwartz, Jane Goldberg.

                A.Z.A.  – Herbert Seltzer

               (separate item) – Jane Goldberg, adie Wyloge, Danny Schwartz,  Bernard Lipinsky.
            Happy Old Timers—Mrs. Joseph Dembo, Mrs. David Weissman, Mrs. Saul Margulis; Mrs. Jack Dembo

            Jay Dees—Norman Seltzer, Jerome Bronstone, Al Slayen, Al Maisel, Sid Neuman, Stanley Smith, Sol Schulz, Martin Siegel, George Rosenthal, Myron Kahn, Lester Worling, Babe Siner, Charlotte Fried, Arlene Learner, Florence Newmark, Helen Bronstone, Ruth Moskowitz, Pearl Moder, Evelyn Adams, Suelma Frankenberger, Marian Fink.

            Yo-Ma-Co – Byron Sharpe, Joe Kitaen, Harry Berman, William Kolkey, Nate Kirsner.

            Jolly Sixteen –Mrs. Phil Kantor, Mrs. Lester Cooper, Mrs. Robert Gordon, Mrs. Paul Nestor, Mrs. George Neumann, Mrs. Harris Rubel

 Page 3  Society-Personals

   35th Anniversary of Levy’s Observed – M/M Elmer Glaser, M/M David Levy; D/M Edward Levy; M/M. Joseph Weinberger; M/M Henry Weinberger; Dr. Joseph Weinberger; Morris Weinberger; M/M Simon Glaser; Mrs. Esther Kane. ….(other items)  M/M. Morrie Kraus;  Marjorie Schrieber, Marian Schrieber, Frances Kazannsky, Elvin Ress, Slyvia Lipits, Norman Rubin, Elaine Bronstone, Bob Seglin, Florence Kligman, George Batavia, Ruth Smith, Morrie Slayen, Betty Sabel, Herbert Seltzer, Jacke Berman, Dave Rosenberg; Fred Learner, Elaine Learner; M/M. J.L. Learner; Mr. A. Smith; Ethel Fried; M/M Morris Fried; M/M. Abraham Smith; Annette Lehrer;

   Mrs. E. Moorstein Televised in N.Y. – Mrs. Esther Moorstein, Marge Schwarz; Charlotte Fried, Arlene Learner, Annette Foaner; M/M Michael Bronstone; Anita Rhein; Norman Rubin; Marvin Baranov; Lois Solomon; Mrs. Leo Greenbaum; M/M  Charles Coen; Frances Cohen; Robert Siegel.

   Kraft Returns to Restaurant Business- Louis Kraft, Ralph Fleischman.

   (separate items) – Helen Rubin, Shirley Rubin, Marty Schwartz; Helen Bronstone, Bebe Wolff, Ruth Moskowitz, Suelma Frankenberger; Gertrude Kraus, Patty Rubin, Jean Kassof, Rose Slayen, Rebecca Kazansky, Herbert Zemen, Harvey Blum, Al  Addleson, Milton Kraft, Jerry Rubin, Jack Coleman; Mrs. Henry Price.

Page 4

    (separate items) – Danny Stein, Ethel Fried, Ruth Moskowitz, Marian Frank, Florence Newmark.

Thursday, September 6, 1945, The Southwestern Jewish Press

 Inside Page 1—Community Rosh Hashana ads:  M/M Harry s. Jay; M/M Charles Press; M/M Arthur Wolfe;  M/M Louis Jacobson/; M/M Max Pearl; M/M Nathan Prager; M/M Al & Rose Neumann; Arthur Harold Neumann; M/M M. Strahl; M/M S. Weissberger; M/M W.L. Moss; M/M Henry Weinberger; M/M Sol Shulkind; M/M George Neumann; Al Zola; M/M Sam Komins; M/M Ames Betesh; M./M J.J. Kader &Sons; M.M M. Bronstone; M/M. M Niederman; M/M Morris Hirsch, Sandy Hirsh; M/M Nate Ratner and family; M/M Abe Ratner & Family; M/M P.J. Kirsner; M/M Ray Smith; Jake Baranov; M/M M.S. Berlin; M/M Leo Beck; M/M Harry Shapiro; M/M Jack H. Rosenblum; M/M Irving Krasner; D/M Harry Leddell; M/M Sam Bennett; M/M Herbert Gordon; M/M R.W. Smith; M/M I. Teacher; M/M Jack Prager; Larry Prager; Karen Prager; M/M Nathan Baranov.

  Page 2 –Full page ad for United Jewish Fund signed by Jacob Weinberger, Sol Stone, Nathan F. Baranov.

Page 8 – Rabbi E. (Ephraim) Siegel, byline – “The Call of the Shofar.”

Page 9 – Community Rosh Hashanah ads – M/M Lewis Solomon; Herbert Solomon; Donald Solomon; Mark Solomon; Mrs. Ethel Solomon; M/M Sol Stone; I Jacobson; Ellis Jacobson; Merrill Jacobson; Audrey Jacobson; M/M Jacob Weinberger; M/M Its Penter and son; M/M Joseph M. Silverman; M/M J. Levin; M/M M.E. Meyer; M/M Benjamin Stolurow; M/M Leo Greenbaum; Rabbi Ephraim Siegel; M/M Irving S. Schwartz; M/M Saul Schissel; Rabbi/ Mrs. Moise Bergman; Mrs. Rosa Friedberg; M/M Lou Mogy; Joel Mogy; M/M Al DeSure; M/M S.H. Perlmutter; M/M Bernard Levenson and son; Samuel Addleson; Edward Addleson

Page  17—Community Rosh Hashana ads:  M/M. R.L. Smith; M/M Sandor Goldberger; M/M Sol Addis.

Thursday, April 18, 1946 Southwestern Jewish Press (Passover Edition)

Cover --- Rabbi Moise Bergman, Joe Dembo, Hebrew Home for the Aged; Congregation Tifereth Israel; Rabbi Ephriam Siegel; Chaplain Samuel Sobel; Jewish Welfare Board 

Page 2 – Masthead – Lewis Solomon, Ray Solomon, Sidney Redlich;

Page 9 – Hyman S. Wolf, byline: Palestine As I Saw It.

Page 10 – Societies, Clubs, Personals

     Krasner-Rabinowitz Engagement – M/M Leo Krasne; Arlene Krasne; Seymour Rabinowitz; M/Mmax Rabinowitz.

     JCRA –Jennie Siner, Bessye Siegel, Anna B. Brooks

    Youth Groups – Mrs. H. Rubel;

    (separate items)—Mrs. M. Hollander; Capt/M Bob Nador;

    Mrs Moorstein Reveiws Plays for Club – Esther Moorstein

    Pearl Zagor to Appear on SOS program – Pearl Zagor; Mrs. H. Rubel; Julia Kaufman

    Welcome Home – Sidney Seigel,  Rabbi/M Ephriam Siegel’ T5 Isadore B. Seigel.

Page 11 – JWB Activities – Chaplain Samuel Sobel, Maxwell Kaufman, Joan Jacobson, Shirley Roth, Mr. Erlich, Mollie Ratner, Mrs. Sarah Giller.

               (separate items)—Claudia Schwartz, Dave Schwartz; Eleanor Kitaen; Mona Sharpe; Alice Solomon

               Sunday Night Dance—Mrs. Anne Shelley.

              B’nai B’rith Auxiliary 92—Birdie Stodel chapter; Blanche Davis; Bess Borushek; Ethel Berwin, Jennie Brown, Ruth Bloom; Lena Kimmel; Anna B. Brooks

            Haveros –Rabbi Moise Bergman

Thursday, July 11, 1946, Southwestern Jewish Press

Page 1 – Rabbi Bergman to etire from Temple Position – Moise Bergman
               Group Forms to Combat Intolderance—Irving E. Friedman.             

Page 3    Bnai Brith Lasker Lodge No. 370 –Jerry Friedman

               Jewish Labor Committee – Mrs. Adler, Mrs. Feinberg, Mrs. Shelley, Mrs.Lazarowitz, Mrs. Penn, Mrs. Fleischman, Mrs. Herscovitz, Mrs. Sarfan, Mrs. Margolis; Ben Feinberg

            Congregation Tifereth Israel – M/M Seymour Ratner; M/M MarcoRatner; Nate Ratner; Joe Spatz; Mrs. Shifferson.

            Daughters of Israel – Laura Simon; Mary Schwartz; Rosalie Stolorow; Rose Fischbein.

Page 4  Sheinberg-Brody Nuptials – Shirley Brody; M/M Arthur Brody; Bernard Sheinberg; Rabbi E. Siegel; Mildred Brownstein; Georgia Rose.

            (separates) – M/M Aaron Cohen; Sam Cohen, Dave Cohen, Herman Cohen; Joanne Rosenfeld; M/M Ted M. Rosenfeld; M/M Maxwell Kaufman; M/M Albert Varon; M/M Arnold Grossman

            Guest Rabbi to Conduct Services – Lewis B. Grossman

            Welcome Daughter –M/M Seymour Ratner; Sherrill Ann Ratner; M/M Marco Ratner; Mary Spatz;

            Singer-Miroff Engagement – M/M A. Miroff; Helen Miroff; Joseph Singer.

            Entertained at Luncheon – Mrs. Jack Schwartz;  M/M Morris Hirsch.

            Fagelsons Entertain Houseguests – M/M D. Fagelson; Eva Fagelson, Sophie Himmel, Anna Esenoof, Tilda Esenoff;  Mrs. A. Fagelson. 

            Briskers Welcome Baby Boy – M/M Jack Brisker; David Robert Brisker; Bernice Brisker

            Carol Moss Honoree—Rosalie Sonnabaum, Murial Sonnabaum, Carol Jane Moss.

            Cousins Visiting in Chicago – Roy Fagelson; M/M D. Fagelson; Lester Himmel; M/M N. Himmel.

            It’s a Boy – M/M Woodrow Ratner; Milton Richard Ratner; Ronna Ratner; M/M Marco Ratner; Mrs. Mary Spatz

Visiting from Panama—M/M Ira Vann,  Helen Vann, Mary Vann; Mary Schwartz

 Vacation in New York – M/M Marco Ratner

  Card of Thanks – M/M Mack Strahl

Page 5—

Ray Solomon, “That’s What I Think” – Lewis Solomons,  Nate Baranov, Jack Gross, Louis Steinman, Elliott Cushman, George Neumann, Irvine Schulman, Max Rabinowitsz, Leo Greenbaum…

            Will Visit in San Diego – Ruth Littner, MRs. Rose Weinberger

            In New Home – M/M Reuben Aved

            (separates) – M/M Victor Borevitz.

            JCSC—Harold Strauss, Gene Jahnoff, Helen Gordon, Louise Jacobson, Eve Gerber, Miles Gordon.

            Pink and Blue Shower – Mrs. Robert Burkhart; Mrs Seymour Ratner.

            Yo-Ma-Co –Esther Brisker, Jack Brisher, David Robert Brisker, Eleanor Kitaen, Joe Kitaen; Mona Sharpes, Byron Sharpes; Sylvia Haffner, Manny Haffner, Joel Haffner; Barbara Solomon; Alice Solomon.

            JCRA (Jewish Consumptive Relief Auxiliary)--  Bernie Kimmel, Anna Shelley, Frieda Marks, Jennie Brown, Fannie Margolis, anna B.Brooks.

            Birdie Stodel B’nai B’rith – Leana Kimmel, Anna Shelley, Anna B. Brooks

            San Diego Zionist Organization advertisement – Lewis Solomon


Page 6—

            USO-Jewish Welfare Board –Chaplain Samuel Sobel; Rabbi Ephraim Siegel; Mrs. Lena Jacobson; Mrs. Ruth Douglas; Joan Jacobson; M/M Edward Bland; M/M. Harry Douglas; Esther Siegel; Rose Solomon; Jennie Burnett; Mrs. Ben Rettman.


Thursday, November 7, 1946, Southwestern Jewish Press:

Page 1 – To Honor Sol Stone At Dinner –Sol Stone, United Jewish Fund

               Albert Hutler column, “We were there.”

               Attends Convention – Julia Steinman attends Hadassah convention in Boston


Page 4  Societies, Clubs, Personals

            Ideal Adams Weds David Stotsky – Ideal Adams; M/M Louis Adams; David Stotsky; M/M. Charles L. Stotsky; Rabbi Morton J. Cohn; Mrs. Sam B. Siraton; Irving J. Kahn, Victor Schulman

            (separates) – M/M Harry D. Feller; M/M Robert Siegel; M/M Al Slayen

            Feted at Shower – Mitzi Schiller, Sylvia Horwitz, Syril Nestor, Adrienne Moss, Mrs. Sol Brown (Carol Moss) Murial Sonnabaum, Muriel Newman, Vesta Brust, Harrriet Green, Millie Kornbluth, Roberta Kantor, Maxine Segal, Jean Weiss, Joyce Greenbaum, Ben Press.

            Gala Haloween Party –Sylvia Bickman, Louis Bickman
            Daughters Born to Pollacks – M/M Herman Pollack; Sandra Lorraine Pollack; M/M Charles Rivers.

            Jack Pearl Bar Mitzvah – M/M Max Pearl; Jack Pearl; Ephraim Siegel.

            Mother Visitng Here – Bessie Silverman; D/ M J. H. Lipitz

            Cole’s Express Thanks – M/M Ben Cole

            Marshall Roths Parents of Girl – M/M Marshall Roth; Linda Sue Roth; m/M Paul Roth


Page 5

            Ray Solomon, byline, “That’s What I Think”

            Giving Praise Where Praise is Due.   Letter from A.E. Rosenbloom to Rose Neumann re Nathan Silver at Hebrtew Home for the Aged.


Page 6

            Haveros –Ben Siegel

            B’nai B’rith Girls Gossip Corner --  Shirlie Roth, Jackie Brodman, Miss Strickman, Marcelyn Hosenpud, Rita Strickman, Arlene Blumer.

            (separates) Sylvia Bickman, Mary Stone, Rebecca Goldberg

            Happy Old Timers –Mrs. Fried; Mrs. Elizabeth Learner; Mrs. Mary Greenberg; Mrs. Rosalie Sonnabaum; Rabbi Morton J. Cohn; Maxwell Kaufman

            JCRA—M/M Charles Press; Anna Brooks

            Hadassah –Mrs Steinman; Mrs. Caroline Millsberg; Cele Feldman; Lillian Helman.

            Alpha Phi Pi—Ben Press, Julius Sschneier, Irving Rawdin, carl Naliboff.
            Jewish War Veterans –“Comrades” Linsky,  Snyder,Aronoff and Feldman; Rabbi Moise Bergman.


Page 7—

            Yo Ma Co—Bob Burkhart, Eliane Kravitz; Frank Black.


Thursday, December 12, 1946, Southwestern Jewish Press

Page 1 – Maxwell Kaufman to be honored at dinner – Jewish Welfare Board, Maxwell Kaufman,  Dr. A.P. Nasatir, Louis Steinman, Mrs. Rose Neuman, Mrs. Lewis Solomon.


Page 3 –Albert Hutler, byline, “We were there”


Page 4—Societies, Clubs, Personals

            Honored at Pre-Nuptial Affairs—Gertrude Shelley; Mrs. Sid Cagan; Mrs. Lou Dolgin; Jennie Siner; Lena Penn; Lena Kimmel; Irma Strahl, Sally Stein; Mrs. Lou Blanc; Mrs. Ben Gordon; Morton Thaler.
            Winner in Radio Contest—Esther Moorstein

            (SEPARATES) –Mrs. Earl Fisher; Mrs. Harry Barshansky; Myrna Belle Wosk; M/M Harry Wosk; Mrs. Joseph Burkhardt; Robert Burkhardt; Errol Burkhardt; Rose Neuman; Mrs. Pearl Bassin

            Dr. Povenmire to Present Play for SOS—Mrs. A.P. Nasatir, Mrs. Leon Solomon, Mrs. Emanuel Haffner, Mrs. Ernest Nathan, Mrs. Harris Rubel;  Frank Black; Julia Kaufman.

            Visiting Parents Here – M/M Charles Tilkin; Terry Teres; Susan Teres.

            On  Two Week Furlough – Al Tepper, Oscar Saul

            Welcome Home – James Effron, Essie Effron, Gary Effron. 

            To Spend Holiday In the East – Annete Weinberg; M/M Charles Weinberg

            Penns Parents of Boy – M/M Robert Penn, Gary Allen Penn

            Will spend winter in San Diego—M/M Morris Hirsch; Mrs. Jack Schwartz, Mrs. Morris Stokes, Mrs. Robert Imberman; M/M S. Hirsch; Elizabeth Hirsch.


Page 5 –

Ben Siegel, “The Grapevine” – All Pollard, Eddie La Barron.

JWV Auxiliary—Mrs Spatz, Mrs. Avrick

Yo-Ma-Co Club –Naomi Hirsch, Al Solomn, Trudo Solomon, M/M Jack Fine; M/M Byron Sharpes; Shirley Burkhart; M/M Leon Solomon; M/M Joe Kitaens.  Frank Black

Council of Jewish Womn –Rabbi Morton J. Cohn; Mrs. Etta Samuels; Sophia Gardsner, Laura Simon, Ruby Breslauer.

B.B. Birdie Stodel Chapter 92 –Jennie Siner, Lena Kimmel, Esther Schwaretz, Celia Schwartz; Bess Schissell; Sarah Geller; Sophie Himmel; Lena Kimmel; Ruby Breslauer; Marha Feller; Bess Borushek; Angie Landau; Sylvia Adler, Clara Rasnick; Fannie Schwartz, Marie Isaacs; Blanche Davis; Anna Goldstein; Pauline Rubel; Rose Tepper; Elsie Meyers.  Anna Shelley; Marie Isaacs; Bess Blanc; Goldie Schusterman; Morris Sommer; Esther Sommer; Lea Lipowsky; Betty Freedman; Eva Borner; Lena Weiner; Sally Montecario; Florence Teres; Fay Finkel; Sarah Klein; Anna B. Brooks.

Beth Jacob Auxiliary – Clara Rasnick; Anna Shelley.


Page 6 – Ray Solomon, “That’s What I Think” – Al Hutler
            Daughter of Israel – Jennie Siner, Rose Fischbein, Mary Schwartz, Fanny Addleson, Ida Pearl, Sara Geller; Elsie Myers; Rose Lansky; Rose Neumann; Jennie Kochberg; Jennie Schwartz, Bertha Kahn, Sophie Kirschbaum; Jeanette Abrams; Laura Simons; Rosalie Stolurow; Edith Naiman; Freda Marks; Jennie Jupiter; Ida Zerman; Essie Taub; Rebecca Wilson; Mary Sorkin.  Rose Neumann; Anna Shelley; Jennie Siner; Sylvia Adler; Anna Epstein; Rose Douglas and Rose Fischbein…

            Ladies Auxiliary, Home for the Aged – Mrs. Tennewbaum, Mrs. Addis, Mrs. Phil Kantor.

            B’nai B’rith Girls Gossip Corner –Charlotte Pearl


Page 7  Guardians –Lou Mogy, Lou Steinman, Dave Block

            JCSC –Albert A. Hutler, Don Goodwin, Joe Wertheim.
           Jewish Labor Committee- -- Ben Feinberg, Sandor Goldberger, Morris Penn, Anna Shelley, Ruth Bloom, Lena Penn, Clara Rasnick, Ida Fleishman, Ida Feinberg, Anna Lazarowitz, Rose Sarfan, Rose Miroff, Louis Lazarowitz, Harry Sonband, Max Feinberg, Samuel Bloom, Harry Schreibman, Phillip Norr

            Jewish War Veterans – Dr. Edward Levey, Ralph Feldman


Janaury 9, 1947, Southwestern Jewish Press

Page 1 – Robt R. Nathan-Wollheim to speak here Monday – United Jewish Fund; Lasker Lodge Bnai Brith


Page 3  Albert Hutler, “We Were there”

            Family Reunited in San Diego – Mrs. Fanny Schauder, Jacob Schauder, Paul Schauder;


Page 4 Societies, Clubs, Personal

            Kaufmans Feted on Departure – M/M Maxwell Kaufman, Paul Kaufman; M/M Louis Steinmann; M/M R.S. Gordon; M/M George Neuman; Mrs. Martha Hollander.

            Jolly Sixteen – Mrs. Theo Brenner, Julia Kaufman; Max Kaufman; Saul Cenkin; Eunice Saxe

            Celebrates 80th Birthday with Family – Mrs. Frances Tilkin; Florence Teres; Toni Terres.

            Lasker Lodge –Aaron Gordon; Edward A. Breitbard.

            (separates) – M/M. Harry A. Pont; Ida Addis; M/M Sol Winston; Gene Winston; M/M Benjamin Stolurow.

            Bassins Express Thanks – Mrs. Pearl Bassin; Mr. Bassin; Nathan Baranov; Rose Neuman; Mrs. Anna Shelley; Miss Jeanette Tobias; Jennie Jupiter; Tillie Solomons.
            BB Birdie Stodel Chapter 92 – Lena Kimmel, Anna R. Brooks

            Mary Sorkin Passes Away –Mary Sorkin, Daughters of Israel, Rabbi Ephraim Siegel; Charles Sorkin.


Page 5

            Bnai Brith Girls –Shirlie Roth,  Arlene Blumer.

            Temple Beth Israel – Nathan F. Baranov

            Jewish Community Social Club – Joe Wertheim

            Jewish Labor Committee—Mr. Goldberger, Ida Feinberg; Lena Penn; Anna Shelley; Anna Lazarowitz; Rose Miroff.; Ben Feinberg.

            Council of Jewish Women –Albert Hutler; Lee Samuels; Alex Zelden

            Alpha Phi Pi –Hal Reisman, Irv Slayen. 

            Pioneer Women’s Orga nization –Mrs. George Shelley; Mrs. Milton Rawdin and MRs. Julius Reisman…

            JCRA—Anna E. Brooks


Thursday, January 16, 1947, Southwestern Jewish Press.

Page 1 – Palestine capable of absorbing 1,100,000, says Nathan—Albert Hutler.

              Palestinian to Speak Here on Tuesday – Rivka Yoffe.

             B’nai B’rith to install officers—Morrie Douglas; Eddie Breitbard, William B. Schwartz, Manny Silberman; George Starr; Joe Kaplan; Marshall Naiman; Al Brooks; Harry Mallen, Victor Schulman; Al Doctor; Jerry Fredman; Al Dubin; Eli Levenson; Sidney Goldstein.


Page 2 – Albert Hulter, “We were there”

               Jewish War Veterans—Julian Garber, Joe Tobias.

                J.C.S.C.—Ziggie Kessler, Gene Janoff, Joe Wertheim, Rabbi Morton Cohn, Don Goodwin, Louise Jacobson; Bunny Kaner, Joan Breslauer.

               Pioneer Women’s Organization –Florence Conway, Frieda Marks, Zelda Stotland, Ricka Yoffe.


Page 3 – Societies, Clubs, Personal

             Finkel-Reisman Wedding Sunday – Rosalie Finkel, M/M Jacob Finkel, Harold Reisman, M/M Julius reisman, Rabbi Morton Cohn, Flora Kucher, Ruth Horowitz, Diane Carleton, Joseph B. Pfeffer, Harold Blackman, Milton Kraft, yale Naliboff, Bernard Schechter, Jack Shinsky, Irving Rawdin.

            (separates) –M/M Leo Greenbaum, Joyce Breenbaum; M/M Julius Friend; Mrs. Arthur Stone (nee Ruth Plant) ; Mrs. Robert M. Stone, Mrs. Harold Stone, Mrs. Otto Williamson, Mrs. Ben Baron; Mrs. Glenn Karel; Mrs.Ben Elvove; Dora Slayen; M/M Sam Slayen; Mrs. Harry Mittleman; M/M Martin Thaler (nee Gertrude Shelley) have returned from their honeymoon at Palm Springs and are now at home at 707 Seagirt Court, Mission Beach; M/M Herbert Haimsohn; Mrs. Emanuel Silberman; Mrs. Hyman Weiner; Mrs. Ronald Brunswick, Jr; Betty Blanc; Margaret Rauw; Mrs. Al Slayen; Muriel Newman; Mrs. Myron Spring (nee Ruth Moskowitz), Mrs. Max Moskowitz, Mrs. Sol Price.

            Hirsch-Weissman to be wed – M/M Samuel Hirsch, Elizabeth Libby Hirsch; Emanual Weissman, M/M Max Weisman; Rabbi Ephraim Siegel.

            Mother Visiting Here – Mrs. Emilie Nahem, M/M A. Silvera.  Alan Silvera, Irving Silvera, Jackie Silvera.

            Bermans Celebrate 225th Anniverssary – M/M Harry Berman; Ralph Berman, Richard Berman, Doris Berman

            Shirley Hoffman Honored at Shower—Miss Shirlie Hoffman; Mrs. L. Zurit.

            Second Child a Boy – M/M Edward Schwartz; Stephen Lewis Schwartz; Mrs. B.W. Nathan; Mrs. Mary Schwartz.


Page 4 

            B’nai B’rith Lasker Lodge—Robert M. Stone
            Alpha Phi Pi –Dr. Herman, Leo Beck, Bernard Lipinksy, Morris Soublas, Laurie Cantor, Max Zemen, Harold Lasher, Harry Mallen, Will Breitbard.

            Beth Jacob Auxiliary –Ruth Aronoff, Fanny Brenes, Fanny Margolis, Fanny Goldberger, Anna Shelley, Florence Levovitch, Clara Rasnick, Pauline Press.


Thursday, March 6, 1947, Southwestern Jewish Press


  P1 –

Western States Meet here this weekend – Mrs. A. Nasatir.

            Eli Levenson elected UJF president



Ray Solomon – That’s What I Think

p3      Al Hutler – We Were There

Fundraising Session to Analyze 1947 Needs—Mrs. Abraham Nasatir; Hadarah Domnitz


p. 4

            Bnai Brith Outlines Future Activities—Richard A. Gudstadt, Eddie Breitbard,Lew Mogy, Lew Pollock, Leon Heiman, Al Doctor, Sam Bennett, Eli Levenson, Danny Schwartz, Albert Hutler.

            Beth Jacob to Have New Rabbi –Abraah L. Rosenblum

`           Jacob H. Gruenberg passes away – Jaob H. Gruenberg, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Susan Gurenberg Neil Gruenberg.

            Lou Mogy, Sports – Al Hutler, Saul Chenkin, Bill Starr, George Starr, Leo Beck, Abe Ratner, Its Penter.


p. 5   Society, Personals, Clubs

            Women’s Devision Organizing for Action – Julia Neumann.

            Mary Spatz Dies at Age 70---- Rabbi Ephraim Siegel, Mrs. Marco Ratner, Joe M. Spatz.

            Daughter for Kagans – M/M Joe Kagan, Arleen Susan Kagan.

            Son for Stones – M/M Arthur Stone… M/M Harold Stone, M/M. Gardner. M’M Sol Stone, Mrs. J. Judd

            Second Child a Boby – M/M Emanuel Silberman; Leonard Silberman.

            Acknowledge Sympathy _- Mrs Morris Anganger

            Josephine Naumann passes away – Josephine Naumann, Rabbi Moise Bergman, Rabbi Morrton Cohn; Ted Naumann

            Pioneer Women _-Albert Hutler, Rose Weitzman, Esther Weitzman, Anna Shelley, Laura Simon, Frieda Marks, Rose Lansky, Bess Borushek, Pauline Press

            Home for the Aged Ladies Auxiliary – Mrs. Rosalie Sonnabaum, Elizabeth Learner.

            The Way We Heard It – M/M Sam Fishman; Mrs. J. Schwitkis, Mrs. Greenbaum; M/M Nathan F. Baranov; Lena Sanders; J.L Learner, Mary Greenberg, A. Soloway, Victor Borowitz, Rose Numan, M/M Harry Rosenbaum.


p.6  Women’s Clubs

            B.B. Birdie Stodel Council – Celia Schwartz, Jennie Siner, Clara Rasnick, Esther Schwartz.

            JCRA—Anna Shelley

            Yo Ma Co—Rabbi Morton J. Cohn

            Hadassah –Lillian Helman

            Ida Nasatir – “East River by Sholom Asch

            Esther Moorstein –“For Your Entertainment,” Ray Solomon


p. 7  The Junior Press

            Muriel Goldhammer – youth editor

            Chick Chat – Shirley Leson, Larry Solomon
            Beth Jacob Sunday School –Alan Lippitt; Phyllis Mollich, Reitna Stokes,  Marily Geron, Maxine Geron, Mrs. Robert Imberman, A. Abramson, Hannah Sporkin.
            (photo Beth Jacob) A. Abramson, Hannah Sorkin, Robert Imberman, Rietha Stokes, Phyllis Mollick, Alan Lippitt

            Bnai Brith to Sponsor Youth Rally – Sid Fleishman, Sam Bennett

            Youth Division Will Hold Workers Dinner—Al Hutler, Rene Perlmutter, Sally Stone, Stanford Brust, Joan Jacobson

            Muriel Avrick Recovering – M/M Max Avrick.


  THURSDAY, March 13, 1947, Southwestern Jewish Press

     Page 1 –

Eli Levenson new president of San Diego Fund – Murray D. Goodrich, Victor Schulman, Morie Douglas, Harry Bennett, Irving E. Friedman, Nathan F. Baranov, Louis Steinman, Jack Gross, Max Rabinowitz, Irvin Kahn, Henry Weinberger, Nathan Schiller.
            Ida Nasatir to Speak for Mizrach in Los Angeles- Ida Nasatir


Page 2 

  Page 2Letters tLetter to Editor – Morton J. Cohn, Rose Neumann

      Ray Solomon, That’s What I Think –

      Highlighting Some Interesting USO_JWB Happenings – Kenneth Levenstein, Murray Davidson, Larry Wolfe, Barbara Hurwitz, Rose Rimland, Shirley Cass, Esther Siegel, Jerry Wolper.


Page 3   Al Hutler – We were there

              Appointed – Louis M. Karp, Bella Karp, Judith Esther Karp.

               Form Community Relations Advisory Committee—Eli Levinsen, Morton J. Cohn, A.P. Nasatir, Al Hutler, Nathan F. Baranov, Iriving E. Friedman, Louis Steinman, Ben Feinberg, Marshall Roth, Morry Levensen.


Page 4 – Society Personals

   Eget-Baranov Engagement Told – Josephine H. Eget, Marvin J. Baranov; m/m Harry Baranov.

   Council of Jewish Women – Alice May Sharpe, Mrs. Dave Horowitz, Mrs. Max Nelson, Lillian Burkhart Goldsmith

   JWV Aux President to Visit San Diego – Tina Brill

   The Way We Heard It – Mrs. H. Weisser, M/M Charles Press; Leonard Weiss; M/M Sidney O. Weiss; Sid Redlich, Bea Redlich, Marlene Redlich; M/M A. Silvera; Mrs. Niel Himmel.

   Theo Breeners to Get Housewarming – M/M Theo Brenner, Rose Glickman, Arthur Glickman

   Attend  Shower inSanta Monica – Mrs. I. L. Domnitz, Hadarah Domnitz, Mrs. Sol Goldman, Mrs. S. Lansky, Ezra Domnitz, Alice Linder

   Stone Unveilings Next Sunday – William Silverman, Ephraim Siegel, Angel Brownstein.

   Fanny Fagelson Passes Away –Dave Fagelson, Irving Fagelson; Sophie Himmel.


Page 5

   Lou Mogy, Sports –Its Penter, Stewart Penter, Lou Klinger, Abe Siegel, Archie Schonkopf, Ben Howard, Sol Chenkin, Irving Kahn, Dave Block, Dr. Brody, Dave Schissel; Ed Breitbard, Will Breitbard, Bob Breitbard, Elford Breitbard, Sam Addleson, Lou Pollack, Eddie Cantor, Morrie Douglas, Joe Kaplan, M/M Arthur Glickman; Sam Sklar, Harry Sugarman, Sam Rassin, Fred Aminoff, Murray Goodrich,  Milton Silverman, Bill Gerelich, Julius Penn, Bill Penn, Lou Jacobs, Gary Chenkin.

   Zionist Group Plans Dinner – E. Al Slayen,  A. Louis Solof, Dr. Warner Ornstein.

   Group Sponsors Amateur Boxing – Lou Mogy, Murray Goodrich, Max Rabinowitz, Irving Kahn , Stirling Burnett; Rabbi Morton J. Cohn.

   450 Attend BB Youth Rally –Sidney Fleischman.


Page 6 

   Ida Nasatir – “Animal Farm”

   Esther Moorstein –For Your Entertainment

   Jewish Labor Commm—Mr. Picaizen, Marie Stolorow, Vladke

   Jolly Sixteen—Mrs. Phil Kantor, Mrs. R.S. Gordon

   Pioneer Women—Mrs. Edith Belenzon, Mrs. Mioff, Mrs. Goldberger

   Home for the Aged –Bess Addleson, Lee Greenberg, Frances Moss, Freda Nestor, Ida Addis, Sally Schissell, Carolyn Brust, Sarah Shelley, Ruth Levin.


Page 7—Junior Press—Muriel Goldhammer, youth editor

   400 Attend Youth Rally –Morrie Douglas

   Haveros Prexy Sees Expansion – Izzy Markowitz

   Movie to be Featured at Workers Dinner—Al Hutler, Renme Perlmutter, Sally Stone, Joan Jacobson, Sanford Brust

     Young Actors Win Laurels in Play (photo) – Pauline Glazer, Danny Schaffer, Danny Blanc; Hannah Rosen; Jackie Silvera; Moshe Rosen;Joan Borenstein; Allan Silvers; Gordon Stollzoff, Bernard Stolzoff; Irving Silvera; Fred Charles; Sanford Borenstein; Kay Prager, Charlene Zemen.
   Harry Zlotoff CelebratesTenth Birthday Saturday – Larry Zlotoff, M/M Morty Zlotoff.

   Drama, Prizes and Noisemakers at Party – Stanton Camiel, Ralph Sherman; Linda Solof; Jean Goldstein; Lawrence Addleson; Lois Kaufman; Susan Solof; Linda Douglas; Joel Mogy; Norman Silverstein; Lorena Wellington; Herbert Dembo; Joyce Turner; Jerry Miller; Jane Cohn.

   Copy Cats –Shirley Lesson, Burton Epstein, Arlene Glickman, Teddy Feldman, Shirley Berenson, Joe Weitzen, Sonya Chenkin, Herb Newmark, Joan Steinman, Jack Gross, Arlene Addleson, Jerry Appleman, Al Ruby, Jerry Solomon, Al Tepper, Lora Deen Addleson, Fred Weitzen, Shirley Roth, Izzy Markowitz, Muriel Goldhammer, Barbara Solomon, Larry Solomon


Page 8

   Ladies Auxiliary – Mrs Sylvia Adler, Mrs. Ida Coleman; Mrs. Jean Spatz; Mrs. Pauline Rubel

   Yo Ma Cos Turn to Athletics – Joe Kitaen, Dave Cohen.

   Temple Beth Israel Purim Play Party – Donald Solomon, Harvey Levitt, Lou Kleinman, Beverly Marsh, Linda Solof, Florence Krasnewr.


THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 1947,  Southwestern Jewish Press
Page 1

   $350,000 campaign to Open Wed March 26 – Max Rabinowitz, Louis Steinman, Nathan F. Baranov, Julia Neumann, Bernice Soule, Renee Perlmutter, Sallie Stone,  Joan Jacobson, Stanford Brust, Ben Siegel, Yale Naliboff, Hadarah Domnitz, Jeanette Tobias, Elliott Cushman, Morrie Douglas, Larry Cantor, Robert M. Stone.

   Progress satisfies UJF chairmen (photo) – Lou Steinmann, Max Rabinowitz.

   Open Letter to SD Jewish Community –Eli Levenson


Page 2

   Letters to Editor –Ronald Brunswick Jr, Jeanette M. Tobias

   Ray Solomon, That’s What I Heard—Al Hutler, Lew Solomon.


Page 3

   Albert Hutler – We were there


Page 4 – Society-Personals

   Goodwin-Stern Engagement Told – Fannie Stern, Beverly Stern, Don Goodwin, M/M. J. Goodwin.

   San Diegans Motor to San Bernardino for Anniversary Celebration – M/M Charles Press, Edith, M/M Ben Press; M/M Sam Smith; Mrs. Phil Berman; M/M Hy Weitzman

   JWV Auxiliary --  Tina Brill; Esther Siegel

   Social Highlight of Season (photo) Dean Long, Louis Moorstein, Mayor Harley Knox, Paul Kent.

   The Way We Heard It – M/M Albert Luckman; Charles Luckman;  Mrs. Ethel Solomon; M/M Marshall Roth; M/M Sam Tepper; Roanne Tepper; Stanley Tepper; Harry A. Pont.

   Pioneer Women – Mrs. Conway, Jeanette Tobias< Edgar Brown.

   Officers Attend Meet in Portland – Mrs. Edgar B. Levi, Mrs. Alan Soule.

   Appeal for Seder Home Hospitality for Servicemen—Esther Siegel

   Bids San Diego Adieu—Mrs. Emilie Nahem; Ms. A. Silvera.


Page 5

   Lou Mogy, Sports—Dr. Saul Ruby, Abe Siegel, Lew Solomon, Lee Richards, Milt Roberts, Sol Price, Ben Rubin, Max Press, Eli Levenson, George Starr, Dave Block, Lee Richards, George Starr, Its Penter, Irwin Kohn, Jack Kornbluth, Sol Schissel, Sam Fishman, Ben Town, Phil Gershon, Lester Cooper; Harry Mallen, Lawrence Cantor, Allen Richman, Leo Beck, Leon Helman, Milton Rosenberg, Sol Rosenberg, Howard Schwitkis, Frederick Fishman, Hymie Friednash.

   Bnai Brith Presents Wheel Chair to Hospital – David H. Block.

   Press Offers Tropy bor BB Golf Tourney –Lawrence Canter, Dan Schwart, Saul Ruby , Louis Karp, Lorrie Cantor, Eddie Cantor, Leon Heiman, Ben Rubin, Max Press, Max Greenberg, Israel Fogelman, Dave Schwartz, Mort Thaler, Archie Schoenkopf, Harry Mallen, Vic Schulman, Dave Block, Milt Roberts, Jerry Freedman, Sam Bennett, Dr. Joe Rittoff, Lee Richards, Nate Schiller, Sidney Goldstein, Sam Brenes, Dave Schissell, Sol Price, Julius Brown, Dr. Robert Stone, Dan Schwartz.

   Zionist—A. Louis Solof.

   Carl Esenoff to Head Jewish Welfare Society -- -- A. P. Nasatir, Rose Weinberger, Sol Price, Ronda Elaine Esenoff, Rose Newman<


Page 6

   Ida Nasatir—Animal Farm (rerun)

   Esther Moorstein—For Your Entertainment

   Home For the Aged – Dr. A.P. Nasatir, Louis Steinman, Sam Addleson, Victor Schulman, Carl Esenoff, Bernice Esenoff, Jean Rosenthal, Eve Chenkin, Ralph Hosenpud, Jennie Burnett, Ray Solomon, Sema Getz, Sol Price, Sidney Newman, Mrs. Moris Feldman, Mrs. Saul Chenkin, Mrs. Sam Addleson, Morris Wax, Harry Wax, Jean Rosenthal.


Page 7  Junior Press

   Copy Cats – Erwin Schwartz, Shirley Roth, Myron Shelley, Alvin King, Shirley Berenson, Jerry Kobernick, Carolyn Kobernick, Gladys Balsam, Zane Feldman, Jack Gross, Nancy Strauss, Dee Wyner, Rabbi Morton Cohn, Arlene Addleson, Lora Deen Addleson, Fred Weitzen Jr, Joe Weitzen, Nancy Weitzen; Jack Gross Jr; Barbara Solomon, Larry Solomon.

   Myron Shelley, Personaliuty Talk Impresses TYL

   Sergeant Inspires Youth Division – Leo Molow

   Jack Gross Wins Speech Contest –

   Carl Naliboff Recovering

   UJF Youth Division Organizes – Rene Perlmutter, Al Hutler,  Joe Wetrtheim, Jules Raleigh, Estelle Addleson, Stanford Brust, Gerry Platt, Sylvia Horowitz, Mitzi Schiller, Yale Naliboff, Eva Garber,Estelle Addleson, Ben Siegel, Hadarah Domnitz, Ned Weiss, Leo Molow, Joan Jacobson, Stanford Brust

   Mitzi Schiller Wins Kaption Contest


   Thursday, March 27, 1947, Southwestern Jewish Press

Page 1 – UJF Off to Flying Start—Eli Levenson, Dr. Joseph J. Schwartz, Edwin Rosenberg, Louis Steinman, Max Rabinowitz, Julia Neumann, Renee Perlmutter, Sallie Stone, Albert Hutler, Joseph Schildkraut.


Page 3  Albert Hutler, “We Were There.”


Page 4—Society, Personals

            Sperber-Cohen Bethrothal Told – Frances Cohen, Milton Sperber, Mrs. David Sperber, M/M Irving Krasner.

            Wosks Welcome Third Girl—M/M Harry S. Wosk; Donna Lynn Wosk; Myrna Belle Wosk; Shela Rae Wosk.

            The Way We Heard It -- M/M Ben Townes, Phil Gershon; Mrs. A.P. Nasatir; A.P. Nasatir; Mrs. Maurice Schaffer; M.M Sidney O.Weiss; Albert Tepper; M/M Saul Chenkin; Mrs. Betsy Solomon; M/M George Neumann; Norma Goldberger; M/M Sandor Goldberger;  M/M A.J. Feller; M/M Herman Stern; Edward Janowsky; Rabbi Ephraim Siegel.


Page 5

Rabbi Rosenblum Takes Post – Rabbi Abrahm L. Rosenblum’ Esther Rosenblum; Murray Rubin Rosenblum; Sheldon Allyn Rosenblum; Sandor Goldberger.

            Lou Mogy, Sports Around Town –Milt Roberts; Dr. Ruby; Ann Ratner, Sylvia Solof, Ida Beck, Sadie Berenson; Julius Levin, Marshall Naiman, Bill Wolff, Harry Mallen; Lou Steinmann; Abe Shelley; Lou Schissell, Saul Schissell, Joe Loomis, Frank Loomis, Capt. Charles Padock; Ted Brenner; Al Doctor; Fred Aminoff; Harry Sugarman; Arthur Gardner; Milo Berenson, Arthur Glickman; Eddie Cantor; Harry Douglas; Bill Starr, Vic Schulman; Elliott Cushman; Carl Esenoff; Morrie Kraus; Harry Klaskin.

            Golf Enthusiasts to Compete This Sunday—Len Pearl, Dr. Earl Brodie; Elie Levinson; Albert Hutler; Irvin Kahn; Ronald Brunswick; Zel Greenberg; Dave Stotsky; Lew Solomon; Saul Chenkin; AbeSiegel; Ben Howard; Sam Kimmel; Matt Kimmel; Lawrence Cantor; Dan Schwartz.

            Wins Akiba Award – Rabbi Moise Bergman, Eli Levenson.


Page 6

            Ida Nassatir, Book Review: The Old Country by Sholom Aleichem.

            Esther Moorstein, “For Your Entertainment”
            San Diego Hebrew Home for the aged – Sally Shissell, Lucille Rubel; Lee Greenberg, Esther Moorsteen.

            JCRA –Anna Lazarowitz, Mary Schwartzs, Laura Simon, Anna Epstein; Albert A. Hutler, Morrie Douglas, Lou Steinmann, Anna Shelley, Mary Sorkin

            Hadassah – Mrs. Silverman

            USO-JWB Activities – Esther Siegel


Page 7

Copy Cats—Sylva Lawenda, Charlotte Pearl, Vic Goldman, Gladys Balsam; Stuart Penter, Stan Levenson, Jean Weiss, Sid Stoller, Martha Fredman, Sherman Cole; Estelle Feldman, Jerry Greenstein.  Danny Orlansky, Jerry Appelman, Revelyn Brenner; Buddy Berenson, Peter Stone, Al Tepper; Barbara Feinberg; Francine London; Shirley Lesson, Hermoine Cohn, Inez Horowitz;

BBG’s Will Hold Meeting with AZA –Lorraine Baranov, Arleen Fleischman, Jackie Brodman, Eileen Glasser, Esther Weitzman

            Club Reorganizes Committees—izzy Markowitz, Arnie Margulis, Merle Goldman, Ruth Rosenberg, Gene Janoff

            (separates) Beverly May Zahalsky; M/M Maurice Zahalsky

            Jewish students star in comedy --Herbert Solomon, Robert Feller; Jackie Brodman; Eleanor Addleson, Ronald Feiler, Paul Gerber.

            Youth Division Raises 50 percent Quota – Al Hutler.

            Ben Siegel, The Grapevine   (pop music column)


Page 8-

            JWV Auxiliary – Mrs. Jean Spatz, Tina Brill (JWV national president)


Thursday, April 10, 1947, Southwestern Jewish Press

            Page 1—UJF Workers Stepping Up Pace—To Reach Early Goal – Max Rabinowitz, Louis Steinman, Eli Levenson, Ben Feinberg, Morrie Douglas, Edward Breitbard, Dan Lowwenthal, Phil Goldman, Marshall Naiman, Nathan Baranov, Harry Bennett, David Block, Abe Bronstone, Larry Cantor, Elliott Cushman, Jack Dembo, I.L. Domnitz, Carl Esenoff, Irving Friedman, Elmer Glaser, Sandor Goldberger, Everett Goldman, Murray D. Goodrich, Ben Hoffman, Dr. F.G. Hollander, Ralph Hosenpud, Irvin Kahn, Harry Klaskin,Eli Levenson, Paul Lott, Myron Lustig, Louis Moorsteen, Its Penter, Philip Peskin, Sol Price, Nathan Schiller, Victor Schulman, Milton Silverman, Sam Supnik, Abe Snyder, Dr. Robert Stone, David Stotsky, Harry Weinberger, Lew M. Weiss, Leo Zweibel.   Julia Neumann, Bernice Soule, Helen Baranov, Frances Berenson, Sadie Berenson, Jennie Burnett, Retha Burnett, Eve Chenkin, Sally Cohn, Lee Douglas, Bernice Esenoff, Morris Feldman, Sara Goodrich, Rose Gordon, (Mrs) Jack Gross, Jennie Kochberg, Sylvia Haffner, Elinor Kitsen, Tully Kitsen, Felix Lee, Sadie Haimsohn, Jack Kornbluth, Edith Levenson, Esther Moorsteen, Angeline Landau, Pauline Rubel, Rose Neuman, Jeanette Niederman, Betty Penter, Molly Rabinowitz, Ann Ratner, Clara Resnick, Esther Schwartz, Bess Snyder, Ray Solomon, Julia Seinman, M. Stern, Rose Weinberger, Elizabeth Weiss, Sarah Wyner,  Ann Shelley, Edith  Reisman, Goldie Schusterman, E. Belenzon, Bessie Siegel, Bessie Umansky, F. Marx, Jennie Siner, Lavena Koming, Florence Lebowitz; Estelle Addleson, Stanford H. Brust, Edith Epstein, Ray M. Fagelson, Eva Garber, Yvonne Gerson, Merle Goldman, Sylvia horowitz, Gene Janoff, Bernard Lansky, Yale Naliboff, Esther Pearl, Gerry Platt, Jules H. Raleigh, Rose Rimland, Helen Rosenberg, Ruth Rosenberg, Mitzi Schiller, Ben Siegel, Sallie Stone, Gertrude Thaler, Joe Wertheim, Ned J. Wise.


Page 2

Ray Solomon, “That’s What I Heard” –


Page 3

Albert Hutler, “We Were There”


Page 4 Society-Personals

            Morris Kirshbaum Weds in Dallas – Lewis Kirshbaum; Joseph Kirshbaum;  Morris Kirshbaum; Alva Kelton; Bernard Kirshbaum.

            San Diegans Attend Duarte Passover Banquet – Mrs. George Shelley; MM Frank Berman; M/M Harry Berman; Mrs. Becky Bard; Mrs. Ethel Berkov.

            JWV Auxiliary – Jean Spatz, Bess Avrick

            Irvin Kravitz’s Welcome Son – M/M Irvin Kravitz; Arnold Gary Kravitz; M/M Max Felsman; M/M Nathan Kravitz.

            Old Folks Celebrate Passover Seder in Home—Rabbi Moise Bergman, Joe Dembo, Sam Schissell, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Frankee Dee Hutler,  M/M Al Neumann, M/M Gerry Neumann; M/M Harry Tenebaum; M/M Robert Gordon; Sidney Neumann; M/M Louis Addleson; M/M George Shelley; M/M Rebeun Fleischman; M/M Abraham Abrahmson; M/M Irwin Fischer; Jacob Baranov; M/M Arnold Beinner; M/M Leon Gold; M/M Henry Goldy, M/M Morris Kattelman, Saul Gold, Lou Margolis, M/M Fischer; Bruce Fischer.

            The Way We Heard It – Wilfred Goodman, Constance Goodman, Marjory Goodman, M/M Adolph Brenes, M/M Sam Brenes; M/M Reuben Aveds; M/M Harry H. Schwartz; M/M Harry Epsten; M/M Elliot Cushman; Lawrence Cushman, Stephen Cushman, Mrs. Selma Getz; Mrs. Harry Kaufman; MM Emanuel Kutzer

            Former Residents Parents of Girl – M/M Leonard Rubin; Linda Carol Rubin; June Shapiro; M/M Arthur Shapiro

            Davis’ Announce Birth of Girl ---M/M Paul Davis; Rosalind Anne Davis; Maaurice Eln.


Page 5—Gentlemen

            Lou Mogy, Sports – Rill Starr, Vic Schulman, Dr. Mickey Stone, Dr. Harry Ledell; Murray D. Goodrich; Lora Dean Addleson, Sam Addleson, Bess Addleson; Richard Moorsteen; Lou Weiss; Bill Gerelik; Al Hutler; Al DeSure; Henry B. Stern; Sam Druskin; Saul Chenkin; Dr. Fred Hollander; Charles Hafter, Herbert Hafter;  Irwin Baranov; Earl Baranov; Harold Lasher; Ben Rubin; Max Rabinowitz, Irwin Kahn; Murray D. Goodrich; Sterling Burnett.

            Lasker Lodge BB – Harry Mallen;  Jerry Freedman, Joe Martin.

            Schedules for Passover – Rabbi ephriam Siegel, Rabbi Roenblum

            Silverman Heads Coronado Diision – M/ M Milton Silverman, M/M Arthur Cohen, William Gerelich, William Penn.

            Eminent Speakers to Appear in San Diego This Week –Morton Cohn. Al Slayen, Julia Steinman


Page 6

            Ida Nasatir –“O Whom Palestine”

            Esther Moorstein—For Your Entertainment

            Beth Jacob Aux- Mrs. Harry Rasnick

            Organizations Working with UJF –Max Rabinowitz, Louis Steinman, Gertrude Thaler, Isidore Markowitz, Elaine Glasser, Anna Shelley, Esther Schwartz, Jeannette Tobias, Phil Goldman, Marshall Naiman.

            Junior B’nai Brith Girls – Mrs. Mort Thaler, Shirley Roth

            Birdie Stodel BB—Bess Schissell, Vicky Silvera

            USO-JWB Activities – Esther Seigel, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Rabbi Ephraim Siegel, Rabbi abraham Rosenblum, Ethel Parnass

            San Diego Hebrew Home for the Aged—Rabbi Moise Bergman, Sam Schissel, Miss Pearl Zager, Mrs. Jean Rosenthal

            Yo-Ma-Co—Phil Goldman, Dave Schwartz, Al Solomon.


Page 7 Junior Press

Bobby and Larry Solomon, Copy Cats –Francine London, Roberta Rosenfeld, Hermione Cohn, Dee Wyner, Teddie Feldman, Arlene Addleson, Louis Rouswick, Eddy Buckner, Eugene Brown, Myron Shelley, Jack Gross, Larry Gross, Pete Stone,Shirley Berenson, Zan Feldman, Sony Chenkin, Harry Sonnabaum; Celia Zahalsky, Bert Nestor, Phyllis Schissel, Chub Silver, Sally Stone, Herb Marks, Sandra Calechman, Arnie Margulis, Jean Weiss, Sid Stollier, Roberta Rosenfeld, Howie Kotler, Shirley Rubin, Larry Mandell, Adele Felsman, eddy Haimsohn, Evie Grainick, Herb Moscowitz, Lorraine Baranov, Jerry Zweig, Arleen Fleischman, Elmer Lott, Nancy Weitzen, Berta Rosenfeld,  Mel Wolfe, Hermione Cohn,, Jack Gross, Larry Solomon, Jean Siegel, Eddy Haimsohn, Joyce Greenberg, Shirley London, Bobbie Solomon, Larry Solomon, Irwin Schwartz

            Solomon Comes Trhu in Ink Semi Finals—Herbert Solomon

            Esaster Vacation Fun For Young – Nancy Solof, Arlene Solof, Gary Cantor, Adrienne Cantor, Sondra Schoenkopf, Maxzine Schoenkopf, Larry Cantor, Stanley Cantor, Esther Weitzman, Ronald Feiler, Manard Pont, Francine London, Revlyn Brenner, Carol Kaufman, Judge & Mrs. Ben Rosenthal, Gloria Rosenthal.

            De Moleys Plan Dance—Bill Braunstein.



Page 8

            (Separate) – Mrs. Dora Benzuly, Charlotte Benzuly; Mrs. Niel Himmel.


Thursday, April 24, 1947,Southwestern Jewish Press

Page  1

            San Diego Sends $50,000 from Emergency Fund to Aid European Jews—Louis Steinmann, Max Rabinowitz, Julia Neumann, Bernice Soule, Sallie Stone, Renee Perlmutter, Eli Levenson


Page 2

            Ray Solomon, That’s What I Think –


Page 3

            And a Little Child Shall Led them—Nadene Feiler, Linda Douglas, Sarah Jane Eber, Alan Eber,


Page 4 – Society Personals

            The Way We Heard It – M/M Irving Jacobs; M/M Louis L. Klein; Mrs. Annie Schoenfeld, M/M Dorie Kellner; Mrs. Bernard Levenson, Miss Ruth Suchman, Mrs Anna Suchman, Mrs Lennie Lustig, Mrs. Samuel Wilson, Mrs. Harry Finkelman, (Bea Moder);  Barbara Finkelman, M/M Sam Moder; M/M Jack Goodman; M/M Meyer Snyder; Mrs. Martha Hollander; M/M Dave Heft; Libby Smith, Bob Smith.

            Daughters Surprise Saul Schissell on 27th Anniversary – Phyllis Schissel, Roberta Shissel, M/M Saul Schissel.

            Melvin Karzens Parents of Boy – M/M Melvin Karzen; Warren Barry Karzen.

            Son Born to Scwhartz of Conn—(Pearl Moder), D/M Herbert R. Schwarttz; M/M Sam Moder; Bruce Edward Schwartz

            Beth Jacob Congregation—Rabbi Abraham L. Rosenblum; M/M Charles Press

            IDA Nasatir, SOS Still Needs Your Support

            Monument to be Unveiled Today – Joe Fink, Ephraim Siegel

            Adolph Hacker Passed Away – Adolph Hacker, Rabbi Ephriam Siegel

            Jolly Sixteen – Mrs. Harris Lipinsky

            S.D. to Have Summer Camps –Albert A. Hutler

            Mrs. Offer of LA Passes Away—Betty Offer.


Page 5—Gentlemen

Lou Mogy, Sports—Hugh Wolff, Jack Jacoby, Lou Steinmann, Harry Kaufman, Zel Greenberg, Dean Greenberg, Paul Gershon, M/M Richard Levi, Seymour Robin (Rabin?), Al Kornbluth, Mack Strahl, Herb Haimsohn, Dick Lustig, Sara Goodrich, Sally Cohn, Elliott Cushman, Leon Heiman, Fred Aminoff, Milt Roberts, Arthur Glickman, Archie Schoenkopf, Dave Schissel, Ben Howard, Saul Chenkin, Phil Kantor,Arlen Kantor, Jean Launders, Bill Starr, Fred Weeitzen, David Doctor, Sam Rassin, Maxine Kreinberg, Harry Sugarman, Phil Gershon, M/M Al DeSure, M/M Its Penter, Lou Jacobson; Abe Segal; Abe Shelly; Ben Shelley; Sam Addleson;  (Shelley Bros—Phil Shelley, dave Shelley, Joe Shelley, Abe Shelley, Harry Shelley, Ben Shelley, Sam Shelley, Lou Shelley, Jim Shelley); Its Penter.

            Press to Sponsor Soft Ball League –Lou Mogy

            Guardians Announce Plans for Dinner Dance – Murray Goodrich, Sol Price, Leon Helman, Lou Mogy.

            Lasker Lodge BB—Rabbi Judah Cohen; Dr. A.P. Nasatir, Jerry Freedman, Joe Martin.

            Beth Jacob Stars Open Forum Discussion Group – Phillip Mollick.


Page 6 – Ida Nasatir, “Gentlemen’s Agreement”

            Esther Moorsteen – “For Your Entertainment”

            JCRA – Mrs. Bess Siegel, Mrs. Jennie Siner

            San Diego Hebrew Home for the Aged – MRs. S.Z. Greenberg.

            Pioneer Women –Clara Rasnick, Pauline Press, Zelda Stotland


Page 7—Junior press

            Bobbie and Larry Solomon, Copy Cats – Sandra Calechman, Arnie Margulis, Revelyn Brenner, Lew Leavitt, Shirley Berenson, Buddy Berenson, Mel Cohen, Milt Bachellis, irwin Schwartz, Danny Orlansky, Irwin Sklar, Marily Apelman, Sammy Krasner, Inez Horowitz, Marilyn Apelman, Larry Solomon,  Muriel Goldhammer, Arlene Fleishmann, Merle Jacobson; Herb Moscowitz; sEsther Fulksman, Jery Zweig;Lorraine Baranov, Irwin Sklar; Jerry Kobernick; Buddy Berenson; Jerry Solomon; Eddy Haimsohn; Larry mantell; Barbara Feinberg;

            Children’s camps to be held in san Diego – Albert Hutler

            Jack Gross Jr Wins Lions Club Zone Finals Oratorical Contest -- --Jack Gross Jr.,

            BB Girls Announce Full Program –Mrs. Mort Thaler

            Variety Show Saturday Nite –Jack Gross, myron Shelley, Larry Solomon, Jerry Wolper, Ben Siegel, Mickey Avrick, Rose Shale,Les Himmel, Roy Gagelson, Gene Janoff, Jerry Platt, David Krinitsky, Salley Stein, Audrey Dombroff

            Beth Jacob PTA—Rabbi Rosenblum

            From A to Z and Back Again – Merrill Johnson, Stan Levenson.



Thursday, May 8, 1947, Southwestern Jewish Press:

Page 1

            Victor Schulman Heads Allocations, Budget Committee--- Eli Levenson, Victor Schulman, Sam Perlmutter, Abe Ratner, abe Snyder, Jack Dembo. I.L Domnitz, Abe Nasatir, Rabbi Morton Cohn, Max Rabinowitz, Eve Chenkin, Leo Greenbaum, Frank Winicki, Gertrude Thaler, Sarah Goodrich, Jennie Burnett, Bernice Soule, Julia Neumann, Julia Steinman, Louis Moorsteen, Its Penter, Saul Schissell, Sandor Goldberger, Louis Steinman.


Page 2  Letters to Editor: Abraham Nasatir, Jeremy Lustig, Joel Mogy, Linda Douglas


Page 4  Society Personals

            The Way We Heard It – M/M Murray Goodrich; M/M Paul Stollin; M/M I. Goldberg; M/M A.L Solof, D/M H. Kaufman, M/M Abe Ratner,  M/ Nate Ratner; M/M S.J. Geller; M/M J.P. Freedman; Mrs. Belle Cohen; Marcia Cohen, Arlene Cohen; M/M Reuben Aved; Sylvia Bickman.

            Son Born to Al Slayens – M/M E. Al Slayen; Howard Theo Slayen; Vera Lehrer; M/M San Slayen; Joseph Dembo.

            Delegates to State Meeting – A. Louis Solof, Mrs. Jack Dembo.

            Soloman-Coleman Bethrothal Told – Cecil Coleman, Theresa Coleman, Emanuel Solomon.

            Strahls Announce Daughter’s Troth – Irma Gloria Strahl, William Ruden, M/M Mac Strahl. 

            Margaret Jackson, Goldbergs Leave on Trip to Midwest –M/M Samuel Goldberg.


Page 5—Gentlemen

            Lou Mogy, Sports –Lee Richards, Dr. Earl Brodie, Ben Rubin, Max Press; Sara Goodrich, Sally Schissell; Dr. Saul Ruby; Arthur Glickman; Phil Cantor; Harry Klaskin, Eli Levenson; Morrie Douglas; Lory Cantor, Max Zeman, Aubrey Shulkin; Marshall Naiman, Sam Cohen,

            Lasker Ldge BB—Jack Gross, Hal King.


Page 6—

            Ida Nasatir – Wasteland

            Esther Moorsteen – For Your Entertainment –Herbert Solomon, Ray Solomon, Lew Solomon; Alice Low Zimmer, M/M Bernard Low Zimmer; Ronald Feiler; Martha Feiler, Alwin Feiler; Esther Weitzman; M/M H. Weitzman; Jack Gross Jr; Loretta Gross, Jack Gross; Ajanice Klaskin; Jule Klaskin; Harry Klaskin.

            Pioneer Women –Frieda Marks, Zelda Stotland, Eleanor Gordon, Pauline Press,  Norma Schaeffer, Anna Shelley, Bess Borushek.
                        San Diego Hebrew Home for the Aged—Mrs. Sam Addleson, Mrs. D.J. Schissell; Mrs. Harry M. Rosenthal, MRs. S.Z. Greenberg; Mrs. J. Dembo; Mrs. Lou Moorsteen; Mrs. Harris Rubel.

            Hadassah –Mrs. Lou Steinman; Mrs. Gabriel Berg;

            Yo Ma Co – Jack Fine

            Council of Jewish Women—Mrs. Lee Samuels; Mrs. Frances Berenson; Mrs. Max Brody

            JCRA – Anna Shelley, Bess Siegel, Jnnei Siner


Page 7 – Junior Press

   Bobby and Larry Solomon, Copy Cats – Dee Wyner, Stuart Penter, Gladys Balsam, Ted Mintz; Carolyn Kobernick, David Krinitsky, Celia Zahalsky, Burt Nestor, Rose Samuels, Ed Buckner, Lorraine Baranov, Jerry Apelman, Joan Press, Bruce Witte, Arlene Addleson, Jack Gross, Lora Dean Addlesnon, Irwin Sklar, Teddie Feldman, Danny Orlansky, Arlene Glickman, Fred Witzen, Marilyn Apelman, Ben Seigel, Sylvia Gindleman, Dick Schleicher, Ethel Frank, Mel Wolfe, Joan Steinman, Larry Solomon; Inez Horowitz; Merrill Jacobson; Rose Samuels, Dick Berman; /Revelyn Brenner, Lew Levitt; Barbara Solomon, Irwin Schwartz; Dee Wyner, Ted Mintz; Dick Schleicher, Elaine Glaser, Joe Weitzen, Hermione Cohn, Francine London, Shirley Rubin; Shirley Berenson; Bert Epstein; Bert Nestor; Gladys Balsam; Joan Steinman; Esther Weitzman; Carolyn Kobernick; Celia Zahalsky, Jerry Kobernick.

Young People’s Division Rings Bell Again –Rene Perlmutter, Sallie Stone, Albert A. Hutler.

JCSC –Jerry Wolper, Miles Gordon, Gerry Platt, Jules Raleigh, Joe Bernstein.



Thursday,May 22, 1947, Southwestern Jewish Press
Page 1

Flash-San Diego State Hillel

Page 2

            Ray Solomon, That’s What I Think—Rabbi Morton Cohn

Page 3

            Albert Hutler, We Were There

            Home Camp Registration Now Being Taken – Albert Hutler

Page 4 – Society Personals

            The Way We Heard It – Alvin King, Mrs. Lee Richards; Mrs. Sid Smith; Joe Tobias; Sam Rose; M/M EdwardJ.Schwartz; M/M A.J. Feller; Mrs. Abe Smith

            Friends Honor Beverly Stern – Beverly Stern, Mrs. Meyer Gaffin, Mrs. Norman Lansky, Ruth Pearl, Rita Paul, Bunny Kaner, Rose Shale, Audrey Dombroff, Gerry Platt, Marva Lansky, Rosilyn Goodwin,  Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs. Stern, Mrs. Isenberg, Mrs. Schwartz, Mrs. Lansky, Mrs. Helwig, Mrs. Trupin, Mrs. Samuels, Mrs. Lipschitz, Don Goodwin.

            B’nai B’rith Sponsors Memorial for Henry Monsky – Abraham Rosenblum

            Honored at Pre-Nuptial Affairs—Irma Strahl, William Ruden, Sam Spitalnick, Sally Lieberman, Mrs. Jack Goldstein, Mrs. Oscar Lieubau, Mrs. Mort Thaler.

            Congregation Tifereth Israel – Rabbi Ephraim Siegel

            Temple Beth Israel – Rabbi Morton Cohn

            Rabbi Wolf to speak to sisterhood—Mrs. H. Haimsohn, Mrs. M. Schreiber.

            Pink and Blue Shower – Mrs. Paul Cohn

            (separate) – Ben Siegel, Hermione Cohen

            Lehrer-Berlin Nuptials Told – M/M M.S. Berlin, Lee Berlin, Harold Lehrer, Mrs. Vera Lehrer.

            JWV Auxiliary – MRs. Jean Spatz, Mrs. Bess Avrick.

            Beth Jacob Congregation—Rabbi Abraham L. Rosenblum

            Mrs. Livingston Passed Away—Rabbi Ephraim Siegel, Mrs. Rose Lewish


Page 5, Gentlemen

            Lou Mogy, “Sports”—Joe Kitaen, Manny Haffner, Eddie Borofsky, Merle Jacobson, Sanford Borofsky, Lou Pollock, George Starr, Bill Starr, Dave Starr, Jerry Freedman, Roy Fagelson, Ned Weiss, Sharman Cole, Leon Silver; Lee Richards; Julie Schneider; Carl Naliboff; Norman Ripps; Lory Cantor; Sam Addleson, Lou Jacobson, Its Penter, Mac Strahl; Ben /Townes, Morrie Levenson, Sam Addleson, Lou Jacobson, Leon Helman, Saul Chenkin, Al Doctor, Dave Schissell; Bill Starr; Lou Jacobson; Dave Block, Sherman Cole, Its Penter,  Sam Addleson.

            Lasker Lodge BB—Morris E. Kranse, Ed Breitbard, Hadarah Domnitz, Ruth Field

            Jewish War Vets—Marshall Roth, Joe Tobias

            Robert Wurgaft Passes Away – Robert Wurgaft, Rabbi Rosenblum, Mrs. Ruth Aronoff,

            Stolurows Host To Friends at Dinner—M/M Ben Stolurow, M/M Al Neumann


Page 6

            Ida Nasatir, The partisan Guide to the Jewish Problem; For All Mankind

            Esther Moorsteen, For Your Entertainment –Ray Solomon, Lew Solomon, Al Hutler, Lee Hutler, Esther Moorsteen, Lou Moorsten, Eli Levenson.

            Pioneeer Week –M/M Charles Press, Edith Press, Rabbi Rosenblum, Mrs. Weitzman,  Esther Weitzman, J. Rosenthal.

            Yo Ma Co—Jack Fine

            Council of Jewish Women –Mrs. Frank Levin, Mrs. Etta Samuels, Mrs. S.?W. Berenson, Mrs Harry Epsten, Mrs. George Burnett, Mrs. Louis Steinman, Mrs. Harry Kaufman, Mrs. Max Nelson, Mrs. Harry Blumberg, Mrs. Al Morris, Mrs. Albert Lesh, Mrs. Jack Prager.

            San Diego Hebrew Home for the Aged – Mrs. Harry Rosenthal

            JCRA—Anna Shelley, Bessye Siegel, Jennie Siner,  Fannie Addleson, Anna Epstein, Anna Lazarowitz, Frieda Marks and Fannie Margolis,Lee Douglas, Betty Berman, ?Frieda Fogelman, Elya Addleson, Maryon Doctor, Buelah Borowsky, Lorena Wellington, Ruth Ruth


Page 7

            Bobby and Larry Solomon, Copy Cats –Celia Zahjalsky, Jo Weitzen,  Barbara Cooper,  LeonSilver, Roberta Kantor, Morrie Naiman, Rose Gotkin, Izzy Markowitz, Marva Lansky, Julie Garber, Mitzi Schiller, Maynard Hurwitz, Roberta Rosenfeld, Ben Siegel;  Inez Horowitz, Merrill Jacobson, kShirley Berenson, Zane Feldman, Nancy Solof, Enid Sarfan, Stan Levenson, Lorraine Baranov, Al Kane, Louise Ruzewick, Jerry Apelman, Irwin Sklar, Bella Mash, Herb Moscowitz, Larry Solomon, Teddie Feldman, Jerry Zweig, Danny Orlansky, Lee Berlin, Harold Hehrer, Jean Siegel, Ira Shames, Ronald Greenberg, Al Ruby, Roberta Rosenfeld, Shirley Leson, Francine London, Al Kane, Sandra Calechman, Arnie Margulis, Barbara Solomon, Ellis Jacobson; Teddie Feldman, Joan Steinman, Gladys Balsam, Shirley Berenson, Carolyn Kobernick, Celia Zahalsky, Ted Mintz.

            Jr. B.B. Girls –Edward Breitbard, Lorraine Baranov, Irwin Sklar.

            Wins Great Honor –Arnold Strauss; M/M Max Strauss

            Temple Youth League – Arlene Addleson, Larry Solomon, Celia Zahalsky, Delores Wyner, sam Krasner.

            Ben Siegel, The Grapevine


Thursday, May 29, 1947, Southwestern Jewish Press

            Page 1

                        Eli Levenson Preises Chairmen in Making Final Welfare Fund Appeal—Max Rabinowitz, Louis Steinman, Eli H. Levenson,Mrs. George Neumann, Renee Perlmutter, Sallie Stone; George Scott

                         Hillel Councilorship at State College a Possibility –Hadarah Domnitz, Ruth Field, Morrie S. Kraus, Edward Breitbard, Jack Winnick, Albert A. Hutler, Rabbi Judah M. Cohn;

            Page 2—Letters to Editor – Ray Solomon, Mike Lustig, Maxwell Kaufman;


            Page 3 – Albert Hutler, We Were There


            Page 4 –Society Personals

                        The Way We Heard It – M/M Harvey Steinman, Susan Steinman; Mrs. Sandor Goldberger; M/M Morris Hirsch; M/M Nate F. Baranov; Esther Siegel, Michael Newman, M/M Sam Shapov, M/M Ben Halpern; M/M N.H. Bloom; D/M Alvin May, Rita Paul; M/M Ben Ornstein; M/M A. Drebin; M/M M.A. Ruden, William Ruden, Irma Strahl; M/M Berne B. Ruden; Mrs. William Kolkey.

            Honored at Stork Shower – Mrs. William Schwartz, Mrs. Leonard Pearl

            Second Child a Girl – M/M Al Young; Bentya Toni Young; Sharon Young.

            Beth Jacob Congregation—Rabbi Abraham Rosenthal (installation delayed)

            Pioneer Women –Rose Lansky, Florence Lebb, Edith Belenzon, Ruth Young, Ida Bernstein

            Solomon-Coleman to Exchange Vows—Theresa Coleman, Emanuel Solomon, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Cecil Coleman, M/M Jacob Solomon, Harry Berner.

            Morris Penter Dies in L.A. – Its Penter


            Page 5  Gentlemen

                        Lou Mogy, Sports --  Eddie Borofsky, Merle Jacobson, Bob Goodwin, Ned Weiss, Joe Kitaen, Jack Stern, Lee Richards, Dave Nelson, Norman Ripps, Lou Pollack, George Starr, Julie Schneider, Carl Naliboff, Yale Naliboff, Dave starr, Bill Star, George Starr, Morey Levenson, Danny Lawrence, Morris Wax, Bill Starr, Zane Feldman, Stuart Penter, Eddie Borofsky, Ralph Smith, Itrs Penter, Sam Addleson, Bill Solof,  Its Penter, Sam Addleson, Bunny Jacobson, Mack Strahl, Danny Lawrence, Bill Solof, Morey Levenson.

            Temple Men’s Club –Seymour Rabin

            Lasker Lodge BB – Morrie Douglas,

            Play Ball, First League Game Sunday—Yale Naliboff, Julie Schneider, Carl Naliboff, Irving Slayen, Arnie Margulis, Leo Beck, Ben Press, Kelly Lawerence, Irving Rawdin, Morton Altshuler, Milton Kraft, Ellis Jacobson, Morrie Frankston,Ted Teacher.   Joe Kitaen, Phil Goldman, Irving Kravitz, Manny Haffner, Sam Brenes, Henry Goldy, David Cohen, George Novak, Ray Lowitz, Byron Sharpe, Dave M. Schwartz, Herman Cohen, Jack Stearn, Hank Harrison, Manny Klatchko; Lee Richards, Harold Lasher, Norman Ripps; Leonard Linn; Rabbi Morton J. Cohn; Dr. Al Kornbluth, Jerry Greben; David Block; Norman Seltzer; Wm Gerelick; Chester Toerner; David Nelson; Morris Pomeranz; Sam Adler; L.B. Kent; Eddie Cantor, Lory Cantor; George Starr; Harry Mallen; Victor Schulman; Morris Wax; Lou Pollack; Stuart Penter; Herbie Schwartz, Ted Mintz; Eddie Lyle; Zane Feldman; Larry Gross; Sam Krasner; Bert Epstein; Jerry Azner.

            Page 6

                        Ida Nasatir, Underground to Palestine

                        Esther Moorsteen –

                        Beth Jacob PTA – Jack Lippitt.

                        San Diego Hebrew Home for the Aged – Dr. aul Ruby

                        Yo Ma Co—M/M Harry Goldy; M/M Irv Kravitz; M//M Henry Harrison; M.M Bob Burkhart; Dave Weissmann.


Page 7 Junior Press

            Bobby and Larry Solomon, Copy Cats –Sylvia Horowitz, Roy Fagelson, Bobbie Schissel, George Casro, Jackie Sieger, Burt Nestor, Helen Orlansky, Julie Garber; Doris Riggs, Jerry Solomon, Inez Horowitz, Chub Silver. Carolyn Kobernick, Arlene Addleson; Arlene Fleischman, Stan Levenson, Enid Sarfan, Jerry Zweig, Louise Ruzewick, Irwin Schwartz; Teddy Feldman, Danny Orlansky, Barwbara Solomon, Herb Moskowitz. Merrill Jacobson; Al Caine; Elmer Lott; Irwin Schwartz, Herb Moskowitz;  Rose Gotkin; M/M Irving Slayen, Mickey Avrick, Julie Sneider, Doris Berman, Carl Naliboff, Sylvia Horowitz, Ellis Jacobson, Phyliss Schissell, Izzy Markowitz, Lee Berlin, Harold Lehrer, Sally Stone, Ben Siegel, Maxine Seigel, Marty Altshuler, Rose Gotkin, Yale Naliboff; M/M Ben Press; Sandra Calechman, Arnie Margulis.  Lora Deen Addleson;  Stan Levenson, Irwin Schwartz, Marvin Heidt, Herb Moskowitz, Danny Orlansky; Carolyn Kobernick, Celiza Zahalsky; Adel Feisman, Larry Solomon, Irwin Sklar, Shirley Rubin, Al Caine; Sallie Stone.

            Alpha Phi Pi Plans Hayride – Milton Kraft

            AZA and BBG Have Joint Meeting – Ronald Greenberg, Dick Schleicher, Jerry Jaffe, stan Beck, Ira Shames

            JCSC—Neil Gruenberg, Joanne Breslauer; Joe Bernstein.

            Haveros – Sherman Cole, Joe Frankel

            Temple Teen Agers – Stanley Friedman, Dan Goldman, Allan Goldstein, Marian Gralnick, Dean Greenberg, Deborah Perlmutter, Shearn Platt, Joannie Rosenfeld, Elena Shapov, Burton Sharpe, Herbert Solomon, Nedra Stern, Esther Weinstock, Bonnie Zahalsky, Henrietta Kahn, Alica Kanowsky, Shirlie Leson, Roberta Rosenfeld.

            (separate) –Dick Moorsteen

            Jerome Tappan Three Today –M/M William Tappan.

            Ben Siegel – Grapevine –San Diego State Hillel


Thursday, June 12, 1947, Southwestern Jewish Press

            Page 1 – UJF Announces Close of Campaign  -- Eli H. Levenson, Louis Steinman, Max Rabinowitz


            Page 2 – The Way We Heard It—MM James Effron; Harry Epsten; Robert Epsten; Jack D. wyner; M/M Lew Weiss; M/M Sol Goldberg; Harvey Goldberg; Irving Schneider; M/M M. Goldman; Mrs. Irving Singer; Mrs. Harris Rubel; Mrs. Rebecca Freedman; Rabbi/ Mrs Morton J. Cohn; Mrs. (Sally) Cohn.

                        Announces Son's Engagement – Mrs. Sarah Baranov

                        Morris Stokes Welcomes Son –M/M Morris Stokes; Joel A. Stokes; M/M S. Hirch

                        Mrs. Morton H. Cowen and Daughter Here for Week Visit – Mrs. Alfred Breslauer.

                        Goodwin-Stern Nuptials Held – Beverly Stern, Mrs. Fannie Stern, Donald I Goodwin; M/M Irving Goodwin; Rabbi Morton J. Cohn; Jerry Goodwin; Rosalyn Goodwin; Robert Goodwin; Mrs. Stern.

                        USO-JWB Activities – Esther Siegel, Kenney Levenstein

                        Mrs. Harry Epsten Holds Luncheon for (NCJW) New Board Members -Mrs. Harry Epsten, Mrs. George Burnett, Mrs. Harry kauffman, MRs. Louis Steinman; Mrs. Max Nelson; Mrs. Harry Blumberg; Mrs. Al Morris; Mrs. Albert Leah; Mrs. Jack Prager; Mrs. M. Getz, Mrs. M. Baranov, MRs. M. Schreiber, Mrs. Rose Smith; Mrs. Alfred Rosenfeld; Mrs. Dave Horowitz; Mrs. Rose Weinberger; Mrs. Ben Press; Mrs. Dave Horowitz; Mrs. Max Brody; (Molly Brody); Mrs. Al Maisel; Mrs. Jack Rosenblum, David Doctor, George Solomon, Frank Levin, Alice Lowenstin, J. Gruenberg, Mrs. D.  Lowenthal; Mrs. Jack Gross; Mrs. Earl Brodie; Mrs. Al Newman.        


Page 5

            Lou Mogy, Sports –Lou Pollack, George Starr, Joe Kitaen, Jack Stern; Fred Weitzen; Stuart Penter, Bill Geelick, Julius Penn; Julie Schneider; Carl Naliboff; Bob Goodwin; Ned Weiss; Its Penter, Al DeSure; Carl Naliboff; Bill Star; Sam Addleson; Its Penter; Bill Solof; Morey Levenson; Lou Schissell; Marshall Naiman; al DeSure; Martha Freedman, Rose Gotkin, Merle Goldman, Mitzi Schiller; Ethel Franck, phyllis Schissel, Barbara Solomon, Yvonne Gerson; Hymie Friednash, Mrs. Joe Kitaen; Teerry Kitaen; darrell Kitaen; Beverly Kitaen; Dave Heft; Ray Bass; Joe Spatz, Dave Freed; Max Zemen;

            Day Camp Plans Completed – Ben Haddock,  Albert Hutler.

            Present Operetta – Sandra Cole, Sandra Krasner; Doanld Solomon, Lena Winicki, Beverly Mash, Florence Krasner, Carol Kaufman

            Admiral Badger accepts Plaque –Morris W. Douglas


Page 6 –Ida Nasatir, Jacobs Dream

            Esther Moorsteen, For Your Entertainment

            Junior Charity League – Mrs. Lew Weiss

            Pioneer Women—Clara Rasnick; Eleanor Gordon

            JCRA – Frieda Marks, Bessye Siegel; Fannie Addleson, Clara Rasnick.

            (separate) – Sam Addleson

            Jewish War Vets – Ralph Feldman, Ben Snyder, Harry Aronoff; Ben Snyder; Jack Porte, Earl J. Messer, Arthur Schwartz; Milton Schindler, Jack Schindler

            JWV Auxiliary –Esther Frank, Pauline Rubel

            Yo-Ma-Co—Eleanor Kataen, Dave Weisman, Dorothy Solomon, Betty Black, Henry Goldy, Phil Goldman.

Page 7  Bobby and Larry Solomon, Copy Cats—BobBerman, Evie Giranick; Donna Rassin, Annabelle Rassin, Stuart Penter, Ted Mintz, Joan Press,  Merle Goldman, Yvonne Gerson, Phyliss Schissell, Claire Dean Spatz, Ethel Frank, Martha Fredman, Mitzi Schiller, Rose Gotkin, Dee Wyner,Shirley Berenson, Annabelle Rassin, Donna Rassin;  Sheldon Kaden,  Jerry Kobernick, Buddy Berenson, Eddy Haimsohn, Jerry Solomon, Al Ruby, Barbara Cooper, Jean Seigel, Dick Silverman,  Jack Gross, David Krinitsky, Jerry Apelman, Celia Zahalsky, Carolyn Kobernick, Arlene Addleson, Bobbie Zahalsky, Calvin Green, George Green, Mitzi Schiller, Lew Levitt, Helen Orlansky, Irv Coleman, Margo Hoenigsberrg, Manny Sharon. M/M Al Breitbard; Celia Zahalsky, Arlene Addleson, Irwin Sklar, Bruce Witte, Sonya Chenkin, Barbara Feinberg, Florence Deutsch, Fred Weitzen, Calvin Green, Celia Zahalsky, Esther Weitzman, Jerry Krasne; Francine London, Jack Gross; Adele Feisman; Ted Teacher, Greta Freed, George Kravitz; Evelyn Kert, Izzy Markowitz, Sally Stone, Ber Lipton, Shirley Rubin, Larry Mantell, Eddy Haimsohn.

            Temple Youth League – Rabbi Morton J. Cohn; Fred Weitzen, Jr.; Stuart Penter.

            Haveros –Sherman Cole

            Gerald Schissell elected to (junior high)office – M/M Lou Schissell

            Concertmistress at Hoover – Esther Weitzman

            Surprised at Party—Jerry Zweig

            JCSC – Lou Stein, Joe Wertheim, Ziggie Kesler, Louise Jacobson, Gerda Friend, Louise Jacobson, Bert Goldberg, Beverly Stern, Don Goodwin.

            From A to Z and Back to A Again –Marty Freedman, herb Soloon, Ed Borkfsky, Merrill Jacobson, Sandy Borfsky, Ronnie Greenberg, Stan Levenson, Sandy Borofsky, Sammy Gulko

            Ben Siegel, Grapevine – Al Hutler



Thursday, June 19, 1947, Southwestern Jewish Press
            Page 1 – UJF Campaign Continues – Max Rabinowitz, Louis Steinman


            Page 2 – Letters to the Editor: Lillian Heiman, Don Emblem


            Page 4—Society, Personals

                        Newcomers to Country Welcome Baby Boy—Rabbi. Mrs Baruch Stern; m/m Leo Zweibel; Stephen Stern; Sandor Goldberger

                        Isak Clasers Announes Son’s Bar Mitzvah – M/M Isak Claser, Abraham Samuel Claser.
                                                The Way We Heard It – M/M Harry Rosenthal; Mrs. A.P. Nasatir, Dr. Nasatir, Timothy rabinowitz, Edith Rabinowitz, M/M Max Rabinowitz; Dr. I.H. Lippitt, Alan Lippitt; M/M P. Asner, Herbert Asner

                        Francis W. Parker School Packs 20 Boxes for SOS – Mrs. A.P. Nasatir

                        Temple Sisterhood Sponsor New Project –Mrs. Edgar B. Levi

                        Fetes Husband on Birthday – Mrs. Melton Walleck; Mrs. R. Baranov; M’M Raymond Bass; M/M arnold Beinner; Mrs. Rose Dallman; D/M Charles Fleischhner; DM Irwin Fisher; MRs. Leon Gold; M/M Jack Spatz; Mrs. Esther Sommer; Adel Wolovnick.

                        Charles Fagelson Bar Mitzvah Saturday – M/M Irving Fagelson, Charles Fagelson;  M/M Aronowitz, Mrs. Pearl Sodekoff; Florence Sodekoff

                        Max Rabinowitzs Mark 20th Anniversary – M/M Amax Rabinowitz.

                        Stone Unveiling – Irving Strahl; m/m Mac Strahl; Rabbi Ephraim Siegel

            Advertisements – Solof’s LTd—haberdasher; Dave Stotsky—insurance needs



Page 5—Gentlemen

            Lou Mogy, Sports – Dr. Robert Stone, Irvine Schulman, Irvine J. Kahn, Eddie Borofsky, Merle Jacobson, Jerry Berg, Harry Mallen, Goerge Starr, Lou Pollock, Max Stotland, Stuart Peeter, Fred Weitzen, Irving Rawdin, Margolis, Schneider, Cal Naliboff, Ben Press, Sam Frankel, Ned Weiss, Irving Kravitz, Jack Stern, Joe Spatz, Lou Schissell, Bill Starr, Irving Kravitz, Annabelle rassin, Joan Steinman, Lary Solomon, Barbara Solomon, Jerry Krasne, Gladys Balsam, Dee Wyner; Mack Strahl, Allan Soule, Lou Schissell, Sam Addleson, Jack Kornbluth, Saul Chenkin, Abe Siegel, Sam Druskin, Julius Brown, Earl Brodie, Dave Schissell, Archie Shoenkopf, Sam Addleson, Morey Levenson, Dr. Mickey Stone, Jack Gross, Its Penter, Joe Spatz, Lou Schissell, Betty Penter.

            Hashomer Haatzair to Have Summer Camp – Ezra Schaffer.

            Program Completed for Day Camp –Earle Brodie, F.G. Hollander, Ben Haddock, Haddarah Domnitz, Ruth Fiel, Joan Jacobson, MRs. Ruth Ball


Page 6

            Ida Nasatir, Action for Unity

            Esther Moorsteen,  For Your Entertainment

            Jewish War Vets –- Mrs. Joe M. Spatz, Mrs. Marco M. Ratner, Max Avrick, Bess Siegel, Esther Frank, Pauline Rubel.

            Pioneer Women—Bess Borushek, Florence Lebb, Edith Belenzon, Rose Lansky, Eleanor Gordon.
            Hadassah –Mrs. Louis Steinman,  Mrs. Abe Nasatir, Mrs. Gabriel berg, Mrs. Louis Bickman, Mrs. Nate Ratner, Mrs. ManuelHaffner, Mrs. Fred Kaufman, Mrs. Alvin Mayu, Mrs. Al Slayen, Mrs. Robert Burkhart, MRs. Bea Copchran, Mrs. Louis Bickman; Rabbi Moise Bergman

            San Diego Hebrew Home for the aged –S.Z. Greenberg, Martha Hollander

            Yo Ma Co—Harold Keen,  Phil Goldman, Art Friedlander, Sam Brenes

            Bobby and Larry Solomon, Copy Cats – Roy Fagelson, Jean Siegelk, Lew Anfanger, Francine London, Ben Seigel, Ruth Rosenberg, Dave Anfanger, Marva Lansky, Julie Garber, Maxine Seigel, Marty Altshuler, Sylvia Horowitz, Roy Ragelson, berta Kantor, Morris Naiman, Phylliss Schissell, Chub Silver, Inez Horowitz, Burt Nestor, Vesta Brust, Morrie Frank, Doris Levine, Ned Weiss, Clair Dean Spatz, Martin Mintz, Ethel Frank, Mel Woolf, Ben Press, Syrl Press, Martha Friedman, Sherman Cole, Celia Zahalsky, David Kriinitsky, Mellie Kornbouth, Julie Snyder, Shirley Berenson, Zane Feldman, Celia Zahalsky, Ted Mintz, Carolyn Kobernick, Calvin Green, Dee Wyner, Eddy Lyle, Arlene Addleson, Danny Orlandsky, Berta Rosenfeld, Dick Silberman, Barbara Solomon, Irwin Sklar, Martha Friedman, Sherman Cole, Joan Steinman, Teddie Feldman, Gladys Balsam, Dee Wyner; Ted Mintz, Myron Shelley, Jerry Krasne, Stuart Penter, Eddy Lyle, Larry Solomon; Shirley Lesson; Nancy Solof; Dick Silberman; Annabelle Rassin; Ruth Appel, Eleanor Appel; Jerry Appelman;  Eugene Freed, Jerry Azner, Marilyn Schissell, Mike Cooper, Doris Berman, Stewart Naliboff, Beverly Ralsky.

            Many Graduates Receive Diplomas –Jerome Asner, Eugene Freed, Calvin Green, Jerry Lobel, Ted Mintz, Stuart Naliboff, Carl Prager, Benjamin Weissman, Fred Weitzen, Jr. Bruce Witte, Sylvia Bauman, Doris Berman, Sonya Chenkin, Barbara Feinberg, Shirley Feldman, Marian Schissell, Esley Feldman, Marilyn Schissen, Esther Fewitzman, Celia Zaharsky; Jack H. Gross, Arnold Strauss; Lee Teacher; Sylvia Winicki; Sanford Borofsky, Manard Pont, Milton Rosenberg, Jerome Zweig, Estelle Addleson, Revlyn Brenner, Doris Burcutt, Frances Kitaen, Lorraine Komins, Francine London, Margaret Low-Zimmer, Violet Schecther, Ezra Schaffer; Herbert Solomon, Alice Low-Zimmer; Donald Goldman; Jackie Brodman; Harold Krivitsky; Stanley Friedman; Eleanor Addleson; Ronald Feller; Herbert Solomon; Alice Low-Zimmer; Gerald Berg; Sandra Schoenkopf; Bernard Rosenblum, M/M Jack H. Rosnblum

            Junior B’nai B’rtih Girls – Arleen Flesichman, Shirley Roth; Mrs. Roth; Mrs. Fleischman; Mr. Florence Berman: Mrs. (Gert) Thaler;

            Two Three-Year Olds Mark Birthdays – Ronna Ratner, N/M Woodrow Ratner; Nancy Pfeffer, M/M Joseph B. Pfeffer; Mrs. J. Reisman.

            Alpa Phi Pi Enjoys Beach Party – Morris Slayen

            JCSC –Jules Raleigh, Joe Bernstein

            Ben Siegel, The Grapevine – Bernard Lansky


Page 8 –

            Birdie Stodel BB –Esther Schwartz, Ruth Brav, Edith Bennett, Minnie Binnard


Thursday, June 26, 1947, Southwestern Jewish Press

            Page 1 –

                        Hearings to be Held on UJF Allocations – Victor Schulman, Judge B. J. Scheinman, Jack Danberg, Harry M. Kaufman, Zane Meckler, Dr. Samuel C. Kohs, Samuel H. Golter, Dr. Isadore Rees; Irving Schneider; Morton J. Gaba; Sol Lewis; Moshew Berman.

                        Eli Levenson Elected to Executive Comm. Of B’nai B;rith 00 Eli Levenson,  Morrie Douglas, Edward A. Breitbard, William B. Schwartz; Marshall Naiman; Jack Dembo; Henry Weinberger, Morrie Kraus.


            Page 3 –congregational ads – E. Siegel, Sol Blanc; Sandor Goldberger, A.L. Rosenblum; Nathan Baranov, Morton Cohn


            Page 4 – Society-Personals

                        The Way We Heard It –M/M Zel Camiel, Stanton Camiel, MRs. George Shelley; Mrs. Anna Gurwitz;  Sam Morrison, Sandra Morrison, Alan Morrison, Clara Rasnick; Mrs. Joseph Burkhart, Charles Burkhart, Errol Burkhart; Robert Burkhart; M/M Samuel Wilson; Rabbi/Mrs N.I. Addleson; Dr/Mrs Frank Kholos, Annette Joy Kholos; M/M James Effron; D/M Jack Bauman; M/M I. Bauman; Mrs. Sidonia Stitzel; Mrs. Stanley Rebuf; M/M Maxz Greenberg; Mrs. Mathilda Gentle; Mrs. Morris Feldman; Mrs. Rose Weinberger; M/M Jack Dembo; Gilbert Dembo; Sondra Dembo; Max Reingold; Mrs. Ben Ornstein; Mrs. Rose Smith; Mrs. Rae Rosenberg; Mr. aRthur Meyers; Mrs. Leo Sarfan; Mrs. Robert Beitscher; Mrs. Ethel Solomon; Joseph Solomon.

                        Announce Daughter’s Graduation from U.C. – M/M Ernest C. Nathan, Shirley Nathan; Mrs. Abe Goldstein; Gene Janoff; Mrs. Manny Haffner

                        Luncheon Honors Mrs. Jack Bauman – Mrs Max Schwartz, Mrs. Jack Bauman; Dr. Jack Bauman

                        To Hold Open House – M/M Harry Weitzman; Esther Weitzman

                        Platt-Molof Elopement – Sarah Molof, Henry Solof, Delmar Platt, M/M Raymond Platt; Mrs. Jerome Niederman

                        To Attend Wedding in Los Angeles – Lorraine Demob; M/M Harry Dembo; Hebert Klein; Joseph Dembo; M/M Jack Dembo; Gilbert Dembo; Sondra Dembo; Mrs. Vera Lehrer; MRs. Saul Margulis; M/M Harry Rosenthal; M/m B.W. Nathan.

                        Kimmels Enjoy Family Dinner – M/M Louis Kimmel; Miriam Kimmel; M/M Ben Swerdloff; (Mollie Kimmel); Ben Kimmel; Faye Kimmel.

                        Baranov-Eget Wed in Los Angeles –Josephine Eget; M/M Abe Eget; Marvin J. Baranov; M/M Harry Baranov; M/M Edward Baranov; M/M Abe Sandler; M/M Nate F. Baranov; Jacob Baranov; M/M Irving Fisher; Bruce Fisher

                        By Air to Switzerland – M/M Ernest Friedman (Leah Rudman);

                        Observe First Anniversary – M/M Howard Peskin; M/M Philip Peskin; M/M S. Goldberger; Norma Goldberger, Loretta Goldberger; Mrs. Sam Orlansky; Danny Orlansky; M/M. I Gordon

                        USO-JWB Activities –Esther Siegel


Page 5—Gentlemen

            Lou Mogy, Sports –Lou Pollock,  Joel Mogy, Milt Roberts, Its Penter, Lee Richards, Stirling Burnet, Saul Chenkins;, Maxine Kreinberg, Sid Kreinberg, Jack Kornbluth, Myron Shelley, Carolyn Kobernick, Celiz Zahalsky, Larry Solomon, Teddie Feldman, Bobbie Solomon, Gladys Balsam, Joan Steinman; M/M Jack Gross; Morey Levenon, Sam Addleson, Lou Schissell, Its Penter, Ben Levenson, Manny Haffner

            Lasker Lodge BB—Morrie Douglas, Eli Levenson, Morrie Kraus, Herny Mosky, Henry Weinberger, Morrie Douglas, Eddie Breitbard, Wm Schwartz, Eli Levenson, Marshall Naiman, Jack Dembo, Henry Weinberger, Morrie Kraus.

            Day Camp’s First Week Big Success- dr. Fred Hollander

            Beth Jacob PTA Shows Appreciation – A.A. Abramson

            Jewish War Vets—Samuel Rose, Dave Frank


Page 6

            Ida Nasatir – Star of the Unborn

            Esther Moorsteen –For Your Entertainment
            Yo-Ma-Co – Harold Keen, M/M Jack Stearnes; M/M Manny Klatchko; M/M Hymen Kitaen; Esther Brisker; Jack fine; David Cohen

            Birdie Stodel BB—Esther Schwartz, Lena Kimmel, Ruth Aronoff, Martha Feller, Selma Lindenfeld, Gertrude Thaler, Rabi Baruch Stern.

            Daughters of Israel – Jennie Siner.

            JCRA—Sylvia Adler, Frieda Marks, Beckie Bard, Anna Epstein, Fanny Addleson, Jennie Siner, Lena Kimmel;  Anne Shelley, Jennie Siner, Fannie Margolis, Anna Lazarowitz.

            San Diego Hebrew Home for the Aged—Mrs. Z.S. Greenberg,  Jay Eslick

            Jewish Labor Com – Ben Feinberg.

            Jolly Sixteen – Mr.s A. L. Cohen, Rose Gordon.


Page 7

            Bobby and Larry Solomon, Copy Cats – Jerry Apelman, Mel Woolf, Dave Anfanger, Adel Felsman, Larry Solomon, Estelle Feldman, Jerry Greenstein, Dick Silberman, kBerta Rosenfeld, Dick Silberman, Mary Lou Ripp, Irkwin Sklar, Teddie Feldman, Irwin Schwartz, Arlene Addleson, Danny Orlansky;  Ben Siegel, Yvonne Gerson; Phyllis Schissell, Chub Silver, Izzy Markowitz; Ruthie Apel, Jo Frankel, Lorraine Baranov, Jerry Apelman, Sonya Chenkin, Ida Schwartz, Arthur Schwartz, Yvonne Gerson, Harry Sonnabaum, Sonya Chenkin, Phyllis Schissel, Chub Silver, Martin Mintz, Izzy Markowitz, Ben Siegel, Arthur Schwartz, Bobby Solomon; Phyllis Schissell, Bobbie Schissell, Larry Gross, Louise Rusewick; Joan Steinman, zzy Markowitz, Bernie Lansky, Ben Siegel,  Arlene Addleson, Shirley Rubin, Larry Mantell, Mary Lou Ripps, Irwin Sklar, Teddie Feldman, Eddy Haimsohn, Marva Lansky, Ruithie Altshuler, Revera Belanzon, Mann Hafner, Lee Baris, Manny Cheron.

            Ben Siegel, The Grapevine

            Jr. B.B. Girls – Sid Berman,

            Garden Party Fetes Daughter – Mrs. G. Kitaen.

            Feted by Parents – M/M Leo Zweig, Jerry Zweig; Mrs. J. Solomon.

            Performed in Recital – Mrs. Florence Ashton; Linda Solof, Janet Solof, Susan Solof; M/M. A.L. Solof; Sharleen Stone; D/M M.R. Stone; Sondra Dembo; M/M Jack Demb; Nadene Feiler; M/M A.J. Feiler.

            (separates) – Gilbert Dembo, M/M Jack Dembo; Donald Goldman.

            From A to Z and Back to A Again _- Stan Levenson, Ed Barofsky, Herb Moskowitz, Sanford Barofsky, Dick Schleicher, Stan Cantor; Ronald Greenberg, Ira Shames.

            Temple Teen Agers – Shirlie Leson, Berta Rosenfeld, Dick Silberman, Shirlie Leson, Irwin Sklar.

            Haveros – Izzy Markowitz, Sherman Cole, Rabbi Bergman, Mrs. Wyner, Mrs. Solomon, Mr. Haffner, Ethhel Frank, Lorrie Baranov, Harry Ross; Vernon Kahn; Mr. Fagelson.

            JCSC – Lou Levitt, Jeanette Tobias; Grayton Allen; Gerry Platt; Esther Pearl, Rose Shale, Joe Wertheim.


Thursday, July 3, 1947 Southwestern Jewish Press

            Page 1 Palomar Camp Will be Site of Outdoor Actvities – Albert A. Hutler

                        Representatives of Agencies Meet in Temple – Victor Schulman,Albert a. Hutler


            Page 4—Society-Personals—M/m Ira Gordon; D/M J.H. Lippitt; M/M Louis Steinmann; Joan Steinmann; M/M Sam Lenett; Ms. Irvine Jaffa; M/M Louis Blanc; M/M Harry Bennett; Irving Brenes; M/M Adolph Brenes; Sam Brenes; MRs. Rose Aved; Mrs Sylvia Adler; M/M Max Kaufman; Mrs. Charles Weinberg; Mildred Weinberg; M/M Morris Benson; M/M Joseph Silverman; Adolph Benson; Mrs. Gabriel Berg; M/M Morris Slayen; Mrs. William Paul, Sheila Paul/ D/M Alvin May; Rita Paul; Annette Weinberg; Mrs. Lou Shane, Martha Shane, M/M Harry G. Aronoff; ; Mrs. Nat Aronoff, Lewis Aranoff; Mrs. Sam Lennett; M/M Al Herson; M/M S.Z. Greenber; Mrs. Paul Hammock; Mrs. Bertha Lowen.

            Former San Diegan Dies in Los Angeles – Mrs. Geraldine Sachs, Sam Sachs.

            Greenstein-Feldman Recite Vows Sunday in Gold Room – Estelle Feldman, M/M Louis Feldman, Jerry Greenstein; M/M Herman Greenstein; Rabbi A.L. Rosenblum; Janice Wilder, Marilyn Greenstein, Lena Winicki, Marian Feinberg, Zarie Feldman.

            Day Camp is Popular for Many Children --
            San Diego Prepares for Post USO –Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Mrs. Rose Neumann, Mrs. Ray Solomon, Al Hutler.


            Page 5—Gentlemen

Its Penter, Sports –Lou Mogy,  Irvin Kahn; Joe Kitaen, Phil Goldman, Harry Sonnabaum, Stuart Penter.  Sam Frankel, dave Anfanger, Lou Anfanger, Richards, Ripp;  Ed Borofsky, Merle Jacobson,  Julie Snyder, Carl Naliboff.


            Page 6 – Ida Nasatir, “Palestine: Problem and Promise,”

                          Esther Moorsteen – For Your Entertianment

                            Jewish Labor Com – Ben Feinberg.

                        San diego Hebrew Home for the Aged –Mrs. Zel Greenberg; Mrs. M. Feldman, Mrs. R. Sonnabaum, MRs. J. Wyner, Mr. Zel Greenberg; M/M Manny Hafner; M/M Al Herson; Mrs. Florence Green.

                        Birdie Stodel BB –Martha Feiler, Selma Lindenfeld; Rabbi Baruch Stern; Ruth Brav, Edith Bennett, Ruth Aronoff, Celia Schwartz, Bess Borushek.

                        Yo-Ma –Co—Manny Haffner, Phil Goldman, Alice Solomon, Irvin Kravitz, Charlotte Friedlander, Tully Kitaen, David Cohen, Herman Cohen, Blossom Cohen, Dave Schwartz.


Page 7

            Bobby and Larry Solomon, Copy Cats – Revera Belenzon, Ethel Frank, Lorraine Baranov, Claire Dean Spatz, Marilyn Apelman, Ruthie Altshuler, Alayn Stern, Barbara Solomon.;  Martha Friedman: Bobbie Solomon, Joe Franklewl, Lorry Baranov, Jerry Apelman; Harry Sonnabaum, Jean Weiss, Arlene Addleson, Danny Orlansky, Carolyn Kobernick, calvin Green; Esther Weitzman, M/M Jerry Greenstein (Estelle Feldmen);  Carolyn Silverman, Myron Shelley, Teddie Feldman, Larry Solomon, Inez Horowitz, Merrill Jacobson, Barbara Solomon, Irwin Schwartz.  Jerry Solomon; Celia Zahalsky, Harry Sonnabaum, Chub Silver, Marilyn Apelman, Martha Friedman, Sherm Cole, Lorry Baranov, Jerry Apelman, George Kravitz, Jean Weiss, Enid Sarfan, Al Ruby, Izzy Markowitz, Bobbie Solomon, Ben Sieegel, Joe Frankel, Julie Snyder, Yale Naliboff, Dottie Eisenberg; Teddie Feldman;  Carol Schwitkis, Joyce Greenbaum, Julie Kogen, Harold Himmel, Joe Kitaen, Dick Silberman, sFrankie Carle, Hermoine Cohn, Shirley Rubin, Eddie Haimsohn, Norman Rubin, Helen Orlansky, Ruth Rosenberg, Jean Siegel, Meril Goldman, Yvonne Gerson, Carol Schwitkis.


            JCSC –M/M Don Goodwin; M.M Bert Goldberg

            Haveros – Midge & Shirley Nathan, Jean Siegel, Joyce Greenbaum, Dottie Eisenberg; Chub Silver, Izzy Markowitz

            Jr. BB Girls --  Arleen Fleischman, Shirlie Roth, Joan Press, Johnnie Lee.

            Ben Siegel, Grapevine


Thursday, July 10, 1947, Southwestern Jewish Press:

Page 1 – Fund Total Must Be Raised—

            Notice to Our Readers—Martha Feiler, Gert Thaler

Page 4 – The Way We Heard It --  Fannie Hirt, M/M Eugene L. Berger; A. Kessler; Harry Kessler; M/M Morris Rubin; M/.M Robert Burkhart; Gary Burkhart; M/M William Tappan; Eva Tappan; M/M Max Rosen; Pearl Rosen; Jay Rosen; Mrs. Sam Sperling; M/M Harry H. Schwartz; M/M Leo Greenbaum

            Visiting With Parents – Mrs. Martin Kaplon, Karen Kaplon, M/M Bill Schusterman

            Honored at Pre-Nuptal Shower – Shirley Nathan, Harold Janoff, Mrs. Manny Haffner.

            Registration Opened for Camp Palomoar – Stanford Brust, Edward Breitbard

            Campers to Visit Training Center – Miss Ball, Robert Imberman

            To Spend 4 Months Touring So. America—Mrs. Lou Moorsteen, Mrs. Jospeh Spiegelman, Betty Lou Schlewider, Leonard Schleider; Dick Moorsteen


Page 5  Gentlemen

            Lee C. Richards, Sports – Lou Mogy; Dr. Robert Stone, Abe Ratnewr, Ben Jacobson, ben Ruubin, Dr. Joe Rittoff, Lee Richards, Eli Levenson; Johnnie Dawson; Evelyn Roberts, Lee Douglas , Ann Ratner, ; M/M Alan Soule; M/M Leonard Linn; M/M Ray Lieberman; Russ Soule; Elliott Cushman; Mrs. Pearl Urbach; George Beebe; Leonard Linn.


            Lasker Lodge BB – Eli Levenson, Morrie Kraus.


Page 6   Ida Naasatir, Shalom Asch’s Missionary Literature

            Esther Moorsteen, For Your Entertainment –Judge Weinberger

            JCRA –Anna Shelley,

            Birdie Stodel BB == Rabbi Baruch Stern, Martha Fielder, Selma Lindenfeld, Ruth Aronoff.

            USO-JWB Activities – Esther Siegel

            Beth Jacob Aux – Clara Rasnick, Anna Shelley, Ruth Aranoff, Fannie Addleson

            Pioneer Women: Ida Cole, Frieda Marks, Rose Lanssky, Florence Lebb, Eleanore Gordon, Laura Simon; Bess Borushek.

            Yo-Ma-Co—Harold Keen


Page 7 Bobby and Larry Solomon, Copy Cats – Arlene Glickman, Dee Wyner, Carolyn Kobernick, Arlene Addleson, Evie Grainick, Stuart Penter; Arlene Bloomer, Dottie Eisenberg, Eddie Haimsohn, Fred Weitzen, Bertha Rosenfeld, Ben Siegel, Al Ruby , Hermoine Cohn, Jerry Jaffey, Bob Herman, Roy Fagelson, Jerry Kobernick, Joe Weitzen.   Jerry Apelman, Joe Frankel; Merle Goldman, Stan Levenson, Ben Siegel, Irwin Schwartz, Myron Shelly; Frankie Carle, Esther Pearl, Jerry Azner, Marva Lansky, Julie Garber, Al Ruby, Phyllis Schwartz; Enid Sarfan, Joe Frankel, Lora Deen Addleson, Ralph Berman, Shirley Berenson, Zane Feldman, Arlene Addleson, Danny Orlansky, Marilyn Apelman, Ben Siegel, Gladys Balam, Benny Polack, Evie Gralnick, Maynard Horowitz, Arlene Glickman, Fred Weitzen; Celia Zahalsky, Eddie Haimsohn; Arnie Margulis, Barbara Solomon , Sandra Calechman, Ellis Jacobson; Sanda Calechman, Jan Zuckerman; Al Tepper, Lenny Polack; Phyllis Schwarz, Joan Steinman, Shirley Berenson,  Celia Zahalsky, Stuart Penter, Carolyn Silverman, Myron Shelley, Revelyn Brenner, Bob Sabler;  Lorry Baranov, Jerry Apelman, Martha Friedman, Sherm Cole, Bobbie Solomon, Joe Frankel, Jan Zuckerman, George Kravitz.

            Haveros --
            Temple Teen Agers 00 Shirlie Leson, Nedra Stern, Bewverly Cohen, Werner Drifus, Arlene Goldy, Burton Sharpe, Don Goldman, Bonnie Zahalsky, Hebert Solomon, Ronnie Feiler, Joanne Rosenfeld., Berta Rosenfeld, Dick Silberman, Shirlie Lesopn, Irwin Sklar.

            JCSC –Don Goodwin, Joan Breslauer, Louise Jacobson Goldberg, Bunny Kaner, , Grayton Allen, Geraldine Platt, Esther Pearl, Rose Shale; Joseph Wertheim;

            A to z and Back Again – Stan Levenson.

            Ben Siegel, Grapevine --


 Thursday, July 17, 1947, Southwesern Jewish Press:

Page 1

            Palomar Camp Plans Completed –Al Hutleer, Ben Haddock, Ed Breitbard, Stanford Brust.


Page 2 

            Care office opened in San Diego—Carl Esenoff


Page 4 – Society-Personals

            Janoff-Nathan Nuptials Held—Shirley Nathan; M/M Ernest C. Nathan; Gene Janoff; M/M Herman Janoff; Midge Nathan; Mrs. Manny Haffner; Stanford Bust, Lou Levitt

            Boy Born to Dan Lawrences – M/M Dan Lawrence; Gary Don Lawwrence;

            Pink and Blue Shower – MRs. Dave (Esther)Schwartz; Mrs. Leo Zwieg; Mrs William (Gladys) Tappan; Mrs. Reuben (Sadie) Fleischman; Mrs. Sam (Sarah) Roth),  Mrs. Heramn (Eva) Stern.

            The Way We Heard It – M/M Byron Sharpe; M/M Joe Kitaen; M/M Abe Kaplan, Michael Kaplan Andrea Irene Kaplan; M/M Sandor Goldberger; Eddie Kitaen; Louise Brinberg, Anita Frank, Joe Wertheim: M/M Yale Kahn; Barbara Kahn, Cheri Kahn; Mrs. Harry Berner: Tully Kitaen, Hy Kitaen; M/M Jack Garber; M/M Joe Tobias; M/M Herman Fleishman; m/m Lester Alweis M/M J. Alweis: M/M Samuel Hirsch; Mrs. Jack Schwartz, Mr. Morris Stokes, Mrs. Robert Imberman and Mr. Morris Stokes; M/M Emanuel Weissman (Elizabeth Hirsch); M/M Dave Polesky; M. David Rubenstein; M. Abraham Sklar; Mr. Milton Fredman.

            Former San Diegans Parents of Boy – M/M Edwin Hoffman; Mark H. Hoffman; M/M Harry Hoffman; M/m M. Frohman.

            Announce Daughter’s Betrothal – M/M Alfred Breslauier; Joan Ernestine Breslauer; Neil K. Gruenberg, Mrs. Jacob Gruenberg, Morton Cowen

            Chenkins to Hold Open House – M/M Saul Chenkin, Maxine Kreinberg, Sid Kreinberg.

            Weitzen-Breitbard Betrothal Told – M/M Morris Breitbard; Erlene Joyce Breitbard; Joseph Weitzen; M/M Fred Weitzen.

            Maran-Kagno Betrothed – Mr. Ivan Maron; Rabbi/Mrs A. Maron; Sara Kagno

            Sam Teppers Mark 25th Anniversary – M/M Sam Tepper ; Albert Tepper, Stanley Tepper; Roanne Tepper.


Page 5  Gentlemen

            Lou Mogy, Sports –Its Penter, Lee Richards;Harry Mallen, Leon Silvers, Ralph Jacobs; Sam Addleson, Morey Levenson, Carl Naliboff, Julie Schneider, Ben Levenson, Yale Naliboff

            Jewish War Vets—Ralph Feldman, Ben Snyder, Harry Aronoff, Melvin Woolf, Harry Apelman, J.J. Mirsky, Marshall Roth, Hyman Kitaen, Leon Mirsky, Lester Loeser.\

            Lasker Ldge BB – Dr. Bernard Lavins; Ed Breitbard, Dave Block

            Ida Nasatir--Final Judgment”

            Esther Moorsteen—M/M V. Schulman; m/m J. Gross; M/M J. Brown; M/M M. Levenson; M/M I. Mitchell, Dorothny Mitchell; Donald Solomon, M/M Lew Solomon; Herbert Solomon; Bobby Cherney; M/M Max Cherney Linda Solof; M/M Lou Solof.

            Birdie Stodel BB – Rabbi Baruch Stern;  Edythe Bennett, Ruth Brav; Frieda Lavine

            Jewish War Vets – Blanche Davis, Toby Horowitz, Florence Messer; Eva Reisman; Gertrude Rawdin; Esther Schwartz; Anna Slass; Dena Naumoff; Shirley Rossman; Pearl Zweig; Freeda Marks; Ruth Blum and L. Gordon; M/M Sam Tepper.

            Yo-Ma –Co – Phil Goldman, Art Friedlander; Alice Solomon, Esther Brikser, Eleanor Kitaen, Dave Weissman, George Novak, Jack Fine, Leon Solomon, David Cohen.

            Pioneer Women _- Florence Conway, Rose Lansky, RabbiBaruch Stern, Rosa Zaklin, Claire Verrier; Tania Bercutt,

            JCRA –Anne Shelley, Jennie Siner, Samuel H. Golter, Mr. Favorman.

            Beth Jacob Auxiliary – Sandor Goldberger


Page 7 – Junior Press

            Bobby and Larry Solomon, Copy Cats—Sandra Calechman, Arnie Margulis, Sylvia Horowitz, Ellis Jacobson, Inez Horowitz, Merrill Jacobson,  Arlene White, Bera Rosenfeld, Hermoine Cohn, Shirley Leson;  Dorris Levine, Ned Weiss, Arlene Glickman, Fred Weitzen, Barbara Solomon, Ellis Jacobson. Ben Siegel, Roy Fagelson, Fay King, Gloria Klein, Berta Kantor, Morrie Naiman, Sallie Stone, Jerry Kobernick, Phyllis Schwartz, Stan Levenson, Mignon Gerson, Morris Frankel, Enid Srafan, Joe Frankel.  Myron Shelley, Shirley Berenson, Stuart Penter, Celia Zahalsky, Larry Solomon, Annabelle Rassin; Mr. and Mrs. Shelley, Rabbi/ Mrs. Cohn; Joe Weitzen; Joyce Breitbard; Shirley Nathan; Gene Janoff; Sherm Cole; Martha Friedman; Mrs. Gelman; Jerry Azner; Morris Frankston; Eleanor Addleson; Fred Weitzen; Arlene Addleson; Nancy Weitzen; Jerry Apelman; Merill Jacobson; Jerry Azner; Carolyn Kobernick, Calvin Green; Alrene Glickman, Fred Weitzen, Bobbie Solomon, Al Ruby, Celia Zahalsky, Bert Nestor, Shirley Berenson, Zane Feldman, Arlene Addleson, Danny Orlansky, Ruth Bauman, Eddie Haimsohn, Berta Rosenfled, Dick Silberman, Shirley Leson, Irwin Sklar, Larry Mantell, Francine London, Ted Mintz, Ethel Frank, Mickey Avrick, Revera Belenson, Julie Garber, Morrie Frankston, Maynard Horowitz; Phyullis Schwartz, Stan Levenon, Sylvia Horowitz, Roy Fagelson, Marva Lansky, Ben Siegel, Dee Wyner, Larry Solomon, Revelyn Brenner, Lew Levitt; Adele Felsman.
            JCSC – Doon Goodwin, Ziggy Kessler, Hugh Wolff, Larry Kaner, Caroline Milner, Sally Stone, Lynn Lorenz, Norma Goldberger, Caroline Milner, Henry Cohen, Harold and Florence Straus; M/M Delmar Platt (Sarah Moloff)

            Junior Bnai Brith Girls—Shirlie Roth, Arleen Fleischman.
            Temple Youth League –Arlene Addleson, Celia Zahalsky

            Temple Teen Agers – Harry Hamber.



Thursday, July 24, 1947, Southwestern Jewish Press

  Page 1—Week at Camp In Palomar Mountain –Albert A. Hutler, Standford Brust, Ben Haddock, Mrs. G. Curtin, Ruth Fiel; Herbert Solomon, Edward Breitbard, Estelle Addleson; Larry Becker, Bobbie Cherney, Arlene Cohen, Marcia Cohen, Jane Cohn, Morton Cohn Jr., Allan Friedman, Rochelle Goodrich, Heddie Grossman, Suzanne Hutler, Edward Naiman, Gary Naiman, Leonard Naiman, Larry Prager, David Ruskin, Irwin Schatzman, Steven Schulman, Douglas Scott, Michael Soule, Norman Star, Paul Stein, Myrne belle Wosk.

    Page 3 –Day Camp Proves Successful in SD--Morris Douglas, Marshall Naiman, Max Rabinowitz, Edward Breitbard, Mrs. Sam Bennett, Mrs. Ted Brav, Mrs. Ben Gordon, MRs. Victor Schulman.

   Page 4 – The Way We Heard It – M/M Stanley Singer (Gussie Kastavman), Jacqueline Singer; M/M David Cohen, Beverly Cohen, Judy Cohen; M/M I. B. Kornblum; M/M Harvey Steinmann; M/M William Tamkin, Jackie Tamkin, Bobie Tamkin; M/M J. Kader, M.M Jake Schwwartz; David (Red) Shelley; M/M G. Borushek; Jay Borushek; M/M Bernard Garber; Mrs. Ethel Cohen, Eugene Cohen; Sydney Kirneers; M/M Sam Addleson, Beverly Addleson; M/M Irwin Fisher; Bruce Fisher; Eva Garber.

            USO-JWB Enjoys Brunch – Joan Jacobson, Jean Gulko, Betty Shapiro, Sid Lubin, Ethel Parnass.

            Daughter Betrothal Announced by Siegels – M/M David Siegel, Betty Siegel, Leonard Sherr; M/M E.G. Sherr.

            Cousins Tendered Reception Sunday – M/M M.S. Berlin; Lee Berlin; Harold Lehrer; Helen Rosenberg; Mania Rosenberg; Leon Rosenthal; Mrs. Vera Lehrer.

            First Child is a Boy – M/M Norman B. Linsky, Mark Clifford Linsky; M/M M Gaffen; M/M J. Linsky.

            Aminoffs Welcome Second Daughter – M/M Fred B. Aminoff; Judith Gayle Aminoff; Toni Aminoff; M/M Sam Rassin; Frieda Aminoff.

            Mrs. Gross Host at splash party – Mrs. Jack O. Gross.

            Farewell Luncheon for Mrs. Beinner at El Cortez Hotel – Mrs. Arnold Beiner, Mrs. Sid Smith, Mrs. Irwin Fisher

            Girl Born to al Gordons – M/M Al Gordon, Lynn Sharon Gordon. (Hlrtense Kirsner); M./M P.J. Kirsner; M/M Harry Gordon.


Page 5  Gentlemen
            Lou Mogy, Sports—Carl Naliboff, Julius Schneider, Yale Naliboff; Ervin Slayen, Arnie Margulis, Leo Beck, Ben Press, Kelly Lawrence, Milt Kraft, Ted Teacher, Orv Rawdin, Ellis Jacobson; Harold Lehrer, Morrie Slayen, Babe Siner;  Ben Press; Buddy Berenson; Sam Sklar; Saul Schissell; Lou Schissell; Sam Sklar; Dave Schissell; Saul Chenkin, Joe Martin, Leo Beck, Harry Mallen, Lorry Cantor, Eddie Cantor, Ben Wax, Lou Pollack, Yale Kahn, Eli Levenson, Morry Douglas, Herman Sarfan, Eddie Addleson; M/M Milo Berenson

            A to Z and Back to A Again – Morris Douglas; Edward Breitbard; Ben Zion Shreiber; Stan Levenson, Ed Borfsky, Sanford Borofsky, Herb Moscowitz, Dick Schlicher, Stan Cantor, Ronald Greenberg, Ira Shames, Irwin Schwartz; Sanford Borksky, Dave Tobias, Disck Schlicher, Sam Krasnewr, Sid Stokes., Irwin Schwartz.

            Lasker Lodge BB –Morrie Douglas, Ed Breitbard, Dave Block


Page 6

            Ida Nasatir, The Life of Isaac Leibush

            Esther Moorsteen – For Your Entertainment

            Birdie Stodel BB – Martha Feiler, Selma Lindenfeld, Dorothy Weiner, Frieda Lavine, Sylvia Vener,  Esther Schwartz, Mrs. Alfred Bvreslauer, MRs. J.H. Gruenberg, Joan Breslauer, Neil Gruenberg.

            Yo-Ma-Co –Jack Fine, Ray Lowitz, Dave Weissman, Jack Sterns, Henryu Goldys, David Cohen.


Page 7,

            Bobby and Larry Solomon, Copy Cats—Jerry Apelman, Enid Sarfan, Lorryu Baranov, Adele Felsman, Ted Teacher, Martha Friedman, Sherm Cole, Inez Horowitz, Chub Silver, Ethel Frank, Mel Woolf, Enid Sarfan, Joe Frankel, Sandra Calechman, Arnie Margulis, Celia Zahalsky, Harry Sonnabaum, Arlene White, George Kravitz,  Arlene Addleson, Carolyn Kobernick, Barbara Solomon, Celia Zahalsky, Arlene Glickman, Shirley Berenson, Rabbi Moise Bergman, Jerry Solomon, Sheldon Kader, Chubby Silver, Sonya Chenkin, Arlene Glickman, Joan Steinman, Teddie Feldman, Janet Diutz, Phyllis Schissell, Bobbie Schissel, Merle Goldman,Yvonne Gerson, Jan Zuckerman, Larry Solomon, Myron Shelley, Lonnie Siegel,  Gladys Balsam, Stewart Penter, Hermoine Cohn, Francine London, Arlene White, Shirlie Leson, Shirley Rubin, Bert Nestor, Berta Rosenfeld, Dick Silberman.

            Junior B’nai B’rith Girls ----Mrs. Esther Schwartz, Mrs. Celia Schwartz, Anna Shelley, Arleen Fleischman, Bella Mash, Sylvia Winicki, Joan Press, Enid Sarfan, Anna Samson, Elaine Glasser, Lee Winicki, Shirlie Roth, Esther Pearl, Lorraine Baranov, Esther Fulkaman, Shirlie Roth, Alice Low-Zimmer.

            Haveros –Sherman Cole, Leon Silver, Jean Weiss, Joe Frankel, Maynard Hurwitz

            Ben Siegel, Grapevine –Willie Steinberg

            JCSC –Carolyne Milner, Sally Stone, Rose Gotkin, Bella Winicki, Margo Haempberg.

            Paul Levin is one year old – Paul Frederick Levin/ M/M Julius Levin.


Thursday, July 31, 1947, Southwestern Jewish Press

            Page 1

            World Affairs Institute Here August 4th to 8th –A.P Nasatir, Hugh Weston, Carey McWilliams, Ramon Lavalle, Lai Chand Mehra, Anatole Mazour, Walter R. Hepner, George Outland.

            UJF Quota more than Half Collected—Eli Levenson,  Max Rabinowitz, Louis Ssteinman

            Initial Meeting Accomplishes Much – Lou Mogy,

            B’nai B’rith to Present Radios to Naval Hospital –William B. Schwartz, John Schwartz, Capt. F.R. Hook

            Flash – M/M Nevin Wiley

            Camp Handicraft Exhibited at Reception –Morris Douglas

            Care offices move to new location –



Page 2 –Letters to Editor – Sarah R. Golden


Page 4—The Way We Heard It—Mrs. B.W. Nathan, Yetta Adler Weinberg, Mrs. Sylvia Adler; Mrs. Morton J. Garbus; M/M Robert Siegel; Ann Okean; Mrs Hy Solomon (Theresa Coleman);  M/M Emanuel Solomon; Mrs  Dorie Kellner; M/M Jack Dembo; M/M Herman Fink; D/M J.H. Lippitt, Alan Lippitt.

                        Hebert Gordons Announce Birth of Son – M/M Herbert Gordon, David Alan Gordon; Rabbi A.L Rosenblum; Elene Gordon; Mrs. Ida Gordon; Mrs. Louis Addleson;

                        Open House to Honor Newlyweds – M/M Jerome Niederman, M/M Delmar Platt; (Sarah Molof); Herny Molof: M/M Raymond Platt

                        Cole-Friedman Nuptials Sunday –Martha Friedman, M/M Louis Friedman, Sherman Cole, Mrs. Lewis Cole; Rabbi Moise Bergman, Mrs. Aaron Adler (Ida Friedman); Barbara Marks; Evelyn Halpern; Norman Kolkey, Mel Woolf, Joe Frankel.

                        Eisens Parents of Boy – M/M Jack Eisen; Samuel David Eisen; Rabbi Abraham Rosenblum

                        Celebrate Birth of Nephew – Isaac Lias, M/M Louis Svit; M/M Sanford Alter; Betty Siegel, Leonard Sherr; Naval Capt. John Andrews; Esther Pearl, Beverly Cohen, Mel Hoffman;  M/M E.G. Sherr

                        Welcome Newcomers to San Diego – M/M Hyman Abelman; Rochelle Abelman: M/M J. Frinkel; M/M Harold Reisman; M/M J. Montecario; mm Castleton

                        Honors Three Ladies at Patio Luncheon – Mrs. K. Burnet; Shirley Rebuf; Mrs. Lou Moorsteen, Amrs. Ben Harris;

                        Honored at Many Parties – Mrs. Lou Moorsteen, Mrs. Harry B. Arthur, Mrs. Sanford Goldman, Mrs. Jennie Burnett; Mrs. David Segal; Mrs. Joseph Goldhammer; Mrs. Benjamin Rottman; Mrs. Belle Cohen; M/M George Solomona; M/M Lew Weiss; Betty Lou Schleider; Leonard Schleider

                        Haffners Welcome Seven Year Old Girl – M/M Manuel Haffrner, Shelley Ann Haffner; Joel Haffner.

                        Noel Fishman Bar Mitzvah – Noel Fishman, M/M Earl Fishman; Rabbi Ephraim Siegel.


Page 5

            Lou Mogy, Sports – Dr. Robert Stone, Curley Sam Cohen, Vic Schulman, Sherman Cole, Arnie Margulis, Yal Naliboff, Julie Schneider, Ben Levenson, Lou  Schissell, Harold Hehrer, Milton Kraft….. Ray Solomon, Irvin J. Kahn.

            Lasker Lodge BB—Edward Breitbard, Bernard Lavine, Dave Beck, Morrie Kraus, William B. Schwartz, Edward Breitbard, Jacob Baranov, Sam Druskin< David Nelson, Morey Levenson, Davge Stotsky, Morrie Douglas.


Page 6

            Ida Nasatir – Hebrfew Self-Taught

            Esther Moorsteen, For Your Entertainment –

            JCRA –Mrs. George Shelley, Mrs. Michael Marks, Mrss. L. Addleson, Mrs. Syllvia Adler, Mrs. Edith Naiman,

            Birdie Stodel BB – Ruth Aronoff, Blanche Davis, Esther Schwartz, Beranrd Lavine, Sylvia Vener.

            Jewish War Vets—Jean Spatz, Bess Avrick, Ida Coleman, Esther Levitt, Angeline Laandau, Esther Frank, Betty Schwartz, Bess Siegel, Anna Goldman, Sylvia Adler, Pauline Rubel, Sara Newman

            USO-JWB Activities --  esther Siegel

            Yo Ma Co—Phil Goldman, Alice Solomon, Charlotte Friedlander, Tully Kitaen, Irv Kravitz, Dave Cohe, Jack Stern.

            Pioneer Women – Rose Lansky, Roza Zaklin, Claire Verrier, Tania Bercutt.


Page 7 Junior Press

            Bobby and Larry Solomon< Copy Cats – Jerry Solomon, Vesta Brust<

Lorain Sklar, Dee Wyner, Chubby Silver, Stuart Penter, Bob Bernstein, Rose Samuels, Lois Rumpler, Arlene Glickman, Nancy Weitzen, Shirley Berenson, Arlene Addleson, Caroline Kobernick, Bobbie Solomon, Arlene Glickman, Arlene Addleson, Phyllis Schwartz, Al Ruby, Nancy Weitzen, Joan Steinman, Teddie Feldman, Janet Dultz, Gladys Balsam, Bernice Kaufman, Myron Shelley, Larry Solomon

            Temple Teen Agers – Deborah Perlmutter, Nedra Stern, Beverly Cohen , Ronny Feller, Elena Shapov, Werner Dreifus, Marian Gralnick, Herbert Solomon, Jane Rosenfeld.

            JCSC—Rosalie Baker, Gloria Kerstein, Sylvia Winicki, Violet Scheoter, Shirlie Roth, Virginia Lorenz, Miriam Fleishman, Zeloa Chasan, Ruth Neuman.  Joseph Lowry, Carolyn Milner,  Bert Goldberg, Louise Goldberg, Don Goodwin, Beverly Goodwin, Bob Goodwin, Roslyn Goodwin, Irv Coleman, Lou Levitt, Norma Goldberger, Rose Shale, Morrie Frankel, Eva Garber, Siney Kochberg

            Haveros – Izzy Markowitz, Sherman Cole,

            Ben Siegel, The Grapevine


Thursday, August 7, 1947,Southwestern Jewish Press

            Page 1 – Jewish Press to Suspend Publication: Decision announced at meeting of represeentatives –M/M Lewis Solomon, S. Goldberger, Arleen Fleishman, Bella Mash, Mrs. Esther Schwartz; Morrie Douglas; Sol Blanc; Mrs. Jack Rosenblum; Mrs. Jennie Siner; Mrs. Marie Berg; Maynard Horowitz; Mrs. Anna Shelley; Mrs. Bess Addleson, Mr. Joe Wertheim; Mrs. Rose Solomon; Phil Goldman; Julie Schneider, Mrs. Ruth Aronoff; Be Feinberg, Carl Esenoff; Rabbi Morton J. Cohn; Esther Siegel.

            Announcement –Ray Solomon.

            Ground Breaking Sunday for Tifereth Isael – Judge Jacob Weinberger.

            City wide Picnic at El Monte in Sept. – Stirling Burnett, Irvan J. Kahn.

            Tijuana Jewish Community to dedicate Sefer Torah – (Mageun David)

            Dr. A.L. Sacher to Install Hillel Unit –Abram L. Sacher,            

            Young Folks Zionist Group Formed—Marie Berg, Joe Wertheim, Hadarah Domnitz


Page 2

            Lou Mogy, Sports – Dr. Robert M. Stone, Martha Fieler

            Letters to editor – Albert A. Hutler


Page 3 Clubs-Social

            Haveros –Sherman Cole, Merle Goldman, sallie Stone, Midge Hantahn, Mel Wolfe, Ruth Rosenberg, Ben Siegel, Rose Gotkin, Dave Anfanger, Arnie Margulis, Maxine Siegel, M/M Sherman Cole

            B’nai B’rith Girls

            Alpha Phi Pi—Harold Lehrer, Irv Rawdin, Julie Schneider, Ben Press, Irving Slayen, Yale Naliboff, Carl Naliboff.

            Yo Ma Co—Dave Schwartz; Henry Goldye, Sid Kaufman, Sylvia Haffner, Mannie Haffner, Blossom Cohen, Herman Cohen, Dave Cohen, Sam Brenes, Raymond Lowitz;  M/M Herman Recht,  Tully Kitaen, Mona Sharpe, Betty Black, Eleanor Kitaen.

            Chicago Couple Attends Reunion Here – M/M norton Himmel; M/M Niel Himmel; M/M Lester Himmel.

            Los Angeles Visitors – M/M J.L Addleson, Olga Addleson; M/M Al Gaber

            JCRA-- Frieda Marks, Fannie Addleson, Jennie Siner, Anna Shelley.

            M/M Fred Zacharias Visit Here From New York – M/M Benjamin Jacobgson; M/M Fred Zacharias; M/M Robert Zacharias

            Solofs Return from Catalina – M/M A. Louis Solof, Linda Solof, Janet Solof, Susan Solof: Mrs. Julia Winsberg.

            Leo Zweigs Welcome Second Son – M/M Leo Zeweig; Gary Melvyn Zweig; Jerry Zweig; Mrs. Betsy Solomon; M/M Jacob Zweig; Rabbi Abraham L. Rosenblum

            Rabbi Addleson Recent Visitor in San Diego – Rabbi N.I. Addleson; M/ M. I Schneider; Mrs. James Effron.

            Visits St. Paul.—Mrs. Max Avrick, Mickie Avrick.


Page 4 –

Temple Teenagers –Nedra Stern, Beverly Cohen, Ronny Feiler, Deborah Perlmutter, Bernard asner, Bonnie Zahalsky, Heberet Solomon, Carol Kaufman, Don Goldman, Arlene Goldy, Marian Gralnick, Horace Meyer, Marian Feinberg, Joe Winicki, Werner Dreifuss, Alice Low Zimmer, Burton Sharpe, Harry Hamber, Joanne Rosenfeld.

            JWV & Ladies Auxiliary to Have Joint Installation – Ralph Feldman, Mrs. Jean Spatz

            Edward Addleson vacation in east – Edward Addleson, Rose Tepper.

            Vacationing –Mrs. Joseph Kitaen, Hy Kitaen.



April 1949, Southwestern Jewish Press


Page 2

            Cavalcade to Trace Record of Lasker Lodge – William Schwartz, Edward Solomon, Hyman Wolf, Jacob Weinberger, L.A. Unger, M.E. Meyer, Nathan Baranov, L.A. Frank, Sam Smith, Rabbi M. H. Dubin, Henry Weinberger, Samuel Brooks, Leo Loeffler, Frank Pomeranz, Paul Nestor, Ted Rosenfield, Nathan Schiller, Alvin B. Baranov, Rober M. Stone, Abe Dubin, Carl Esenoff, Morey Levinson, Harry Mallen, Victor Schulman, Lou Solof , William Starr, Sidney Goldstein, Eli Levinson, Morris Douglas, Edwart Breitbard

            JWB Returns to San Diego – Joachim Hammer


Page 3 Pearl Lieberman, “The Way We Heard It,”—Dave Stotsky, Ideal Stotsky, Michael Sander Stotsky, Susan Siraton,  Sam Siraton, Evelyn Siraton; Babe Siner, Helen Siner, Susan Siner, Jane Lee Siner, M/M A. Bronestone, Ms. Jennie Siner; Jeffry Josph Elden, Harold Elden, Dorothy Elden, David Jay Cohen, Bea Cohen, Sam Cohen, Eleanor Cohen, Mrs. Michael Maisel, Laura Bernice Komiss; M/M Leo Komiss; Mrs. Leon Silver (Enid Sarfan), M/M Herman Sarfin; M/M Irvin Kahn; David Block, Gladys Block (Anita Sapadin); MRs. Mary Paymo; M/M Seymour Rabin;  (Janice Stizel), daughter M/M Lewis Stitzel.; M/M Hugh Wolff (Jerry Platt); M/M Julius Krasner (Sylvia Haris); M/M Carl Naliboff (Sylvia Horowitz); D/M Seymour Kuntz (Rose Kanefsky); M/M Norman Levi (Rosalie Moloff); M/M Marvin Jaobs (Joan Jacobson); Yvonne Gerson; M/M A.S. Gerson; William Siva; M/M Sebastian Silva; Marlene Tobin; M/M Tobin; Lou Steinmann, Julia Stenmann; Dorothy Steinmann ; Mrs. Harvey Steinmann; Susan Seinmann; M/M Herbert Ebers; M/M Joe Silverman; M/M Harvey Steinmanns; Sally Jean Swengelat; M/M Morris Silverman; Julia Steinman; Dora Ebers, Joe Silverman, Mrs. Ben Federow; Mrs. Michael Alsend; M/M I.B. Kornblum; M/M Milo Berenson; Bertram Berenson, Shirley Berenson; M/M Abe Ratner;  Dave Millsberg, Carolyn Millsberg; M/M Morton Schreiber; Mrs. Allen Schreiber; Nancy Schreiber; Bess Snyder; Harry Snyder;  Mrs. Ray Smith; Mrs Lee Herz; M./M Ben Levenson; M/M Sol Robbins; Mrs. Charles Abramson;  Frances Moss, Frieda Nestor, Esther Moorsteen, Jennie Burnett; Rose Sonnabaum; Mrs. Lou Beck, Esther Siegel; M/M Herbert Seltzer, Marc Seltzer; Max Stotland, Zelda Stotland; Mrs. Harry Radin; Louis Goldsmith, Sharon Goldsmith, Barbara Goldsmith; Cyril Press, Ben Press; M/M Cal Learnse, D/M Edward Platt M/M Phil Horowitz; Dr. Sid Smith; Natalie Smith; M/M Leo Greenbaum; D/M Walter Ornstein; David Lieberman.

            Sidney Neumann Wed in Los angeles – Sidney Newmann; M/M Al Neumann; Idele Nitickman; M/M Michael Nitickman; Rabbi Winicki:  Arthur Neumann; M/M. Julius Brown, M/M George Newumann; M/M Robert Gordon; M/M Victor Schulman.

            San Diego Hebrew Home for the Aged Auxiliary – Mrs Morris Feldman; Mrs. Moe Hershey; Mrs. A.P. Nasatir; Mrs. Harry Rosenthal; Mrs. Selma Getz; Mrs. Sam Sosna; Mrs Ben. Harris; Mrs. Harris Rubel; Mrs. Wm Moss; Mrs. Sideney Newman; Mr. Arthur Glickman; Mrs. Ben Harris; Mrs. Alex Newman; Ruth Newman

            Birdie Stodel BB ----Jeanne Camiel

Page 4 – Looks at Books, “Why Read.”

Page 5, Sports Around Town,” – Rabbi Moise Bergman; Samuel I. Fox , Murray D. Goodrich; Manny Hafner; Joe Martin; Yale Naliboff; Sam Bennet, Harry Addis; Sam Addleson, Leo Beck; Lou Moorsteen, Esther Moorsteen, Leo Greenbaum, Irivng Schulman, Murray Goodrich; Julis Brown, Eddie Bland, George Neumann, Abe Sklar, Eli Levenson, Ben Rubin, Ben Harris, Dr. Ritoff, Lew Solomon, Vic Schulman, Lou Weiss, Al Sutherland, Tony Procopio.  Lou Weiss, Leo Greenbaum, Murray Goodrich., Harry Wax, Morris Wax, Irwin J. Kahn, Anita Kahn; Eddie Cantor;  Zel Greenberg, Lou Shissell, Sherman Cole, Chub Silver, Harry Mallen, Lou Pollack, Julia Steinman, Lou Steinman, Its Penter, Julius Brown, Bill Schwartz, Morrie Kraus, J.P. Freedman, Morrie Doublas, Eddie Breitbard, Al Hutler, Henry O. Witte, Lou Lipton, Ralph Hosenpud, Saul Chenkin, Fred Hollander, Bill Solof, Molly Solof, Herman Sarfan, Stella Sarfan, Harry Sugarman, Hilda Sugarman; Abe Shelley, Ted Brenner, Al De Sure, Archie Schoenkopf, Sam Druskin, Leo Beck, Ida Beck, Bobby Beck, Morry Levenson, Gladys Levenosn, Jack Gross, Loretta Gross, Julius Brown, florence Brown, Bill schwartz, M/M Marshall Naiman, Aeddie Addleson, Phil Mollack.

  Page 6  Introducing our Columnists – Ida Nasatir, Lou Mogy, Jeannette (Radin) Learner, Sig Stein, Barbara Solomon, Larry Solomon, Linda Solof, Pearl Lieberman, Lewis Solomon, Ray Solomon.

Page 7 – United Jewish Fun d Campaign for $309,000 to Open this week –Saul Chenkin, Louis steinman,, Eli H. Levenson, Mrs. Saul Chenkin, Mrs. Nathaniel Ratner, MRs. Garbriel Berg, Mrs. Selma Getz, Mrs. Louis Steinman, MRs. A.P. Nasatir; Murray Goodrich, Max Rabinowitz; Morris Douglas, Al Krasnow, Lawrence Cantor,  Milo Berenson, Sid Goldhammer, John Ruskin, Its Penter, Sam Rassin, Milton Roberts, Victor Schulman, Ben Harris, Seymour Rabin, Nathan Baranov, Sam Druskin, Harry Farb, Morris Feldman, Maurice Harris; Carl Esenoff, Sol Price, Lew Weiss, Richard Levi, Dr Robert Stone; Abe Sklar, Eddie Kitaen, Ben Feinberg, Ed Bland.

Page 9 – Linda Solof, Linda’s Lookout –Don Kobernick, Marilyn Kruger, Harvey Levitt, Al Davieson, Jerry Schissell, Edith Press, Barbara Shames, Arlie Silberman, Janet Solof, Neil Kleinman, Terry Kitaen, Bobby Woolfe, Brahna Lauger, Harriet Silverman, Maxine Schoenkopf, Janice Kaskin, Joan Breitbard, Helene Kaufman, Kay Prager, Sarah Eber, Allan Eber; Roslyn Burdman, Elaine Burdman; Marily Kruger, Ethel Schwartz, Phyllis Mollick, Joyce Addleson, Esther Jane Lustig, Arline Milman, Reitha Stokes,  Lois Jean Kaufman, Jean Goldstein, Stanton Camiel, Phillip Kaplan, Ernie Addleson, Don Kobernick, Larry Cantor, Hervey Levitt, Edmond Rosenthal, Donald Solomon, Leonard Naiman.  Roger Brenes, Larry Zlotoff, Irving Silversa, Glenda Poollack Sandra Lipin, Sheila Lipin, Eddie Naiman, Brenda Heiman, Linda Douglas, Bobby Beck.

Page 10 –Dafni keynotes fund opening –Reuven Dafni, Lou Steinman, Saul Chenkin

Page 11 –Tifereth Israel Sisterhood – Sidney Newman; Mrs. Ben Gordon, Mrs. Zel Greenberg

            Guardians -- -Lou Steinman

            JCRA—Esther Scwartz, Anna B. Brooks


Page 12 –harry addis, morrie levy, myrtle elias, sylvia bard.

Page 14 – Caravan of Hope Arrives April 11—capt nachman kaplansky, lt. Shulmaith kronsky, levi eschkol, david uchell

Page 15—Maryan Doctor, Helen Druskin, Ritz Schwitkis, Harriet Lipschitz, Irving Krasner, Shelly Sarfan, Herman Sarfan, Stella Sarfan, Natalie Smith, Frank Pomeranz, Bernie Ruden, Lee Klazkin, Claire Klazkin, Jeanne Klazkin, Ted Hamill.

Page 17 –Bobbie Solomon, Collegiates N/ Intermejits—Carolyn Silverman, Alan Mishne, Ruth Rosenberg, Davey Anganger, M/M Danny Orlansky; M/M Jerry Apelman; Fran Winicki, Annabelle Rassin, Jerry Berg, M/M Chub Silvers, Bobbi Marks, Joel Katz; Evelyn Mirsky, Al Tepper, Elena Shapov, Sunny Karsh; Carolyn Kobernick, Ben Siegel, George Kravitz, Lee Marks, Morrie Franksten, Ann Strickman, Roy Fagelson, Jack Berliner, Ted Tedman, Ben Siegel, Edith Epstein, Sandra Margulis, Betty Sheer, Leonard Sheer, Rose  Blackman, Leonard Blackman, Maxine Altshuler; Esther Jaffe, Marilyn Schissell, Milton Katz, Arlene Bloomer, Ted Tolten, Ed Millsberg, Ted Tadman, Ruth Altshuler, Lou King, Sylvia Winicki, Arlene Bloomer, Barney Rosnthal, Nancy Weitzen, Rosslyn Godwin, Estelle Addleson, Mirlyn Schissell, Milton Katz, Larry Solomon, Rabbi Morton Cohn, Sally Cohn, Mr. Fred Weitzen, Rabbi Monroe Levens and M/M Morrie Kraus; Teddie Feldman, Dorothy Rabinowitz, Roger Fromman, Max Gindelman; Jack Gross Jr., Polly Tavss, Lou Gaylord, Martha (Claire) Mintze; M/M sherman Cole, (Mawrtha Cole); M/M Norman Marsahll; Marva Marshall; Alan Goldman, Eugene Freed; Annabellew Rassin, Bobbie Marks.

Page 19  Sig Stein, On Short Order -- -Lew Solomon, Lillian Miller, David Miller, Ray Lieberman.


May 1949, Southwestern Jewish Press
Page 1—Fund leaders attend celebration of first aniversary of the republic of Israel – M/M Saul Chenkin, Al Hutler,  Mrs. Nathaniel Ratner, MRs. Gabriel Berg


Page 4  Pearl Lieberman, the Way We Heard It --  M/M William Kolkey, Sid Newman, M./M Alex Newman; M/M Milo Berenson; M/M Hyman Kitaen, Henry Isaacson, Mary Galenson, Milt Effron, Gloria Kirsen, M/M Stanley Levitt; M/M Victor Selton; Norman Seltzer, Florence Seltzer; Julie Greben, Jeanne Bass; Mrs. Sam Smith; Jeanne Bass; D/M William Barkin; William Gerelick, Joyce Gerelick; M/M Jack Waterman; M/M Beranrd Silverman; M/M Phil Kantor; M/M Lester Scott; <M Dan Gerson; M/M Arthur Glickman; Mrs Leroy Cohn (Adele Cohn) Lee Lehrer; Lenore Schneider; Cyril Press; Sam Brooks; Anna Brooks; Ida Jacoby, Jack Jacoby; M/M David Block; M/M Samuel Siraton; Marjorie Baranov, Sylvan Baranov; Tress Hershey, Moe Hershey; Saul Chenkin, Eve Chenkin, Samuel Hindel; M/M Henry Weinberger; Mrs. George Shelley; M/M Zel Camiel and son (Stanton), Alvin Borne, Bonnie and cyuril Press, Paul Nestor, Julie Straton, Jerry Solof, M/M Briskman/ M/ M Lebb; Sandor Goldberger; M/M Abe Bronstone; Edward Mitchel Moss Jr, Dr Ed Moss, Elaine Bronstone Moss; M/M Frederick Fishman; Susan Rebecca Fishman; Sam Fishman, Helen Fishman; Esther Siegel; Esther Herz; Mrs. Lena Jacobson; Barbara Shames; Marshal Naiman; Dave Stotsky; Dick Levi; Sig Stein, Blanche Stein, M/M Tarr; M/M Jack Gross

            Abe Solov Birth day party – M/M Abe Solov; Mrs. Anna Oakley, Lou Orbitz; Maurice Solov, Rose Sloane, Harry Wolff; M/M Phil Hi8mmelstein; Mr. Sid Fink; M/M Joseph Solov; MM Abe Solov.

            Tifereth Israel Sisterhood – Mrs. Abe Ratner, Mrs. Monroe Levens, Mrs. Louis Addleson, Harris Rubel, Betty Solomon, Harry Mallen, Moton Solomon, Morton Thaler, Andrea Beck, Sherry Rae Newman, Elene Gordin, Pauline Ratner.  Mrs. Sid Smith, Mrs. Morris Pomeranz, Mrs. Lester Cooper, Mrs. Fred Kaufman, Mrs. Morrris Levenson, and Mrs. Ben Mallen

            Hadassah – Mrs. Gabriel Berg; Mrs. Anedythe Halprin: Mrs. Manuel Hafner;

            Jr. Hadassah—Mrs. Harold Lehrer, Mrs. William Barkin, Mrs. Morie Wax, Mrs. Seymour Saltzman, Mrs. Robert Epstein, MRs. Ben Press, Mrs. John Linette, MRs. Harold Schneider.

            JCRA – Mrs. Anna Shelley and Mrs. Bessye Siegel,

            Beth Jacob Auxiliary –Mrs. George Shelley, Rabbi Stern,

            Birdie Stodel Chapter BB – Jennie Siner, Bessie Siegel; Bess Schissell; Sarah Geller, Marie Richards; Betty Freedman; Rose Tepper; Jeanne Camiel; Ann Mash; Rose Barries; Ethel Berwin; Esthher Scwartz, Jeanne Camiel


Page 5 – Sports

            Lou Mogy, Sports Around Town—Lou Angager, Jack Jacobson, Joe Schloss, Joe Kitaen, Harry Wax, Dave Frank, Sam Smith, Frank Pomeranz, Paul Nestor, Ted Rosenfeld, Abe Dubin, Carl Esenoff, Maurice Weinberger, Morris Breitbard, Edward M. Saron, Hyman Effron; Lee Greenbaum, Irwin Schulman, Harry Bennett, Lou Moorsteen, Herman Sarfan; George Grossmeyer; Sol Rosenberg; Art Glickman , Morry Levenson; Rabbi Monroe Levens, Chub Silver, George Gottlieb, Bea Townes; Dr. Fred Hollandewr, Marshall Zukor; Anne Kantor; Florence Brown; Freda Mallen; Charles Rowbens; Side Goldstein; Dr. Ed Levy; Dr. McClendon; Mrs. Eli Levenson; Mrs. David Schissell; Mrs. Murray D. Goodrich; Berman brothers; Ralph Hosnpud; Abe Ratner; Eve Cehenkin, Sol Chenkin, Vic Schulman, Helen Schulman, Julius Brown, Florence Brown; Irwin Kahn, Anita Kahn, Archie Schoenkopf, Ann Schoenkopf, Joe Spatz, Ralph Feldman

            Guardians – Lou Mogy,

            Red Borscht, Nu—Bess snyder, max zemen, sally ratner, al slayen, rex jacobson, lolita schwitkis, lou mogy, maryan doctor; Al Schuss; (Murray Goodrich), Sol Price, J. Brown, etc. , Bill Starr; Rabbi Levens,  Mickey Katz, M/M Don Gogrell: M/M Lou Solof, Hary Demsey, Irving Herts; D/M. L. Levitt.


Page 6

            Ida Nasatir,  City Boy

            Jeanette Learner—Speaking of peaking ----florence Seltzer, Ewddie Platt, George Stanley, Esther Hertz, Esther Siegal; Evelyn Baranov; Betty Slayen, Ann Elvove, Jessica Evolve, Ben Elvove,  Sylvia Bard, Myrtle Elias, Lou Solomon, Esther Kramer, Hy Kramer, Ethel Solomon; Lou Lipton.


Page 7   Junior Press

            Linda Solof, Linda’s Lookout –Gordon Levitt, Harvey Levitt, Lou Kleinman, Neil Kleinman, Peter Klinman, Sandra Schissell, Stephen Gordon, Joan Breitbard, Harriet Silverman, Adrain Cantor, Gary Cantor, Joel Mogy, Maxine Schoenkopf, Joyce Addleson, Stanton Camiel,Don Kobernick, Ethel Schwartz, Jerry Levens, David Levens, Edwin Rosenthal, Linda Solof, Phyllis Mollick, Ellen Rivers, Estelle Berwin, Leonard Naiman, Roslyn Burdman, Elaine Burdman, Marilyn Kruger, Son Seider, Sandra Schissell, dean Greenberg, Jack Pearl, Roann Tepper, Ada Picaisen, Edith Press, Beverly Addleson, Barbara Mallen, Harvey Cohen Jerry Schissell, Bobby Recht, Horace Meyers, Bob Walland, Mat Strauss, Beverly Cohen, Al Davidson, Ira Shames, Bonnie Zahalsky, Bert Epstein, Shirley and Sammy Krasner, Shirley Friedman, Jerry Ross, Sally Turne, Joe Goldfuss, Frances Winicki, Lena Winicki, Howard Esterson, Alice Lo0Ziommer, Barbara Shames, Burton Sharp, Beverly Mash; Sherry Newman, Arthur Pogrell, Jeremy Lustig; Sandy Ratner, Harry Ratner, Steven Shulman, Beverly Addleson, Lou Kleimnman, Robert Meyers, Gary Breitbard; Sherry Newman, Linda Douglas, Douglas DeSure; Linda Solof, Ernie Addleson, Lou Kleinman, Edmund Rosenthal, Don Kobernic, Harvey Levitt; Alvin Cohen, Jean Goldstein, Larry Cantor, Bobby Beck, Joel Mogy, Adrian cantor, Gary Cantor, Ernie Addleson, Linda Solof, Janet Solof, Susanm Sholof, Debra Schulman, Michel Brown, Larry Addleson, Allan Douglas, Victor Druskin, Bradley Doctor, Janice Asner, Jeffrey Hollander, Ronda Esenoff, Jerry Newman, Carolyn Meyers; Rochelle Goodrich, Jane Cohn, Sharlene Stone, Brenda Heiman, Linda Douglas, Maxine Schoenkopf, Marsha Cohen, Susan Levy, Carol Levy; Ernie Addleson, Donn Kkobernick, Judy Greenspon


            Bobbie Solomon, Collegiates N. Intermejits – Elene Gordon, Joel Goldfus, Sandra Schissell, Don Goldman, Dave Tibias, Bonnie Zahalsky, Mort Gandelman, Bobbie Recht, Howard Esterson, Arlene Goldy, Jerry Sanissell, Nancy Weitzen, Herb Solomon, Lee Winiki. Fran Winiki, Lary Gross, Carolyn Silverman; Rabbi Kohn, Al King, Herb Solomon;  Evelyn Mirsky, David Krinitsky, Sylvia Winiki, Ed Millsberg, Sylvia Gendlman, Dick Schlieker, Esabelle Banks, Mort Gendelman, Arlene Glickman, Fred Weitzen; Louise Ruzwick, Dee Wyner, Jack Gross, Larry Gross, Teddie Feldman, Carolyn Kobernick , Tony Adler, Harvery Ferrer, Jack Gross, Teddie Feldman, Joan Steinman, Gladys Balsam, Dee Wyner, Carolyn Silverman, David Krinitsky, Richard Krinitsky,  Sid Stokes, Marilyn Schissell, Polly Tavuss, Milton Katz, Ed Millsberg, Mel Wolf, Ethel Wolf, Sandra Margulis, arthur Margulis, Esther Weitzman, Jerry Selasco,  Buddy Berenson, Hermoine Cohn, Joan Steinman, Berta Rosnfeld, Bert Nestor, Charlotte Pearl,  Bob Berman, Celia Zahalsky, Lou Anfanger, Roslyn Anfanger/



Page 8

            San Diego Hebrew Home for the Aged –Samuel Addleson, Victor Schulman Zel Greenberg,  Carl Esenoff, Bernice Esenoff, Gertrude Harris, Jean Rosenthal, Max Gardner, Sam Sosna, Harry Farb, Sam Sklar, Harry Snyder, Arthur Glickman, Mrs. Al Krasnow.

            Sheveous Marks Confirmation – Allan Goodman, Leonard Naiman, Donald Solomon, Barbara Shames, Florence Olf, Barbara Mallen, Roann Tepper.

            Ceremony May 30—I. Jacobson, Sam Druskin, M.S. Berlin, Paul Nestor.

            Readers Send Greetings – Anna Brooks, Hyman S. Wolf, Mrs. M.G. Straus; Jeanne Camiel.

            Roxy’s Open New Television Store – Bernard Lipinsky

June 1949, Southwestern Jewish Press
Page 1 – Leaders spur activities to complete 1949 Fund Drive – Mrs. Jennie Burnett, Mrs. Max Gardner, Mrs. R.D. Goodrich, MRs. Jack Gross, Mrs. Rodin Horrow, Mrs. George Neumann, Mrs. Sam Perlmutter, Mrs. Abe Ratner, MRs. Victor Schulman, Mrs. Abe Sklar, Mrs. Esther Sommers and Mrs. Harry Snyder; Mrs. Nathaniel Ratner, Mrs. Gabrial Berg; Mrs. Selma Getz; Mrs. Samuel Ratner, Gabrial Berg, MRs. Saul Chenkin, Mrs. Louis Steinman;  Victor Schulman, Harry Malon; Its penter, Sam Russin, Al Newman, Milt Roberts, Crl Esenoff, Yale Naliboff, Mrs. Harold Lehrer, Arthur L. Cohen, Bill Schwartz, Harry Felson

            Shevous Service Feature Confirmations – (photos) Barbara Mallon, Allan Goodman, Barbara Shames, Rabbi Morton Cohn, Florine Olf, Leonard Naiman, Roann Tepper, Donald Solomon…… Jerry J. Levens, Betty Jo Kaufman, Ethel Dorris Schwartz, Gary Yale Breitbard, Edith Claire Zpress, Estelle Reva Berliner, Ada Picaizen, Moses Shapov….Nat Schiller, Mrs. M.D. Goodrich, Murray Goodrich, Isadore Jacobson, Mrs. Sidney Newmann, Alex J. Newman.

            Hillel Awards Interfaith Scholarships at San Diego State College – Henry Weinberger, Barbara Wahler, Steinman, Arline Blumer.   Dr. Ernest M. Wolf, Mrs. Steinman;

            Letters—Ernest M. Wolf


p. 3  Ida Nasatir, “This Is Israel”

            JCRA – Alban Barkley, Morris Fishbein, Mrs. Esther Schwartz

            Welfare Society Adds New Service –Jeanette Tobias, Morrie Douglas

            Birdie Stodel Chapter B’nai B’rith –Mrs. Abe Corenson, Bess Schissell, Celia Schwartz, Ruth Aranoff, Vicki Silvera, Sarah Gellar, Jeanne Camiel, Martha Fieler, Dose Tepper… Jeanne Camiel.


Page 4 – Pearl Lieberman, “The Way We Heard It_--Milton Fox, Edna Fox, M/M Jack Gross; Rueben Aved, Mrs. Louis Frommer, Mrs. Esther Stein, Morris Stein, Mrs. Sarah Fisher, Mrs. Bessie Fink; Harry Brussels, Mrs Raymond S. Toole, Carol Jean Toole, M/M Stanley Smith; Bob Smith, Libby Smith; M/M Sol Goldstein, Mort Thaler, Linda Louise Thaler; Mrs. Harold Lehrer, Lennie Schneider, Albert Klug, Vera Leehrer, M/M Harold Dobbs; Mrs. Gabriel Berg, Mrs. Louis Schissell, Mrs. Emily Nahem, M/ M A. Silvera, M/M Martin Borenstein (Doris Schusterman) M/M Ben Ornstein, Ileen Ornstein, Stanley Ornstein; M/M Abe Coploan; Jerry Tappin; M/M Eli Lindenfeld, M/M Reuben Fleischman, M/M Abe Solov, Maurice Solov, M/M Niel Himmelsein, Ray Bass, Micke3y Katz, Billy Gray, Pearl Lieberman, Al Neumann, Harry Dempsey , Pearl Ruskin, Louis Solof, Gloria Kirsten, Jimme Effron., M/M A.L. Solof; M/M Ben Gordon; M/M Nathan Zahalsky; Lillian Zahalsky, William Burnett, Reitha Burnett

            Daughter born to Rabbi and Mrs. Stern – RM Baruch Stern; Dena Stern; Stephan Stern.

            Moorsteens Present Junior Charity League Gift to Infants in Israel – M/M Lou Moorstein, M/M Len Schleider

            Ida Nasatir on Speaking Tour

            Junior Hadassah – Mrs. Harold Lehrer, Mrs. Ben Press.

            Abrams-Levitsky Engagement Told – M/M William Abrams; Rosanne Abrams; Moses I. Levitsky.


Page 5  -- Lou Mogy, Sports Around Town – Ted Schiller , Sherman Cole,  Harry mallen, Jack Jacobson, Harold Strauss, Morrie Wax, Aaron adler, Lou Anfanger, Lou Pollock, Dave Anfanger, Herman Cohen, Joe Kitaen, Jack Sigler, Julie Schneider, Ben Press, Yale Naliboff, Carl Naliboff, Manny Haffner, Rabbi Moise Bergman, Sam Bennett, Harry Addis, Dan Schwartz,  Jack Gross, Harry Wax, Irwin Schulman, Dave Schissel, Murray Goodrich, Irwin Kahn, Dave Stotsky, George Neumann, Jack Dembo, Zel Breenberg, Allie Ferrer, Irwin Kahn, Freda Mallen, Andrea Beck, Sam Addleson, Morry Levenson, Lou Mogy, Al De Sure, Sam Fisher, Phil Kantor, George Hart, Lester Cooper, Arthur Glickman, M/M Harry Sugarman, M/M Lou Steinmann, ,/m David Doctgor, D/M Fred Hollander, M/M Harry Farb, M/M Vic Schulman, M/m Jack Gross, M/M Julius Brown, M/M Morey Levenson, M/M Bill Solof/ M/M Leo Beck, M/M Ted Brenner, </M Herna Sarfan/ M/M Lorry Cantor; M/M Harry Snyder/ M/M Milton Silverman; M/M Arthur Gardner; Arthur blake; Lou Karp, Dave Block, Ben Rubin, Sol Price, Henry Witte; Syril Press, lee Lehrer, Lennie Schneider, Mickey Averick, Bob Polash…

            Guardians – Lou Mogy

            Paole Zion – Sam Slayen, Mordicai Schaefer;

            “Red Borscht,” Nu? –Sam Rassin, Leo Sarfan, ale Kahn, Abe Kahn, Maryan Doctor, David Doctor;


Page 6 Ladies Auxiliary SD Post No 185 JWV of the US—Nixie Kern, M/M Allan Lame, M/M David Brooks; Mae Wiener; Lillian Yukon

            Tifereth Israel Sisterhood – Rabbi Morton Cohn, Mrs. Sidney Newman; Mrs. Sam Moder, Mrs. Paul Moss, Mrs. Julius Penn, Mrs. Milton Pokrass, Mrs. Frank Pomeranz, Mrs. Charles Press, MRs. Ben Press, Mrs. Henry Price, Mrs. Marco Ratner, Mrs. Woodrow Ratner… Mrs. Ben Gordon, Mrs. Zel Greenberg, Mrs. Laury Cantor.

            Women’s Chapter Samuel I. Fox Lodge – Mrs. Pear Zwick, Matilda Green; Reva Garvin, eva Berger, Pearl Zwick, Goldie Talon, Lillian Yukon.

            New Clubhouse for Purple Hearts – Jules Newmark


Page 7, The Junior Press

            Registration Opens for Day Camp –Albert A. Hutler, Bill Rushworth

            Alpha Phi Pi—Sylvia Horowitz, Mrs. Carl Naliboff, Teddy Feldman, Leslie Steffel, Alice Low-Zimmer, Lenora Schneider, Syril Press, Barbara Solomon, Jerry Schneider, Irv Belenson

            Bobbie Solomon, Collegiates n intermejits—Shirley Sarfan, Burt Epstein, Rose Samuels, Dave Krinitsky, Estelle Addleson, Ben Seigel,  Anna Samson, Norman Holtzman, Nancy Strauss, Calvin Green Bobbie Marks, Myron Shelley, Arlene Solof; Esther Weitzman, Jack Berliner, Polly Tauss, Lou Gaylord, Ruth Alschuler, Ted Tadman, Herb Gardner, Esther Mador, Sid Stokes, Teddie Feldman; Arlene Glickman, Fred Weitzen,  Julie Garber, Anne Weinstein, Gloria Kirstin, Milton Efrom, Ben Siegel, Betty and Leonard Sheer, Stew Naliboff, Marily Schissell, Milton Katz, Teddy Feldman, Larry Solomon, Lou King, Pat Blumber, Arline Blumer, Ted Colton, Sam Hinton,  Sid Stokes, Carilyn Schissel, Max Gendelsman, Evelyn Mirsky, Esther Weitzman, Syvia Winiki;  Cryil Press Jr., Gerry Schneider; Alice Low-Zimmer; Teddie Feldman; Lennie Schneider, Jr.; Bobbie Solomon, Arline Blummer; Ted Colton; Larry Solomon; Harry Schoenfeld, Arline Blummer; Ten Mintz; Jack Gross, Larry Gross; Carolyn Kobernick; Bernie Lansky.

            Linda Solof—Linda’s Lookout –Ethel Schwartz, Jerry Levens, Edith Press, Moses Shapov, Ada Picaizen, Joe Winiki, Betty Jo Kaufman, Gary Breitbard, Estelle Berlinger; Barbara Shames, Donald Solomon, Woody Olf, Alan Goodman; Roann Tepper; Leonard Naiman, Barbara Mallen; Roger Brenes, Larry Zlotoff; Irving Silvera; Glenda Pollack; Sandra Lippin; Eddie Naiman; Brenda Helman; Sheila Stone; Florence Krasner; Jane Cohen; Arthur Pogrell; Jeremy Lustig; Rochelle Goodrich; Joel Mogy and David Ruskin;  Beverly Addleson; Shirley Krasner; Donald Solomon; Leonard Naiman; Barbar Mallen; Beverly Mash; Jerry Levens; Betty Jo Kaufman; David Cantor; Barbara Shames; Wooy Olf, Roann Tepper; Alan Goodman; Edith Press; Estelle Berlinger; Ida Picaizen; Ruth Blat; Sandra Cole; Moses Shapov; Joe Winiki;  Roslyn Burdman, Estelle Berwin; Phyllis mollick, Gary Greitbard, don kobernick, Stanton Camiel, David Cantor, Harvey Levitt; Ernie Addleson, Reitha Stokes, EileneRivers, Elaine Burdman; Pualine Ratner, Jerry Levens; Janet Solof ,Susan Solof ,Sonya Weitzman; Lynn Jacobs, Neil Kleinman, Florence Krasner, Arleen Cohen, Dennis Naiman; Brahna Lauger, Janet Solof, Susan Solof, Harriet Silverman; Maxine Schonkopf, Ronda Esenoff, Arline Silberman, Maxine Schonkopf, Harriet Silverman, Rochelle Goodrich, Jane Cohen, Joan Breitbard, Adrian Cantor, Neil Kleinman, Susanne Hutler, Aline Silberman, Terry Kitaen, Eugene Parker, Alvin Cohen, Janet Solof, Susan Solof, Martin Schiller, Spencer Mendell, Roann Tepper, Al Davidson, Beverly Mash, Joel Berry, Edith Press, Jerry Schissell, Barbara Shames, Burton Sharp, Ada Picaizen, Jack Pearl, Beverly addleson, Jerry Levens, Woody Olf, Jerry Silverman, Betty Jo Kaufman, Lenny Bloom, Gilbert Dembo; Buddy Recht, Douglas De Sure; Jane Cohen; Frances Winiki, Roann Tepper, Esther Weinstock, Beverly addleson, Edith Press, Shirley Krasner, Barbara Shames, Sandra Shissell, Ida Picaizen, Eleanor Addleson.


July 1949 Southwestern Jewish Press

            Page 1 – Clubs in review

            United Jewish Fund—Eli H. Levenson, Morrie Douglas, Saul Chenkin, Sol Price, Mrs. Gabriel Berg, Max Rabinowitz, Esther Siegel, Irwin Wohl,  Sol Chenkin, Louis Steiman, Mrs. Nathaniel Ratner, Mrs. Gabriel Berg.

            Temple Youth League – Morton J. Cohn,  Sammy Krasner

            AZA – jerry schissell
            Hillel – Rabbi M.J. Cohn, Kay Kraus

            Lasker Lodge B’nai B’rith – William B. Schwartz, Morrie S. Kraus, Jerome P. Freedman, Ralph Feldman, Lou Mogy, Sam Kimmel, Edward Baranov, al Doctor, Zel Greenberg, Manny Silberman, Jack Dembo, Marshall Naiman, Sidney Goldstein, Edward Breitbard, Morrie Douglas, Eli Levenson, Henry Weinberger, Ted Schiller, Dr. Stuart Cole, Maurice Hamburger, Lou Mogy, Harry Addis, Sam Bennett, Danny Schwartz, Morrie Douglas, Gil Shatz, Manny Silberman, Sid Goldstein, Harry Mallen, Milt Roberts, Ed Solomon.

            Beth Jacob Congregation – A. A. Abramson, Morrie Kraus, Ralph Hosenpud, Rabbi Baruch Stern, Phillip Mollick, Anna Shelley.

            Council of Jewish Women – Mrs. Adolph Robinson, Mrs. Louis Steinman; Mrs. Sam Waldman; Mrs. David Horowitz; Mrs. David Doctor; MRs. William Moss; Mrs. Harry Kaufmann; Mrs. Joseph Goldhammer; Mrs. Al Morris; Mrs. Carl Esenoff; Mrs. Sue Gruenberg.

            Jolly Sixteen—Mrs. Miriam Rubin, Mrs. Tillie Rittoff, Mrs. Helen Selditz, Al Neumann, Sol Chenkin, Harry Klaskin, Mrs. Carl Esenoff, Paul Nestor, Robert Gordon, Milon Berenson, Mrs. Morris Breitbard, Mrs. Ted Brenner, Mrs. Lester Cooper, MRs. Mary Kantor, Mrs. George Neumann, Mrs. H. Lipinsky, Mrs. Harris Rubel, Mrs. Lou Steinman, Mrs. Arthur Glickman, Mr.s Paul Nestor.

           Samuel I Fox Lodge 1747 Bnai Brith – Cottage of Israel, Rabbi Moise Bergman,  Irving N. Cohen

            TTifereth Israel Men’s Club –Al Newman, Moe Berlin, Arthur Gardner, Moe Hershey, Ben Levenson, Sam Druskin, Herny Bowman, Sidney Newman, Moss Addleson, Max Brody, William Gordon, Ben Mash, Paul Nestor, Its Penter. Judge A.F. Molina.

            JCRA—Anna B. Brooks

            Yo-Ma-Co—Ray Lowitz, Frank Black, Hi Kitaen, Charlotte Frelander, Florence Pearl, Dave Cohen, Jim Holmes.

            Pioneer Women – Florence Conway, Anne Shelley, Cantor Seltz, Eleanor Gordon, Rose Weitzman, Eleanor Gordon, Dora Richlin, Pauline Press, Eleanor Gordon, Miss Richlin, Dov Abramis< Sarah Tatelbaum, Rabbi Stern, Frieda Marks, Rose Lansky, Pauline Press, Esther Weitzman, Fika Salzman, Ms. Gendelman, Ms. Shaffer , Eleanor Gordon

            Jewish War Veterans Post 185 –Manuel S. Fisher, Harry Aronoff, Sam Klug, Morton J. Cohn, Ralph Feldman, Allan Lame, David Brooks, Dave Frank,  Harry aronoff, Joe Shifrenson, Joe Spatz,

            Junior Charity League –Esther . Moorsteen; Ray Solomon, Helen Fishman, Beebe Goldhammer

            Beth Jacob Auxiliary – Anna Shelley

            Junior Matrons – Mrs. Herbert Haimsohn, Mrs Richard derding;  Mrs. Max Nelson; Mrs. Martin Borenstien; Mrs. Max Glaser; Mrs. Joseph Schwartz; Mrs. Sidney Rubin; MRs. Irvin Kravitz; Mrs. Robert White; Mrs. Edmund Brierer; Mrs. Howard Hoffman, MRs. Robert Penn.

            Birdie Stodel Bnai Brith – Mrs. Esther Cole, Mrs. Sophie Himmel; Mrs. Celiaa Schwartz.

            Guardians of San Digo—Louis Steinmann, Murray Goodrrich, Morey Levenson, Lou Mogy, Sam addleson, Sam Druskin, Arthur Glickman, Leo Beck.

            San Diego Hebrew Home for the Aged – Sam Addleson, Vic Schulman, Zell Greenberg, Carl Esenoff, Bernice Esenoff, Jean Rosenthal, Gertrude Harris, Mrs. Saul Chenkin, Lou  Steinman, Mrs. Rose Neumann, M.S. Berlin, Mrs Saul Chenkin,  M/M Harry Epsten, Mrs. Rebecca Weinberger, Mrs. Lee Greenberg, Lou Mogy,

            San Diego Hebrew Home for the Aged Auxiliary – Mrs. Zel Greenberg; Mrs. William L. Moss, Mrs. Maurice Feldman, Mrs. Paul Nestor; Mrs. Vern R. Shelly; Mrs. Arthur Glickman; Mrs. Moe Hershey; Mrs. Benjamin Harris; Mrs. Gabriel Berg; Mrs. Milo Berenson; Mrs. Edward Binder; Mrs. Max Brody; Mrs. Ida Coleman; Mrs. Paul Cudney; Mrs. Joseph Goldhammer; Mrs. Selma Getz; Mrs. Bernard Levinson; Mrs. Its Penter; Mrs. Harry Rostnthal; Mrs Nathan Rubin; Mrs. Harris Rubel; Mrs Abe Sackheim; Mrs. Harry Schwartz; Mrs. Sam Sosna; Mrs. Saul Chenkin; Mrs. David Greenberg; Mrs. Sol Addis; Mrs. Alex Newman; Mrs. Al Neumann; Mrs. Frances Berenson; Mrs. Lou Schissel; Mrs. Sidney Newman; Mrs Sam Addleson; Mrs. Zel Greenberg.

            Hadassah – Mrs. Gabriel Berg, Mrs. David Halpern,

            Junior Section of Senior Hadassah – Mrs. Harvey Steinman, Mrs. Harold Leher; Mrs. Eugene Janoff; Mrs. Robert White


Page 4

            Pearl Lieberman – The Way we heard it – M/M George Solomon, Lois Berkenstadt, Dr. Edward Berkenstadt. Leslie Joe Burnett; Mrs. Louis Stitzel; Mrs. Shirley Rebuf; m/M Paul Stottlin, D/M Sherwood; M/M Sam Moder; Mrs. Jennie Siner; Bernie Siner, Barbara Siner; Betty Furst; Pauline Rubel and Morton Furst; Mrs. Moe Schwartz (Marcella Schwartz); M/M Henry Goldy; M/M Steinman; Mickey Averick; Mrs. Ben Press; Al Shapiro; Rabbi Monroe Levens; M/M Max Averick; M/M Max Belenzon, Al Neumann, Julius Levine; Mrs. Ben Mallen, Esther Siegel; M.M Abe Ratner, Pauline Ratner, Sandy Ratner.

            Pollacks Move into New Home – Lou Pollack, Ida Pollack; Julia Klaskin, Harry Klaskin; Evelyn Roberts, Milt Roberts; Natalie Smith, Sid Smith; Morrie Douglas, Lee Douglas; Ed Janowsky, May Janowsky; Bobby Lipin; Bill Lipin; Judy Hammill; Ted Hammill; Claire Kaplan, Joe Kaplin; m/m N. Raitzas, Lillian Newman, Sid Newman, Gertrude Sarfan, Leo Sarfan; Rose Schneiderman; Eleanor Smith; M/M Robert Smith (Libby Smith).

            M/M Elias Berwin; Shirley Weis, Oscar Saul, Mrs. Bella Saul.

            Friends Surprise Louis Bickmans --Louis Bickman, Sylvia Blackman; Anne Levine, Jay Levine, Ruth Esterson, Mack Esterson, Natalie Smith, Sid Smith, Mary Stone, Mickey Stone, Lillian Newman, Sid Newman, Ruth Newman, Al Newman, Sadie Berenson, Milo Berenson, Jerry Starr, George Starr, Rozelle Starr, Dave Starr, Libby Krasnow, All Krasnow, Diane Pomeranz, Frank Pomeranz, Anne and Abe Ratner, Sally Ratner, Nate Ratner, Tilly  Gordon, Ben Gordon, Lillian Williamson, Otto Williamson, Ruth Stone, Art Stone, Sarah Harrow, Hod Harrow.

            Herbert Newmark Wins LLB Degree-Hebert Newmark, M/M J.B. Newmark.

            Welcome Back – Martha Feiler, Pearl Lieberman

            Effron-Kirstein Recite Vows – Gloria Kirstein, Milton Effron, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Mrs. Molly Kirstein, Linda Solof, Janet Solof, Susan Solof, Lynn Jacobs; Jimmy Effron,  Leonard Effron, Eugene Berger; M/M A.L. Solof.

            Son Born to Niedermans – Jerry Niederman, Ann Niederman, Mark Barrett Niederman, Michael Niederman; M/M Morris Niederman.

            (seaparate) –Eugene Berger, Lilo Berger, Miles Leonard Berger; M/M Sam Brooks; Mrs. Fannie Hirt.

            Lena Domnitz Dies at 82 – Lena Gertrude Domnitz, Isaac Domnitz, Ezra C. Domnitz, Hadarah Chimnick.


            Page 5 Lou Mogy, Sports Around Town –Bob Goodwin, Harry Wax, Morris Wax, Danny Schwartz, Dr. Fred Hollander, Betty Penter, Its Penter, Harry Snyder, Al DeSure, Archie Schoenkopf, Murray D. Goodrich, Sam Fisher, Diane Fisher, Henry Price; Lou Klinger, David Block, Jack Jacobson, Helen Schulman, Victor Schulman, Its Penter, Ralph Hosenpod.


            Page 6 – JWV and Auxiliaries Convention Held – Nixie Kern, Joe Solomon, Ann Wager, Jean Edelstein, Jean Spatz, Eleanor Smith


            Page 7—Junior Press

Linda Solof –Ethel Schwartz, Pauline Ratner, Sandy Ratner,  Brahna Lauger, Ronda Esenoff, Linda Solof, Janet Solof, Susan Solof, Sue Ann Kleinman, Roslyn Burdman, Elaine Burdman; Riethe Stokes, Ethel Schwartz Bobby Gardner, Harvey Levitt, Linda Solof, Eileen Rivers, Donald Solomon, Nelson Olf, Gloria Abrahamson, Phyllis Mollic, Don(n) Kobernick, Ernie Addlesonm Janet Solof, Rochelle Goodrich, Sharlene Stone, Neil Kleinman, Harry Ratner, Jane Cohen, Brahna Lauger, Sandy Silberman, Alvin Cohen, Goron Levitt, Dennis Naiman, Branda Helman, Susan Solof, Larry Cantor. Arthur Pogrell, Steven Gordon, Seymour Pomeranz; Eddie Press, Beverly Mash, Linda Solof, Joyce Addleson, Henrietta Kahn, Joann Rosenfeld, Betty Jo Kaufman, ada Picaizen, Jerry Schissell, Joel Barry, Jerry Levens, Werner Dreifuss, Joann Rosenfeld, Eddie Press, Roann Tepper, Bobby Recht, Sandra Schissell, Henreitta Kahn, Ada Picaizen, Beverly Mash, Don Goldman, Herby Solomon, Jerry Levens, Joel Barry, Jerry Schissell, Werner Driefuss and Burton Sharp., Fran Winiki, Esther Weinstock, Edie Press, Joann Rosenfeld, Sandra Schissell, Shirley Krasnewr, Roann Tepper, Bobby Recht, Leslie Steffel, Ada Picaisen, Sammy Krasner, Dave Tobias, Bob Wollard, Lennie Bloom, Jery Schissell, Joel Barry, Sam Sosna, Dean Greenberg, Werner Driefuss, Matt Strauss; Elene Gordon, Shirely Weiss, Carol Kaufman, Esther Weinstock, Pauline Ratner, Howard Esterson, Oscar Saul, Don Goldman Herb Solomon, Bow Wollard, Ira Shames, Bernie Asner, Joan Steinman, Elene Gordon, Alan Mishne, Dean Greenberg, Sue Ann Greenberg, Caroline Silverman, Harriet Silverman, Nancy Silverman, Shirley Sarfan, Burton Sharp, Sandra Schoenkopf, Teddy Feldman, Jerry Levens, david Levens, Harvey Bender, Dee Weiner. Arline Solof, Nancy Solof, Larry Gross, Sandra Schissell, Edie Press, Beverly Addleson, Bobby Beck, Beverly Beck, Shiela Lippin, Glenda Pollock, Joel Mogy, Stevie Schulman, Debra Schulman, Harry Ratnewr, Larry Ratnewr, Ronald Doctor, Bartley Doctor, George Weiss, Sherry Newman, Elsa Esterson, Lou Kleinman, Neil Kleinman, Peter Kleinman, Judy Smollar, Gail Kahn, Joan Breitbard, Steven Gordon, Janice Gordon, Gary Breitbard, Stanley Breitbard, Deanne Brown, Michael Brown, Jean Gordon, Gail Gordon, Bobby Gordon, Ronda Esenoff, Gary Cantor, Adrian Cantor, Jane Cohen, Morton Cohen, Rochelle Goodrich.

            Bobbie Solomon, Collegiates and Intermejits –Sandra Schoenkopf, Larry Gross, Arlene Solof, Herb Solomon, Joan Steinmen, Bill Fox, Annabelle Rassin, Ted Mintz, Elene Gordon, Herb Schwartz, Pauline Ratner, Bruce Witte;  Burt Epstein; Arlene Glickman, Fred Weitzen, Revelyn Brenner, Bill Fox, Dee Wyner, Jack Gross; Jack Gross, Larry Gross, Teddie Feldman, Stan Bender, Norm Walker; Celia Zahalsky, Jerry Zweig, Howard Schwitkis, Joan Steinman, Sonya Chenkin, Norm Holtzman, Ellis Jacobson, Burt Epstein, Horace Meyer, Max Gendelman, Larry Solomon, Nancy Weitzen; sCyril Press, Jerry Jaffe, Mrs. Robert White, Mrs. Eugene Janoff; Teddie Feldman, Norman Holtzman, Evely Mirsky, Edith Epstein; M/M Bland; Esther Weitzman.

            Awards Given at Hillel Banquet –Rabbi Morton E. Kaufman,  William Schwartz, Larry Solomon, Jack Berliner, M/M Morrie Kraus; Marilyn Schissell; Maynard Hurwitz; Jean Schwartz; Joe Greaves; M/M Kantor; M./M Wosk;  Arline Blumer; Jerry Jaffe; Evely Mirsky; Elaine Glasser; Ben Rosenthal; Esther Weitzman; Barbara Solomon; Barbara Feinberg; Morrie Frankson; Polly Taves; Ed Millsberg; Max Gendleman; Bert Epstein; Sylvia Winiki, David Krinitski

August 1949, Southwestern Jewish Press:  

 Page 1 – Beth Jacob Congregation to Build on Thirtieth Street Site – Morrie S. Kraus, Ralph Hosenpud, A. Abramson, Rabi Brauch Stern.


  Page 2 – Ida Nasatir, books

            JCRA  -Lena kimmel, Rose Tepper, Goldie Goldstein, Anna Goldstein, Anna Shelley, Roann Tepper, Esther Schwarts, Anna R. Brooks

            Yo-Ma-CO—Edith Gleman, Norman Gelman, Lucille Weisel, Ben Weisel, Jack Spatz, Eleanor Spatz, Harold Keen; Alice Solomon.

            Birdie Stodel Chapter B’nai B’rith – Barbara Shames, Esther Weinstock, Anita Weinstock, Linda Solof, Barbara Mallen, Leliea Steffel, Edith Press, Rietha Stokes, Roann Tepepr;  Mitlon Senn;  Sophie Himmel, Sarah Geller, Anna Brooks; Sophie Himmel; Anna Brooks, Ruth Aranoff; Eshter Schwartz; Ruth Silverman; Betty Gendelman, Rose Tepper; Sally Anfanger; Molly Benzinger; Sarah Geller, Anna Shelley, Ruby Breslauer, Edith Naiman, Goldie Goldstein, Elinor (Eleanor) Gordon and Jeanne Camiel.
            JWV Auxiliary –Jean Spatz, Teresa Furst, William Starr, Joe Spatz, Binnie Brooks

            A Mircale Conceived can Yet become a mirage – Pearl Zwick, Eleanor Gordon, Betty Gendlemen, Eva Checkaway, Golda Myerson
            Senior (Negebod) Pioneer Women—Eleanor Gordon, Rose Abrams, Lee Sporken

            San Diego Bnai Brith Women – Mrs. Irving Cohen, Mrs. Sidney Rose, Mrs. Harold Garvin


Page 3—Society =personals

            Hurwitz-Feinberg Troth – Barbara Jean Feinberg, M/M Nathan Feinberg; Maynard Hurwitz; M/M David Hurwitz;  Rabbi Monroe Levens; Bertha Feinberg, M/M H. Flaschbiner; M/M Lester Fenberg; Barbara Hurwitz; M/M Paul Prinsky; Florence Feinberg, Jim Koebler.

            Bride to be Feted at Shower – Barbara Feinberg, Maynard Hurwitz; Bertha Feinberg; Mrs. Louis Feldman.

             (separate) – George Shelleey, Baruch Stern.

            (separate) D/M David Miller; D/M Morris Kreeger.

             Weiss-Schuman to Recite Vows – M/M Lew M. Weiss Jean Claire Weiss; Richard Hal Schuman; M/M Maurice Schuman; Rabbi Morton J. Cohn;  Mrs. Martin Altshuler; Jean Siegel; Midge Nathan, Vesta Brust; Perry Schuman; Donal P. Hackett, James Appell, Daniel Hay;

            (separates) –M/M Samuel J. Roth, Lena Topel … Arleen Fleishman, </M Reuben Fleishman; Mrs. J.C. Freedman… Mrs. Louis M. Schissell…. D/M J.H. Lippitt, Bernard Lippitt, Murray Lippitt; Mrs. Murray Lippitt and Babara Lippitt….. M/M Harris Rubel; M/M Morry Roth….M/M Ed Price; M/M Sol Blanc… Cissie Reiner; Mrs. Sigmund Stein…

Esther Kommins Honored at Shower – Esther Kommins, Mrs. Lou Kanvasser, Mrs. Sam Kommmins; Mrs. Harold Barad, Lorraine Kommins; Irving Katz; M/M B. Katz.

(separates) – M/M Robert Imberman, Nancy Imberman …..Mrs. Jennie Rubinstein, Mrs. Henry Witte and Mrs. Harry Zimmerman….. M/M Morris Hirsch…. D/M Al Spira…. Rabbi/Mrs Monroe Levens….. M/M Sol Hoffman, M/M Mack Esterson, Elsa Esterson; M/M Sidney Newman…D/M Edward Platt…. Mrs. Betsy Solomon… M/M Lou Zweig, Mrs. Joseph Zweig, Jerry Zweig, Sandra Zweig;

Vows Exchanged in Los Angeles – Mrs. Clara Schatzman, Sidney O. Weiss; Rabbi Katz; M/M Leo Zweibel; Clara Weiss, Sid Weiss, Leonard Weis, Irwin Weiss; Ella Kassoff; M/M M Weiss.

David Starrs Welcome Son – M/M David Starr; Michael Steven Star; LezLee Starr; Mrs. Esther Starr; M/M Leon Zimmerman

(separates) – Mrs. Aaron Bran, Frances Bran, Betty Bran, Shirley Bran; M/M Zel Camiel, Stanton, and Mrs. Anna Shelley….  Hary Klaskin…. Phillip Mollick…C.H. Elias….

Son Born to Howard Peskins – M/M Howard Peskin; Dale Irvin Peskin; M/M Philip Peskin; M/M Joseph Siegel….. M/M Andrew Sanders, Barba Sanders, Dorothy Sanders, Joanny Sanders….. M/M Jack H. Rosenblum; M/M Bernard Rosenblum….. Harvey Learner…. Jeanne Silvera, M/M Harry Silvera, Mrs. A. Silvera…… ad (Mania Shapiro….

Page 4  Red Borscht –Roscoe Porter, Lo Greenbaum, Its Penter, Max Rabinowitz, Irvine Schulman, Sol Rosenberg, Murray Goodrich…lou Pollock, sid Goldstein, M/M Sarfan, Ida Beck, Miriam Goldfarb Maryan Doctor, Bill Solof, Zel Greenberg, Doyle Kahn, Lil Pomeranz.

Lou Mogy, Sports Around Town –Dave Anfanger, M.D. Goodrich, Its Penter, Irv Kahn, Rabbi Bergman, Bob Goodwin, Harry Wax, Morry Wax, Lou Anfanger, “Copon” Rosen, Manny Haffner, Ted Schiller, Sherman Cole.

Harry Shapiro Passing Mourned—Harry Shapiro,  Rabbi Monroe Levens, Mania Shapiro, Sam Hoffman, E. Shapiro.

Page 5 – Linda Solof, Linda’s Lookout –Alan Goodman, Jack Pearl, Alan Gardner, Jerry Levens, sam Sosna, Harvey Bender, Beverly addleson, Ernie Addelson, Al Davidson, Mat Strauss, Jerry Roth, Joel Berry, Dean Greenberg, Lennie Bloom, Burt Sharp, Bud Fisher, Sandra Cole, Betty Jo Kaufman, Marian Fineburg, Edie Press, Roann Tepper, Ada Picaizen, Barbara Shames, Shirley Krasner, Bobbie Recht, Sandy Schissell.  Beverly Addleson, Burt Sharp, Sandy Schissell, gary Smith, Bev Mash,  Burt Sharp, Edie Press, Bernie Asner, Dean Greenberg, Arlene Kalrin, Howie Hertz, Ricke Hertz,  Gerald Hertz, Seymour Hertz, John Hertz, Frank Battat, Harry Battat, Ralph Battat, Linda Solof, Janet Solof, Susan Solof; Shirley Krasner, Matt Strauss, Beverly Addleson, Bernie Asner, Roann Tepper; Jerry Roth; Abby Glaser, Pauline Glaser, Ada Picaizen, Burt Shjarp, Dean Greenberg, Jerry schissell, Sandy Schissell, Edie Press, Betty Jo Kaufman, Harry Bender, Joe Winiki; Teddy Feldman, Carolyn Silverman, Nancy Solof, Arline Solof, Shirley Berenson, Dee Wyner, Sandra Schoenkopf, Shirley May Sarfan, nancy Weitzen, Beverly Addleson, Lora Dean Addleson, Joan Steinman, Eleen Gordon, Paul Frederick Levine, Johnny Ruden, Iris Kolender, Marlene Kolender, Harvey Smith, Stephen Jay Horrow, Lynne Barbar Bender, Sheila Beth Smith, David Feldstein, Pamela Rassman, Judy Murray, Bobbie Smith, Harvey Sugarman, Gayle Sugarman, Mark Breier, Richard Shaw, Joel Haffner, Merle Krasnow, Odette Krasnow, Jerry Krasonow, Michael Rassman, Judy Smolar, Diane Einstein, Richard Einstein, Scotty Cook, Gayle Bobroff; Harriet Freeman, Janice Gordoon, Johnny Ruden, david Alan Gordon, David Alan Sperber, Jerry Solof, Shiela Smith, Molly Ann Freeman, Sheldon Zeeman, Larry Addleson, Elaina Shapov, Bert Epstein, Leslea Steffel, Dave Tobias Alice Low-Zimmer, Zane Feldman, Barbara Shames, Dean Greenberg, Shirley Krasner, Matt Strauss, Esther Weinstock, Werner Dreifuss, Anita Weinstock, Herb Wenig, Debora Solomon, Herb Solomon, Shirley Krasner, Roann Tepper, Edie Press, Beverly Mash, Sandra Schissell, Esther Weinstock, Anita Weinstock, Woody Olf, Barbara Shames, Fran Winiki, Lee Winicki, Shirley Krasner; Raphael Levens, Larry Addleson, Phillip Brenes, Bartley Doctor, Jerry Newman, Nancy Goodman, Stweart Mallen, David Levens. Betty Jo Kaufman, Jerry Schissell, Bev Mash, Lennie Bloom, Jerry Levens, Sandra Schissell, Bernie Asner, Edie Press, Matt Strauss, Shirley Krasner, Jerry Roth, Roann Tepper, Beverly Addleson; David Levens, Sherry Newman, Sheila Lippin, Arlene Mallen, Norman Kalish, Freeddy Bender. Jerry Krasne, Elene Gordon, Sammy Krasner, Shirley Krasner, Zane Feldman, Beverly Addleson, Oscar Saul, Shirley Weiss, Roann Tepper, nancy Green, nancy Weitzen, Ada Picaizen, edie Press, Jerry Levens, Shearn Platt, Jerry Schissell, Sandy Schissell, Joel Goldfuss, Barba Shames, Ira Shames, Bob Woller, Esther Weinstock, Art Belenzon, Leslie Steffel, Dave Tobias, Matt Strauss, Sam Dimenstein, Jack Pearl, bert Epstein, Barba Sharp, Lennie Bloom, Barba Mallen, Beverly Mash, Betty Jo Kaufman, Jerry roth, Joan Rosenfeld, Carol Kaufman, Andrea Beck, Michael Brown, Deborah Schulman, Penny Rosen, Monty Rosen; Jerry Levens, Jerry Schissell, Betty Jo Kaufman, Harvey Bender, Edie Press, Al Davidson, Roan Tepper, Douglas DeSure, Barbara Mallen, Ada Picaizen, Dean Greenberg, sandy Schissell, Matt Straus, Bev Addleson, Jerry Roth, Jeol Berry; Roann Tepper, Lesle Steffel; Barbara Shames, Lina Solof, Esther Weinstock, Anita Weinstock, Edie Press, Reitha Stokes, Barbara Mallen; Shearn Platt; Marily Kruger, David Kruger.

            Beta Tau – Richard Silberman, Bruce Witte, Sheldon Sackheim, Al Tepper, Jerome Zweig; Sheldom Sackheim, Richard Silberman, Sheldon Sackheim.

            Hear about Brandeis – Sid Stokes

            Gala Weekend Planned by TYL – Herbert Solomon, Frances Winicki, Ira Shames, Jerry schissell, Pauline Ratner, Carol Kaufman; Elene Gordon

            Solomon Attends Youth Conference –Herbert Solomon

            Bobbie Solomon – Collegiates N’ Intermejits – Larry Solomon, Melvin Kirsner, Shelley Sackheim, Shirely Berenson, Dick Silberman, Arlene Solof, Lenny Lieberman, Gladys Balsam, Irwin Schwartz, Pauline Ratner, Bruce Witte, Marcelline Hosenpud, Sid Stokes, Carolyn Kobernick, Irwin Sklar, Sandra Schonkopf, Ira Shames.  Rabbi Cohn, Elene Gordon, Zane Feldman, Sandra Schissell, Sammy Krasner, Carol Kaufman, Ira Shames, Edith Press, Jerry Roth, Art Belenzon, Joel Goldfarb; Sandra Schoenkopf, Calvin Green; Gladys Baalsam, Max Gendelman, Jerry Krasner, Jill Cooper, M/M Lester Cooper; Myron Shelley, Connie Kronick; Norm Holtzman, Evelyn Mirsky Teddie Felman, M/M Bland; Edith Epstein; Esther Weitzman;  Caroly Silverman, Barbara Feinberg, Annabelle Rassin, bert Rosenfeld, Ethel Wolf, Ruth Altshuler, Evelyn Mirsky; Delores Wyner

            (separate) – Gary Zweig


 September 1949, Southwestern Jewish Press

            Page 3– Make Fall Plans For community Center – Irwin Wohl, Morris Douglas,

                        Closing Program Climaxes Day Camp – Mrs. William Burnett

            Page 4 – Congress Chapter Inaugurated Here – M/.M A. Louis Solof, Rabbi Leonard A. Greenberg, Mel Springer, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Louis Lipsky, Judge Ben Rosenthal, rabbi Max Nussbaum; M/M Lewis Solomon, M/M Louis Pollack, M/M Milton Roberts; M/M Wm Schwartz; M/M Harry Wosk; Hillel Arkin; Mrs. Eva Arkin; Raymond Bass; Oscar Dubowsky; Henry Price; Morrie Douglas, Manny Haffner; Dr. Walter Orenstein.


            Page 5 Community New Years Greetings – Lew Solomon, Ray Solomon, Hebert Solomon, Donald Solomon, Mark Solomon, Mrs. Ethel Solomon…. Marie Berg…. Frank & Betty Black…. M/M Zel Camiel, Stanton, anna Shelley …C. J. Paderewski, Delmar S. Mitchell, Louis A. Dean, Bess schissell….A. Abramanson ….Anna Shelley (beth Jacob Ladies Auxiliary)…M/M Philip Peskikn…M?M Sam Rassin, Annabelle raskin; M/M Harry Hoffman…M/M Leo Greenbau; M/M M.S. Berlin; M/M Morris Niederman; Joe Beechek, Margaret Beechek; M/M Paul Cudney…. Isadore Jacobson, Ellis Jacobson, Merrill Jacobson, Audrey Jacobson…. Abe Sackheim, Mollie Sackheim…M/M Howard Peskin, Dale Irvin Peskin…. M/M Hyman effron…m/M M.D. Goodrich, Rochelle Goodrick….. Jack Gross, Loretta Gross, Jack Gross, Larry gross; M/M Lou Mogy, Joel Mogy…M/M. E.R. Bland…m/m jack Goodman….M/M Maurice Zahalsky…M/M Arnold Saron… M/M Sid Naliboff…. M/M P.J. Kirsner. …M/M Alan Soule…. M/M Maxwell Kaufman…Paul Kaufman…


            Page 6, 9 – Jeanette learner, Speeking of Peeking ---M/M Edward Baranov;; M/M Babe Bard; M/M Hyman Kitaens; Marion Goldsmith, Lou Goldsmith, Sharon Goldsmith, Zola Saul; Helen (Berkouf) Shyrock, Darrell Shyrock, Edith Kitaen, Eddie Kitaen; Dr. Fred Hollander; Harvey Learner…

            Page 8 Society-Personals

                        Saul-Weis Wedding – Shirley Weis, M. Weis, Oscar Saul; Mrs. M. Saul, Rabbi Monroe Levens, Elias Berwin,  Mrs. A. Borchers, Esther Weinstock, Roann Tepper, Frances Winiki, Estelle Berwin, Albert Tepper, Robert Waller, David Tobias, Howard Esterson, Martin Freedman, M/M Elias Berwin, Mrs. Ann Cohn….Shirley Weis, Mrs. Elias Berwin, MRs. H. Raymor, Mrs. C. L. Silverman, Mrs. A. Borcher…


(separates)   M/M. M.D. Goodrich, Ramelle Ferrer, M/M Alfred Breslauer, Alan Breslauer.


            Weinstein-Kaner Nuptials Held – Bunny Berenice Kaner, M/M Ben Kaner, Malcolm Weinstein; M/M A. Weinstein, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Ted Naumann, Mrs. Hugh Wolff, Seymour Weinstein, Larry Kaner, Hugh Wolff, M/M Leonard J. Shark

            Chicago Pianist Visits San Diego – Rose Leonore Chircus, M/M William Davis; M./M Louis Frommer; Mrs. Belle Couhnen, Mrs. Rosenthal; M/M Grisha Borushek…. M/M G. Boroshek, M/M Serge Borushek, Mrs. Al Shapiro,  Marie Rosenzwwig; Mr. Al Cahpiro….. M/M Robert Cheron, Susan Cheron…

            Reder-Rabinowitz Plight Troth – Edith Rabinowitz, M/M Max Rabinowitz; Herbert Reder, M/M Joseph Reder; Rabbi Morton J. Cohn; Dortohy Rabinowitz; Louis Reed


            Guests Enjoyed Summer Stay – Mrs. S.J. Coyne, Judy Ellen Coyne, MM Abe Sackheim…..

            (separates) D/M Max Nelson…. M/M Allan M. Schreiber, nancy Schreiber; Mrs. M.J. Rubin (Marjorie Schreiber)….M/M Irvan Maron; Stepehn Edward Maron…. M/M Edward J. Schwartz, M/M Jack Dembo…M/M David Perlis, M/M William Moss, Adrienne Moss….

            Victor Seltens Baby Girl – M/M victor Selten, Lori Ann Selten, Randy Selten, Ricky Selten; Mrs. Rose Selten; M/M M.B. Fisher.

            Son Born to Former San Diegan – M/M Morris Lieberman (Gertrude frank), Mrs. H.C. Brussels, Dean Lieberman; Rabbi/ Mrs. Forster; M/M Lieberman….. M/M Saul Chenkin, Sonia Chenkin, M/M Charles Goodman, Arthur Goodman….

            George Starrs Parents of Boy – M/M George Starr, Mrs. Esther Starr, Mrs. Bertha Mishlove; Craig alan Starr….

            (separates) – M/M Frank Pomeranz…. Mrs. Sidney Newman, Sherrill Newman…Mrs. Henry Zimmerman, Mrs. Jennie Rubenstein, Mrs. Macelle Coyne…. M/M Herbert Seltzer, Mark Seltzer.. M/M Sam Reingold, Elaine Reingold; Mrs. Ben Ornstein…. Mrs. Martin Borenstein…Mrs. George Starr….

            Robert Beck Bar Mitzvah – M/M Leo Beck, Robert Beck, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn

            (separates) – Leon Ravinowich, M/M Max Rabinowitz; Edith Rabinowitz, Herbert Reder….. M/M P. Katz,  Alan Katz, Dick Katz, M/M. I . Eber…. Mrs. Lena Judd…. M/M Harry Tavel…. M/M Sam Addleson….. M/M Irving Brenes, Merwyn Brenes, M/M Adolph Brenes; Mrs. Ruben Aved; M/M Wilfred Goodman; M/M Sy Fein; … M/M Irving Solomon, Geraldine Solomon..


page 9 Lou Mogy, Sports Around Town – M/M Leo Beck, Bobbie Beck, Ida Beck; M/M. Arthur Glickman (Rose Glickman), Lou Leavitt, George Starr, Gertrude Aminoff, Ralph Hosenpud, Irwin Schulman, Eddie Bland, Lou Moorstein, Murray D. Goorich, Leo Greenbaum, Harry Farb, George Neumann, Irvin J. Kahn, Dr. Harry Leddel; Harry Bied, Henry Price, Abe Sklar, Archie Schoenkopf, Richard Levi, Allie Ferer, Harry Wax, Ben Harris, sam Fischer, Phil Kantor…Charles Rowbens, Albert Dryers, Vic Schulman, Jack Ritoff, Herb Haimsohn, Lou Moorsteen, Ben Harris, Ralph Hosenpud, Harry Mallen, Issie Mallen, Bill Burnett;  Joe Martin, Irwin wohl, Ted Brav, Julius Brown, Harry Farb, Moe J. Hershey, Morrie Kraus, Jack Kornbluth, Eddie Sarfan, Herman Sarfan, Leo Sarfan, Abe Shelley, Harry Snyder, Moss Addleson,  Murray Goodrich, Lou Moorsteen, Dave Stotsky, M/M Eddie Addleson, Bobbie Beck.


(separates) –Mrs. Rose Petty, Helene Petty, Donald Petty, Mollie Shifrenson; M/M Harry Schwartz, M/M Herman Johannis; M/M Joey Shifrenson…. M/M Abe Byers; Mollie Shifrenson… Joey Shifrenson…


Jacobson to be Honored at NY Presentation –Isadore Jacobson,

(separates) – H.E. Wyloge, Roberta Wyloge, M/.M. M.MN. Greenberg; Mrs. Harry Gardner; Mrs. Dan Schwartz…. M/M Ben Harris… M/M Herbert Haimsohn….Mrs. Norman Seltzer… M/M Richard Levi, M/M Jack Straus, Stewart Straus…. Mrs. Mollie Hutler…. M/M Albert Hutler…. Mrs. David Schwartz, MRs. Elsie Zweig…. M/M Sam Gordon, M/M William Moss; Mrs. Lou Moorsteen….
            Men’s Club of Temple Beth Israel Holds Election of Officers00Richard F. Lustig, Richard C. Levi, Jack Rosenblum, Allan Lame, Jerome Greben, ben Harris, Dr. J.A. Rittoff, Abe Sklar, Mort Rosenbaum, Rabbi Morton Cohn, Ben Rubin, Nate schiller,

Red Borscht, “Nu?


Page 11 – Ida Nasatir, Tevey’s Daughters

            Auxiliary of Hebrew ahomes for the Aged ----Mrs. Harris Rubel, MRs. William Moss…

            Yo Ma Co – Jay Eslick, Norman Gelman

            Morrie Kraus –Henry Weinberger, bill Schwartz, Eli Levenson, Eddie Breitbard, Jerry Freedman, Nate Schiller, Hy Kobernick, Ralph Feldman, Morrie Douglas, Abe Olf, Harry Wax, Al Hutler, Gil Shatz, Abe Sklar, Nat Gerson, Bill Goldy, Morrie Kraus…Otto Rosnbaum, Harry Wax, Jack Dembo,

            Samuel I. Fox Lodge 1747


Page 13 --
Cantor Solovieff at Tifereth Israel – dAvid Solvieff,

            Junior Pioneer Women – Nanette Bailey, Franklin Dukelow< Dee Kendall, Miriam Glantz, Mrs. Aubrey Shulkind, Mrs. Rose Sloane, Mrs. Harold Barad, Mrs. Milton Merkin, Mrs. Simon Roisman, Raye R. Lenett

            Junior Matrons – Mrs. Joseph Schwartz,  Mrs. Sol Brown, MRs. David Stotsky, Mrs. Alfred Breitbard; Mrs. George Stanley; Mrs. Martin Borenstein; Mrs. Irwin Kravitz.

            Beth Israel Introduces New Cantor –Cantor Julian K. Miller,

            Senior Pioneer Women –Eleanor Gordon, Ross Abrams

            San Diego Sancta Shop –

            Hadassah says you will be in good company –Mrs. Gabriel Berg,  Mrs. Jacob Karp,

            Birdie Stodel Chapter 92 –Mrs. Morris Rosenberg, Mrs. Lou Schissell, Mrs. Harry Schwartz,

            Beth Jacob Ladies Auxiliary – Anna Shelley…       


Page 14 – Kaufmans Return from Two Year European JDC Work – M/M Maxwell Kaufman, Paul Kaufman


Page 15 – Junior Press

            Bobbie Solomon, Collegiates & Intermejits—Stuart Penter, Jerry Kobernick, Horace Meyer, Minette Miller, Jack Berliner, Florence Deutch, Sid Stokes,  Janet Duitz, Joan Seinman, Sue Silbert, Teddie Feldman, Joe Schloss, nancy Weitzen, Jack Gross, Larry Gross, Nancy Solof, Arlene Solof, Bill Fox, Lenny Veitzer,  Lora Dean Addleson, Shelley Sackheim, Larry Solomon, Herb Solomon, Eddy Lyle, Arlene Orlandsky, Danny Orlansky, Ira Shames, Teddie Feldman, Alice Low-Zimmer, Larry Gross, Zane Feldman, Sammy Krasner, Jerry Krasne, Max Gendelman, Calvin green, Les Winiki, Fran Winiki, Myron Shelley, Sandra Schoenkopf, Larry Solomon, Bobbie Solomon, Rabbi M.J. Cohn;  Bobbie Marks; Jerry Axelrod, Teddie Feldman, Larry Solomon, Gladys Balsam, Max Gandelman, Dee Wyner, Kerry Krasne, Sandy Schoenkopf, Larry Gross, Bobbie Solomon, Myron Shelley;  Irwin Sklar, Fred Weitzen, Carolyn Kobernick, Arlene Glickman, Bobbi Marks, Myron Shelley, Dee Wyner, Jerry Krasne, Gladys Balsam, Irwin Schwartz; Arlene Orlansky, Danny Orlansky, Sandra Margulis Arnie Margulis; Barbara Hurwitz, Maynard Hurwitz; Annabelle Rassin, Soan Steinman, Gladys Balsam, Myron Shelley, Dee Wyner, Nancy Solof, Teddie Feldman, Lora Deen Addleson, Rose Samules, Bobbie Solomon, Jack Gross, Ben Siegel, Lou King, Burt Nestor, Al Hutler…


Esther Weitzman Given Signal Honor – Esther Weitzman; M/M H. R. Weitzman


Linda Solof, Linda’s Lookout – Leonard Weiss, Ilene Rivers, Harvey Levitt, Donn Kobernick, Linda Solof, Leon Diekel, Reitha Stokes, Barbara Sanders, Gloria Abramson, Donald Solomon, Ernie Addleson, Phyllis Mollilck…Lois Kaufman, Carol Kaufman, Edie Press, Monica Cantor, Larry Cantor, Ernie addleson, Phyllis Mollick , Harvey Levitt, Douglas DeSure, Shearn Platt, Gloria Abramson, Roslyn Burdman, Bill Kollander (sic) (Bill Kolender), Jean Goldstein, Reitha Stokes, Leonard Weiss, Ilene Rivers, Bobby Glickman, Don(n) Kobernick, Linda Solof, Larry Cantor, Dennis Brown, Andrea Jill Brown, Joyce Singer, Arline Kigan, Dickie Brown, Ronnie McGee, Dennis Glazer, Leslie Jo Burnett, Gay Shanon, Ronald Gerson and Christy Bertin…  Bobby Beck, Dave Tobias, Leslea Steffel, Shirley Krasnewr, Matt Strauss, Art Belenzon, Fran Winiki, Esther Weinstock, Bob Woller, Alice Low Zimmer, Zamne Feldman, Lee Winiki, Sammy Krasner… Donn Kobernick, Ethel Schwartz, Mike Witte, Slinda Solof, Ernie Addleson, Joyce Addleson, Bobby Beck, Ilene Rivers, Shearn Platt, Phyllis Mollick, Leonard Weiss, Bobby Glickman; Harry Ratner, Larry Ratner, Seymour Pomeranz, Steve Schulman; Lois Jean Kaufman; Ilene Rivers, Donn Kobernick, Phyllis Mollick, Harvey Levitt, Linda Solof, Ernie Addleson, Bobbie Glickman, Bill Kollander (Bill Kolender), Arline Mallen, Bobby Beck, Eugene Zwick; Sandy Ratner, Norman Fogel, Gary Cantor, Steve Schulman, Seymour Pomeranz, Bobby Beck, Harry Ratner, Larry Ratner; Joel Mogy, Larry Cantor, Sandy Ratner, Steve Shulman, Roger Rose; Joyce Turner, Ronald Feiler, Dennis Naiman, Bonnie Zahlasky, Lina Solof, Janet Solof, Susan Solof, Joyce Addleson, Joyce Kaufman, Paul Kaufman, Phyllis Mollilck, Donn Kobernick, Linda Solof, Shearn Platt, Ethel Schwartz, Ernie Addleson, Ilene Rivera, Leonard Weiss, Bobby Glickman, Mike Witte; Paul Kaufman;

            (separate) – Burton Nestor; M/M Paul Nestor; Shirley Berenson, Buddy Berenson.

October 1949, Southwestern Jewish Press—

            Page 1 – Kaufman appointed new managing editor of the Jewish Press—Maxwell Kaufman.

            New Federation Plans Survey – Carl Esenoff, Victor Schulman, Louis Steinmann, Mrs. Saul Chenkin, Abe Ratner.

            Annual Shrine Game Oct. 29 – Martin Ortlieb


            Page 2 –Maxwell Kaufman, Overseas News and Views

            Isadore Jacobson—New Year’s Message to Members of Tifereth Israel Synagogue


            Page 3 – Society-Personals

            Goodman-Chenkin Wedding Announced – M/M Saul Chenkin; Sonia Chenkin; Arthur Goodman; Rabbi Morton J. Cohn

            Millers Welcome Son – D/M David Miller, Jere Alan Miller, Richard Elihu Miller, Jonathan David Miller; M/M Louis Victor; M/M Manasha Miller

            Second Son Born to Weissbuchs – D/M Mitchel D. Weissbuch; Brian Darrell Weisbuch; Randall Gordon Weissbuch; Jennie Harris; M/M Joseph Weissbuch

            Meyers’ First Child a Boy – M/M Jack Meyers; Philip Brent Meyers; M/M Sol G. Addis; Mrs. Mollie Meyers; Harry L. Addis; Mrs. Joseph Freeman

Philip Kaplan Bar Mitzvah – Philip Kaplan/ M/M Joseph J. Kaplan; M/M Kaplan; Anna Shelley.
              (SEPARATE) –m/m Ben Mash, Beverly Mash.

 Revlyn Brenner Engagement Told – M/M Theo Brenner, Revlyn Louise Brenner, Marvin Gree3nberg, M./M Joseph Greene.

Colts Parents of a Girl – M/M William Colt; Anne Colt; Rolf Peter Colt; Mrs. Anne Peckarsky.

(separates) – Barbara Carter, Johnny Carter; M.M Louis Steinman… Mrs Milo Berenson, Shirley Ann Berenson, Sonia Chenkin… M/M Ben Press….M/M Charles Press… M/M Frank Pomeranz… M/M Harold Garvin; Mrs. S. Caminar;  … Rosalie Molaff…. M/M Julius Levin… Paul Frederick Levin…

Betrothal Announced—Roberta (Bobbie ) Dombroff, Stanley Levenson, M/M Bernard H. Levenson, Mrs. Robert J. Dombroff;

(Separates) –M/M A. Silvera, Alan Silvera, Irving Silvera, Jackie Silvera, Richard Silvera…. Mrs. Belle Cohen…

  Brenes Return from Minneapolis – M/M Samuel F. Brenes, Roger Brenes, Philip Brenes, Irving Brenes, Mrs. Sy Fein, Mrs. Wilfred Goodman; Mrs. Joseph Zweig, Jerry Zweig, Sandra Zweig, M/M Leo Zweig; M.M Rodin S. Horrtow….

Announce Son’s Bar Mitzvah – M/M Zel Camiel; Stanton Camiel; ….
Sarah Gill Passes Away – Srah Gill, Rabbi Baruch Stern,

(Separate) – Ruth Suchman… M/M Berard H. Levenson….. M/M Edward Freeman…

Page 4 – Lou Mogy, Sports Around Town – Harry Bied, Joe Martin, Ed Israel, Sam Sklar, Milton Silverman, Harry Sugarman, Sam Addleson, Rose Neuman, Lou Steinman, Eve Chenkin, Betty Penter, Gladys Levenson, Minnie Price, Lee Greenberg, Ann Ratner, Hilda DeSure, Rose Glickman; Ralph Feldman, Lou Leavitt; Milo Berenson, Zel Greenberg, Eddie Breitbard, William Schwartz, Jack Dembo, Jerry Freeman, Harry Mallen, Morrie Kraus, Eve Chenkin, Saul Chenkin, Sonia Chenkin, Arthur Goodman, Maxine Kreinberg, Sid Kreinberg, Sam Druskin, Sam Fischer, Henry Price, Morey Levenson, Vic Schulman, Sam Addleson, Ben Gordon, Zel Greenberg, Charles Rowbens, Irvin Schjulman, Leo Greenbaum, George Neumann, Harry Snyder, Sam Rassin, Glicka Brenner, Ted Brenner, Dora Shelley, Myron Shelley, Hal Salzman, Ann Ratner, Abe Ratner, Ann Ratner, Bill Solof,  Molly Solof, Joe Martin, Sam Sosna, Al DeSure, Eli Levenson, Morris Douglas.

Institute Classes Open on Oct. 12thDr. A.P., Nasatir, Morton J. Cohn, Monroe Levens, Baruch Stern, A. Neumann, Mrs. Harris Rubel, Isaac Domnitz, Harry Ruja, Al Hutler, Mrs. Nasatir…

Father and Sons Nite Planned for Temple Men’s Club Oct 19th

Zionists Sponsor Israeli Lecturer –Alisa Klausner Eskol, Dr. Waltern Ornstein, Raymond Bass

            San Diego Lasker Lodge Bnai Brith—Richard Gutstadt, Maurice Bisgyer, William Schwartz, Edward A. Breitbard, Zel Greenberg, Jerry Freedman, Harry Mallen, Morrie Kraus, Jack Dembo.


            Page 5  Junior Press

            Max Gendelman, Myron Shelley, “Town and Campus,” –Pauline Ratner, Burt Nestor, Freddie Weitzen, Arlene Glickman, Marion Mishne, Irwin Schwartz, Carolyn Silverman, Allan Mishne, Carolyn Kobernick, Irwin Sklar, Lora Dean Addelson, Yuan Abramalitz. Teddie Feldman, Jerry Krasne, Sandra Schoenkopf, Larry Solomon, Max Gendelman, Myron Shelley, Bobbie Solomon and Nancy Weitzen…Pauline Ratner, Bruce Witte, Marion Mischne, Irwin Schwartz, Carolyn Kobernick, Dick Silberman, Nancy Weitzen, Larry Solomon, Sandra Schoenkopf, Jerry Karsne, Myron Shelley, Bobbie Marks, Max Gendelman, Gladys Balsam; Jerry Krasne; Rabbi Cohen (sic), Joan Steinman, Al Hoisch, Bruce Witte, Sam Krasner, Dave Tobias, Danny Abramson, Bobbie Marks, Annabelle Rassin, Marian Mishne, Gladys Balsam, Joan Steinman, Israbelle Bank, Ronnie Greenberg, Howard Esterson, Ira Shames, Jake Borushek, Manny Moscowitz.

            Linda Solof, Linda’s Lookout – Loretta Godberger, Buddy Kader, Robert Bloomer, David Levens, Kay Prager, Lydia Samuelson, Jimmy Witzman (Weitzman), Judy Smollar, Gordon Levitt, Brenda Heiman, Jeremy Lustig, Janet Solof, Arthur Pogrell, Charlene (Sharlene) Zeeman (Zeman), Adrain cantor; Jane Cohn, Sharlene Stone, Susan Levy, Michael Soule, Bobby Beck, Brenda Heiman, Linda Douglas, Joel Mogy, Deanne Brown, Rochelle Goodrick, Jeremy Lustig, Janet Solof, Susan Hutler, Gary Chenkin, Paul Kaufman.  Beverly Mash, Jerry Schissel, (Schissell) Shirley Krasner, Mattt Strauss, Bobby Recht, Al Davidson, roan Tepepr, Lenny Bloom, Beverly Addleson, Harvey Bender, Edith Press, Jack Pearl, Ada Picaizen, Barbara Shames, Jerry Levens, Sandy Schissell; Paul Kaufman; Sherry Newman, Linda Solof;

            Page 6

            Ida Nasatir, Looks at Books

            Tifereth Israel Sisterhood – Lou Moorsteen, Mrs. Herman Tulchinsky, Mrs. William Solof, MRs. Joe Spatz, Mrs. Jack Sonnabaum, Mrs. Abe Ratner, Mrs. Nate Ratner and Mrs. Louis Steinman, Mrs. Sidney Newman.

            San Diego Bnai Brith Women—Mrs. Harold Garvin, Mrs. David Schloss, Mrs. Sidneuy Rose; Mrs. Victor Weiss; Mrs. Stanley Yukon, Mrs. Rose Sloane; Mrs. E. Max Cohen, Rose Abrams, Eva Berger; Mrs. Jennie Turner; Mr. Dorothy Deutch; Mrs. Herman Tulchinsky

            Council to Celebrate National Council Day –

            Ladies Auxiliary JWV Post No. 185—sPauline Rubel, Esther Levitt

            Senior Pioneer Women –Mrs. Ira S. Gordon,  Albert A. Hutler, Mrs. Florence Barach

            Birdie Stodel Chapter No 92 Bnai Brith –Mrs. Ben Rosenthal, Anna Shelley, Goldie Winicki; Bess Schissell
            Jolly 16 Celebrates 35 Years of Service – Rose Neumann, Mary Kantor, Rose Gordon, Ida Nasatir,  Rose Neumann, Eva Chjenkin, Julia Klaskin, Bernice Esenoff,Frieda Newstor, Lucille Rubel, Sadie Berenson, Bess Breitbard, Ida Lipinsky, Mary Kantor, Rose Gordon, Julia Steinman, Julia Neumann, Glicka Brenner, Rose Glicman, Sylviia Cooper, Julia Kaufman, Sadie Berenson.


Nov. 14, 1949, Southwestern Jewish Press

            Page 1 – Welcome Home – Judge Jacob Weinberger.

                        Take It Away – Maxwell  Kaufman, Julia Kaufman; Lou Solomon, Ray Solomon

                        Vote Yes! On Library Bond Issue – Rabbi morton J. Cohn,

                        Rev. Grauel and Mme Oppert to Speak for United Jewish Fund – John Stanley Grauel, Paulett Oppert:  Eli H. Levenson

                        Community Chest Campaign On—Mr. Harry Mallen, Mrs. Josephine Tobias, Carl Esenoff, Al Hutler, Al Douglas


            Page 2 – Maxwell Kaufman, Oversas News and Views.

                        Ave-- Ray Solomon, Lou Solomon

                        Late News – Judge Irvin Stalmaster, Herbert Millman.

                        Brandeis University Representative To Speak – Mrs. M. Michaels.

                        JDC-USNA Joint Meeting – Mischa F. Berg, Nathan Baranov, Itss Penter.

                        Council of Jewish Women – Mrs. Louis Steinman, Mrs. Edmond J. Lazard, Katherine Niehouse, Helen Diamon, Mrs. Midldred Waldman, Mrs. Albert Hulter, Mrs. David Doctor, Mrs. Harry Kaufman, Mrs. Morris Pomeranz, Mrs. Martha Hollander, MRs. Frances Berenson.

                        Mier to  Head HUC Campaign _- Harry A. Mier, Sherrill C. Corwin;

                        Letter to Editor – Rabbi Morton Cohn


Page 3 – Ida Nasatir, Looks at Books

            Irving R. Stone, As the Psychologist Sees You

            Spotlight on Zionism


Page 4—Society Personals

   Sonia Chenkin Becomes Bride –Sonia Chenkin, Arthur Goodman, M/M Charles Goodman, Rabbi Morton Cohn,  Harry Rumpler, Eva Chenkin, Mrs. Marguerite Barkelew Nobles, Molly Rumpler, Gary Chenkin, Leon Silver, M/M Charles Goodman, Eve Chenkin, Marjorie Goodman, Maxine Kreinberg; Saul Chenkin; Leonard Burtman, Gary Chenkin, Arthur Glickman, Edward Haimsohn, James Bialac, William Gottsgeggen, Robert Creber, Howard Kotler, Robert Rosenbaum, Leon Horowitt, James Greenfield, Howard Hirshman, Sideney Kreinberg, Marvin Rumpler., M/M Sam Rumpler; Lois Rumpler; Mrs. Al Rumpler, Marvin Rumpler; M/M Sideney Kreinberg (Maxine Chjenkin), Faye Kreinberg; D/M Joe Segal; Mrs. Herman Chenkin; Mrs. Molly Rumpler, M/M Loyal Newburn.

            Stein-Nauman Troth Announced – Sally S. Stein, M/M Jacob Stein; Ted Naumann, M/M Max Znaumann.

            Son Born to Medaks – M/M Nick Medak, Stephjen Mark Medak; Marilyn Louise Medak; M/M Sol Gotkin; Mrs. Mark Medak.

            Daughter Born to Leonard Blackmans – M/M Leonard Blackman, Beverly Ann Blackman; M/M Sol Gotkin, M/M Isadore Blackman

            Coles Announce Birth of Son – M/M Sherman Cole, Stephen Daniel Cole, M/M Louis Friedman, Mrs. Esther Cole.

            (separate) – Murray D. Goodrice, Jan Peerce.

            Honored on 25th Anniversary – M/M William Davis ; M/M. G. Borushek

            Second Girl Born to Philip Horowitzs – M/M Philip Horowitz, Judith Horowitz, Susan Horowitz; M/M Julius Friend; M/M Max Horowitz; Mrs. Rosa Sanger

            Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood – Mrs. Abe Sklar, Mrs. Samuel Friedman; Carol Kaufman; Rev. Peter Samson; Mrs. Murray Goodrich

            (separates) – R/M Baruch Stern, Mark Einhorn….. Mitzi Schiller, M/M Nathan Schiller; M/M Mort Rosenbaum; Mrs. Mack Gurin….. M/M A. Breslauer, Alan Breslauer….

            Former San Diegan Parent of Son – M/M Harold Cohen (Helen Orlandsky) Jackie Stewart Cohen; M/M Cohen, M/M Sam Orlansky…..

            (separates – M/M. H.W. Snyder…. Mrs. Berne Ruden…. M/M Morris Breitbard…

            Hadassah Evening Group – Mrs. Eugene Janoff… Mrs. Robert Epsten

            Good Neighbors – Mrs. Haris Rubel.

            (separate) – M/M Ted Brenner

            Son Welcomed by J. Farkas – M./M Joseph Farkas, Clayton Farkas; Mrs. M. Altshuler; M/M Philip Appel, M/M Geor. Farkas; Meyer Altshuler.

            (separate) Mrs. Esther Sommer.

            Best of Luck – M/M Harry Snyder

            Best Wishes and Good Luck – Murray D. Goodrich


Page 5 – Lou Mogy, Sports Around Town –Sam Addleson, Sam Druskin, Harry Wax, Harry Bied, Sam Rassin, Joe Martin;  Mrs. M.D. Goodrich; Mrs. Carl Esenoff;  Mrs. Lawrence Cantor; Mrs. Sam Addleson; Mrs. Abe Ratner; Bill Schwartz, Morrie Kraus, Harry Malen, Lory Cantor, Julius Brown, Morey Levenson, Sam Fischer, Florence Gladys; Irvin Kahn, Anita Kahn; Murray Goodrich, Irvin Schulman, Norman Schulman, Lou Moorsteen, Ben Harris, Vic Schulman, Bill Burnett, George Burnett, Issie Mallen, Charles Rowbens, Ben Harris; Joe Martin; Jack Spivak; Syd Rose; Barney Horrow; Edith Gleman; Manny Hafner; Linda Solof; Bobbie Beck Joel Mogy, Gary Chenkin; Eddie Cantor , Lory Cantor; Sonia Chenkin, Arthur Goodman; Eve Chenkin , Sol Chenkin; Betty  Penter, Its Penter, Al De Sure; Hilda De Sure; Murray Goodrich, Sara Goodrich; Abe Ratner, Ann Ratner, Sid Goldstein, Dave Block, Nate Ratner, Eddie Cantor, Jack Gross, Lou Jacobson; Al Doctor, Ralph Feldman, Abe Ratner ; Forence Brrown, Julius Brown, Bill Solof, Jack Gross; Harry Farb; Max Maisel, Dave Stotsky, Henry O. Witte; Leo Bec, Harry Wax, Willie Breitbard, Ida Wax; Jack Gross

            Big Night Approaches—Sadie Berenson

            Hadassah Annual Convention to be November 13th – Marie Berg, Rabbi Max Nussbaum, Rabbi Roland Gittlesohn, Mrs. Seymour Rabin.

            Jr. Pioneer Women—Mrs. Rose Sloane; Mrs. Theodore Hermann, MRs. Aubrey Shulkin, Mrs. Rose Sloane; Mrs Sydney Segal; Mrs. Bernard Godes; Mrs. Milton Merkin.

            Yo-Ma-Co News—Norman Gelman, Sophie Lande, Alice Solomon

            Beth Jacob Cong. Elects New Officers –Abraham Abramson, Sandor Goldberger, Morrie S.  Kraus, Jerry Aronoff, Morris Penn; Simon Glaser; Joseph Gelman, I. Lebb;  J. Aronoff; E. Also; S. Bassin, H. Barad; S. Briskman, I. Gordon; T. Garber, F. Sugarman; D. Hurwitz; S. Komins; P. Mollick; Dr. J. Lippitt, A. Olf., Dr. W. Ornstein, Dr. A.P. Nasatir, S. Soomon, S. Wweiss, L Zwiebel, Wm Schwartz, H.R. Weitzman

            (separate)—Harry Apelman

            Tifereth Israel Sisterhood –Mrs. Sidney Smith, Mrs. Harry Wax, Mrs. Marco Ratner,  Jennie Siner,  Mrs. Abe Smith, Mrs. Sam Druskin: Mrs. Abe Ratner, Mrs. Monroe Levens. Mrs. William Moss; Mrs. Sidney Newman, Mrs. Monroe Levens, Mrs. Laurence Cantor, Mrs. Alex Newman, Mrs. Eddie Cantor, Mrs. Sam Addleson, Mrs. William Breitbard, MRs. David Doctor, Mrs Zel Greenberg, Mrs. Paul Nestor, Mrs. David Frank, Mrs. Sidney Goldstein, Mrs. Moe Hershey, Mrs. Sam Brnees, Mrs. Ben Gordon and Mrs. Sol Addis. 

            Hadassah 00Mrs. Milton Silverman, Mrs. A.P. Nasatir, Mrs. Victor Selten, Mrs. David Miller, Mrs. A. Percowsky.


Page 6  Pioneer Women Negba Club – MRs. I.S. Gordon, JMrs. Laura Simon, Mrs. Fanny Goldberger, Bessie Frank, Eleanor Gordon, Rose Weitzman, Florence Lebb, Anna Oakley, Jennie Braun, Betty Gendelman, sara Fisher, Mary Schwartz, Lee Sporkin, Rose Abramson.

            Birde Stodel Chapter B’nai B’rith – Anna Shelley, Goldie Winicki; Celia Schjwartz, Goldie Schusterman, Esther Schwartz.

            J.C.R.A. –Esther Schwartz; Anna Shelley; Anna B. Brooks.


Page 7 – The Junior Press

            Max Gendelman, Myron Shelley – Town and Campus – M/M Maxwell Kaufman,  Enid Silberman, chub Silmberman, Lorrie Apelman, Jerry Apelman, Rose Samuels, Irwin Gersh; Larry Solomon, Lora Dean Addleson; Carolyn Kobernick, Irwin Sklar; Nancy Solof, Louise Ruzewick, Bobbie Solomon, Teddie Feldman; MarilynSiker; Bobbie Marks, Joan Steinman; Ben Press, ; Lenny Veitzer; Francis Winicki; Ted Mintz, Annabelle Rassin;  Fran Samuels, Stan Friedman, Carolyn Kobernick, Dick Silberman, Sandra Schoenkopf, Ira Shames, Lettie Leiberman, Irwin Schwaartz, Barbara Shames, Shelley Sackheim, Barbara Cohen, Gene Freed, Carol Kaufman, Jerry Asner, Leslie Steffel, Dave Tobias, Lee Winicki, Sam Krasner; Dave Krinitsky, Edith Schurtzer, Bruce Witte, Pauline Ratner; Sandra Schonkopf, Larry Solomon, Max Gendelman , Gladys Balsam.  M/M M.D. Goodrich; Manny Moscowitz;…

            Troop 99 Resumes Activities – David Sugarman, Isadore Rubin, Lew Levitt.

            Linda Solof, Linda’s Lookout – Joel Mogy, Bobby Beck, Ernie Addleson, Carol Fisher, Gary Chenkin, Linda Solof, Larry Cantor, Bobby Glilcksman, Deanne Brown, Harold Siegal, Jane Cohen, Arline Mallen…. Ilene Rivers, Lenny Weiss, Phyllis Mollilck, Harvey Levitt, Linda Solof, Dick Godes, Esther Lustig, Shearn Platt, Arline Mihlman, Gary Chenkin, Bobby Glickman, Bobby Beck, Joyce Addleson, Bill Kaufman, Donn Kobernick, Rolyn Burdman, Paul Kaufman, Ethel Schwartz….Alvin Cohen, Harriet Silverman, Maxine Schoenkopf, Stewart Mallen, Loretta Goldberger, Merle Krasnow, Arline Silberman, Kay Prager, Janet Levenson, Stephen Siegal…. Lettie Levens, Herb Solomon, Elene Gordon, Art Belenzon, Jackie Brodman, Werner Dreifus, Ada Picaizen, Jerry Schissell, Edith Press, Matt Strauss, Al Davidson, Shirley Krasner, Burton Sharpe….Eleanor Addleson, Roann Tepper, Burton Sharpe, FrancesWiniki, Beverly Addleson, Matt Strauss, Shirley Krasnewr, Pola Zanowski, Bob Wollard, Joan Rosenfeld, Ada Picaizen, Art Belezon, Betty Jo Kaufman, Edie Press, Jerry Schissell, Jackie Brodman, danny Abramson, Sandra Schissell, Leonard Naiman…..Roslyn Burdman, Phyllis Mollick, Gary Chenkin, Linda Solof, Ernie Anderson, Eileen Rivers, Bill Kollander, Bobby Glickman, Don Kobernick, Elaine Burdman, Shearn Platt, Arline Mihlman, Bobby Beck, Esther Lustig, Dick Godes, Ethel Schwartz, Lennie Weiss, Jean Goldstein, Harvey Levitt, Paul Kaufman…Stanton Camiel…Linda Zuckerman, Janet Solof, Harriet Silverman, Maxine Schoenkopf…. Johnny Ruden, Janice Gordon, Ronna Ruden, Shiela Smith, Bobby Faguet, Jerry Solof, David Gordon, Harriet Freeman; Judy Kaplan, Karen Kitaen, Joel Harrison, Larry Okmin, Paul Levine….. Judy Smollar, Arthur Pogrell, Brenda Heiman, Gordon Levitt, Janet Solof, Gail Kahn…. Susan Solof, Eleanor Cohen, Joan Breitbard, Debra Strauss, Sharlene Stone, Harriet Silverman, Arline Silberman, Sonya Weitzman, Janet Solof…. Shirley Ann Kaufman, Diane Fogelman, Janice Klaskin, Ethel Garnder, Jerry Goldstein, Janet Solof, Susan Solof, Beverly Gendelman….. Linda Solof, Bobby Beck, Joel Mogy, Gary Chenkin, Donn Kobernick, Bobby Glickman, Michael Soule, Elsa Esterson, Michael Price, Linda Douglas.

            New Youth League Formed –P. Kaufman

            An Orange Tree’s Dream – Alice Aufricht


Page 8 –Fund Requests Pledge Payents – Max Rabinowitz, Mrs. Gabriel Berg, Mrs. Gabriel Berg, Nate Ratner, Max Rabinowitz, Sol Price, Carl Esenoff, Nate Schiller, Richard Levi, Victor Schulman, Louis Steinman, Louis Moorsteen, Saul Chenkin, M.S. Berlin, M.D. Goorrich, M.S. Fisher, Ben Harris, nate Ratner, Sam Rassin, Maurice Harris, Al Newman, Mrs. Saul Chenkin, Yale Naliboff.

            Rabbi and Mrs. Cohn Receive – Cantor/M Julian Miller, Rabbi/Mrs. Morton Cophn

            (separates) – Manuel S. Fisher….M/M Harold Sampson; Michael Bronstone

            Jewish Institute Open for Registration –A.P. Nasatir,  Dr. Dinnen,  Rabbi Baruch Stern, Rabbi Morton Cohn. Rabbi Monroe Levens, Dave Abramis, Dr. A.P. Nasatir, Dr. Harry Ruja; Albert A. Hutler, Irwin J. Wohl; I.L. Domnitz, Mrs. Al Neumann, Mrs. Harris Rubel, Mrs. Nasatir.

           Golden Anniversary Celebrated by Weinbergers – M/M Maurrice Weinberger 

            (separates) – Samuel Zirlin, A. Lou Solof …. Mrs. Cherney

            Ethel Briskman Passes Away – Ethel Briskman, RabbiBaruch Stern, Sidney Briskman, Samuel Briskman, Ann Elvove.

            (separate) – Mrs. Leo Steinbaum, Mrs. Harry Brussels;


November 18, 1949—Southwestern Jewish Press.

Page 1 – Local Leaders to be honored at annual Jewish fund meeting – Eli H. Levenson,  Judge Jacob Weinberger, Saul Chenkin, Louis Steinman, Dr. A.P. Nasatir, Mrs. Gabriel Berg, M.S. Berlin, Edward Bland, Saul Chenkin, I.L Domnitz, Morris Douglas, Maurice Harris, Rodin Horrow, Morris Niederman, Abe Ratner, Milton Roberts, Abe Schiller, Al Neumann, Dr. R.M. Stone, Sam Sosna, Abe Sackheim, Harry Snyder…. Jacob Weinberger, Nathan F. Baranov, Edward Breitbard, Morris Feldman, M.D. Goodrich, Leo Greenbaum, Ben Harris, Eli H. Levenson, Louis Moorsteen, Mrs. Al Neumann, Dr. Walter Ornstein, Sol Price, Max Rabinowitz, Nate Ratner, Victor Schulman, William Schwartz, Louis Steinman, Henry Weinberger, Frank Winicki….

            JDC Western States Conference Ends—Morrie Douglas , Eli H. Levenson, Evelyn Harris


Page 2, Maxwell Kuafman, Overseas News and Views.


Page 3,  Ida Nasatir—Looks at Books

Cohn Quips While Earth Slips – Morton Cohn

(separate) M/M Louis Bickman, M/M Fred Leeds

            Modern Nomads – Anna Brooks, Sam Brooks

            Who’s New – M/M Maurice Ackerman, Linda Ackerman, Barbara Ackerman, Barbara Ackerman, Barry Ackerman….Mrs. Minnie Harris, Etta Bialek, Sol Bialek, Julia Neumann, George Neumann, Jack Camiel, M/M Zel Camiel; Mrs. Fanny Levine, M/M Berard Asner.

            (separate) – Mrs. Ida Coleman

            Irving R. Stone—as the Psychologist Sees You

            Kiddie Town—Oscar Dubowsky,


Page 4 – society personals

            Frankston-Brust Nuptials to be Held – Vesta Helene Brust, M/M Marcel Brust, Morris Frankston, M/M Harold Frankston,  rabbi Morton Cohn, Mrs. Marty Altshuler (Maxine Siegel) Ruth Rosenberg; Stanford Brust, Marty Altshuler;

            Slayens wed in Yuma Arizona – Sarah Tolentino, Zel Slayen, Judge Lutes, M/M Vito Tolentino, M/M Sam Slayen.

            (separates) – M/M A. Louis Solf… M/M Ben Gordon….. Mrs. Clara Palkes, Joseph Dembo, M/M Saul Margulis; Mrs. Vera Lehrer, M/M Harry Rosenthal; M/M Harry Dembo; M/M Jack Dembo….. Rebecca Goldberg; D/M Robert M. Stone….M/M Louis Sporkin

            Roberta Schissell Betrothal Told – M/M Saul Schissell; Roberta Schissell; Edward Zorn, Mrs. Sarah Zorn.

            (separates_) Milton Roberts, Evelyn Roberts….. Milo Berenson, Carl Esenoff, Ben Rubin, Robert M. Stone……. D/M Frederick Hollander

            Weinbergers Hit Half Century Mark—M/M Maurice Weinberg;  Jacob Weinberger, Joseph Weinberger, Henry Weinberger, Arnold Weinberger; Harley Knox, R/M Morton Cohn; M/M Carl Johnson; M/M David Levy; M. /M Elmer Glaser; M/Malfred Kline; M/M Irving Schwartz; M/M Herbert Hafter; M/M Nate Baranov; M/M Sylvan Baranov; M/M Jake Lieberman; M/M Robert L. Simpson; M/M Frank W. De Lemos; M/M Morris Neiderman; M/M Jerome Neiderman; M/M Max Heimburge; M/M Jack Gross; M/M Jack Rosnblum; M/M Harry Epstein; M/M Robert Epsten; M/M Ted Rosenfeld; M/M Abe Bronstone; M/M David G. Jessop; M/M Murray Goodrich; M/M Nate Schiller; M/M Leo Greenbaum; M/M Louis Solof; M/M Milo Berenson.; Martha Hollander, Pauline Schwartz, Fannie Rosenbloom, Elese Israel, Mrs. Richard Weinberger, Thelma Getz, Hilda Brauer, Esther Crane, M.G. Straus, Evelyn Ginsburg, Capt/Mrs. William Greenwald; Mrs. David Greenberg;  Julius Baer, Robert Hurwitz.

(separates_ -- Norma B. Fisher… Lt/M John P. Flynn, M/M D. Millsberg; Dorothy Millsberg; Mrs. Jill Gold; M/M Harry Felson; M/M David Doctor; M/M Morrie Pomeranz; M/M Sam Sosna; M/M M. Kaufman; Maurice Morholin; M/M Paul Moss; M/M Doyle Kahn, I. Rodney Stone…… M/M Fred Leeds (Bertha Sar), Mrs. Essther Starr, Bill Starr, George Starr, Dave Starr, Mrs. David Sugarman; M/M  David Sugarman; Dave Starr, George Starr..
         Davis Surprised at Housewarming – M/M Max Davis


The Cradle – M/M Norman Marshall…. Cheryl Lynn Marshall… M/M Samuel Lansky; M/M Morris Marshall……..M/M Louis Anganger, Martin Phillip Ananger, M/M Morris Marshall; Mrs. Sally Anfanger…..M/M Alfred S. Brooks,  Pamela Jane Brooks; Jeffrey Michael Brooks; M/M Abraham Berlau; Mrs.Rose Brooks

Dorothy Rabinowitz Married in Iowa – M/M Max Rabinowitz; Dorothy Rabinowitz; Benard Arenson, Mrs. Perry Arenson;  Mrs. Herbert Reder (Edith Rabinowitz); Shep Hurwitz.

            (separate) D/M Robert M. Stone; M/M Fred Leeds


Page 5—Lou Mogy, Sports Around Town –Eli Levenon, Its Penter, Sam Druskin, Sam Addleson, Sol Price, Abe Shelley, Harry Farb, Herb Gordon… Lou Karp, Dave Bloock, Irvin Kahn; Saul Chenkin,m Eve Chenkin,  Sonia Chenkin, Arthur Goodman, Maxine Kreinberg, Sid Kreinberg….. Mrs. Abe Ratner (Ann)… Jack Pivak, Joe Tardanico…Fred McIntire, Neil Morgan, Morey Levenson, Sam Fischer, Ralp Feldman, Al Doctor, Zel Greenberg, Morris Kraus, Jerry Fredman, Mrs. Morris Breitbard, Al De Sure, Judge Jacob Weinberger…Sam Bennett, Max Rabinowitz, Morris Pomeranz, Evelyn Cantor, Lorry Cantor, Lou Steinman, Julia Steinman, Jack Rosenblum, Harry Mallen, Eddie Breitbard, Morris Kraus, Edith Levenson, Vic Schulman, Helen Scnhulman, Stepehn Schulman… Sally Ratner, Nate Ratner,  Leo Greenbaum….


Adek Feurstein, “Jewry in Italy.”

Congregation beth Jacob –Sandor Goldberger, Morrie Douglas, Edward A. Breitbard, Morris Penn, I. Lebb, J. Gelman, S. Glaser; A. Abramson.

SD Lasker Lodge – Eddie Breitbard, Jack Dembo.


Page 6 ==San Diego Hebrew Home for the Aged Auxiliary –Mrs. William Moss, Mrs. Milo Berenson, Mrs. Morris Feldman; Mrs. Sam Addleson; Mrs. Edward Biner; Mrs. Ben Harris; Mrs. Ben Levenson; Sara Shelly; Mrs. Moe Hershey; Mrs. Max Brody; Rosalie Sonnabaum.

            Jewish War Veterans Auxiliary –M/M William Davis

            Beth Jacob Ladies Auxiliary –Anna Shelley; Pauline Press, Lillian Gordon, Fanny Goldberger, Florence Lebb, Ruth Aronoff, Anna Oakley, Esther Stokes, Jennie Kochberg, Mrs. Bessye Siegel; Mollie Grossman; Betsy Solomon, Ida Bernstein; Anna Epstein, Rose Weitzman, Jennie Brown, Miriam Gelman, Fanny Addleson, Lavinia Komins; Martha Feiler, Miriam Ornstein.

            Plans Country Fair for Temple Sisterhood --  Mrs. Carl Esenoff; Mrs. Abe Sklar; Mrs. Mack Esterson, Mrs. Morrie Douglas.

            San Diego Birdie Stodel Chapter B’nai B’rith Rose Monique Lovell; Mrs. Harry A. Schwartz; Mrs. Wm Schusterman; Mrs. David M. Schwartz; Mrs. Luis Schissell; E.W. Tobinson.

Addleson calls Meeting for Home – Sam Addleson.

35th Anniversary Observed by Jolly 16 – Jay Eslick,  Rabbi Morton Cohn, Ida Nasatir, Bess Breitbard, Julia Neumann, Freda Nestor, Ida Lipinsky, Rose Neumann; Mary Kantor, Sam Addleson; Rabbi Monroe Levens; M/M Blakey; Rose Neumann; Mary Kantor; Rose Gordon.
            Tifereth Israel Sisterhood

Hadasah Study Group – Moorsteen


Page 7 – Junior Press

Max Gendelman-Myron Shelley—NaNCY Weitzen, Shelley Sackheim, Sylvia Winicki, Bobbie Marks, Sylvia Gendelman, Isabelle Bank; Edith Schertzer, Bruce Witte, Marian Mishne, Irwin Schwartz, Caroly Silberman, Alan Mishne; Annabelle Rassin, Ted Mintz, Teddie Feldman, Larry Solomon, Max Genderlman, Myron Shelley, Bobbie Solomon, Gladys Balsam…. Sandra Schonkopf, Ronnie Feiler; Iva Kitchel., Fred Weitzen, Arlene Glickman, Burt Nestor, Sandra Schonkopf, Larry Solomon, Maynard Hurwitz, Barbar Hurwitz…. Bruce Witte; Dick Silberman, Calvin Green…..

            Temple Beth Israel PTA – G.G. Wetherill…

            Temple Senior League – Jack Lubo,

            Linda Solof, Linda’s Lookout—Bobby Beck, Joel Mogy, Gary Chenkin,m Linda Solof, Dan Siedler, Donn Kobernick, Bob Beck, Stan Camiel, Eileen Rivera, Gloria Abramson, Ethel Schwartz, Harvey Goodfriend, Linda Solof, Alice Lee, Edmond Roseenthal, Linda Douglas, Edward Ruskin, Jerry Padwa, Dick Godes, Morton Barancik, Leonard Weiss, Ernie Addleson, Lou Kleinman, Jane Cohn, Sheila Lipin, Jean Goldstein, Lois Kaufman, Elaine Burdman, Phyllis Mollick, Alice Aufricht, Judy Yukon, Eugene Parker, Bobby Lustig, Roslyn Burdman, Arline Mihlman, Carol Fischer, Betty Wyloge, Joyce Addleson, Alfred Bruner, James Deutch, Hennry Weisenberg, Don Solomon, Melvin Weisenberg, Roberta Glickman…. Ada Picaizen, Sandra Shoenkofpf, Ronald Feiler, Pauline Ratner….. Bobby Beck, Phyllis Mollick, Lois Kaufman, Elaine Burdman, Gloria Abramson, Alfred Bruner…Harvey Levitt, Buddy Recht, Linda Solof….Harvey Bender, Edie Press, Jerry Schissell, roan Tepper, Jack Pearl, Ada Picaizen, Howard esterson, Jackie Brodman, Jerry Levens, Matt Strauss, Lettie Levens, Burt Sharpe, Sandra Schissel, Sol Bialek, Etta Bialek, M/M George Newman…. Jerry Bruce Newman, Ralph Levens, Larry Addleson, Paul Frederick Levine…. Jackie Brodman, Matt Strauss, Edie Press, art Belezon, Burt Sharpe, Lettie Levens, Jerry Schissell, Ada Picaizen, Jerry Levens… Deane Brown, Stevy Schulman, Jane Cohn, harry Ratner, Janet Solof, Sandy Ratner, Gail Kahn, Bruce Fisher, Shirley krasnewr, Sam Sosna, Sandra Schissell, Dean Greenberg….. Eileen Rivers, Leonard Weiss, Phyllis Mollick, Shearn Platt, Linda Solof, Ernie Addleson, Bobby Glickman, Paul Kaufman, Ethel Schwartz, Donald Solomon, Lois Jean Kaufman, Donn Kobernick, Joyce Addleson, Gary Chenkin, Roslyn Burdman, Dick Godes, Elaine Burdman, Bobby Beck, Gloria Abramson, Harvey Levitt;…


Page 8 – Bankruptcy Faces Israel Declares Christian Minister – Rev. John S. Grauel, paulette Oppert, Eli H. Levenson.

            Hadassah – Mrs. Sylvia Haffner, Mrs. Ben Harris.

            Junior Pioneer Women _- Mrs. Aubrey Shulkind, Mrs. Maurice Shulkind

            Temple Beth Irael –Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Nathan F. Baranov, Julian K. Miller.

            American Jewish Congress – Louis Pollack, David Greenwald, Paul Major, Rabbi Leonard Greenberg; Louis Pollack, Manuel Haffner, Lou Solof, Ray Bass, Mrs. Lewis Solomon, Mrs. Louis Pollack; Ray Bass, Manuel Haffner, Lewis Solomon, Hillel Arkin, Louis Pollack.

            Cottage of Irael – Dave Krinitzky, Julian K. Miller; Lucille Rubel, Mildred Waldman, Rose Neumann, Jennie Burnett, Elizabeth Etennebaum, Matilda Green, Laura Naiman.


December 2, 1949 Southwestern Jewish Press –

            Page 1 united jewish fund observes 16th anniversary at nov. 27th meeting—Eli Levenson, judge Jacob Weinberger, Morrie Douglas, Saul Chenkin, Marie Berg, Dr. AP Nasatir, Albert Hutler, Rabbi Morton Cohn, Rose Neumann, Henry Weinberger, sally Ratner, Murray Goodrich

Page 2 – Maxwell Kaufman, Overseas News and Views

            Beth Jacob  PTA—Jerry Weissman,

            New Americans Mark Thanksgiving – M/M Louis Steinman: Ernest Michel.


Page 3

            Ida nasatir, renegade

            Who’s New – Bette Mintz, Nathan Mintz, Diane Mintz, Linda Mintz.; gerda sonia freund; Walther Freund, Stephanie  Freund; Charles Kronick, Dorothy Kronick., Frances Sklar

            Yo-Ma-Co—Harold Keen; Mr. Corcoran; Alice Solomon

            JCRA – MRs. Eva Fagelson, Mrs. Elizabeth Gotkin, Esthr Schwartz; Gladys Tappan; Jeanne Camiel; Fanny Addleson,, Bess Siegel; Ruth Bloom , Sophie Himmel, Goldie Schusterman; Betty Schwartz, Anna Shelley,Jennie Siner becky bard, anna Epstein, jennie kochberg, rose weiberg, edith belenzon, goldie kitaen, Esther Cole

            Daughters of israel –


Page 4 –society-personals

            Blumer-Colton Bethrothal Told – Arlene Blumer, Mrs. Morris Blumer,  Theodore Colton; M/M Alvin Colton;  Mrs. Fanny Schoenkopf

            (separates) M/M Arthur Lawrence Cohen….. M/M Morton Thaler; Mrs. William Margolis; Mrs. Wm Rothstein; Anna Shelley; rs. Milton Rawdin; Mrs. Julius Reisman;…. Mrs. Betsy Solomon…  Birdie Stodel, Elizabeth Harris, Sylvia Vener….

            The Cradle – M/M Morton Screiber, Marian….Phyllis…. Marjorie… Paula…

            M/M Sid Wishnek, Byron Berkouf Wishnek, Mrs. Celia Berkouf; M/M Frank Wishek.

            Former San Diegans Welcome Baby Boy – M/M Robert Imberman, Larry Imberman; Nancy J. Limberman; M/M I. Imberman; M/M S.  Hirsch

            (separates) M/M Milton Rawdin, M/M William Kucher….Nate Bertram, Anna Shelley….m/M Morris Douglas..

            Eddie Cantors Mark 20th Anniversary – M/M Eddie Cantor; Mrs. Celia Jacobs.

(separate) Mrs. Mack Strahl…. M/M Lou Moorsteen Betty Lou Slater, Leonard Slater; Richard Moorsteen…. M/M Louis bickman; M/.M Irving Bickman…M/M Mack Esterson; Mrs. Sara Amdorsky….. M/M Harvey Steinman; M/M William H. Carter.

            Bobby Gardner Bar Mitzvah – M/M Arthur B. Gardner, Bobby Gardner; Rabbi Baruch Stern; M/M Ben Gardneer; M/M Joseph Leichtag

            (separates) –Mrs. Bill Schusterman, D/M Martin Kaplon; M/M Arnold Schusterman; Karen Schusterman…. M/M Mack Esterson… M/M William Kucher…


page 5, Lou Mogy, Sports Around Town –Mrs. William Moss, Mrs. Max Brody, Mrs. Morris Feldman; Sam Addleson;  Sam Addleson, Mossy Addleson, Paul Nestor, Sam Druskin, Abe Ratner, Sid Smith, Al Young, Max Zeman; Al Newman, Sid Newman, Moe Hershey, Herman Tulchinsky, Bob Cheron, Irving Goodman, Zel Greenberg….. Abe Sackheim, Ann Cantor, Eddie Cantor, Sol Price, Harry Farb; Arthur Glickman, Henry Price, Velma Rustich, Frank Rustich, Sam Sklar, Milo Berenson, Lou Steinman, Lee Greenberg; Victor Schulman, Carl and Bernice Esenoff; Rose Neumann; Dr.Ritoff; Ben Rubin, Bill Burnett, George Burnett, Dave Stotsky, Ralph Hosenpud; Harry Wax, Leo Beck, harry Mallen, Will Breitbard, Lory Cantor, Irwin Wohl , Moe Martin, M/M George Neumann, M/M William Solof, Morry Wax , Norman Rubin, Barney Horrow, Hank Gardner, Jerry Freedman, Morrie Kraus, Jerry Freedman; Sam Kimmel, Zel Greenberg, Eddie Breitbard, Morris Kraus, Sid Goldstein, Ziggy Kessler, Mort Thaler, Jerry Freedman, Saul Chenkin, Mrs. William Moss, Mrs. Leon Heiman, Mrs Alex Newman; M/M Louis Addleson; Morey Levenson; Al De Sure, Mickey Goldfarb, Sam Fischer; Jacob Weinberger, Ewart Goodwin, Its and Betty Penter, Harry Bied, Jos Martin, Sam Addleson.

San Diego Lasker B’nai B’rith –William B. Schwartz, Zel Breenberg, Morrie Kraus, Eli Levenson, Harry Mallen, Eddie Breitbard, Henry Weinberger, ; Morrie Kraus, Jerry Freedman, Lou Mogy, Ralph Feldman, Zel Greenberg, Al Doctor, Sam Brenes, Ed Baranov; Sid Goldstein, M orris Douglas, William B. Schwartz; Henry Weinberger, Eli Levenson.

Temple Men’s Club – John Landesco, Cantor Julian K. Miller, Dick Lustig

Tifereth Israel Men’s Club – Maxwell Kaufman,

Beth Jacob Congregation – a. Abramson, Morrie Kraus,

Tifereth Israel Elects Officers—Alex J. Newman, Moe S. Berlin, Its Penter, Henry Bowman, Edward Baranov, Moe Hershey; I. Teacher, Sam Addleson, Paul Nestor, Abe Ratner, Ben Levenson, Isador Jacobson, Sidney Newman, Joe Spatz , Moss Addleson; Milo Berenson, Sam Druskin, Herman Tulchinsky, Max Zemen, Marco Ratner, sam Geller, Frank Pomeranz, Sid Naliboff, Al Young, Irving Schneider, Maurice Zahalsky, Abe Sackheim, Irving Goodman, Max Brody, Mrs. Its Penter.


Page 6 – Tifereth Israel Sisterhood – Mrs. Abe Ratner, Mrs. Monroe Levens, Mrs. Earl Brodie, Mrs. Its Penter, Mrs. Alex Newman, Mrs. Harry Mallen; Mrs. A.P. Nasatir, Mrs. Sam Brenes.; Mrs. Rod Horrow; MRs. Woodropw Ratner; Mrs. Sol Chenkin; Mrs. Herman Tulchinsky; Mrs Milo Berenson, Mrs. Eddie Cantor; MRs. Max Gardner; Mrs. Herman Sarfan, Mrs. Edward Sarfan; Mrs. Irving Krasnewr, Mrs. Moe Hershey, Mrs. Irving Goodman, Mrs. Sam Sosna; Mrs. I. Teacher; Mrs. Paul Nestor; Mrs. Edward Goldstein; Mrs. Eddie Addleson; Mrs. Abe Sackheim; Mrs. Harry Snyder; Mrs. Sam Sklar; Mrs. Al DeSure; MRs. Sam Fischer; MRs. William Moss; and Mrs Marian Goldfarb; Mrs. Zel Greenberg.

San Diego Birdie Stodel Chapter Bnai Brith – Celia Schwartz, Goldie Schusterman, Esther Schwartz, Ruth Aronoff, Mitzie Ornstein, Rose Aved; Sylvia Vener, Elizabeth Harris, Birdie Stodel, Bess Borushek.

Women’s Auxiliary, San Diego Home for the Aged—Mrs. Wm AL. Moss, Mrs. Max Brody, Mrs. Morris Feldman; Mrs. Sam Addleson, Lena Beck, Mrs. Paul Cudney, Mrs. Sam Sosna, Jennie Burnett; Mrs. Ed Binder, Mrs. Harry Rosenthal, Mrs. Dave Horowitz, Mrs. Louis Steinman, Mrs. Joseph Goldhammer; MRs. Abe Sackheim; Mrs. Rodin Horrow; Mrs. Moe Hershey; Mrs. S.F. Brenes; Mrs. Alex J. Newman; Mrs. Ben Levenson; Rosalie Sonnabaum; Sara Shelley,  Mrs. Ben Harris; Mrs. S.Z. Greenberg

Council of Jewish Women—Mrs. Louis Steinman

Hadassah –Mrs. Gabriel Berg; (2) ; Mrs. Louis Steinman; Mrs. Al E. Slayen; Mrs. Suyvia Haffner.

Jewish Labor Committee-Benjamin Tabachinsky,  Feigele Panitz, Eugena Bruman; B. Feinberg, A. Shelley.

            Temple Senior League –J.C. Paderewski


Page 7 – junior press

Max Gendelman, Myron Shelley “Town and Campus” –Harry Schonfeldt, Jack Strickman, Nort Goldberg, Norm Holzman, George Schlessinger, Marvin Saltzman, Burt Epstein, Sammy Krasner; Ed Millsburg, Jerry Asner…Herb Gardner, Joan Press, Howard Esterson, Elene Gordon, Sandy Schissell, Art Belenzon, Annabelle Rassin, Ted Mintz, Zane Feldman, Alice Low-Zimmer, Harry Hamber, Ann Strickman, Roy Fagelson, Horace Meyer, Bernard Asner, Jerry Zweig, Frances Samuels, Bev Addleson, Marion Feinberg, Anna Samson, Lenny Veitzer, Lee Winicki …. Isabelle Bank, Art Schwartz, Edith Schertzer, Bruce Witte, Barbara Shames, Shewlley Sackheim, Carolyn Siverman, Alan Mishne, Carolyn Kobernick, Irwin Sklar. Louise Ruzewick, Burt Nestory, Marily Siker, Dave Krinitisky, Arlene Glickman, Fred Weitzen, Pat White, Calvin Green, Delores Wyner, Larry Solomon, Max Gendelman, Bobbie Solomon, Myron Shelley, Pauline Ratner…. Joyce Toerner, Ronald Feiler, Shirley Berenson, Buddy Berenson, Lora Dean Addleson, Jerry Krasne, Revlyn Brenner, Mary Green, Arlene Blumer, Ted Colton; Teddie Feldman, Pauline Ratner, Dee Wyner….

Chanukah Celebrations –Sherry Rae Newman, Judy Pookrass, Susan Pokrass, Adrian Cantor, Charlene Zeman, Sharon Young, Sue Ann Greenberg, Elaine Berman, Joan Breitbard, Gary Breitbard, Marlene Freed, Philip Brenes, Norman Bard, Gerald Newman, David Levens, Jerry Levens, Raphael Levens, Arlene Solof, Elene Gordon, Edith Press, Beverly Addleson, Pauline Ratner, Rabbi Baruch Stern…. Rabbi Morton Cohn, Cantor Julian K. Miller, Ed Israel Jr;

Linda Solof, Linda’s Lookout –Barbara Mallen, Roann Tepper, Esther Lustiig, Shirley Krasner, fran Winiki, Sandra Schissell, Rochelle Gomer, Beverly Addleson, Barbar Shames, Edie Press, Ada Picaizen, Rosilyn Burdman, Reitha Stokes, Arline Mihlman, Arline Mallen; Audry Greenberg, Linda Solof, Barbara Brodman, Estelle Berwin, Shirley Saul…. Donn Kobernick, Harvey Levitt, Paul Kaufman, Gary Breitbard…. Rochelle Gomer, Burt Sharpe, Sandy Schissell, Fran Winiki, Art Belezon, Marily Weisser, Werner Dreyfus, Joanne Rosenfeld, Howard Esterson, Harvey Bender, Beveryl Mash…. Sharlene Stone, Susan Levy , Deanne Brown, Janet Solof, Jane Cohen, Rochelle Goodrich, Susan Solof, Marsha Cohen, Lou Ann Blumberg, Brenda Heiman, Gloenda Pollack, Sherry Newman , Linda Douglas….Lettie Levens, Howard Esterson, Burt Sharpe, Sandy Schissell, Dean Greenberg, Ada Picaizen, Jerry Schissell, Frances Wiicki, Art Belenzon, Jackie Brodman, Al Davidson, Edie Press, Elene Gordon, Herb Solomon… Lois Jean Kaufman, Paul Kaufman, Ilene Rivers, Donn Kobernick, Linda Solf, Shearn Platt, Esther Lustig, Dick Godes, Ethel Schwartz, Lenny Weiss, Bobby Glickman, Bobby Beck, Carol Fischer, Ernie Addleson,Joyce Addleson, Gary Chenkin, Janet Solof, Arthur Pogrell, Arline Mallen, Larry Cantor, Jane Cohen, Harry Ratner, Deanne Brown, Sandy Ratner, Sherry Newman, Irwin Weiss, Judy Yukon, Joel Mogy, Don Solomon, Alice Aufritcht, Nadene Feiler, Brenda Heiman, Linda Douglas, James Deutch, Edward Rusikin, Michael Soule, Jerry Padwa…Esther Lustig, Shearn Platt, Linda Solof, Dick Godes, Bobby Recht,  Harry Slayen…Don Siedler…

TYL Hello Dance –

            What’s Cooking at Troop 99—Dave Sugarman, isadore (Rube) Rubin,


P. 8 American Jewish Congress – William B. Schwartz, Albert A. Hutler, David Greenwald, Lou Pollack.



December 18, 1949, Southwestern Jewish Press


Page 1 – Victor Schulman elected to head united Jewish Fund—Victor Schulman, Jack Gross, Murray Goodrich, Morris W. Douglas, Mrs. Gabriel Berg, Max Rabinowitz, Eli H. Levenson, Abe Ratner, Sol Price, Nathan Schiller, Louis Moorsteen, Ben Harris and Richard Levi. Eli H. Levenson,

            Home Beautiful Program Impressive –Mrs. A..P Nasatir, Mrs. Sidney Newman,  Mrs. Abe Ratner, Mrs. Monroe Levens, Rabbi Levens, J. Kaufman
            Labor Zionist Shekel Campaign Continues – I Domnitz, R. Umansky


Page 2 – Maxwell Kaufman, Overseas News and Views

            Letter- Monroe Levens

            Letter –Lou Mogy.

            Letter-Baruch Stern

            Letter-Rabbi Morton Cohn

            Letter-Wm B. Schwartz


Page 3 – Ida Nasatir, Enchanting Rebel
Page 6 – Society Personals

            Sally Stein to be Bride Dec 20th—Sally Stein, m/m Jacob stein, ted naumann; m/m max nauman; rabbi morton cohn; Selma gratz; dr. S.sm stein; mrs. Benjamin wishner, Elliott Cushman.

            Senior Pioneer Women (Negba) Colub – Anna Shelley, Rose Miroff, Gertrude Rawdin, Bessie Fink; Betty Gendelman; I.S. Gordon….

            (separate) Mrs. Martin Furst

            Philadelphians Wed Here Saturday – Dorothy Goldberg; Spencer Kohler; Rabbi Mornoe Levens.

            (separates) – Sam Hirsh, D/M. A. P. Nasatir….M/M Grisha Borushek, Gregory Horowitz…. M/M A.A. Abramson; M/M Jay C. Miller… M/M Henry Rubel…. Rabbi Levens, I Jacobson M/M Irving Goodman, M?M Alex J. Newman; Mordecai Kaplan

            Joseph Dembo 80 years Young – Joseph Dembo, Mrs. Saul Margulis; Mrs. Clara Palkes, Mrs. Vera Lehrer, Mrs Harry Rosenthal; Henry Dembo, Jack Dembo.

            Mrs. S. Hirsch Passes at 69 – Gizella Hirsch, Baruch Stern, Sam Hirsch, Samuel Hirsch, Morris Hirsch, Mrs. Jack Schwartz, Mrs. Morris Stokes, Mrs. Robert Imberman, Mrs. Manuel Weissman; Mrs. Sarah Keller, Mrs. Caroline Tamler.

            The Cradle – M/M Irving Belenzon, David Edward Belenzon; M/M Jack Friedman; M/M Max Belenzon…. M/M Irving Kriss, James Robert Kris

s; M/M Joe Tobias; M/M David Kriss…..

            (separates) M/M Simon A. Rich…. M/M Dan Polesky, M/M Leo Greenbaum.. Dr. and Mrs. A.P. Nasatir… Mrs. Nasatir..

page 23 – Lou Mogy, Sports Around Town—M/M Maxwell Kaufman, Martha Feiler, Vic Schulman, M.D. Goodrich, Morry Douglas, Zel Greenberg, William Moss, Jay Eslick, Sam Addleson, Lou Lipton, Ida Beck, Leo Beck; Helen Schulman, Vic Schulman;  Saul Chenkin, Morrie Kraus; Morrie Kraus, Harry Mallen, Rabbi H. Carl Straus, Sam Cohen, Meyer Snyder, Harry Klaskin, Ted Rosenfeld, Lou Snyder, Midget Wolgast, Laurie Cantor, Julius Brown, Leo “Trick Knee” Beck, Iving Singer, Aubrey Shulkind, Morrie Douglas, Lou Mogy, Harry Mallen, Arthur Goodlman, Sonja Goodman, Ann Ratner, Abe Ratner, Stella Sarfan, Evelyn Cantor, Bess Adleson, Memphis Jules (Brown), Gerorge Neumann, Max Maisel, Its Penter, Betty Penter, Harry Farb, Jacob Weinberger,  Rod Horrow, Abe Sackheim, Sam Sosnma, D/M Fred Hollander (Dorothea Hollander), Norma Fischer, Joe Martin, Fred Roth, Jack Rodney, Ralph Jacobs, Sherman Cole, Gordon Lansley, Yale Anfanger, Yale Naliboff, Arnie Margulis, Marty Altshuler, Ted Mintz, Lou Pollack, Sid Goldstein, Morey Levenson, Gladys Levenson, M/M Harry Mallen, Stuart Mallen; M/M Jack Gross; Sam Fischer, Diane Fischer; Ann Cantor, Eddie Cantor, Ida Beck, evelyn Cantor, Helen Schulman; M/M Edward Zuckerman….. Sol Price.


p. 26 – “Sisterhood invites all to come to the fair” --  Mrs. Carl Esenoff,  Mrs. Abe Sklar,  Mrs. Nate Ratner, Mrs. Harry Snyder, Mrs.Mack Esterson, MRs. Morris Douglas, Mrs. Leonard Linn, Mrs. Edward Zuckerman, Mrs. Edward Schwartz, Mrs. Ben Harris, Mrs. Lou Bickman; Mrs. Martha Hollander; Mrs. Sig Stein;  Mrs. Rodin Horrow, Mrs. Irving Hertz, Mrs. Harry Demsey, Mrs. Florence Corwin, Mrs. Harry Snyder, Mrs. Louis Stizel, Mrs. Marvin Gray, Mrs. Leonard Linn, Mrs. M.D. Goodrich. Mrs. Mack Esterson…. Morrie Douglas, M.D. Goodrich, Richad Lustig, Leon Heinman, Maurice Harris, Nate Schiller, Abe Sklar, Jack Lubo, Art Levine, Ray Bass, Harry Snyder, Alan Lame..

            Tifereth Israel Sisterhood – Mrs. Warren Oglesby; Mrs. Al Newman, Mrs. Irving Solomon, Mrs. Julius Levine, Mrs. Irving Goodman, Mrs. Robert Cheron, Mrs. Moe Hershey.

            Delegation Attends Conference of Histadrut—I Domnitz, M/M Sol Goodman, M/M Joe Richlin; mrs. Rose Lansky; I Domnitz, R. Umansky, A. Olf, Rose Abrams, Florence Barach; Dora Richlin, Bess Borushek…

            Hadassah –Mrs. A.P. Nasatir, Mrs. Gabriel Berg,  Oscar L. Chapman, ]

            Tifereth Israel Men’s Club –Maxwell Kaufman,  Alex Newman, Sam Geller, Frank Sugerman, Moe Hershey, Moe Berlin, John Lowbenstein, Paul Nestor, Ben Levenson, Zel Greenberg, Herman Tulchinsky, Henry Bowman, Henry Bowman.

            Jewish War Veterans Auxiliary –Miss Dorothy Johnson,  Jean Spatz, Joe Spatz, Nixie Kern, Hanuel Fisher, Binnie Brooks

            San Diego Birdie Stodel Chapter Bnai Brith – Rabbi Cohn, Anne Shelley, Jennie Siner, Bess Schissell, Esther Schwartz, Ruth Aronoff, Celia Schwartz, Celia Schwartz, Bess Borushek

            San Diego Hebrew Home for the Aged—Mrs. Abe Sackheim, MRs. Joseph Goldhammer.


Page 27 – Max Gendelman, Myron Shelley, “Town and Campus” – Annabelle Rassin , Ted Mintz, Lois Weider, Burt Nestor, Beverly Tyler, Mickey Rooney, Beverly Hoffman, Carolyn Kobernick, Dick Silberman, Arlene Glickman, Fred Weitzen, Carolyn Silverman, Alan Mishne…Edith Schertzer, Isabeel Bank, Sylvia Winick… Ted Mintz, Annabelle Rassin, Bill Fox, Larry Gross

            Beth Jacob PTA –Jerry Weissman

            (separate) Diane Weiner, Helene Strahl

            Youth Groups toStage Chanu-Kapers –

            Temple Sisterhood—Mrs. Charles Goldfus, Mrs. Nate Schiller, Mrs. Joseph Alweis.

            (separate) – Shirley Ann Berenson, Bertram Berenson, M/M Milo Berenson.

            Linda Solof, Linda’s Lookout – Fran Winicki, Ethel Schwartz, Linda Solof, Ilene Rivers and Estelle Berwin, Reitha Stokes, Rosann Tepper, Sally Turner.. David Sperber, Janice Gordon, Steven Gordon, Bobby Steinbaum, Dicky Steinbaum, Carol Martin, Laurence Martin, Dickie Shanks, Bobby Shanks, Jeffry Lipinsky,m Elaine Lipinsky, Carol Witkousky, Linda Witkousky, Johnny Morrow, Harriet Freeman, Donald Sperber, Michael Sperber…. Brenda Helman, Rochelle Goodrich, Lou Ann Blumberg, Sharlene Stone, Janet Solof, Marsha Cohen, Glenda Pollack, Florence Krasnewr, Jane Cohn, Geraldine Solomon, Linda Douglas… Sonya Weitzman, Marjorie Lowitz, Rogert Lowitz, susan Solof, Loretta Goldberger, Kaye Prager, Nancy Prager, Sherry Young, Ronnie Young, Freddie Dotland, David Dotland….Shirley Krasner, Sam Sosna… Harvey Levitt, Buddy Recht, Linda Solof, Pola Zianowski, Donn Kobernick, Harry Slayen, Charles Fagelson, Gary Breitbard, Joyce Addleson…. Phyllis Mollick, Bobby Beck, Elaine Burdman, Lois Kaufman, Gloria Abramson, Eddie Rosenthal, Alfred Bruner…. Harriet Silverman, Linda Douglas, Marcia Ruskin…. Arthur Pogrell, Nancy Silverhart, Janet Solof, Susan Solof, Linda Zuckerman, Ruth Freedman, Eleanor Cohen, Susanne Hutler, Neil Kleinman, Edmond Rosenthal, George Weiss, Jack Fellson, Judy Smollar, Arline Silberman, Jeremy Lustig.



December 30, 1949—Southwestern Jewish Press

                        Page 1 –JWB –USO Closes San Deigo Office – Henry Weinberger, Joachim Hammer, Albert A. Hutler, Louis Breslow.

            Community to Know Allocations Before Campaign Begins

            Federation Plans Community Survey –Carl Esenoff,  Sol Price


Page 2 – Maxwell Kaufman, Overseas News and Views

            Letters…. Robert Gamzey, Esther Schwartz, Eleanor Gordon….


Page 3, Ida Nasatir – Ready Willig and Abel

            Rebecca Schreibman Passed Away Dec. 15 – Rebecca Schreibman, Rabbi Monroe Levens, Harry Schreibman, David Schreibman, Mrs. ___Nathan, Mrs. Jack Myers.

            (separates) –M/M Sandor Goldberg, Mrs. Irving Newman…M/M Robert Rivers; M/M Arthur Witz; Sidney Green;

            Who’s New – M/M Meir Barach, Elana Barach, Reena Barach, Don Barach;  M/M Harry Felsot; Arlene Felsot:

            Life Begins for Rabbi Cohn –Rabbi Morton J. Cohn,  Sally Cohn, Jane Cohn, Morton Jr,


Page 4 – Society-Personals

            Inez Horowitz to Become Bride –Inez Horowitz, Merrill Jacobson,  Rabbi Monroe Levens…MM David Horowitz, Isidore Jacobson; Mrs. Frank Hertzog… Pauline Gleason, Mildred North, Audrey Jacobson, Doris Christman, Barbara Wahler, Sonia Goodman; Paula Nelson, D/M Max Nelson; Ellis Jacobson; Bud Fischer, Arnold Margulis; Arthur Benjamin, Jerome Schechter, Carl Naliboff, Carol Fischer, Bud Fischer;  M/M Frank Hertzog, Mrs. Rebecca Fischer; Mrs. Bess Robbins; M/M Phil Jacobson, Teresa Shapiro, Anna Sax, Mrs. George Shapiro, M/M Paul Shapiro; M/M Joseph Shapiro/ M//M Nathan Shapiro; Mrs. Sarah Waldman

            Four Generations Gather at Millers –D/M David Miller; Mrs. Fred Baker; Mr. Louis Victor; Richard Miller, Jonathan Miller, Jere Miller; Belle Baker

            Segal-Oppenheim Nuptials Held – Regene Oppenheim, Hirsch Segal, Monroe Levens

            (separates—Mrs. Jerome Bronstone, Mrs. Robert Epsten; Mrs. N.N. Slohm, Mrs. Harold Sampson (Shirley Bronstone) …. M/M Robert Gordon, M/M Abnewr Schultz; Miss Anne Weinstein…. M/M Raymond Bass, Barbar DuMont, Mrs. Milton Schwartz (Lynn Bass), Dr. Milton Schwartz.

            Bickmans Host Family at Holiday Dinner – M/M Louis Bickman, Mrs. Ida Goldberg, M/M Manyy Greenberg, M/M Joel Greenberg, D/M Clarence Mellman, Donald Mellman, Robert Mellman; Miss R. Halpern; Rebecca Goldberg, M/M Irving Bickman; Shirley Bickman, Stanley Bickman; Mrs. Fannie Bickman; D/M Robert Stone, Sharlene Stone; M/M Sol Stone; M/M Otto Williamson

            Brenners Honor Betrothed Pair—M/M Theodore Brenner, Revlyn Brenner, Marvin Greene, M/M Joseph Greenberg, M/M Sam Blacker; M/M Max Solof; Mrs. Archi Schoenkopf, Mrs. David Solof, Mrs. William Solof, Mrs. Sam Blacker.

            Irvin Kahns Mark First Anniversary – M/M Irvin J. Kahn, Mrs Mary Raymo.

            The Cradle – M/M Ray M. Lieberman, Lisa Anne Lieberman; David Lieberman; M/M Harry Engel, Mrs. Fannie G. Lieberman….. Cantor/Mrs. Julian Miller, M/M Jacob Kupperstein, M/M Max Miller; Marjorie Miller…. M/M James Shannon, Gary Shannon; M/M Irvine Schjulman; Mrs. Anne Shannon


Page 5  Lou Mogy, Sports Around Town—Jay Eslick, Irvin Kahn, Dave Stotsky, Irvine Schulman, Stepehn Schulman, eddie Bland, Ralph Hosenpud, Murray Goodrich, Sara Goodrich, Bernice Esenoff; Bess Snyder, Harry Snyder, Leo Beck, Morry Douglas, Mary Raymo, M/M Irvin Kahn; Morton J. Cohn Jr; Ben Sanders, M/M Dave Stotsky; D/M Robert Stone; Yale Kahn; Herman Sarfan; Jack Gross, Julius Brown; Eli Levenson; Dave Block, Loretta Gross;  Irv Wohl, Jacob Weinberger, Ewart Goodwin, Don Keller, Elmer Jansen, W.S. Sharp, F. McIntire; Harold Keen, Neil Morgan; Bill Solof, Molly Solof, Glilcka Brenner, Ted Brenner, Helen and Vic Schulman, Anita and Irwin Kahn, Sara Goodrich, Murray Goodrich; Julia Kaufman; Victor Schulman

            Community Center Soccer Team—Joseph Fagot, Mike Zachs (Zaks), David Grossman, Stan Firestone, AdekFirestone, Sid Sonnabaum, Joe Baumgarten, Jack Rosenberg, Joe Fagot; Zel Camiel, Irwin Wohl

            Chaimn Weizman Labor Zionist Organization—William Davis, Belle cohen, , Bess Borushek.

            Tifereth Israel Men’s Club


Page 6 – San Diego Hebrew Home Auxiliary – Mrs. Harry Rosenthal, Mrs. S.Z. Greenberg, Mrs. A. J. newman, Mrs. Moe Hershey, Mrs. William Moss, Mrs. Joseph Goldhammer, and Mrs. E.I Binder.

            Jewish War Veterans of the United States –Jean Spatz, Nixie Kern, Esther Levitt, Bess Avrick, Pauline Rubel, Esther Frank, fay Naliboff, Henrietta Cohen, Myra Schontha, Blanche Harris, Goldie Goldstein, Sadie Rothberger, Dolly Frankston, Rose Tepper, Binnie Brooks

            San Diego Birdie Stodel Bnai Brith – Ruth Brav, Bess Borushek, Jeanne Camiel, betty Freedman, Sarah Geller, Marie Richards, Bess Schissell, Anne Shelley, Jennie Siner, Celia Schwartz, Esther Schwartz; Bess Borushek, Ruth Brav, Betty Freedman, Marie Richards; Jennie Siner, Anne Shelley

            Senior Pioneer Negba Club – Eleanor Gordon, Anna Esenoff, Florence Lebb, Eva Fagelson, Anna Fagelson, Bertha Feinberg, Lillian Pearl, Elizabeth Sheinberg, Sadie Gralnick, Celia Bekouf, Rose Price.

            (separate) –Stan Firestone, Adek Firestone

            Hadassah --  Mrs. Albert Krasnow;Mrs. Gabriel Berg; Mrs. Manny Hafner


            Daughters of Israel RABBI MONROE LEVENS acrostic

(separate) –M/M Jerry Aronoff; M/M Grisha Borushek.

            JCRA –M/M Louis Addleson; Mrs. Rose Bertram, Mrs. Esther Schwartz; Anna B. Brooks

            Congregation Beth Jacob –Morrie Kraus, A.Abramson
            Beth Jacob Ladies Auxiliary—Mrs. Annna Shelley

            Tifereth Israel Sisterhood –Mrs. Sidney Goldhammer, Mrs. William Moss, Sara Shelley, Mrs. I Teacher, Mrs. Harry wax, Mrs. Itz Penter, MRs. Sideny Smith, Mrs. Herman Tulchinsky, Mrs. Heramn Sarfan, MRs. Bill Solof,  Mrs. Abe Ratner, Mrs. David Solof, Mrs. Julius Levin, Mrs. Harry Weisberg, Mrs. Henry Price, Mrs. Sam Sklar, Mrs. Jennie Siners, Mrs. Monroe Levens, Sara Judd;

            (separate) M/M Ben Ornstein; Ileen Ornsteen, Stanley Ornsteen


page 7 – Max Gendelman, Myron Shelley…Town and Campus – Shirley Berenson, Bud Berenson, Sandra Schoenkopf, Herb Schwartz, Carolyn Silverman, Alan Mishne, Myron Shelley, Pauline Ratner; Bobbie Solomon, Teddie Feldman Lora Dean Addleson, Rose Samuels, Ruth Nauman, Marcelyn Hosenpud, Ben Seigel, Louise Ruzewick, Nancy Solof, Jack Gross, Irwin Sklar; Dee Wyner, Jerry Krasne; Shirly Sarfan; Dick Pick, Stuart Penter, Berta Rosenfeld…. Marian Mishne, Annabelle Rassin, Teddie Feldman, Nancy Weitzen, Glasdys Balsam, Carolyun Silverman, Isabelle Bank, Edith Schertzer, Dee Wyner, Berneice Kaufman, David Krinitsky…. Ronald Greenberg, Don Rosen, Don Ward, Bonnie Zahalsky, Harry Ross, Carlie Cannon, Martha Gene, Patricia Wakeman; Revlyn Brenner, Marv Green; Inez Horowitz, Merle Jacobson, Sandra Schoewnkopf, Eddie Haimsohn, Shirley Mantell, Larry Mantell, Berta Rosenfeld, Dick Silberman, Sonya Goodman, Arthur Goodman, Nancy Solof, Arlene Solf, Stuart Peter (Penter)….  Edieth Schertzer, Bruce Witte, Florence Deutch, Eddie Haimsohn, Marsha Leff, Shelley Sackheim, Leslie Steffel, Dave Tobias… Annabelle Rassin, Ted Mintz… Barbara Ackerman, Marsha Leff, Chuck Kransberg, Carolyn Silverman, Barbara Marks…

            Tifereth Israel Junior League --  Cecile Oglesby, Geraldine Solomon, David Levens, Sherry Newman, Norman Panish.

            Linda Solof, Linda’s Lookout –Fran Winicki, Roann Tepper, Edie Press, Beverly Addleson, Ada Picaizen, Sandra Schissell, Barbara Mallen…Larry Cantor, Joel Mogy, Gary Cantor, Ernie Addleson, Sandy Ratner, Bobby Beck….. Lenny Bloom, Shirley Krasner, shearn Platt, Roann Tepper, Werner Dreyfus, Edie Press, Matt Strauss, sandy Schissell, Dean Greenberg, Ada Picaizen, Jerry Levens; Estelle Bedlinger, Pete Haas, Betty Jo Kaufman, Al Davidon, Bernie Asner, Jerry Schissell…. Shearn Platt, Bobby Glickman, Bobby Beck, Linda Solof, Ernie Addleson, Esther Lustig, Lenny Weiss, Phyllis Mollick, Gary Chenkin, Ilene Rivers, Donn Kobernick, Carol Kaufman, Joel Mogy, Arline Mihlman, Larry Cantor, Ethel Schwartz, Don Solomon, Joyce Addleson, Dick Godes…. Joyce Addleson….. Arline Mallen, Lois Kaufman, Morton Barancik, Sherry Newman, Norman Panish, Freddy Bender, Shiela Lipin, David Levens….Roann Tepper, Werner Dryfuss, Shriley Krasner, sam Sosna, Sandra Schissell, Dean Greenberg, Ada Picaizen, Ad Davidson, Edie Press, Matt Strauss, Beverly Addleson, Bob Shep, Joanne Rosenfeld, Jerry Levens, Lettie Levens, Burt Sharp, Rochelle Gomer, Jerry Schissell, Fran Winicki, Art Belenzon…. Cecile Ogelsby, Geraldine Solomon, David Levens, Norman Panish, Sherry Newman…. Ernie Addleson, Gary Chenkin, Paul Kaufman, Esther Lustig, Bobby Glickman, Roslyn Burdman, Elaine Burdman, Shearn Platt, Donn Kobernick, Mike Witte, Carol Fischer, Elsa Esterson, Jane Cohn Charlene Stone, Janet Solof, Susan Solof, Rochelle Goodrich, David Ruskin, Arthur Pogrell, Barry Goldman, Jack Felson, Edie Press, Sandy Schisell, Lettie Levens, Rochelle Gomer, Shirley Krasner, Burton Sharp, Jerry Schissell, Bernie Asner, Lenny Bloom, Arline Mihlman, Harriet Silverman, Nancy Silverman, Debra Strauss, Linda Zuckerman, Eleanor Cohen, Susie Hutler, Frankie Hutler, Jean Goldstein, Sandy Ratner, Stevie Schulman, Eleanor Addleson, Caroline Silverman, Sandra Schoenkopf, Pauline Ratner, Allan Mishne, Andrea Beck, Maxine Schonkopf..

            Council Nominates Officers for 1950 – Bob Waller, Norman Holtzman, Ronnie Greenberg, Herb Solomon, Bob Waller; Frances Winicki, Esther Weitzman.


Page 8   Memorial Altar Fund Drive Progressing – Murray D. Goodrich,

            Rabbi Cohn to Review Why Jesus Died, Pierre Van Passen,

            Episcopalian Rector Invites Cantor to participate in Midnight Mass – Father Harry T. Burke, Cantor Julian Miller, Rabbi Morton Cohn,

            S.D. Lasker Lodge Bnai Brith Installation Set for January 8 – Morrie Kraus, Jerry Freedman, Lou Mogy, Ralph Feldman, Zel Greenberg, Al Doctor, Sam Brenes, Ed Baranov, Sid Goldstein, Morrie Douglas, Bill Schwartz, Marshall Naiman, Manny Silberman, Harry Wax. Eli Levenson, Bill Brandenberg; Jerry Freedman

            Congregation Tifereth Israel –Rabbi Levens, I . Jacobson, Mrs. Harry Douglas, Alex J. Newman… Mrs. Rose Neumann, Mrs. Mary Schwartz, Mrs. Esther Sommer; Mrs. Jennie Siner; Mrs. Ida Pearl, Mrs. Sarah Geller; Mrs. Elsie Meyers; Rose Weisberg; Fannie Addleson, Jennie Kochberg, Jennie Schwartz, Laura Simons, Anna Lipshitz, Dora Berkowitz, Bertha Kahn, Selda Solov, Rose Smith, Celia Berkouf, Sophie Blank, Mrs. Rose Neumann, I Jacboson, Rabbi Levens; David Dapeer.

            (separate) Alexander Barach



            January 13, 1950, Southwestern Jewish Press

Page 1 – Honors Come to Professor Nasatir – Abraham Nasatir, Ida Nasatir

            Late Flash – Vic Schulman, Murray D. Goodrich

            Hutler and Levenson to Attend Conference—Eli H. Levenson, Albert Hutler

            Rabbinical Assembly to Meet Here – Monroe Levens, Jacob Kohn, David Aronson

            Judge Weinberger Honored at Guardians Dinner – Jacob Weinberger, Sam Addleson,  ewart Goodwin, Morey Levenson, Major S. Neaman, Judge William Glenn, Judge A.F. Molina, Fred MacIntyre, Sheriff Bert Strand, capt. Earl C. Riley, Deputy Chief Wesley Sharpe, Richard Weinberger.

            Israel Representative Talks on Investments – Max Rabinowitz, Major S. Neaman;

            (separate) – George Scott

            Fund EndsYear with Over 207,000 –Max Rabinowitz

            Institute to Feature Course in Mental Hygine—A.P Nasatir,  Irving R. Stone, Benjamin B. Faguet, Mary Lou Prawql, Nevin Wiley, William Long, Jack Levitt, Oscar Kaplan, Rabbi Morton Cohn, Rabbi Monroe Levens, Rabbi Baruch Stern, Dov Abramis, Prof. Ernest Wolf, Albert A. Hutler, Prof. Harry Ruja, Mrs. Al Neumann, Mrs. Harris Rubel;

            Young Aliyah to Present Film –Mrs. Albert Krasnow, S. Alexander, aRthur Greenwald, S. Stephen Sharff, Mina Brownstone, Jimmy Lipton, Siegfried Lehmann, Victor Seltan, Mrs. Alan Schrieber, Mrs. Sam Siratan, Mrs. Harry Nelson, Mrs. William Schwartz, Mrs. Gabriel Berg


Page 2  --letter to editor—Barbara Israel, dave Israel

            Page 3 – Ida Nasatir, Challenging Years.

            Former Major Israeli Army in San Diego –George Baker, Walt Bloodgood.


            Page 4 – Addlesons to Celebrate Golden Anniversary –-M/M Louis Addleson (Fanny Addleson); Samuel Addleson, Edward Addleson, Mrs. Harry Wax, Mrs. Mauurcie Mackall; Mrs. Herbert Gordon; Mrs. William Breitbard, Harry Addleson.  Rabbi Monroe Levens.

            Mrs. Beitelman Passes at 71 – Hannah Beitelman, Rabbi Monroe Levens< Mrs. Maurice Zahalsky, Mrs. Dave Shapiro

            (separate) =Sarah Rose, Mrs. G. Borushek

            Alberts-Addleson Betrothal Told – M/M Sam Addleson; Lora Dean Addleson; Ted Alberts; M/M Phil Alberts;

            Who’s New – Therese Bloch, Dr. Isaac M. Wise

            Samuel Fox Lodge—Jack Kluchin

            (separates) -- Mrs. Alvin Feiler (Martha Feiler)…. Mrs. Louis Steinman… M/M S.E. Fishman, Mrs. Kate Eisner…. Mrs. Harry Snyder

            Steckel-Weiner Nuptial Held – Dorothy Weiner, Harold Stecker, Rabbi Mornoe Levens;Rabbi Jacob Glassman; Louis Steckel; Rabbi Levens.

            (separates) -=- Morris Goldfine, Rabbi Raphael Levine…. Myles Robinson…. Morris Feldman, Mrs. Bella Feldman…. Judge Jacob Weinberger … M/M Richard Shuman, M/M Lew Weiss…M/M John Rusin, Mrs. Hanson Burchner… M/M Ben Ackerman; M/M Murray Ackerman….. Mrs. S. Hirsch… M/M Leonard Shark; M/M Ben Kaner, Larry Kaner, Mrs. Malcolm Weinstein

            The Cradle –M/M Leo Greenbaum, Mrs. Grace Disraeli; M/M Richard Disraeli (Joyce Greenbaum), Janet Caryun Disraeli; M/M J. Manns; Mrs. Bessie Fishman…… Judith Lynn Kravitz, M’M Irvin Kravitz; Arnold Gary Kravitz; M/M Max Felsman; M/M Nat Kravitz; Mrs. M. Kravitz…. M.M James Lesser, Rhonda Rae Lesser; Mrs. Yetta Kadet, Georgette Kadet, Rochelle Lila Kadet…. M/M Herbert Haimsohn, M/M Harry Mittleman, M/M Morris Mittleman, M/M Herman Haimsohn, Cheryl Elaine Haimshohn, Robert Haimsohn, Henry Haimsohn….M/M D.H. Dannheisser (Muriel Sonnabaum), David Dannheisser, Mrs. Rosalie Sonnaboaum; M/M B.V. Dannheiser…


Page 5, Lou Mogy, Sports Around Town Eli Levenson, Henry Weinberger, William Schwartz, Morrie Kraus, Joe Martin, Ed Solomon, Marshall Naiman, Morrie Kraus, Al Hutler, Carl Esenoff, Dan Schwartz, Sam Addleson, Jacob Weinberger,, Ida Wax, Moe Hershey, Murray Goodrich, Loretta Gross, Jack Gross; M/M  I. Teacher; M/M Zel Greenberg; Mike Caine; Molly Solof, Bill Solof, Ann Ratner; Frank Pomerantz, Diane Pomerantz; Harry Farb, M/M Harry Wax; Inez Horowitz, Merle Jacobson; Mayor Harley Knox, DA Keiler, Superior Court Judge Glenn; Municipal Judge Molina; Supervisor Rossi; Sam Sklar, Rabbi Cohn, Sam Fischer; Saul Chenkin; Fred Amenoff, Woody Ratner Marco Ratner, Sam Rassin; Morrie Wax; M/M Louis Addleson.


Page 6—Hadassah—Mrs. Irwin A. Riss, Mrs. Rose Witzman, Mrs. Morris Naiman, Lenore Klug.

            Senior Pioneer (Negba) Club –M.M Maurice Schaffer; Sophie Himmel, bess Blank, Ethel Feldman, Bertha Muskowitz, I Bobrov.

            YoMaCo News –Henry Goldy, Lorraine Stern, Edith Gelman, Mitzi Spivak, Tudo Solomon, Al Solomon, Jack Spatz, Alice Solomon

            Guardians—Jay Eslick, M/M Louis Addleson, Harold Steckel, Dorothy Steckel

            JCRA—Mrs. Esther Schwartz, Anna Shelley, Jennie Siner, Gladys Tappan, Jeanne Camiel, Fannie Addleson, Bessy Siegel, Sophie Himmel, Goldie Schusterman, Betty Schwartz, Ruth Bloom, Anna B. Brooks, Goldie Kitaen, Esther Cole, Rose Weisberg, Anna Epstein, Jennie Kochberg, Edith Belenzon, Becky Bard, Mrs. Rose Bertram

            San Diego Jr. Pioneer Women – Pauline Segal, Ann Godes, Evelyn Hermann, Pearl Kaufman, Margit Loesser, Pauline Merkin, Leona Shulkind, Rose Slaone, Sylvia Busch,

         San Diego Bay City Bnai Brith – Mrs. Harold Garvin, MRs. David Schloss, Mrs. Sidney Rose, Mrs. Stanley Youkon, Mrs. Victor Weiss, Miss Sadie Rothenberger, MRs. Rose Sloane, Mrs. Tom Turner, Mrs. Charles Deuitch, Mrs. Rose Abrahams, Mrs. Eva Berger, Mrs. E. Max Cohen…. Mrs. Sidney Rose…

            Labor Zionists – I. Domnitz, Belle Cohen, William Davis

            Junior Charity League – Mrs. Harry Epsten; Mrs. Sam Fishman; Mrs. Harry Epsten; Mrs. Leo Greenbaum; Mrs. Nate Ratner

            Council of Jewish Women –Mrs. Louis Steinman; Mrs. David Doctor, Mrs. Harris Rubel; Mrs. M. Pomeranz, Mrs. H. Haimsohn, Mrs. G. Solomon, Mrs. D. Lowwenthal, Mrs. F. Weitzen; Mrs. Frances Berenson; Mrs. D. Horowitz;


Page 7,, Max Gendelman, Myron Shelley – Town and Campus – Sylvia Gendelman, Isabelle Bank, Norman Holzman, Arlene Blummer, dee Wyner, Marion Feinberg, Lenny Veitzer, Anna Samson, Sid Stokes, Shelley Sackheim, Marsha Leff, … Beria Rosenfeld, Dick Silberman, Edith Schertzer, Bruce Witte, Polly Tayus, Eddie Buckner, Bobbie Marks, Irwin Schwart, Esther Weinstock, Bob Waller, Leslie Seffel, Dave Tobias, Pauline Ratner, Eddie Haimsohn, Esther Schertzer, Jerry Zeeig, Lee Winicki, Sammy Krasner, Letty Leven, Burt Epstein, Florence Deutch, Gene Freed, Lora Dean Addleson, Rose Samuels, Ted Albert, Teddie Feldman, Larry Solomon, Anabelle Rassin, Ted Mintz, Carolyn Silverman, Chuck Kransberg, Rose Samuels, Harold Roach, Sandra Schoenkopf, Dave Krinitsky, Edith Fine, Irv Hosenpud, Marcia Hosenpud, George Schlesinger, Topper Sussman, Ben Seigel, Nancy Weitz, Myron Shelley, Bobbie Solomon, Max Gandelman…. Arlene Glicman, fred Weitzen, Carolyn Kobernick, Irwin Sklar, Arlene Orlansky, Danny Orlansky, Celia Zahalsky, Stan Waldman, Ada Picaizen, Jerry Levens, Roanne Tepper, Deen Greenberg… Ed Millsburg, Phyliss Holdway, Ed, Marily Schissell, Mit Katz, Esther Weitzman, Jack Berliner, Sylvia Winicki, Lou Gaylord, Esther Mador, Harry Schoenfeldt, Barbara Cohen, George Kravitz.

            Linda Solof, Linda’s Lookout – Bobbie Glickman, gary Chenkin, Ilene Rivers, Shearn Platt, Linda Solof, Ernie Addleson, Phyllis Mollick, Donald Solomon, Carol Fischer, Harvey Levitt, Arline Mahlman, Joe Chankin, Esther Lustig, Donn Kobernick…. Beverly Addleson, Herman Roucke, roan Tepper, Werner Dreyfuss, Mel Krisner, Shirley Krasner, Dean Greenberg, Edie press, Matt Strauss, Howard Esterson, Jackie Brodman, artie Cohen, Barbara Shames, Pete Haas, Ada Picaizen,Jerry Levens, Sandy Schissell, Tony Adler, Beverly addlesons….. Larry Addleson, Bartley Doctor, Jerry Newman, Allan Douglas, Janice Gordon, david Gordon…. Harriet Freeman, david Sperber, Joyce Singer, Jerry Newman, Johnny Ruden, David Gordon, Deanne Johnson, Steven Gordon, Janie Gordon……Sandy Schissell, Betty Jo Kaufman, Audrey Greenberg, Jackie Brodman, Leetie Levens, Edie Press, Barbara Shames, Estelle Berliner, Bobby Recht, Roann Tepper, Bert Sharp, Matt strauss, Bob Waller, Jerry Levens, Ronny Greenberg, Howard Esterson….. Elaine Burdman, Allen Leener, Arlene Mallen, Donn Kobernick, Esterh Lustig, Harvey Levitt,Phyllis Mollick, Shearn Platt, Roslyn Burdman, Larry Cantor, Linda Solof, Ernie Addleson, Lois Kaufman, Gloria Abramson, Leonard Weiss….. Joe Chankin, Gary Chenkin, Ernie Addleson, Gilbert Dembo….Paula Nelson, Inez Horowitz, Merrill Jacobson, Carol Fischer, Bud Fischer…..

            Jewish Youth Council –Ronnie Greenberg, Bob Waller, Norman Holtzman

            Tifereth Israel Young People’s League – Mat Strauss, Edith Press, Jack Pearl, Shirley Krasner, Roanne Tepper.



Page 8 Temple Beth Israsel Sisterhood --  Mrs. Sam Friedman, Maxwell Kaufman, Alice Couchman,  Virginia Barnett, Abe Sklar, Mrs. Marvin Gray, Mrs. Rodin Horrow, Mrs. M. Ackerman, Mrs. Florence Corwin,, Mrs. Dave Bubenstein, Mrs. M. crone; Mrs. Murray D. Goodrick.

            Temple Beth Israel Annual Meeting – Nathan Schiller, Larry Solomon, Edith Schertzer, Sylvia Winicki, Bruce Witte, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn,  Harry Hakam.

            Tifereth Israel News --  Laurence Schiller, M/M Ted Schiller;  Mrs. Rose Neumann;  Mrs. Lawrence Cantor, Mrs. Sam Addleson, Mrs. Its Penter

            Congregation Beth Jacob – Rabb B. Stern,



January 27, 1950—Southwestern Jewish Press


Page 1--  UJF Drive Date Set – Murray D. Goodrich

            Christian Palestine Committee to be formed in SanDiego----Kenneth E. Barnhart, A.S. Molina, A.J. Sutherland, Lenore Panuzio, Mary Fay, Mrs. Murney Mintzer…. Muriel Goldhammer, Sam Slayen…

            Jewish Chaplain is Assigned to San Diego _- Chaplain Garson Goodman


Page 2 –Kaufman, overseas news and views.

            Have You had your chest xray

            Letters to editor –A.H, George H. Gregory, Nixie Kern


Page 3  Ida Nasatir, Even the Night

            Temple Beth Israel SisterhoodMrs. M.D. Goodrich, Ida Nasatir, Mrs. Ben Harris; Mrs. Marvin Gray; Mrs. Rodin Horrow; Mrs. I. Penter, Mrs. Joe Silverman, Mrs. Raymond Lowitz, Mrs. Sam Serutin, Mrs. I. Merkowitz, Mrs. M. Ackerman, Florence Corwin, Harry Rose, Morrie Douglas, Dave Rubinsetein, Norman Gelman, Ed Schwartz, Arthur Gardiner, B. Freundlich, Saul Chenkin, Loui Bickman, Joe Korne, Sig Blumenfeld, Mrs. Mack Esterson (Ruth Esterson), Mrs. Sam Friedman, Maxwell Kaufman;

            JCRA –Jennie Siner, Esther Sdchwartz, Bessye Siegel, Anna D. Brooks


Page 4 Hosenpud-Fine – United in Marriage –Irving Bernard Hosenpud, M/M J. Hosenpud; Edythe Roberta Fine, M/M Sidney Fine; Wanda Martinoli Rommell Gross; Marcelyn Patricia Hosenpud; Norman Gordon, Richard Harris, Justin Nathan

            Who’s New – Robert Spiegel, Elizabeth Spiegel, Susann Spiegel, Babette Spiegel; Judge Henry M. Butzel.

            The Cradle – David Allen Bard, M/M A.J. Bard; M/M  Morris Breitbard; Mrs. Becky Bard; Rabbi Gardner… M/M Sam Meyer , Bernard Zel Meyer. Mrs. Molly Meyer; Mrs. Rose Slayen/…. M?M Harold Lehrer, Jeffrey Alan Lehrer, M/M M.S. Berlin; mrs. Vera Lehrer; Joseph Dembo.


            Personals – Clara Polkes, Mrs. Sol Margulis, Mrs. Vera Lehrer, M.M H.S. Dobbs… M/M William Gordon; M/M Willilam Schlesinger… Mrs. Clarence Goldberg; M/M Jack Gross… M/M Norman Alweis; (Shirley Alweis); M/M J. Alweis; Mrs. J.H. Gruenberg… M/M Harry Snyder, Mrs. Dave Mitchell… Mrs. Martha Hollander…Mrs. Esther Cane, Mrs. Esther Findling… M/M Geworge Neumann… Rodin S. Horrow… Mort Roenbaum; M/M Samuel Rosenbaum….Harold Dobbs; Vera Lehrer…Mac Kaufman, Julia Kaufman,… A.P. Brooks, David Brooks, Binnie Brooks…. Faye Schwartz, Betty Marguleas; D./M A.P. Nasatir…M/M Nathan Schiller; Ted Schiller;  Rev. John Stanley Parke…



            Page 5 – Lou Mogy, Scene around Town—Lou Solof, Lester Cooper, Lou Steinman, Bill Starr, Marshall Naiman, Max Rabinowitz, Ralph Feldman, Morrie Kraus, Arthur Glickman, Vic Shulman, Al Dryer, Bill Burnett, Norman Schulman, Abe Ratner, Carl Esenoff, Murray Goodrich, Sam Rossin,m Fred Aminoff; Sel Bloom, Joel Mogy,  Moe Hershey, Murray Goodrich, Sam Sklar; Sid Goldstein, Morris Breitbard, Leonard Naiman, Jennie Burnett, Sol Price, Al Doctor, Lou Steinman,

            Jewish Community Center – Eli Levenson, Morris Douglas, Harry Mallen, Rodin Horrow, Nathan Schiller; Irvin J. Wohl; Lou Mogy.

            Page Max Gendelman, Myron Shelley – Edith Schertzer, Bruce Witte, Marsha Leff, Eddie Haimson, Sema Tarlov, Harold Tarlov; Bruce Witte, Edith Scherzer, Sylvia Winicki, larry Solomon, Sandra Schoenkopf, Larry Gross, Pauline Ratner, Art Blum, Arlene Glickman, Fred Weitzen, Joan Steinman, Joe Schloss

            Leonard Naiman, Inside AZA – Morrie Kraus, Ernest Green, Jerry Freidman, Marhsall Naiman, Oscar Saul, Bert Struss, Harry Wax, Edwward Solomon,

            Judy Yukon Joins Quiz Kids – Judy Yukon; ,/m Stanley Yukon

            Linda Solof, Linda’s Lookout –Sheila Lippin, Sherry Newman, Norman Panish, Arline Mallen, Martin Smiles, Glenda Pollack, Allen Lerner, Larry Zlotoff, Morton Barancik, Shirley Krasner, Janet Solof, Barbara Goldman, Esther Jane Lustig, Eileen Rivers, gary Chenkin, Bobby Glickman, Bobby Beck, Nancy Zyakin, Joel Mogy, Ethel Schwartz, Lenny Weiss, Lois Kaufman, Paul Kaufman, Phyllis Mollick, Donald Solomon, Linda Solof, Ernie Addleson, Carole Fischer, Bill Kollender, Joyce Addleson, Dick Godes, Roslyn Burdman, Lou Kleinman, Elaine Burdman, Harvey Levitt, Jean Goldstein, Bob Cherney, Shearn Platt….. Elene Gordon, Beverly addleson, Joan Breitbard, Joyce Addleson, Marian Mishne, Lora Dean Addleson….Lawrence Schiller, Don Seidler, …

            Junior Matrons – Rabbi Monroe Levens; Mrs. Martin Borenstein, Mrs. Goerge Burnett, Mrs. Morris Wax; Mrs. David Sugarman; Mrs. George Starr… Mrs. Phillip Ranf, zMrs. Jack Stern.

            San Diego Bay City B’nai B’rith Mrs Mae Kudler, Evleyn Maron, Mrs. Louis Kash, Polly Davidson; Mrs. Sidney Kaufman; Mrs. David Schloss; Mrs. Tom Turner; Mrs. George Stanley; Mrs. Victor Weiss;  Charles Dail     

            Swing Your Partner –no names

p. 8 Temple Beth Israel –Nathan Schiller, Nathan Baranov, Morris Douglas, Ben Harris, Leon Heiman, Nate Ranter, Nathan Schiller; Rabbi Morton Cohn

            Tifereth Israel Synagogue –Rabbi Jacob Kohn; Dr. David Aronson, Rabbi Monroe Levens,

            United Jewish Fund – no names
            Fred W. Simpson in race for state senator – no other names…



February 10, 1950—Southwestern Jewish Press

Page 1 –Visits San Diego – Anna A. Abelow
             Congregatin Beth Jacob Inaugurates National Torah Tour – Rabbi Baruch Stern, Dr. A.P. Nasatir, Rabbi Isaiah Rackovsky, Rabbi Simon A. Dolgin, Rabbi Jaob Levine; Rabbi Israel Takab;  Rabbi Emanuel Rackman, Rabbi Simon A. Dolgin.

Dr. T.R. Jackman to Speak – Theodore R. Jackman,  Rev. E. Alexander Gray, Rabbi Monroe Levens

Fund to Borrow 75,000 for critical UJA Position – Henry Morgenthau Jr. , Victor Schulman< , Murray Goodrich, Nate Ratner
            Mrs. Steinman Elected to Natl Board of USNA – Mrs. Louis Steinman,


Page 2 – Maxwell Kaufman, Overseas News and Views

            Letters to Editor – Mrs. Harold Garvin; A. Fisher

            Seattle Conference Elects Levenson – Eli Levenson, Marel Hirsch, Albert Hutler

Page 3 ida Nasatir, World of Emma Lazarus


Page4   society – personals

            Ann Strickman becomes bride – Ann Libby Strickman, Roy Mitlon Fagelson, Monroe Levens, m/m nate c. strickman, m/m dave fagelson; David Anfanger, Mrs. Neil himmel; Ruth Rosenberg; Mrs. Bernard Lipinsky, Rita Strickman; Mrs. Morris Frankston and Mrs. Melvin Hoffman, Emrs. Martin Mintz, Mrs. Doris Levine; Esther Read; Elaine Lipinsky; Lester Himmel, Alfred Strickman, Jack Strickman, Morris Frankson, Martin Mintz, Ben Siegel.  M/M L. Landman , Mrs. Esther Smith,  Mrs. Dave Fagelson….

            Who’s New – Maurice J. Seigel…Arthur Kramer

            Russman-Epstein Bethrotal Announced -- </M< Abraha Epstein, Edith Sybil Epstein, Howard B. Russman, M/M A.H. Russman.

            Norma Fisher Weds Kansan – Mrs. Norma B. Fisher, Milton J. Gellens, Rabbi Gershon Haddas, Mrs. Lee Green berg, Sam Gellens, Mrs. Samuel Greenberg.

            Personals – M/M Sol Talon, Felice Talon,… Mrs. G. Borushek, Sarah Rose…. M.M Saul Chenkin,. M/M Milo Berenson….

            Louis Baranov Passes—Louis Baranov, Irwin E. Baranov, Earl H. Baranov, Mrs. Thelma S. Combs, Mrs. Albert Snell, Nathan F. Baranov, Jacob S. Baranov, Mrs. Edward M. Saron.

            Charles Golosman Dies – Charles Golosman, Rabbi Baruch Stern, Marie Golosman, Bernarde Golosman,

            (separate) – Julian Soberski

            The Cradle – D.M Seymour Kuntz; Carolyn Louise Kuntz, Barbara Susan Kintz; Mrs. A. Kanefsky; Hyman Kuntz;


            (separate) – Sidney Naliboff.


P. 5 – Lou Mogy, Scene around Town –Rabbi Moise Bergman, Irwin Wohl,  Abe Wilks, J. Spivak,…. Vic Shulman, Murray Goodrich, Al Hutler, Milo Berenson, Sylvan Baranov, Nate Baranov,Morrie Douglas, Lou Pollack, Jerry Aronoff Harry Aronoff, Murray D. Goodrich, Leon Heiman, Dr. Mickey Stone, Mike Lustig, Elliott Cushman, Nate Schiller; Harry Mallen, Issie Mallen, Bill Burnett, George Burnett, Al Dryer, Vic Schulman, Charles Wowben, Herb Haimsohn, Jack Ritoff; Rabbi Moise Bergman; George Neuman, Sam Sklar, Milton Roberts, Moe Hershey, Murray Goodrich and Bill Wolf, Saul Talon,  Morrie Kraus…

            National Commander JWV Honors San Diego by Visit – Jackson J. Holtz, Harry Apelman


P6 – Evening Group Hadassah –Mrs. Leroy Cohn, Miss Lenore Klug, Maxwell Kaufman, Mrs. Havey steinman, Mrs. Lou Morsteen.

            Pioneer Women (Negba) Club – Sonia Weitzman, M/M Harry Weitzman, Norma Schaeffer, Rose Abrams; Florence Barrack, Eleanor Gordon, Anna Shelley,

            Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood –Rabbi Phineas Smoller,  Mrs. Sam Friedman, Cantor Julian Miller, Mrs. Nate ratner, Mrs. Louis Solof, Mrs. Robert Stone; Ida Nasatir, Mrs. Ben Harris

            News of the Fox – Ernest Green, Sol Randall, Stanley Yukon, Sanford Goldman, David M. Schloss, Harold Garvin, Joe Spatz,  Kurt Sax, Nathan Riatzas, Max Broody, Phillip Shames, Herny Mendell, Irving N. Cohen… Eli Levenson, Henry Weinberger,  Mrs. Harold Garvin, John Kluchin.

            San Diego Hebrew Home for the Aged – no names

            Yo-Ma-Co Club –Art Friedlander

            Daughters of Israel—Mrs. Evelyn Harris,  Mrs. Mary Schwartz, Jennie Schwartz, Mrs. Berkauf; Mrs. Rose Neumann, Mrs. Jennie Siner, MRs. Laura Simon.

            JCRA – Anna Shelley,  Golldie Kitaen, Esther Cole, Fannie Addleson, Jennie Siner; Esther Schwartz, Anna Brooks

            SD Birdie Stodel bnai brith 92—no names

            Jr Pioneer Women – Evelyn Hermann, Alma Yaruss


Page 7 – Max Gandelman, Myron Shelley – Town and Campus –Bobbie Solomon; Buddy Berenson, Shirley Berenson, teddie Feldman, Rose Samuels, Ben Siegel, Hermione Cohen, Rita Strickman, Nancy Solof, Louise Ruswick, Jack Gross, Stuart Penter, Shirley sarfan, Richard Pick….M./M A. Ratner, Pauline Ratner, Dick Silberman, Berta Rosenfeld, Bobbi Marks, Art Boom, Sandra Schoenkopf, Larry Gross, Shirley Sarfan, Stu Penter, Pauline, Myron Shelley…Donna Glett, The Adler family; Arlene Solof, Nancy Solof, Larry Solomon, Lois Weider, Stuart Ferrer, Bill Fox, dee Dee Mitchell, Sandra Schoenkopf, Donna adler, Tony Adler, Ray Adler, Gack Gross…. Nancy Solof, Revelyn Brenner, Mrs. Brenner; Carolyun Silverman, Alan Mishne, Elene Gordon, Herb Solomon, Larry Gross, Bud Fisher, Lora Dean Addleson, Ted Albright, Marsha Leff, Ed Haimsohn, Bruce Witte, Betty Marguiless, Carolyn Kobernick, Irwin Sklar, Irwin Schwartz, Berta Rosenfeld, Dick Silberman. Ben Press, syril press, carl naliboff, Sylvia Naliboff, Bob Epstein, Bea Epstein…. Annabelle Rassin, ted Mintz, Donna Glett, Myron Shelley, Nancy Solof, Larry Solomon, Nancy Weitzen, Art Boloom, Sandra Schienkopf, Burt Nestor, Louise Ruswick, Burt Epsten, Max Gandelman, Bobbie Solomon; Al Tepper, Tony Adler, Ray Adler, Lois Weider;  Martha Leff, Ed Haimsohn; M/M Roy Fagelson (nee Ann Strickman); Edith Epstein, Dr. Howard B. Russman;  Beverly Addleson, Roeanne Tepper, Fran Winiki, Sandra Shoenkopf, Bobbi Marks, Art Blum , Bud Fisher, Elenee Gordon, Herb Solomon…. Carolyn Kobernick, Gene Freed; Adele Motkin, Teddie Feldman, Shirley Berenson, Joan Tavernetti, Elanor Springmire, Chuck Finburg, Jack Gross, Art Bloom, Nancy Bloom….


            Linda Solof, Linda’s lookout—Edie Press, Matt Strauss, Lettie Levin, Art Belezon, Betty Jo Kaufman, Al Davidson, Marilyn Ellis, Burt Sharp, Roanne Tepper, Jerry Silverman, Beverly Addleson, Berne Sosna, Shirley Krasner, Sam Sosna, Henrietta Kahn, Harvey Cohen, Ada Picaizen, Jerry Levens, Joanne Rosenfled, Werner Dreyfus, Elene Gordon, Herbo Solomon…. Roslyn Burdnman, Marily Ellis, Betty Jo Kaufman, Cecile Ogelsby, Estelle Berliner, Arline Mallen, Carole Fischer, Carole Barlow, Lee Barlow, Ilene Rivers, Gary Chenkin, Linda Solof, Ernie Addleson, Bobby Glikman, Shearn Platt, Lois Kaufman, Donn Kobernick, Esther Lustig, Bill Kollender…Phyllis Mollick, Eddie Rosenthal, Mike Witte; David Levens; Paul Kaufman,  Ernie Addleson, gary Chenkin, Bill Kollender (sic) Larry Cantor, Leonard Weiss, Bobby Beck… Esther Lustig, Buddy Recht.

            Inside AZA –leonard Naiman.

            To San Diego Youth – Norman Holtzman


Page 8 –Temple Beth Israel – Cantor Julian Miller, Fr. Harry Burke; Rabbi Cohn;  Murray D. Goodrich, Nathan Schiller, Ben Rubin, Mrs. Jack Wyner; Ben Harris, Morrs Douglas, Leon Heiman, Elliot Cushman, Selma Getz, Jack Gross, Dr. Robert Stone, Mrs. Alan Soule, Myron Lustin (Lustig)? Eli Levenson, Maurice Harris, Nathaniel Ratner, Henry Weinberger, Nathan Baranov… Rabi Cohn.

            Heller Speaks at UAHC Convention – Rabbi James G. Heller, Rabbi Phineas Smoller, Sherrill C. Corwin, Rabbi Maurice Eisendrath..

            Congregation Beth Jacob – M.M Sam Bobele;  Rabbi Stern

            Tifereth Israel Synagogue – Rabbi Monroe Levens,

            Beth Jacob Ladies to Hold Purim Dinner –Anna Shelley, Annie Oakley,



February 24, 1950  Southwestern Jewish Press  

Page 1 – Fund Workers Get Set For Annual Drive – Its Penter, M.S. Berlin, Rod Horrow, Morris Douglas, ben Harris, M.D. Goodrich, Nate Ratner, Abe Sklar, Selma Getz.

            Christian Committee Presents Program – Dr. Theodore Jackman, E. Alexander Gray, Rabbi Monroe Levens, Prof. Kenneth E. Barnhart, MRs. Mary Fay, Judge A.F. Molina, Mrs. Lenore Panunzijo, Mrs. A.J. Sutherland.

            Reform Congregations in Bid for United Jewish Front –Rabbi James G. Heller,  Rabbi Morton J. Cohn,

            Notice—Jewish Community Bulletin

            Mrs. Selma Getz Heads Women’s Division UJF –Selma Getz, Mrs. Nathaniel Ratner, Mrs. Gabriel Berg, Mrs. George Neumann, Mrs. Saul Chenkin

            Alocations Committee Sets New Pattern-Sol Price, Moritz Gotlieb, Rabbi Leonard Greenberg, Sol Goodman, Murray Goodrich, Henry Weinberger,  Victor Schulman, Rose Newumann, Henry Weinberger, ben Harris, Ben Feinberg, Harry Engel, Sol Goodman, Mrs. Dora Richlin, M.S. Berlin, Seymour Rabin, William B. Schwartz, M.W. Douglas, Lou Mogy, Sam Addleson, Alex Sackheim, Mrs. Gabriel Berg, Mrs. Sidney Goldhammer, Maxwell Kaufman, Rabbi Monroe Levens, Sam Slayen, Morris Niederman, E.R. Bland, Sam Sosna, Dr. Walter Ornstein, Lew Pollack, Dr. David Miller, Dr. A.P. Nasatir, Frank Winicki, Rabbi Baruch Stern, rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Morry Kraus, Nate Schiller, Edward Kitaen, Richard Levi and Carl Esenoff
.Refugee Shows Way in Fund Drive – Adek Firestone, Stan Firestone
            Baranov Elected Chairman of Del Mar Charities – Nate Baranov.


Page 2 –Hadassah Presents Fourth Annual Premier March 26 – Mrs. Manuel Haffner, MRs. Al Slayen, Mrs. Hy Kitaen

            San Diego First in Hospital Plan – Dr. Clarence E. Rees

            Letter to the Editor – Victor Schulman

            Jolly Sixteen—Mrs. Carl Esenoff, Mary Kantor, Mrs. Rose Newman.


Page 3 –Ida Nasatir, Albert Einstein

            San Diego Bay City Bnai Brith Women – Rev. Kenneth Ferguson, Rabbi Monroe Levens, Mrs. David Sugarman, Rose Aved;

            Temple Beth Israel –Rev. Peter H. Samson, M/M Edward Zuckerman, M/M Edward Corkin, Dr. G.G. Wetherill, Mrs. Geneva Gordon.

            Daughters Of Israel – MRs. Jennie Siner, Mrs. Rose Neumann.


Page 4 – Society Personals

            Who’s New – M/M Louis Traub, Mrs. Bernard Levenson….Charles Bluestein

            Personals – M/M Mac Strahl; Mrs. Anna Strahl….. M/M Nathan Feinberg,…Mrs. Bernard Levenson, Roberta Dombroff…. Mrs. Ida Nasatir…Mrs. Victor Selten, Mrs. M.B. Fisher, Mrs. Norman Kreiss, M/M Raphael Goldstein; M/M Murray Ackerman;  M/M Alex Newman; M/M J. Gellens; M/M Sam Sosna; Mrs. Clarice Wood; Pamela Wood; M/M Samuel Simon…. M/M Philip Peskin… Mrs. Adolph Braun; Helen Berkowit… Mrs. Joseph Kwint, Benjamin Stern….

            Brotherhood in Action – Esther Moorsteen

            (separate) Stephen Wise

            Deceased – Dora Reich, Martha Feiler, Ella Herman, Julius Reich, Milton Reich…. Ben Supnik, Samuel Supnik, Mrs. Morris Niederman
            The Cradele – M/M Marvin Jacobs (Joan Jacobson) Gary Stephen Jacbos; M/M Ben Jacobson; M/M Gus Jacobs….. Marc William Harrison; M/M Henry M. Harrison;  Joel Alan Harrison; Mrs. Allen Ellis ; M/M Joseph Harrison; Morris Ellis….. M/M Edward Baranov, Judith Lynn Baranov; M/M Abe Miroff; Mrs. Resnick; Mr. Louden….

            Toy Shower – Esther Moorsteen

            Jewish War Veterans Auxiliary – Eva Berger, Anna R. Abelow,  Esther Levitt, Pauline Rubel, Binnie Brooks

            Hadassah apology to JWV – Nixie Kern, Mrie Berg


Page 5 Scene Around Town  -- Eddie Brietbard, Zel Greenberg, Morry Douglas, Harry Mallen, Joe Martin…M/M Its Penter; M/M Bill Solof; M/M Morey Levenson; M/M Vic Schulman; M/M Sam Fischers, M/M Abe Ratners; M/M Murray Goodrich….Mae Kornbluth, Helen Schulman, Florence Brown, Rose Breenbaum, Adeline Schwitkis…. Allie Ferrer, George Neumann, Dave Schissel, Mickey Fredman, Sid Newman, Hannah Ferrer, Saul Chenkin, Harry Farb, Dan Rossi, Danny Schwartz,  Jacob Weinberger, Loretta Jane Gross, Ida Beck, Evelyn Mogy, DelBaker, Martha Feiler, Jay Levine…..Zel Greenberg, Lee Greenberg…..

            News of the Fox Ernest Green, Joseph Schloss, Nathan Raitzas, Max Cohen, Max Brody, E. Max Cohen, Irving Cohen, Dave Schloss, Harold Garvin, Ed Breitbard,  Jack Kluchin

            Tifereth Israel Men’s Club ---  Zel Greenberg, Sid Smith, Joe Spatz, Sam Druskin, Ben Levenson, Moe hersehy;  Bob Cheron, Al Young, Sam Brenes, Harry Brussels, Frank Sugarman, Moss Addleson.


Page 6 – SD Birdie Stodel Bnai Brith –Esther Schwartz, Rose Aved, Rabbi Monroe Levens, Rev. Kennth Ferguson, Dr. Wolf, Bess Borushek

            Tifereth Israel Synagogue – Rabbi Monroe Levens,  Max Nussbaum, Mrs. Louis Addleson,  M.s. Berlin
            Pioner Women (Negba) Club -- .Anna Shelley, Laura Simon, Lee Sporkin

            Defy Income Tax Blues—Rabbi Monroe Levens,  Mrs. Zel Greenberg, Mrs. Sam Sklar, Mrs. Julius Levine, Betty Blanc, Miriam Goldfarb, Freda Mallen, Mrs. am Pomeranz, Jenice Gerding, Ida Beck, Ida Lipinsky, Molly Morese, Mrs. William Morse, Mrs Monroe Levens, Mrs. Abe Ratner s. Its Penter.

            Labor Zionist Organization – M/M Sol Goodman, I Domnitz,  Sam Slayen…

            Leonard Naiman, Inside AZA – Laurie Cantor, Harry Mallen, Lester Cooper, Mrs. Morrie Kraus; Danny Abramson, Ronny Greenberg, Howie Esterson, Frank Goldberg, Artie Cohen.

            Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood – Mrs. Sam Friedman, Mrs. Murray D. Goodrich, Cantor Julian Miller, Rabbi Phineas Smoller, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Mrs. Harris Rubel, MRs. Abe Sklar, Mrs. Nate Ratner, Mrs. Harry Snyder, Mrs. Robert Stone, Mrs. A. Louis Solof. Mrs. Leon Beck, MRs. George Burentt, Mrs. David Block,  Mrs. Irving Burdman, Mrs William Burnett, Mrs. Arthur Glickman, Mrs. Phil Gerson, Mrs. Irving Hertz, Mrs. Maxwell Kaufman, Mrs. Hy Kopernick, Mrs. Richard Luistig, Mrs. Irvin Kahn, Mrs. Albert Krasnow, Mrs. Hobby Myers, Mrs. Stanley Levitt, Mrs. Jerome Niederman, Mrs. Max Press, Mrs. Ben Rubin, Mrs. M. Rosenbaum, Mrs. Victor Selten, Mrs. J. Schwartz, Mrs. William Starr, Mrs. Abe Siner, Mrs. M. Samuels, Mrs. Mack Esterson,  Mrs. Joseph Alweis, Ida Nasatir, Lilliam Heiman….
            JCRA –Jennie Siner, Bessye Siegel, Betty Schwartz, Anna B. Brooks.


Page 7 Max Gendelman and Myron Shelley, “Town and Campus,” –Dee Wyner, Art Bloom, Donna Glett, Jack Gross, Nancy Weitzen, Chuck Feinberg, Sandra Schoenkopf, Larry Gross, Lois Wwelder, Burt Nestort, Louise Ruzewick, Bert Epsten, Nancy Solof, Peter Stone, Bill Fox. Pauline Ratner, Myron Shelley….Larry Solomon, Edith Schertzer, Bobbie Marks, Art Bloom, Sandra Schoenkopf, Myron Shelley, Bobbie Solomon, Max Gendelman…Joe Schloss, Bob Breitbard, Harold Hehrer, Morrie Naiman, Ted Teacher, ted Mintz, Joe Weitzen; M/M Kaufman;

            Linda Solof, “Linda’s Lookout,” –Lou Kleinman, Esther Lustig, Harvey Levitt, Linda Solof, Gary Chenkin, Roslyn Burdman, Paul Kaufman, Jean Goldstein, Donn Kobernick, Bobby Glickman, Lenny Weiss….. Sherry Newman, Morton Barancik, Arlene Mallen, David Levens, Geraldine Solomon, Stanton Camiel; Cecile Oglesby, Norman Panish, Barbara Cohen, Fred Solomon, Jane Burns, Stanley Tenn…. Joyce Schwartz,  Marcia Ruskin, grankie Hutler, Janice Asner, Barbara Brudno, Ronda Esenoff, Ilene Heiman, Nancy Lustig, Nancy Silvernman, Karen Platt, Lynn Jacobs, Marlene Kolender, Gayle Burnett, Odette Krasnow, Carolyn Myers, Ruth Schwartz, Jackie Wixen and Janet Wolf…. Paul Kaufman, Lennie Weiss, Paul and Jane Cohn, Lenny and Ethel Schwartz, Gary Chenkin, Eileen Rivers, Ernie Addleson, Linda Solof, Lou Kleinman, Esther Lusting, Bill Kollander (sic), Lois Kaufman, , Bobby Beck , Bobby Glickman, Lee Barlow, Carol Fischer, Dick Godes, Joyce Addleson….Jerry Newman, Raphael Levens, Philip Sosna, Philip Brenes, Rowena Lee Pridce,Elaine Berman, Joel  Hafter, Shelley Hafter, Sue Ann Greenberg…. Eleanor Cohen, Suzanne Hutler, Debra Strauss, Merle Krasnow, Susan Solof….. Esther Lustig… Frances Winicki, Dean Greenberg, Roann Tepper, Bernie Sosna Sammy Sosna, Barbara Shames, Art Cohen, Shirley Krasner, Dave Tobias, Leslea Setffel, Beverly Addleson, Al Davidson, Rosalie Millman, Eleanor Addleson, Joel Goldfuss, Alice Low Zimmer, Zane Feldman, Lettie Levens, Art Belezon, Lee Winiki, Lenny Veitzer, Ada Picaizen, Danny Abramson, Ronny Greenberg, Adury Greenberg, Georgia Schlesinger, Matt Strauss, Edie Press, Howard Esterson, Sandra Schissell, Jackie Brodman, Sylvia Winiki, Frank Goldberg, Sammy Krasner and Joe Winiiki, Seymour Pomeranz…

            P8  Hadassah – Mrs. Victor Selton, Mrs Sydney Goldhammer, Mrs. Zel Greenberg, rs. Julius Levine, Mrs. Joseph Silverman, MRs. Max Rabinowitz, Mrs. Robert Smith, Mrs. Mo Hershey, Mrs. Abe Smith, Mrs. Jack Gross, Mrs Leo Beck, Mrs. Victor schulman, MRs. Eddie Addleson, MRs. Lawrence antor, Mrs. Eddie Cantor, Mrs. Sid Smith, Mrs. Milton Gellens, Mrs. Louis Bickman, Mrs. Murray Goodrich, MRs. Rudin Horrow, Mrs. Nathan Smollar, Mrs. Joe Kwint; Mrs. Irving Kahn, Mrs. Mack Esterson, Mrs. Mary Greenberg;  Mrs. Gertrude Thaler, Mrs. Sadie Axelrod, Mrs. Belle Demsey, Mrs. Louis Bickman.


Friday, March 10, 1950, Southwestern Jewish Press

            Page 1 – United Jewish fund Rally March 21st to hear naval Commander--Commander Joshua Goldberg

            Helen Gahagan Douglas to Visit San Diego County—Byron Lindsley, Mrs. Grace Rittof, Miss Louise McLean, Mrs. Blessing Muehling, Mrs. Katherine Ostrander

            Keep the Miracle Alive will take $283,000 for SD—Murray Goodrich, Nate Ratner, Selma Getz, Irving Friedman, Louis Moorsten, Its Penter, Ralph Hosenpud, Harry Snyder, Rod Horrow, Nate Baranov; Sam Rassin, M.S. Berlin, Edward Bland, Mickey Goldfarb, Irvin Kahn; Al Newman, Milton Roberts, Sol Price, Eli Levenson , Maurice Harris, Richard Levi, Harry Mallen, Eddie Kitaen, Jerry Freedman, Morris Douglas, A.P. Nasatir, Morris Kraus, Abe Sklar, Sam Addleson, Harry Mallen, Bill Schwartz, Manny Fisher, Edward Breitbard; Ben Harris, Elmer Glaser, Arthur L. Cohen, Harold Sobel; Morris Niedewrman, Zel Camiel, Dr. Ornstein, Nathan Schiller, Henry Price, Save Stotsky, Harry Dempsey, Mickey Fredman;  Max Rabinowitz, harry Farb, Henry Weinberger, saul Chenkin, Carl Esenoff, Victor Schulman, Jacob Weinberger, Dr. R. M. Stone, Dr. J.A. Rittoff, Dr. Fred Hollander, Carl Esenoff, john Ruskin… Murray Goodrich, Nate Ratner, Vic Schulman, Eli Levenon, Saul Chenkin, Max Rabinowitz, Louis Steinman, Rodin Horro, Morris Douglas, Sol Price..
Julia Kaufman, “New Americans in San Diego,” – Gary Phillip, Joe Baumgarten, Lou Pollock, Fanny Schauder,  Julius Mansbacher, Kaetha Mansbacher, Hannah Mansbacher; Paul Jacoby; Martot Jacoby, Irene Jacoby; Bella Zaks, Sam Zaks; Herny Zaks; Manya Zaks, David Zaks; Jacob Rosenbaum, Vito Tolentino, Rifka Tolentino, Sarah Tolentino, Zel Slayen; Adek Firestone, Severin Firestone; Sam Cohn, Harry Kaskin; David Grossmon; Mrs. Margaret Lachman, Elfrida Lachman; Berek Ehrenfried; Max Rabinowitz; Agatha Ehrenfried, David Ehrenfried;; Landau Winkler, Elka Winkler, Boris Winkler; M.S. Berlin.

            Poets Corner – Abe Sackheim

            Luckel to seek reelection I 78th District – Frank Luckel

            Hebrew Home for the Aged –No names

            Yo Ma Co --- Canmtor Julian Miller, Sophie Lande, Gus Arriola, Harold Keen; Lucille Weisel;

            Letters – Max Kaufman, Jackson Holtz;  Esther Schwartz;


Page 3 – Lou Mogy, Scene Around Town –Del Baker, Al Schuss, Morry Douglas, Eddie Breitbard, Rod Horrow, Its Penter, Betty Penter, Max Kaufman, Julia Kaufman M/M Ben Harris, Sam Addleson Harry Wax, Lory Cantor, Lou Pollock, Morrie wax, Lester Cooper; J. Spivak; J. Spivak; ; Saul Chenkin, Eve Chenkin, Al Doctor, Sam Brenes, Sara Goodrich, Abe Sklar, Jerry Aronoff, H. Aronoff; Sam Druskin, Dave Block, Herb Gordon, Itrs Penter, Sam Addleson, Morrie Feldman, Charlie Sorkin, Sol Price, M/M Al DeSure; Yale Naliboff; Mrs. William Moss, Mrs. Paul Nestor, Bert Nestor, Henry Witte;  William Schwartz, Jerry Freeman; Irving Kahn, Henry Weinberger, Nate Schiller El Levenson, Morry Levenson, Barry Levenson, Harry Farb, Lou Lipton, Helen and Vic Schulman< Murray and Sarah Goodrich, Abe and ann Ratner,  Abe and Mollie Sackheim, M/M S.J. Coyne; M/M Max Sackheim; Harry Mallen; M/M Elmer Rosin; Julia Neumann, Lou Moorsteen;  M/M Ben Harris


Page 4 – Society –Personals

            (separates) –Mrs. Harry Popper, Mrs. Harry Snyder, MRs. Harry Felsom; Sam Minash….. Ida Nasatir …M/M Nandor Simon; D/M Max Kohn; M/M Samuel Greenberg; Mr. Max Niederman; Morris Niederman…… Roland Schiller, M/M Nathan Schiller, Mitzi Schiller… M/M A.L. Sol.of, Mrs. Julia Winsberg, Mrs. Ella Ehrlich, Ben Ehrlich…. Mrs. Robert Speigel, Mrs. Henry Butzel, Miss Schlessinger, Mrs. Oscar Friedman, Mrs. Ira Bretzfelder…. M/M Ben Harris, Rabbi/ M Cohn; M/M A. Sklar; M/M M. Gray; M/M J. Wyner; M/M M. Feldman; m/m r. Harrow; mrs J. Le Vine; M/m M. Ackerman; m/m r Spiegel; mrs. J. Greben; M/M M. Kaufman; M/m N. Schiller; M/M L. Heiman…. Mrs. Alwin J. Feiler; Mrs. Dora Rich…M/M Henry Weinberger… M/M Rodin Harrow; Mrs. J. Le Vine;… Mrs. M. Cohn, M/M Nathan Schiller….

            The Cradle – M./M Dwain Kantor, Mary Helen Kantor; M/M James Melton; M/M Phil Kantor ; Mrs. Melton; Mrs. Sara Gershon….M/M Danny Orlansky, Gary Martin Orlandsky; M/M Edward addleson; M/M San Addleson, M/M Lewis Addleson…..

            Who’s New – Lt. And Mrs. Maurice Finger (Ruth Lasky)

            Ferber-Schlesinger Engagement –June Goldstein, Ben Feber, M/M L. Schlesinger; Max Ferber.

            Edward Naiman Bar Mitzvah – Edward Naiman; M/M Marshall Naiman

page 5—JCRA—Matilda Barsha, Hal Hoorton, Monya Nova,  Duci Kerekjarto, Allen Firestone,  Jan Pierce,  Jennie Siner, Betty Schwartz, Esther Schwartz

            Labor Zionist Organization –B. Vietzers< I. Domnitz, Bess Borushek

            San Diego Bnai Brith Lasker Lodge – Allen Lame, Harry Mallen, Sidney Goldstein,m Lou Pollack, Nat Gersten; Edward Breitbard, Morris Douglas; George E. Grossmeyer; Milton Roberts; Sam Kimmel

            Inside AZA –No Names…

            Hadassah Evening Group – Mrs. Charles Lamden, Maxwell Kaufman; Mrs. Carl Naliboff; Mrs. Leroy Cohn;

            Jr. Pioneer Women – Dr. weherill, Evelyn Hermann; Sylavia Busch


Page 6 –Birdie Stodel B’nai B’rith Chap. No. 92 – Sophie Himmel , Esther Cole; Rose Aved, Betty Sugarman; Rev. Ferguson; Rabbi Levens,  Ruth Aronoff, , Bess Borushek.

            House of Pacific Relations Election --  Isaac Poltere, H.P. Jepsen, Ruth Pearson, Elizaeth Buchan, Jeanette Ludberg, John Johnson, Mrs. S. Waldman.

            News of the Fox – Joe Spatz, Frank Berman, H. Skolnik, Joe Gelman, E. Max Cohen, Irving Cohen, Ernest Green, Sanford Goldman.

            Padres Begin Spring Practice –del baker, jimmie Reese, jim brillhert, lynwood rowe…

            Ratner’s Store Jive Haven – Mickey Katz, Jennie Goldstein, Marco Ratner.


p. 7   Tifereth Israel News – Cantor Aaron Tishkowsky, Cantor David Roitman, Rabbi Levens, M/M M.J. Hershey, Lillian Newman, Ruth Newman, Hilda DeSure, Lee Greenberg, Saza Shelley, Libby Teacher…Rabbi Levens,  Mrs. Henry Price.

            Tifereth Israel Sisterhood –Rabbi Monroe Levens; Mrs. Sidney Newman, Mrs. Herman Sarfan, Mrs. Edward Cantor, Mrs. Sidney Smith, Mrs. Henry Price, Mrs. Marco Ratner, Mrs. Herman Tulchinsky, Mrs. Lawrence Cantor, Mrs. Zel Greenberg, Mrs. Alex Newman, Mrs. Moss Addleson, Mrs. Sam Addleson, Mrs. William Breitbard, Mrs. David Frank, Mrs. Sam Geller, Mrs. Sidney Goldstein, Mrs. Moe Hershey, Mrs. Julius Levine, Mrs. Harry Mallen, Mrs. William Moss, Mrs. Paul Nestor, MRs. Frank Pomeranz, Mrs. Itz Penter, Mrs. Abe Ratner, Mrs. Woodrow Ratner, Mrs. Harris Rubel, Mrs. S. Rubin, Mrs. Abe Sackheim; Sara Shelley; Mrs. Joe Spatz, Mrs. I Teacher, Mrs. Harry Wax, Mrs. Harry Weisberg, Mrs. Monroe Levens; Mrs. Al Neuman;  Herman Sarfan; Mrs. Wm Moss; Mrs. Ben Levenson; Mrs Ben Gordon.

            Daughters of Israel – Mrs. Rose Neuman

            Beth Jacob Ladies Auxiliary – M/M Morris Penn, Sandor Goldberger, Joseph Gelman, A.A. Abramson, Mrs Maurice (Evelyn) Harris; Mrs. Lillilan Gordon, Annie Oakley, Pauline Bassin, Anna Goldman, Serena Schoenfeld, Florence Lebb, Doris Brisker, Ida Coleman, Siko Saltzman, Anna Shelley, Anna Shelley(2)

            Temple Beth Israel – Dr. Thomas Law Coyle, Rabbi Cohn, Cantor Julian Miller, Mrs. Ben Harris

            Temple Sisterhood – Mrs. Sam Friedman, Dr. Richmond Barbour, Mrs. Murray D. Goodrich, Mrs. Abe Sklar, Mrs. Harris Rubel, Mrs. Marco Ratner, Mrs. Jane Drexler, Mrs. S. Sein, Mrs. A. Goodman, Mrs. R. Miller, MRs. K. Burnett, Mrs. Arthur Cohen, Mrs. D. Horowitz, Mrs. Robert Spiegel, Mrs. N. Smoller, Mrs. M. Harris, MRs. I Gordon, Mrs. Abrahamson, Mrs. Mack Esterson;  Mrs. Ratner; Mrs. Joseph Alweis; Mrs. Carl Esenoff; Mrs. Ben Harris.


Page 8   Linda Solof,  Linda’s Lookout – Marilyn Ellis, Edie Press, Joanne Rosenfeld, Lidna Solof, Ada Picaizen, Eleanor Addleson, Beverly Addleson, Roann Tepper, Sandy Schissell, Barbara Shames, Barbara Mallen, Lettie Greenberg, Fran Winiki, Florence Olf…. Kay Prager, Nancy Prager, Nancy Goodman, Loretta Goldberger, Lida Samuels, Jim Samuels, Harriet Silverman, Janet Levenson, Sonya Weitzman, Larry Prager, Karen Prager, Evy Naiiman, Gary Naiman, Arline Silberman…. Lou Ann Blumberg, Sharlene Stone, Jane Cohen, Susan Levy, Rochelle Goodrich…Phyllis Mollick…. Geraldine Solomon, Stanton Camiel,  Cecile Oglesby, Gary Breitbard, Lois Kaufman, Norman Panish, Dorothy Hess, Seymour Pomeranz, Janet Solf, David Levens, Sherry Newman, Morton Barancik… Pete Haas, Beverly Addleson, Al Davidson, Edie Press, Matt Strauss, Roann Tepper, Burt Sharp, Lettie Leven, Jack Pearl, Jackie Brodman, Jerry Schissell, Barbara Shames, Art Belezon, Sandy Schissell, Bernie Asner, Horace Meyers, Tessie Albert… Eilleen Rivers, Gary Chenkin, Linda Solof, Ernie Addleson, Esther Lustig,  Bill Kollander, Bobby Beck, Lenny Weiss, Paul Kaufman… Bobby Glickman, Shearn Platt, Joyce Addleson, Dick Godes, Carol Fischer, Lee Barlow…. Rochelle Goodrich, Denne Brown, Sandy Ratner, Janet Solof, Jane Cohn Sharlene Stone, david Ruskin, Maxine Schoenkopf, Joel Mogy, Marsha Cohen, Brenda Heiman, Steve Schulman… Danny Abramson, Fran Winiki Lee Winiki, Peter Haas, Roann Tepper, Art Cohen, Reitha Stokes, Matt Strauss, Roslyn Burdman, Frank Goldberg, Beverly Addleson, Jerry Levens, Esther Lustig, Burt Sharp, Eleanor Addleson, Ernie Addleson, Linda Solof, Al Davidson, Barbara Mallen, Jerry Roth, Ada Picaizen, Howard Esterson, Jack Pearl, Sandy Schissell, Art Belezon, Lenny Bloom, Barbara Shames, Harvey Levitt, Allen Gardner, Leslea Steffel, Leonard Naiman, Bobby Recht, Dave Tobias, Joel Goldfuss, Marilyn Ellis, Joanne Rosenfeld, Jake Baruchi, Ronnie Greenburg, Allan Goodwin, Rosalie Mihlman,Sanford Perchursky…..

            What’s Cookin at Troop 99 – Ed Robert, Jerry Kitay, Alvin Cohen, Oscar Soul, I Rubin, Max Cohen, Alvin Cohen…..

            Sammy Krasner, Don Rosen, “You Name It,” –Ray Solowitz, Jack Strickman, Elaine Glasser, Bob Wohl, Barbara Cohen, Sid Stokes, George Schlessinger, Ed Millsberg, Bob Waller, Ronnie Greenberg, Sammy Krasner,

            Pioneer Women –Rahel Katznelson-Shazar

            Roosevelt begins campaign tour – James Roosevelt


P 9  Ida Nasatir, The Wall

            Bay City Chapter Bnai Brith – Rev. Kenneth Ferguson, Rabbi Monroe Levens, Reva Garvin, Sadie Rothberger, Anne Schloss, Jeri Starr

            Jewish war Veterans Post 185 Auxiliary –Jean Spatz, Eva Berger, Esther Levitt, Eva Berger, Lillian Yukon, Henrietta Cohen, Rose Tepper, Angie Landau, Ann Schloss, Celia Jacobs, Goldie Goldstein, Esther Frank, Hary Aronoff, Allen Lame, J. David Brooks; Manuel Fisher, Stanley Yukon, F. Randall, Robert Siegel, Marshall Roth, Marshall Starr, Abe Wilks.

            Roosevelt College Dinner March 12

March 28, 1950 (Passover edition), Southwestern Jewish Press

            Page 1 – Big Gifts Committee Goes Over the Top –Murray Goodrich, Nathaniel Ratner, Maurice Kempeniez, Victor Schulman, Nathan F. Baranov, Abe Ratner, Harry Snyder, Saul Chenkin, Louis Moorsteen, Irvine schulman, Rodin Harrow, Edward Bland, Jack Gross, Harry Farb, Ralph Hosenpud, George Neumann, Max Rabinowitz, Elmer Glaser, Louis Steinman, Frank Winicki, Leo Greenbaum, Abe Sackheim; Its Penter, Max Rabinowitz, Sam Russin.

            Mrs. Berg Heads Presidents Council – Gabriel Berg, Edward Breitbard, Mrs.Garvin; Evelyn Hermann, Manuel Fisher.

            S.D. Hebrew Home for the Aged –Mrs. Rose Anderson,

            Interfaith Program at State College – Rabbi Cohn, Cantor Miller, Rev. Samson,

            Chaplain Goldberg at Reception – Rabbi/ Mrs. Morton Cohn/ Chaplain Mrs. Joshua Goldberg, Capt/Mrs. W/m Rafferty; Capt. Mrs Warren Cuthriell; Cmdr/Mrs. Peter McPhee; Ltjg/Mrs Garson Goodman; M/M Victor Schulman; M/M M.D. Goodrich; M.M. Nathaniel Ratner; M/M Nathan Schiller; M/M Maxwell Kaufman

            Young People Organized for United Jewish Fund Drive—Richard Silberman, Mrs. Arthur Goodman (Sonya Chenkin), Dave Anfanger;Norman Holtzman; Al Davidson, Herbert Solomon; Joan Steinman; Renee Perlmutter Cokin, Sally Stone; Dorothy Rabinowitz, Julius Garber, Yale Naliboff, Mrs. Harold Lehrer.


            Page 2—Who’s New –M/M Martin Harris; Louis M. Sosna, Cclara Sosna, Bernard Sosna; Sam Sosna; Harriet Lois Sosna.

            Deceased – Leo Wolff; Birdie Wolff; Laura Wolff, Bill Wolff

            Personals – Mrs. Rodin Horrow, Mrs. J. Le Vine; Mrs. Raymond Lowitz; Mrs. G. Kohnweiler….Eli Levenson, Ida Nasatir…M/M Ben Harris…Sydney Goldstein…Carolyn Kobernick, Irwin Sklar…Jerry Kobernick…Ida Pearl, Rabbi and Mrs. Levens, Mrs. Lillian Newman, Miss Merlin Rose… M/M Milo Beenson, Buddy Berenson…M/M Julius Levine….

            Congratulations – Stephen Jay Horrow—M/M Rodin Horrow…Sara Wyner…Philip Rosenbaum, M/M Mortimer Rosenbaum; M/M Nathan Schiller; Mitzi Schiller; Janice Schiller;

            Friends Take Note – Esther Siegel….Mrs. Abe Ratner…M/M Sidney Newman…

            The Cradle --  Kevin Kantor…… M/M Bert Eifer, Garry Alan Eifer; M/M Joseph Schwartz; M/M M.D. Eifer…. M/M Samuel Solomon, Gary Lawrence Solomon, Lynne Solomon, Marcia Solomon, M/M David Mellman, M/M Jacob Solomon….M/M Morris Dudick, Mary Ellen Dudick; Phyllis Henri Dudick, Barbara Faith Dudick.  M/M Charles Cagan; Mrs. Pearl Dudick…. M/M Orrel Reed Jr., Adam Reed; M/M Harold Bliss; M/M Orrel P. Reed….. Morris Naiman, Roberta Naiman; Michel Allan Naiman; M/M Phil Kantor; Sara Gershon; Mrs. Edith Naiman….M/M Jerome Bronstone, Larry Allen Bronstone, M/M Norman Slohm, M/M Michael Bronstone.

            Please – Anna Shelley

            Norman Silverman Bar Mitzvad – Norman Silverman, Rabbi Morton Cohn; M/M Milton Silverman.


Page 3  Lou Mogy, Scene Around Town --  Henry  Price/ M.M L. Moorsteen; Asrt Glickman, Rose Glickman, Julius Brown, Helen Schulman, Florence Brown, Larry Cantor, Evelyn Cantor, Ida Beck, Leo Beck, Bob Beck, Andy Beck, Eli Levenson; Anita Kahn Irving Kahn, M/M Harry Maron, Lee Douglas; Morry Douglas;  Doc Brody, Zel Greenberg, Vic Schulman, Muray Goodrich, Nate Ratner, Jacklyn Hosenpud, M/M Ralph Hosenpud, Richard Moorsteen, Abe Sackheim, Dave Stotsky, Stem the Tide Pollock, Danny Schwartz, Irving Schulman, Moorsteein, Sackheim, Goodrich; Lou Moorsteen, Irvin Schulman; Eddie Bland, Doc Heller, Dora Shelley, Eve Chenkin; Ann Ratner,  Eddie Cantor, Lory Cantror, Helen Schulman, George Neumann, Helen Schulman, Florence Brown, Evelyn Cantor, stella Sarfon, George Neumann, Allie Ferer, Mickey Fredman, Morry Levenon, Lou Weiss, Max Rabinowitz, Lou Moorsteen, Issie Mallen,  Rod Horrow…


Page 6—Beth Jacob Breaks Ground for New Synagogue – Rabbi Baruch Stern, A.A. Abramson, Morrie Kraus, Sandor Goldberger, Mrs. Ida Nasatir, Evelyn and Maurice Harris, Anna Shelley, Simon Glaser, I  and A. Gordon, J. and S. Prager, Louis Sporkin, Jacob Solomon, M/M Jerry Aronoff, M/M M. Penn, Mrs. Simon Weisberger, Mrs. Bessie Fink, J. Gelman, I Teacher, Louis Feldman.

            Beth Jacob Synagogue – Baruch Stern

            Tifereth Israel News –M/M Sam Orlandsky; M/M Edward Addleson; M/M Louis Addleson; Mrs. Sam Tepper; Rabbi Levens, Cecile Oglesby, Mrs. Abe Ratner, Mrs. Ida Pearl, Mrs. Ruth Douglas, Mrs Lucille Weisel; Mrs. Rose Neumann, Mrs. Kathrine Fleishner, Mrs. Esther Addleson, Jean Spat, Jean Camiel, Fred Ruben, Trudie Haber; Bess Breitbard, Dorothy Bokrass, Frances Moss, Mrs. Sam Druskin, Mrs. Libby Teacher, Mrs. Sara Shelley, Norman Holzman, Rabbi Levens,  Mrs. Diane Pomeranz, Mrs. Esther Frank, Mrs. Jean Spatz, Becky Rubin, Dorothy Steckel, Tillie Gordon, Esther Levitt, Bertha Sklar, Hannah Kader, ann Shapiro, Lillian Pomeranz, Ruth Ratner, Mollie Ratner, M. Hershey, M.S. Weisberg,

            Temple Beth Israel – Mrs. Ben Harris, Mrs. Albert Hutler, Cantor Julian K. Miller, ..Herbert Solomon, Rabbi Morton Cohn, Cantor Julian K. Miller, , Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Rabbi Cohn, Rabbi Cohn…

            Beth Jacob Auxiliary –Mrs. Jerry Aronoff, MRs. Chharles Press,


Page 8 –Letters to Editor – Nixie Kern, B.B. Paulette Oppert,

            Birth of a Nation —Maxwell Kaufman         


P9 –Passover Greetings – Rabbi/Mrs Morton Cohn… Nate and Helen Baranov… M/M Sam Rassin and Anabelle… Ann, Jay and Paul Frederick Levine…..M/M Max Rabinowitz….Harry and Jule Klaskin and Family…M/M Harry Hoffman and Family…M/M. P.J. Kirsner…M/M. Morris Niederman and Family….. M/M B. Stolurow and Children, Marie and George….M/M Lou Steinman and Family….Frances and Abraham Sklar….M/M Sid Naliboff and Family….M/M Phil Kantor and Family….M/M Arnold Saron and family….. Abe and Nate Ratner and Families…… M/.M Philip Peskin….M/.M Hyman Effron and Family…. Jack and Loretta Gross and sons, Jack and Larry…. Ernest Green…M/M Jack Goodman and family….M/M D.H. Foaner….. Morris, cele and Teddie Feldman….M/M M.S. Berlin and Daughter…M./M George Neumann, Sol and Etta…….


P. 10—Support San Diego Jewish Soccer Club – Zel Camiel, Gerald Lazard, Alex Barach, Joe Baumgarten, Salvatore Paz, Jack Rosenbaum, Jack Sonabend, Mike Zachs (Zaks), Gerald Lazard, Ivan Ilkovics, Philip Malek, Beny Levy, Levy Lipowski, Joe Schwartz, Abe Sonabend, George Schlesinger, Harold Stone.

            Surprise for Rabbi Levens – Rabbi Monroe Levens – Rabbi/Mrs. Levens, Mrs. Al Doctor….


Page 12 – Paulette Oppert, Once Upon a Time


Page 13 – New Pacific Region Executive Director – Rabbi Leonard A.Greenberg, Myer Pransky, Alfred L. Buckman,

Page 19  -Civic Protective Agencies to be Part of the 1950 Keep the Miracle Alive Campaign –no names


Page 20 – Passover recipes – L, Rubel, J. Kaufman, L. Rubel, Rose Neumann

            New Picture at Ken – no names

            Irwin J. Wohl, The Center Side – Mrs. Lilo Berger,


Page 21 –Local Leaders Attend Men’s Club Conference in L.A.—Alex J. Newman, Zell Greenberg, Moe Hershey, Sid Smith, Harold Easton, Warren Miller, Dr. David Aronson< Nate Lemler, Lew Fink.

            Jewish Centers Assn Holds Annual Meeting – Meyer E. Fischman, Samuel D. Gershovitz.


Page 23, Ida Nasatir, The Root and the Bow; We Survived

            Toy Packing Party –Mrs. Lou Moorsteen, Izak Azissoff, Betty Slater, Leonard Slater, Chicky Breier,l Ed Breier, Marcella Coyne, Sidney Coyne, Jennie Burnett, Helen Frances Bland…

            Bay City Chapter 713 – Sadie Rothberger, Morris Douglas, Ada Randall, Bess Borushek,

            Jewish War Veterans SD Post No. 1854 –Manuel Fisher, Harry Aronoff, Alan Lame, David Brooks, S. Randal, Manuel Fisher, Nixie Kern, Esther Leavitt, Ann Wager, Hary Apelman, Joe Spatz

            Council of Jewish Women – Mrs. Dan Loewenthal; Selma Getz; Mrs. Hrris Rubel, Mrs. David Doctor, Mrs. Albert Hutler, Mrs. Max Nelson, Mrs. Hyman Haimsohn, Mrs. Martha Hollander, Mrs. George Solomon, Mrs. Edgar Levi, Mrs. David Horowitz, and Mrs. Ossie Ehrlich, Mrs. Frances Berenson, Mrs. Robert Smith, MRs. Edward Bland, Rose Anderson, Julia Steinman.


Page 24 – Labor Zionist Organization --  Bess Borushek

            Junior Charity League – Lou Moorsteen, Helen Fishman, Eleanor Epsten, Sally Ratner, Freda Nestor, Rose Greenbaum, Esther Moorsteen.

            Emphasis Placed on Plus Giving—Selma Getz; Mrs. M.D. Goodrich, Mrs. ARthur Cohen, Mrs. Ivin Kahn, Mrs. Daid Block, Mrs. Rodin Horrow, Mrs. Sidney Newman, Mrs. George Neumann, Mrs. Edgar Levi; middle row, Mrs. Milton Silverman, Mrs. A.P. Nasatir, Mrs. Saul Chenkin, Mrs. B.W. Nathan, Mrs. Selma Getz, Mrs. Nathaniel Ratner, Mrs. Carl Esenoff, Mrs. M. D. Goodrich, Mrs. Joe Richlin, Mrs.Edward Bland, Mrs. Monroe Levens, Mrs. Harold Elden, Mrs. Ben Harris, Mrs. Its Penter, Mrs. Harry Snyder, Mrs. Morton Cohn, Mrs. Lawrence Cantor and Mrs. Milo Berenson.

            News of the Fox – David Sugarman, Sidney Goldsmith, Barney Yannett, Joe Spatz, Irving Cohen, Maurice Schwartz, Joe Gelman, Nathan Raitzas, David Suagarman, Sol Randall, Ernest Green, Sol Randall, Dave Schloss, Stanley Yukon, Harold Garvin and Joe Spatz, M/M Sol Randall; Michael Randall; Sanford Goldman, Stanley Yukon, Lillian Yukon, Nathan Zipperman, Joe Spatz.

            Pioneer Women (Negba) Club –M/M Morrie Kraus, M/M Morrie Douglas, M.M A. Abramson, Zel  Camiel, Marian Gordon, Helen Osher, Ruth Bloom, Jean Camiel, Fiko Saltzman, Sophie Blanc, Marie Richards, Betty Gendelman, Lenore Klug, Sylvia Shulkind, Loretta Goldberger, Anna Shelley, Laura Simon, Zelda Statland, Florence Lebb, Fanny Goldberger, Florence Conway, Eleanor Gordon, Anna Shelley, Lee Spo9rkin.

            Jolly Sixteen – Ida Lupinsky, Freda Nestor

            J.C.R.A. –Jennie Siner, Esther Schwartz

            San Diego Lasker Lodge No. 379 00 Morris Douglas, Del Baker, Milt Roberts, Allen Lame, Harry Mallen, Sidney Goldstein, Lou Pollack, Nat Gersten, Morris Douglas, Ed Breeitbard, Sam Kimmel


Page 25—Linda Solof, Linda’s Lookout –Ernie Addleson, Lois Kaufman, Gary Chenkin, Joyce Addleson, Bobby Beck, Roslyn Burdman, Donn Kobernick, Linda Solof, Shearn Platt, Esther Lustig, Dick Godes, Carole Fischer, Lenny Weiss, Paul Kaufman, Ethel Schwartz and Bill Kollander. Ellen Rivers….Sharlene Stone, Marcia Ruskin, david Rusin, Neil Kleinman, Eileen Rivers, Larry Kaufman, Esther Lustig, Linda Solof, Janice Gordon, Steve Gordon, Janet Solof, Susan Solof, Barry Goldman, Sonya Weitzman, Marjorie Lowitz, Shirley Kaufman, Judy Aved, Dennis Naiman…Alice Birney, Dennis Naiman, Neil Kleinman, Terry Kitaen, Arleen Cohen, Ronald Moskowitz… Edie Press, Lenny Bloom, Ada Picaizen, Jerry Levens, Audry Greenburg, sandy Schissell, Art Cohen, Eleanor Addleson, Burt Sharp, Esther Lustig, Jerry Schissell, Linda Solof, Shearn Platt, Beverly Addleson, Dick Godes, Lee Barlow, Shirley Krasner, Sammy Sosna, Harvey Levitt, Joanne Rosenfeld, Al Evren, Lee Winiki, Frank Goldberg, frances Winiki, Bob Woller, Jerry Roth, Stanley Freedman, Marilyn Ellis…. Stanton Camiel, Linda Douglas, Lou Kleinman, Linda Solof, Donn Kobrnick, Judy Yukon, Eileen Rivers, Gary Chenkin, Ernie Addleson, Paul Kaufman, Esther Lustig, Bill Kollender…Eddie Naiman…

            Sammy Krasner & Dan Rosen, “You Name It,”  Judy Yukon,  Irving Krasner, Walter Hepner, Rabbi Cohn, Cantor Miller, Richard Silberman,

            I (Rube) Rubin--What’s Cookin’ at Troop 99—Dave Sugarman, I. Rube Rubin, Al Doctor, Eddie Breitbard.


Page 26 – Keep the Miracle Alive – (full page ad) – Victor Schulman, Murray D. Goodrich, Selma Getz, Dick Silberman, Dave Anfanger, Mrs. Arthur Goodman.


April 14, 1950 Southwestern Jewish Press


Page 1 – 1950 Fund Drive Begins –Murray Goodrich, Nathaniel Ratner,  Selma Getz,  Charles Davies, Ernst Michel,Leo Lania.  Photos: Nathaniel Ratner, Selma Getz, Murray Goodrich, Chaplain Joshua Goldberg, Harry  Farb, Harry Snyder, Abe Ratner, Jack Gross, Abe Sackheim, Ralph Hosenpud, Rodin Horrow, George Neumann, Max Rabinowitz, Charles Davis.

            Magic Carpet in Sight Soon—Morris Douglas

            Christian Committee Opens United Jewish Fund Drive – Murrray d. Goodrich, Nathan F. Baranov, Judge Jacob Weinberger, Eli Levenson, Victor Schulman, Nathaniel Ratner, Rear Adm Wilder Baker, Anderson Borthwick, Lester G. Bradley, Jean F. DuPaul, LeRoy Goodbody, Ewart Goodwin, Percy Goodwin, Sam Hammil, Jesse L. Haugh, Graydon Hoffman, A.E. Holloway, Don Kellery, John A. Kennedy, Major Knox, Nicholas J. Martin, Emmet McCae, Edmond T. Price, Earl D. Prudden, John W. Quimby, James Robbins, Fred Rohr, George A. Scott, Allan J. Sutherland, O.W. Todd, M.N. Wilson, Irving Friedman, Nathan F. Baranov

            Women’s Division of UJF Begins Drives for Funds-Plans Luncheons – Selma Getz, Ida Nasatir

Flash—Max Rabinowitz, Ratner Manufacturing Co, Victor Schulman, Nathan F. Baranov, Snyder Brothers, Murray D. Goodrich, Ralph Hosenpoud, Harry Farb, Edward Bland, Jack Gross, Rodin Horrow, Elmer Glaser, Carl Esenoff, Leo Greenbaum, Frank Winicki, Arthur Gardner


p. 2   Society-Personals –

Roberta Ann Dombroff, Stanley Levenson, Rabbi Monroe Levens,  Mrs. Rhoda Dombroff, M/M Bernard Levenson, Sandra Joan Dombroff, Mrs. Melvin Hoffman, Irwin Schwartz, Melvin Hoffman.
            Personals – M/M H. Silverman; M/M Harry Snyder; M/M. Norman Mailer….. Belle Cohen, Eileen Karlin…. M/M Richard Disralie (Joyce Greenbaum), Janet Caryn Disralie., M/M Leo Greenbaum…. D/M George Solomon, D/M Edward Berkenstedt, Joy Berkensted, Eugene Berkenstedt… M/M David Schloss, Mrs. George Asch…. M/M Julius Garber, Eva Garber…

            Friends Take Note – Sylvia Haffner

            April Shower –Mrs. Carl Naliboff (Sylvia Horowitza), Mrs. Max Nelson

            Hadassah—Mrs. Hannah Goldberg, Mrs. Gabriel Berg, Mrs. Albert Krasnow…Ida Nasatir
Jr. Pioneer Women –Evelyn Hermann, Sylvia Busch

            Betrothed –M/M Thos Garber, Eva Garber, Stan Liss….


P3 –Linda Solof, “Linda’s Lookout,” – Rabbi Cohn, Cantor Miller, Lettie Levens, Burt Sharpe, Esther Lustig, Don Goldman, don Solomon, Linda Solof, Jerry Schissell, Jackie Brodman, Herb Solomon, Sandra Schissell, Rosalie Millman, Joel Goldfuss, Pete Haas, Ada Picaizen, Dean Greenberg, Barbara Ackerman, Aaron Kolkey…. Bobby Block, Barbara Block, Paul Levine, Sue Anne Greenberg, Howard Slayen, Caroline Kwint, Bobby Kwint, Sherry Miller, caroline Fine, Dr. Miller’s, Victor Shelen, Joel Haffner, Shelly Haffner….. Bobby Glickman, Bobby Beck, Eileen Rivers, Gary Chyenkin, Esther Lustig, Bill Kollander (sic), Carol Fischer, Ernie Addleson… Glenda Pollock, Sherry Newman… Paul Roberts, Susan Klaskin, Harriet Silverman, Nancy Arlene Silberman, Janet Levenson, Roxanne Stein, Kay Prager, Lydia Samuels, Helene Kaufman, Janet Solof, Susan Solof, Joan Breitbard, Janice Klaskin…. Ronda Essenoff, Donn Kobernick, Ernie Addleson… Rochelle Goodrich, Deanne Brown, Pauline Ratner, Sandy Ratner, Jack Gross, Larry Gross,…Dennis Naiman, Terry Kitaen, Janet Solof, Neil Kleinman… Tessie Albert, Ruth Fink, Marian Kramer, Roann Tepper, Edie Press, Beverly Addleson, Roann Tepper, Art Cohen, Howard Esterson, Bev Addleson, Matt Strauss, Shirely Krasner, Art Belezon, Audry and Ronnie Greenburg, Bob Wollard, Al Davidson, Fran Winicki, Pete Haas, Edie Press, Werner Dreyfus, Barbara Shames….. Ethel Schwartz, Phyllis Mollick, Lenny Weiss, Bobby Beck, Eileen rivers, Dick Godes, Roslyn Burdman, Harvey Levitt, Jane Cohn, Lois Kaufman, donn Kobernick, Carol Fischer, Lee Barlow, Paul Kaufman, Esther Lustig, Bill Kollender (sic) , Gary Chenkin, Joyce Addleson, shearn Platt, Linda Solof, Ernie Addleson and Lou Kleinman….Lynn Greenblum…. Marilyn Kruger, Roslyn Burdman, Marilyn Burdman….Lee Winicki, Frank Goldberg, Rosalie Millman, Joel Goldfuss, Art Belezon, Linda Solof, Jerry Sschissell, Esther Lustig, Burt Sharpe…

            Sammy Krasner, Don Rosen, “You Name It,” Richard T. Zilberman, Shelly Sackheim, Lennie Klug,  Sammy Krasner

            Camp Kowa for Children –S.A. Dictor

Rube Rubin, What’s cookin at Troop --Eddie breitbard, Marshall Naiman, Mrs. Wrighht, Gary Breitbard, Stanley Breitbard, Alvin Cohen, Ronald Doctor, Louis Firks, Phillip Kaplan, Jery Kitay, Eddie Naiman, Gary Naiman, Larry Prager, Larry Strauss, David Wright

The Center Side – Mrs. Lilo Berger.


Page 4 – Maxwell Kaufman, Oversas News and Views

            Fund Borrows on Good Name – Max Rabinowitz

            Letters to Editor – A. Fischer

            Second Anniversary of Israeli Independence to be Celebrated--  MRs. S.I. Goldhammer, Czantor Julian Miller, Norman Holtzman, e/sther Weitzman, Dr. David Miller, Mrs. Belle Cohen, Mrs. Mary Fay, Mrs. Gabriel Berg, Dr. A.P. Nasatir, Mrs. Meir Barach, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Rabbi Monroe Levens, Rabbi Baruch Stern, Mrs. Goldhammer…


Page 5 – Ida Nasatir, “Letters to My Son”

            Masdada Mischief – Matt Kimmell, George Kravitz, Matt Kimmell, Milt Katz,Phil Kraft, Barbara Cohn, Judy Traub, Sylvia Winicki, Judy Traub, George Kravitz, Joe Yaffe, Phil Kraft

            JCRA—Bessye Siegel, Mrs. Anna Shelley, Mrs. Jennie Siner< Mrs. Goldie Schusterman, MRs. Betty Schwart,z, Esther Schwartz….

            Young Peoples Division Plans Series of Events – Mrs. Arthur Goodman, david Anfanger, Richard Silberman, Norman Holzman, Larry Gross, Ernest Michel, Sonya Goodman, Joan Steinman, Herb Solomon,


Page 6 – Roosevelt Tours San Diego April 18—James Roosevelt, Vincent Whalen…

            Additions to 1949 Yuear Book of United Jewish Fund – Mrs. Irvine Schulman, Mrs. W. Schusterman, Mrs. Betty Schwartz, Mrs. Celia Schwartz, Mrs. Claudia Schwartz, Mrs. David Schwartz, Eva Schwartz, Mrs. Jennie Schwartz, Mrs. Marcella Schwart, Mrs. Mary Schwartz, Mrs. Fannie M. Schwartz, Mrs. Deline Schwitkis, Mrs. Pauline Segal, Mrs. Rose L. Segal. Miss Jean Segall, Mrs. Ida Shapov, Mrs. Leah Shapov, Mrs. Anna Shelley,  Mrs. R. Shjelley, Mrs. Bessye Siegel, Mrss. Lillian Siegel, Mrs. Nellie Siegel, Mrs. I.A. Silberman, Mrs. Edward Silvers, Mrs. Leah Silver, Mrs. Victoria Silvera, Mrs. Ida Silverman, Mrs. Joe Silverman, Mrs. Ruth Silverman, Mrs. Selma Silverman, MRs. Ruth Silverstein, Mrs Mollie Singer, Mrs. Jennie Siner, Mrs. Irving Singer… Clara Krypka, Herman Kryka, Gerda Krypka Hilda Krypka, Elizabeth Eisler, Gerda Krypka, Hilda Krypka, M/M Ben Press; Gerda Friend; Max Rabinowitz; Max Rabinowitz….

            Mrs. Helen Davis Szold—no local names.


Page 7

            SD Hebrew Home For Aged – Mrs. Saul Chenkin, Joseph Dembo

            John Kluchin, News of the Fox – Eddy Breitbard, Al Hutler, Sander Golberger, Wilfred Robbins, Ada Randall, Sol Randall, Dave Schloss, E. Max Cohen.

            Cottage of Israel –Mrs. Sam Waldman, Frankk Drugin, Mrs. David Nelson

            Jewish War Veterans Post No. 185 – Harry Apelman, Sam Rose, Harry Aronoff, Allen Lame, J. David Brooks, Manuel Fisher, Marshall Star, Stanley Yukon, Sol Randall, Bob Seigel, Marshall Roth… Ann Wag, Jean Edelstein, Esther Levitt, Eva Berger, Lil Yukon, Angie Landau, Binnie Brooks, Henreitta Cohen, Rose Tepper, Anne Schloss, Celia Jacobs, Goldie Goldstein, Esther frank, Joe Spatz, Anne Schloss, Paulie Rubel, Anne Schloss

            Labor Zionist Organization of San Diego –Cantor E. Sellz, Rochel Raznick, Hugo Brumer, I Domnitz, B. Veitzer, Bess Borushek.

            Junior Matrons –Mrs. Leroy Cohn, Mrs. David Sugarman, Mrs. Irvin Kravitz, Mrs. Geo. Starr, Mrs. Martin Borenstein, Mrs. Ed Breier, Mrs. Lester Himmel, Mrs. Morris Wax, Mrs. David Nelson.

            Pioneer Women – Bessie Fink, Sarah Fisher.

            Cottage of Israel Joins in Israeli Independence Celebration – Marshall Naiman, Julian Miller, Norman Holtzman, Esther Weitzman, Margaret Michels, Bernie Lewis.


Page 8

Scene around Town—George A. Scott, Clinton McKinnon, Don Keller, Vincent Godfrey, Dan Rossi, Charles Dail, Jacob Weinberger, Jean DePaul, O.W. Campbell, Al Schuss, George Courser, Elmer Jansen, Bert Strand, Rabbi Morton Cohn, Rabbi Monroe Levens, Rabbi Baruch Stern…Lou Pollack, Glenda Pollack, Ted Schiller, Phil Kantor, Arthur Glickman; Helen Schulman, George Neumann, Dave Stotsky; Nathan Benson, M/M Eddie Bland, Helen Frances Bland, Mickey Fredman; Sam Fischer, Harry Farb, Jack Gross, Loretta Gross, M/M Sol Bloom, Sam Addleson, Zel Greenberg, Mrs. I Rubin; Carl Esenoff
Council of Jewish Women –Mrs. Louis Steinman, Mrs. David Cotor, MRs. George Burnett, Mrs. William Gerelick, Mrs. Max Ne,lson, Mrs. J.A. Kwint, Mrs. Richard Gerding, Mrs. Albert Morris, Mrs. Henry Weinberger, Mrs. Sam Waldman; Mrs. Harris Rubel, Mrs. George Solomin, Mrs. Harry Kaufman, Mrs. Albert Morris , Mrs. Alex Nwman, Mrs. Paul Pickard…Mrs. Louis Steinman, Mrs. David Doctor, MRs. Daniel Lowenthal, Mrs. Sam Wald, Mrs. Mack Esterson, Mrs. Sam Sosna, Jennie Burnett.


Page 9  --Synagogue News

            Beth Jacob Congregation –A. Abramson, Albert Hutler, Morrie Kraus,

            Men’s Club Formed at Beth Jacob – Morrie Kraus, Arthur Gordon, Joseph A. Kwint, Sidney Weiss, Arthur Gordon

            Histdrut Council – R. Umansky, M. Barach, I. Domnitz.

            Temple Beth Israel –Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Rabbi Morton Cohn, Cantor Julian Miller, Rabbi Cohn, Albert Hutler

            Beth Jacob Ladies Auxiliary—Mrs. Charles Press,Mrs. Jerry Aronoff, Mrs. Thomas Garber, MRs.Sandor Goldberger, Rose Miroff: Mrs. Charles Press.

            Tifereth Israel News – Cantor Aaron A. Kaufman, Rabbi Levens…. Rabbi Levens…

            Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood –Mrs.Sam Friedman, Patrick Hanratty, Marguerite B. Nobles, ….Mrs. abe Sklar, Mrs. Harris Rubel, Mrs. Mack Esterson, Mrs. Watler Hardman,  Mrs. Edgar Levi; Mrs. Carl Esenoff; Mrs. Abe Sklar, Mrs. Mack Esterson; Mrs. Harold Elden; Mrs. Seymour Rabin; Mrs. Nathan Swchiller; Mrs. Norman Seltzer; Mrs. Ben Harris….. Mrs. Sam Siraton, Florence Corwin, Mrs. Sam Friedman, Mrs. Maury Novak, Mrs. Harry Dempsey, Mrs. Robert Stone….Ida Nasatir, Mrs. Ben Harris

San Diego Birdie Stodel Bnai Brith 92—Sarah Geller, Martha Fieler, Bess Borushek, Jennie Camiel, Betty Frreedman, Mitzie Ornstein, Ethel Berwin, Rose Aved, Ruth Brav, Anna Brooks, Edith Bennett, rose Barries, Zena Frommer, Marie Richards, Goldie Schusterman, Ruth Silverman, Bess Schissell, Ruth Aronoff, Jennie Siner, Sarah geller, Ruth Aranoff, Bess Schissell…

Rabbi Cohn to Head Institute – Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Dr. A.P. Nasatir, Mrs. Nasatir, J.M Kartzinel.


April 28, 1950, Southwestern Jewish Press:

Page 1 -- $100,000 mark for United Jewish Fund reached in April – Murray D. Goodrich, Nathaniel Ratner, Arthur L. Cohen, , William Schwartz, Jerome Freedman; Selma Getz,  Ida Nasatir, Herbert Solomon, Mrs. Goodman, Dave Anfanger, Dick Silberman;  Ernst Michel, Dave Anfanger, Norman Holtzman, Al Davidson, Mitzi Schiller, Herb Solomon, Ben Press, Joan Steinman, Sid Stokes, Sylvia Winick, Fran Winiski, Howard Esterson, Joe Yafee and Lee Winicki…. Bishop Buddy, Thomas Coyle…

            Monroe Levens-Reflections on the 2nd anniversary of Israel

            Morton Cohn ,          Coomments on state of Israel anniversary

            Officials send greetings – max kuafman, earl warren, Harley knox.

            More Top Gifts—Louis Moorsteen, Steinbaum family, Henry Weinberger, Philip Gildred, Isadore Teacher,, Robert Kaplan, George Neuman, Irwin Schulman, Its Penter,  Lester Bradley, Abe Sackheim, Sam Sosna, Dr. Oscar Ravin, Dr. Fred Hollander,Sol Bloom, Edward Kitaen,  Dr. J.A. Rittoff, Ben A. Rubin, Dr. R.M. Stone, Leo Beck, Samuel Finkel, Sol Price, Eli and Morry Levenson, Wm Solof, Alfred Fank, Maurice Harris; Mrs. Selma Getz; Mrs. Edgar B. Lewvi, Mrs. Max Bornenstein, Mrs. Mollie Ratner,  Mrs. Jack Gross; Mrs. Helen Schulman; Mrs. Esther Sommer; Mrs. Jennie Burnett; Mrs. Rodin Horrow; Mrs. Libby Teacher; Mrs. Gabriel Berg; Mrs. EveChenkin; Mrs. M.D. Goodrich; Mrs. Abe ackhjeim; MRs. H.W. Snyder; Mrs. Selma Wosk; Helen Baranov; Mrs. Edward Bland; Mrs Bernice Esenoff; Mrs. Fried; Mrs. Max Gardner; Mrs. Leo Greenbaum; Mrs. Martha Hollander; Mrs. Esther Moorsteen; Mrs. Lillian Nathan; Mrs. Julia Newumann; Mrs. Morris Niederman; Mrs. O.P. Reed; Mrs. Ann Ratner; Mrs. Louis Steinman; Mrs. A.P. Nasatir.


Page 2 – Julia Kaufman, History Making.

            Letters to Editor – Sol Goodman, Victor Schulman; Lee Sporkin, C.R. Wilson…

            Zionist Council—to Kaufman from Muriel Goldhammer…. Mary Fay, Dr. Jackman


Page 3 –Halper-Bauman Betrothal Told – M/M Samuel Bauman, Sylvia Ruth Bauman, Samuel Warner Halper; M/M Louis J. Halper, Jack Warner, Harry Warner,  Abe Warner.

            Delores Elaine Wyner Betrothed – M/M Jack D. Wyner, Dee Wyner, Jack Solomen.

            Waldman-Zahalsky Marriage Recetpion – M/M Nathan Zahalsky, Celia Harriet Zahalshy to Stanford Welling Waldman, M/M Sam Waldman.

            Personals – Mrs. Edward Berkenstedt,  Mrs. George Solomon, Mrs. George Burnett…. Mrs. William Gordon, Mrs. Jane Drexler…

            Happy Anniversary—M/M Paul Merkowitz, Sam Markowitz, Paul Markowitz; M/M Al Strickman; M/M Ike Merkowitz,, Lerry Allen Markowitz, Linda Ann Markowitz; M/M Jake Latin, Dianne Latin…..M/M Hyman Kobernick…. M/M Harry Klaskin… M/M Louis Steinman.

            Roger Brenes to Be Bar Mitzvah – M/M Samuel Brenes. Roger Brenes,

            (More Persoanls) –  M/M Jules Newmark, Mrs. Jack Carrol…. M/M Lester Cooper…. M/M Julius Schwitkis, Howard Schwitkis, Carol Schwitkis…. M/M George Neumann, M/M J.J. Rose…. M/M Sidney Newman…Mrs. Edmund Breier, M/M Jack Stern, M/M David Nelson… Revlyn Louise Brenner, M/M Theodore Brenner, Marvin Greene, M/M Joseph Greenberg., Ruthie Davis.

            The Cradle – D/M Robert M. Epsten, Andrea Rae Epsten; M/M Philip Aliber; M//M Harry Epsten; M/M Henrey Weinberger; M/M Gold….. M/M Henry Weinberger; Kathy Helene Weinberger, M/M Edward L.Weinberger; Sasha Grossblat; Mark Weinberger…. Earl Stephen Altshuler, Martin Altshuler, Maxine (Segal) Alshuler; M/M Sam Altshuler; M/M David L. Segal; Mr. Meyer Altshuler; Mr. Ben Newman…. M/M Henry Bowman, Susanne Harriet Bowman; Harry Rosenberg…. Michal Gary Margulis; Arnold Margulis, Sandra (Calechman) Margulis; M/M Harry Calechman; M/M Sal Margulis; M/M Joseph Dembo; Mrs. Ida Bernstein…     

            Hadassah—Ida Nasatir,  Dr. Abe Nasatir, Mrs. Al Newuman, Mrs. Harris Rubel,  Silvia Bickman

            Deceased – Bertha Zelick, Harry Zelick..Annette Almond…… Henrietta Israel, Mrs. Maurice Weinberger…


p. 4  Lou Mogy, Scene Around Town – George A. Scott,  Vic Schulman, Murray Goodrich, Nate Ratner… Morrie Wax, Julie Snyder, Joe Kitaen, Harry Mallen, Lou Pollack, Betty Obert, Rose Roenberg, Morrie Douglas, Al Schuss, Bill Starr, Dr. Mickey Stone, Del Baker, Jimmy Reese, Harvey Storey, Hal Salzman, Harry Dempsey, Albert Doctor;  Dave Goldman, Eddie Ziesler, Eddie Breitbard; Helen Schulman, Julis Brown, Sol Brown, Its Penter, Bety Penter, Hal Salzman, Ann Ratner, Sam Druskin, Sam Fischer,  Nate Baranov…

            Dan Rossi for Supervisor – Dan Rossi

            San Diego Guardians –George A. Scott, Sam Addleson,  Arthur Glickman, Sam Addleson.


Page 5 – Introduction of  Towne Club –Eli Levenson,  Rodin Horrow.

            Maxwell Kaufman, Evening of Enlightenment – Rabbi Morton cohn,

            John Kluchin, News of the Fox – Ed dy Breitbard, Nathan Raitzas, Harold Garvin, Wilfred Robbins.


Page  8 – United Synagogues Hold Conference in LA May 8th –Samuel Rothstein,  Rabbi Monroe Levens, Alex J. Newman, Its Penter, I. Jacobson, Moe Hershey, Sam Addleson…Rabbi Levens…

            Jewish War Veterans Post No. 185 and auxiliary – Harry G. Aronoff, Manuel S. Fisher; Allan Lame , J. David Brooks, Harry Apelman, Esther Levitt, Nixie Kern, Ann Wager; Jean Edelstein , David Brooks.


Page 9  Council of Jewish Women—Mrs. Harris Rubel, Mrs. George Solomon, Mrs. Harry Kaufman, Mrs. Albert Morris, Mrs. Alex J. Newman..Mrs. Edward Cherney, Mrs. R.H. Smith, Mrs. Erlich; Mrs. Philip Rand;  Mrs. A. Hutler; Mrs. H. Haimson; Mrs. Harris Rubel; Mrs. David Doctor; Mrs. Daniel Loewenthal; Mrs. Frances Berenson; Mrs. David Horowitz; Mrs. Sam Waldman; Mrs. Mack Esterson; Mrs. Sam Sosna; Mrs. Jennie Burnett

            Sisterhood’s Kitchen Jamboree—Mrs. Sam Sklar,  Mrs. Abe Ratner, Mrs Monroe Levenns, Mrs. Sam Sklar, Mrs. Marco Ratner, Mrs. Max Brody, Mrs. Frank Pomeranz, Mrs. Joe Spatz, Mrs. Nate Ratner, Mrs. Woodrow Ratner, Mrs. Charles Press, Celia Jacobs; Mrs. Dave Shapiro, Mrs. Sam Smith; Mrs. Sam Moder; Mrs. Dave Wax; Mrs Henry silver, Mrs. Harry Schwartz; Mrs. Rose Bass; Mrs. Abe Sackheim; Mrs. Isadore Fogelman; Rosalie Sonnabaum; Roy Sachanoff, Sid Naliboff, David Frank…Mrs. Henry Price, Mrs. Joe Spatz, Mrs. Dave Frank; Mrs. Sidney Newman.

            San Diego Hebrew Home for the Aged – Sam Addleson, zel Greenberg, Max Maisel, Ruth Newman, Freda Nestor, Carl Esenoff, Bernice Esenoff; Milo Berenson, M.S. berlin, eddie Bland, Maxwell Kaufman< Murray Goodrich, Rose Neumann, Sok Chenkin, Beatrice Obert.

            Cottage of Israel – no names

            San Diego Birdie Stodel Bnai Brith – Mrs. Moe Kudler, Mrs. Birdie Stodel, Ruth Aronoff, Jennie Siner, Jennie Bloomfield, Betty Freedman, Rose Aved, Mitzie Ornstein, Elva Breitbard, Ann Cantor, Goldie Goldstein, Betty Schwartz, Esther Schwartz, Jeanne Camiel, Kay Kraus, Malca Benzinger, Martha Feiler, Ethel Berwin, Ruth Silverman, Edith Bennett, Bess Borushek and Celia Schwartz, Mrs. Siner, Mrs. Bloomfield; Srah Geller; Bess Borushek.

            Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood –Mrs. Norman Seltzer, Mrs. Sylvan Baranov, Rabbi Morton Cohn, Mrs. Frances Johnson, Mrs. Louis Solof, Linda Solof, Janet Solof, Susan Solof; Mrs. Robert Stone, Sharlene Stone, Mrs. Mack Esterson, Elsa Esterson, Mrs. Johnson, Diane Jhnson, Mrs. Edward Platt, Karen Platt.  Mrs. Johnson, Mrs Seltzer, Mrs. Baranov. Mrs. Sam Friedman…

            Junior Matrons – no names.

            Pioneer Women (Negba) Coub – Rose Abrams, Norman Schaffer, I. Lebb, Betty Gendleman, Pauuline Press, M/m M Schaffer, Florence Barach,  Florence Barach, Lillian Gordon, Lee Sporkin.

            Jewish war Veterans Post 185 Auxiliary – Reba Shifrenson, Bess Siegel; Bill Starr; Joe Spatz, Theresa Furst, Binnie Brooks

            JCRA – Mrs. Robert Siegel, Jennie Siner, Anna Brooks, Esther Schwartz.

            Beth Jacob Ladies Auxiliary – Pauline Press, Anna Shelley, Fanny Goldberger, Rose Miroff, Sally Anfanger,


Page 12
Tifereth Israel News –Rabbi Levens, Roger Brenes, Zel Greenberg,

Temple Beth Israel – Barbara Goldy, Rabbi Cohn, M/M William Goldy, Barbara Goldy…Mrs. Arthur Goodman.

            M en’s Clubs to Entertain Wives – Richard Lustig, Rabbi Cohn.

            Beth Jacob Congregation – A.A. Abramson, Morrie Kraus, Rabbi Baruch Stern,  Arthur Gordon, Dr. Joseph A. Kwint, Sidney Weiss,  Dr. J.H. Lipitt, Joseph Pfefeer, Mrs. Sidney Weiss, Mrs. Arthur Gordon…Mrs. Max Stoland, Jerry Weisman…

            Linda Solf, Linda’s Lookout – Brenda Heiman, Ronda Esenoff, Joyce Addleson, Larry Addleson,, Lenny Weiss, Bobby Beck, Andrea Beck, Ethel Schwartz, Howard Esterson,  Elsa Esterson, Donn Kobernick, Shearn Platt, Dick Godes, Lee Barlow, Ernie Addleson, Sanford Percherski, Bill Kolender,  Gary Chenkin, Paul Kaufman,  Gary Cantor, Larry Cantor, Adrian Cantor, Bobby Glickman, Sharlene Stone, Linda Solof, Janet Solof, Susan Solof, Esther Lustig, Harvey Levitt….Beverly Addleson, Joyce Dubin, Audry Greenburg, Edie Press, Matt Strauss, Ada Picaizen, Sandra Schissel, Jerry Levens, Frances Winicki, Eleanor Addleson, Burt Sharpe, Jerry Schissell, Roann Tepper, Al Daviddson, Barbara Shames, Lettie Levens, Art Cohen, Howeard Esteson… Morton Barancik, Sherry Newman, David Levens, Arline Mallen, Seymour Pomeranz, Bob Myers, Geraldine Solomon, Stanton Camiel, Cecille Oglesby, Joan Borenstein, Jane Burns, Jeanette Burns, Natalie Viezer, Judy Yukon, Estelle Burwin, Barbara Silverman, Norman Panishj.  …. Terry Kitaen, Dennis Naiman, Neil Kleinman.. Paul Kaufman, Elain Burdman… Harriet Silverman, Janet Solof, Susan Solof, Beverly Gendleman, Sonya Weitzman…. Ronda Esenoff, Ilene Heiman, Jerry Newman, Caroline Myers…. Lois Kaufman, Ernie Addleson, Linda Solof, Shearn Platt, Eileen Rivers, Dick Godes, Jane Cohn, Donn Kobernick, Carol Fischer, Lee Barlow, Bobby Glicksman, Bobby Beck, Elaine Burdman, Bill Kollender,  Arline Mallen, Gary Chenkin, Phyllis Molick, Paul Kaufman, Ethel Schwartz, Lenny Weiss…

            TYL Plans Barbecue and dance – Herb Solomon, Rabbi Cohn

            Sammy Krasner, Dan Rosen – Bruce Witte, Dizzy Bank, Ronnie Greenberg, Pauline Ratner, Dick Silberman, Lennie Klug, Sid Stokes, Flo Deutch, Dave Seville, Fran Winicki, George Schlesinger, Joan Press, Bob Waller, Esther Weinstock, Sammy Krasnewr, Roanne  Tepper, Dave Tobias, Les Stefel…Gene Freed, Bobbie Solomon, Irwin Sklar, Caroline Kobernick, Ben Siegel, Teddie Feldman…. George Schlesinger, Dick Silberman, Al Hutler, Larry Solomon, Pete Newberg, Dve Ketchum…

            Masada’s Millionaire Miracle—fantasy

            Paul Kaufman, The Atom


p. 14  Ida Nasatir, Joey by David Lord;


p. 16  Magic Carpet Day-Sunday April 30th  -- Rose Abrams, A.A. Abramson, Sam Addleson, Manny Adler, E.S. Also, Rose Anderson, Jeremiah Aronoff, Ruth Aronoff, Rose E. Aved, Ruben Aved, Mr. Eva Berger, Meir Bleiberg, Ruth Bloom, Miss Teresa Block, Mrs. Ted G. Brav, Sam Brenes, Edward Breitbard, Jackie Brodman, Dave Brooks, Jeanne Camiel, Zel Camiel, Ann Cantor, Eva Chenkin, Saul Chenkin, E.M. Cohen, Minie Cohen, Irving N. Cohen, Barbara Cohn, Mrs. Paul Cudnay, Elliott L. Cushman, Mrs. Ray Davidson,m Al Doctor, Morris Douglas, Sam Druskin, James Effron, Leonard Effron, Mrs. L. Effron, Gilbert Eisenberg, Bennie Elvove, Harry Elkin, Harry Engel, david Engel, Mrs. A. Epstein, Carl M. Esenoff, Mack Esterson, Harry E. Farb, Mrs. Alvin Feiler, Abe Feingold, Ben Feinberg, Mrs. Morris Feldman, Jack Fine, Joseph A. Finkelman, Sam E. Fishman, Manuel Fisher, David Frank, Mrs. Esther Frank, Milton Fredman, William Fried, Jerome Freedman, Irving E. Friedman, Zena Frommer, Dr. Allen D. Gale, Rena Garvin, Sarah Geller, Joseph Gelman, Betty Gendelman, S. Glaser, Henry Goldy, Sandor Goldberger, Muriel Goldhammer, M.D. Goodrich, I.S. Gordon, Ernest Green, Mrs. Mathilda Green, M. Greenberg; Gertrude Harris, Minnie K. Harris, Mrs. I. Heller, Leon Heiman, Dave Horowitz, Rodin S. Horrow, Ralph Hosenpud, Paul jacoby, Joe Kaplan, Frank Kenin, Jennie Kochberg, Tully Kitaen, John Kluchin, Nixie Kern, S. Klug, Dr. J. Kwint, Mrs. Joseph Kwint., Allan Lame, F. Lavender, I. Lebb, Mrs. Anne Lee , James Lesser, Letty Levin, Richard C. Levi, Louis Levitt, J.H. Lipitt; Freda Mallen, Marian Doctor, Mrs. William Mintz, William Mintz, Louis Moorsteen, Mrs. Wm. L. Moss; Yale Naliboff, Paul Nestor, Mrs. Roan Oglesby, Sam Orlansky, Mitzy Ornstein; Morris Penn; Mrs. Morton B. Peskin; Peter K. Phillipp, Lou Pollack, Bella Price, Henry J. Price, Seymour Rabin, Max Rabinowitz, Ada Randall, Sol Randall, Bertha Rassin, Nate Ratner, Herbert Rede, Edith Reder, Dr. J. Rittoff, Milton Roberts, Sid Rose, Mrs. Sadie Rosenblum, Jacob Rosenthal, Sadie Rothberger, Lucille Rubel, Pauline Rubel, Ben B. Rubin, Norman Rubin, Harry Ruja, Leon Ruskin, Dave Schissell, Anne Schloss, David M.Schloss, Victor Schulman, Goldie Schusterman, Wm. B. Schwartz, Philip Shames, R. Shifrenson, Jennie Siner, KI.A. Soberman, Abraham Sklar, J.W. Snyder, Zolda Solov, Joe M. Spatz, Marshall Starr, Mrs. George Starr, Art Stone, Dave Stotsky, Mrs. David Sugarman, Mort Thaler, Judy Traub, Jennie S. Turner, Beronda Tulchnsky, Morris Wax, Lew Weiss, Shirley Weiss, Mrs. Henry Weinberger, Rose S. Wenig, Mrs. Lucille Weisel, Sidney O. Weiss, Jay Wellins, Sylvia Winicki, Robert Alleh Wohl, Joe Yaffe, Barney yanett, Maurice Zahalsky, Leo Zwiebel, Maruice Ackerman, Harry Demsey, Irving Hertz, Harry Klaskin, Maxwell Kaufman, Dr. R.M. Stone, John Ruskin, Sam Fisher; Mrs. Harold Elden, Mrs. Estelle Levi; Mrs. Helen Schulman; Mrs. Evelyn Cantor; Mrs Julia Neuman; Mrs. Sadie Berenson; Mrs. Selma Getz; Mrs. Bewrnice Esenoff; Mrs. Betty Penter; Mrs. Gladys Block; Mrs. Anita Kahn; Mrs. Sarah Horrow; Mrs. Bess Snyder; Mrs. Lillian Newman; Mrs Lillian Nathan; Mrs. Ida Nasatir, Mrs. Lillian Bland; Mrs. Sally Ratner; Mrs. Sara Goodrich; Mrs. Maxwell Kaufman; Mrs. Gabriel Berg; Mrs. I Teacher, Mrs. Esther Cherney, Mrs. Anna Perlmutter; Mrs. Rose Neumann; Mrs. Max Gardner; Mrs. Lillian Ravin.


May 12, 1950, Southwestern Jewish Press

Page 1

            Magic Carpet Day Huge Success –Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Rose Neumann, Lucille Rubel, Julia Kaufman, Eva Chenkin, Rose Gordon

            Table of Organization – Morrie Douglas, M/M Z. Camiel, Mrs. Bloom, Yale Naliboff, Ben Feinberg, M/M Wm Mintz, Ed Breitbard, Jerry Aranoff, Nixie Kern, Mr. Garvin, Irving Cohen, Allan Lame, Harry Mallen, Seymour Rabin, Rodin Horrow,  Abe Sklar, Mack Esterson, Mrs. Ben Nathan, Morrie Kraus, Dave Stotsky, Dr. Joseph Kwint, Isaac Domnitz, Manny Adler, Mrs. Garvin, Manny Fisher, Leon Helman, Mrs. Muriel Goldhammer, Ben Harris, Dave Horowitz, Milton Fredman, Hy Kitaen, Ben Harris, Maxwell Kaufman, Mrs. Harris Rubel, Mrs. Eve Chenkin, Mrs. Rose Neuman, Mrs. Maxwell Kaufman, Ros Gordon.

            Magic Carpet Day Amusing Highlights – Vic Schulman, Morrie Douglas, Al Slayen…

            Halfway Mark Reached in 1950 Drive –Morrie Douglas,  Ida Nasatir, Esther Moorsteen,  Charles Davies, Murray Goodrich, Nahtaniel Ratner,

            Training and Tradition of Family Giving – Max and Mollie Rabinowitz, Seymour and Janice Rabin, Herbert and Edith Reder, Dorothy Rabinowitz Arenson.

            Political Rally Nite Sponsored by Temple Beth Israel Men’s Club – arious candidates listed, Alan Lame, Maxwell Kaufman.


Page 2  Letters to Editor , Florence Barach on Rabbi Levens; Adek Firestone on Merchant of Venice, A. Fisher on Sol Goodman, Victor Schulman

             Jewish Labor Committee- Morris Penn, Ruth Bloom.

            Histadrut Council – R. Umansky.

            New Americans to Be Greeted – Rabbi Morton Cohn, Mayor and Mrs. Harley Knox.


Page 3  Hadassah Conference --  Mrs. Walter G. Lowdermilk,  Hannah Goldberg, Marie Berg, Mrs. Al Slayen, Mrs. David Block… Mrs. Gabriel Berg, Mrs. Al Slayen, Mrs. David Block, Mrs. Libby Teacher, Mrs. Albert Krasnow—Sylvia Bickman

            Deceased – Lena Judd, Mrs. George Solomon, Mrs. Sam Solomon, Mrs. Harold Stone, Mrs. Sam Addleson, Mrs. Harry Tonsky, Miss Sarah Judd.

            The Cradle – Andrea Rae Epsten, D/M Robert M. Epsten, Anna Epsten, Mrs. M. Aliber…. Jay Alan Naliboff, Sylvia & Carol Naliboff; M/M David Horowitz; M/M Sidney Naliboff….. Mrs. William Solf, Mrs. Leo Beck, Mrs. Rose Kastavman, Mrs. Stanley A. Singer, Debra Sue Singer, Jacqueline Carol Singer….. DM A.W. Kornbluth, Donna Lynn Kornbluth, m/M Jack Kornbluth, M/M Sig Weintrabu, Mrs. Rebecca Goldberg, Mrs. Springer.

            Tips on Spring Cleaning – Martha Hollander, Estelle Levi

            Personals – M/M Al Hutler…Mrs. Gertrude Silver, M/M Nat Sperling, Sharon Sperling…. Alan James Karpman, M/M Fritzl Karpman, M/M A. Sonnenschein…


Page 4—Linda Solof, Linda’s Lookout –Jeremy Lustig, Ester Lustig, Nadine Feiler, Alice Aufricht, Paul Kaufman, Roslyn Burdman, Lou Kleinman, Jean Gordon, Don Goldman, Art Cohen, Howard Esterson, Pete Haas…. Roann Tepper, Cecille Oglesby, Edie Press, Eleanor Addleson, Barbara Shames, Barbara Cohen, Bob Wohl, Jackie Brodman, Joanne Rosenfeld,  Barbara Mallen, Arline Mallen, Reitha Stokes, Bobby Recht, Beverly Addleson, Eleanor Addleson…. Barbara Mallen….. Stanton Camiel, Ellen Rivers, Philip Kaplin, David Ruskin, Joyce Addleson, Janet and Susan Solof, ?Sharlene Stone, dick Godes, Lee Barlow, Shearn Platt, Al Davidson, Roslyn and Elaine Burdman, Goloria Abramson, Ernie Addleson, Florine Olf, Seymour Pomeranz, Geraldine Solomon, Lois Kaufman, Harvey Levitt….. Bernie Asner, Lennie Bloom, Bonnie Zahalsky… Ronald Feiler, Joanne Rosenfeld, Art Belezon, Eleanor Addleson, Sandra Schoenkopf, Caroline Silverman…. Shirley Krasner, Sam Sosna, Woody Olf, Bernie Asner, Edie Press, Bernie Sosna, Ada Picaizen, art Cohen, Jerry Levens, Sandra Schissell, Linda Solof, Jerry Schissell, Betty Jo Kaufman, Anita and Esther Weinstock, Howard Esterson, Estelle Berliner, But Sharpe, Roann Tepper, Werner Dreifuss, Matt Strauss, Fran Winiki, Shearn Platt, Barbara Shames, Dean Greenberg… Donald Solomon, Herb Solomon, Marilyn Ellis, Pete Haas, Joanne Rosenfeld, Al Evron, Jack Pearl, Bob Woller, Audry and Ronnie Greenburg, Beverly Addleson, Florence and Sammy Krasner….

            Hillel – Kurt Bergel, Mr. Kaufamn, Rabbi Jehudah M. Cohen

            Sammy Krasner, Don Rosen., “You Name It,” Lennie Klug, Richard Silberman

            Confirmation at Beth Israel May 21st – Alfred Bruner, George Bruner…Roslyn Burdman, Irving Burdman… Gary Chenkin, Saul Chenkin…Allen Cohen, Alex Cohen… Roberta Glickman, Arthur Glickman… Jean Goldstein, Sydney Goldstein.. Paul Kaufman, Maxwell Kaufman… Lou A. Kleinman, Max Kleinman… Donn Kobernick, Hy Kobernick… Esther Jane Lustig, Myron Lustig… Arline Mihlman, David Mihlman… Gloria A. Rose, Samuel Rose…. Edmond Rosenthal, Manuel Rosenthal… Linda Solof, A.L. Solof…


Page 5

            Lou Mogy, Scene Around Town—Geroge A. Scott, Sam Addeleson, Judge Jacob A. Weinberger, Vincent Godfrey, James A. Robbins, Rabbi Baruch Stern, Rabbi Monroe Levens, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Victor Schulman,  Rev. Dr. Thomas Law Coyle, Eli Levenson, Carl Esenoff, Murray D. Goodrich, Lou Steinman, Al Newman, Morrie Kraus, Zel Greenberg, Cantor Miller, Florence Corwin,  Mrs. Rose Neumann, Lou Mogy.. Morrie Wax, Freddie Weitzen, Jack Jacobson, Joe Schloss, Aaron Adler, George Starr, Herman Cohen, Bernie Silver…Carl Umansky, Harry Mallen… Saul Chenkin, Abe Ratner, Phil Kantor, Arthur Glickman, Charlie Rowbens, Sid Goldstein>..Max Weinstock, Clinton McKinnon, Mrs. M.D. Goodrich, Mrs. Allan Ferer (Hannah Ferrer), Helen Baranov, Morrie Douglas, Ralph Hosenpud, Sr., Ralph Hosenpud, Jr., Leo Beck, Harry Wax, Lory Cantor, Harry Mallen, Will Breitbard, Harry Wax, Ida Wax, Ralph Feldman, Dr. Robert M. Stone, Victor Schulman, George A. Scott, Ann Ratner,  Joseph Dryer, Mr. Hill, Arthur Glickman.

            John Kluchin, News of the Fox – Lou Robbins, Irving N. Cohen, Sol Randall, Marshall Goodfriend, Harry Rivers, Maurice Cohen… R.B. Lukehart, Joe Spatz, Matilda Green.

Page 6  Synagogue News

            Tifereth Israel News –Sherill Rae Newman, M/M Sidney Newman…Zel Greenberg… E. Max Cohen, Mrs. Murray Haber, Rabbi Levens, Mrs. Shelley, Sherry Newman,

            Sisterhood Mother-Daughter Luncheon – Mrs. Sylvan Baranov, Mrs. Norman Seltzer, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Mrs. Frances Johnson, Mrs. A.L. Solof, Linda, Susan and Janet Solof; Mrs. Robert Stone, Sharlene stone;  Mrs. Morrie Douglas, Linda Douglas, Mrs. Mack Esterson, Elsa Esterson; Mrs. Edward Platt, Karen and tamra Platt; Mrs. Johnston, DeaAnn Johnston—Lillilam Heiman…

            Pioneer Women _-Lillian Gordon.

            Temple Beth Israel – Rabbi Cohn…Mrs. Robert G. Miller, MRs. Maury Novak, Mrs. Sam Lennett, Mrs. Florence Corwin, Mrs. Bernarde Asner, Mrs. Robert Strauss…Mrs. Joseph Kwint, Mrs. Donald Pogrell, Mrs. Harry Demsey; Mrs. Joe Silverman, Mr. Louis Stein….Mr. Jack Gross,  Allan Lame, Maxwell Kaufman, Myron Lustig, Jack Rosnblum…Maury Ackerman, Leon Heiman, Mack Esterson, Richard Levi… Leo Mintz, Nathan Schiller, Abe Sklar, Dr. J.A. Rittoff, Rabbi Morton Cohn, Richard Lustig, Cantor Miller.

            Labor Zionist Organization –Mrs. Eva Checkaway, Baruch Veitzers,, Sol Goodman, Sol Urmansky, Bess Borushek


Page 7, Ida Nasatir, The Earth Is the Lord’s

            Hadassah-Mother Daughter Luncheon Gret Success—Ida Nasatir, Mrs. Victor Selten, Mrs. David Block, Mrs. Max Gardner, Mrs. Irvin Kahn, Mrs. Joseph Kwint, Mrs. Julius Levin, Mrs. David Miller, Mrs. Max Rabinowitz, Mrs. William Schwartz, Mrs. Joseph Silverman, Mrs. Al Slayen, Mrs. Maxwell Kaufman, Mrs. Sigmund Stein, Gertrude Thaler, Thjelma Selten, Mrs. Leo Beck, Mrs. Lawrence Cantor, Mrs. Edward Kitaen, Mrs. Harry Mallen, Silvia Bickman.

            San Diego Birdie Stodel B’nai Brith No. 92 –Sarah Geller.

            Home for the Aged – Rose Anderson

            Irving R. Stone, As the Psychologist Sees You.

            Jewish Wav Veterans – Florence Tobias, Nixie Kern, Marian Mintz, Jean Spatz, Esther Frank, Reba Shifrenson, Henrietta Cohen, Christine Rose, Eleanor Smith, Celia Jacobs, Bess Avrick… Ms. A. Landau, Ms. A. Schloss, Ms. S. Silberman, Mrs. B. Siegel, Ms. B. Apelman, Ms. B. Bard, Mrs. S. Kaminar, Pauline Rubel, Theresa Furst, Ms. L. Yukon, Eva Berger, Esther Levitt, Jean Spatz, Binnie Brooks.


Page 8 –

Al Hutler Attends Fair Employment Meeting – Albert Hutler, Judge Isaac Pecht, Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin, Will Rogers Jr., James Roosevelt.

Observe I am an American Day – R. King Kauffman.

Hadassah Evening Group –Mrs. Eugene Janoff, Mrs. Robert Epsten, Mrs. Leroy Cohn, Mrs. Milton Schwartz, Mrs. George Dubau, Mrs. Harvey Steinman, Mrs. Harold Lehrer,  Mrs. Bert Eifer, Mrs. Morris Naiman, Mrs. Arnold Margulis, Mrs. Martin Altshuler, Mrs. Carl Naliboff, Mrs. Robert Epsten, Mrs. Ben Press.

Square Dancers to Aid Benefit Dance for Blind – Doris Drockton, Helene Sherman, Evonne Eick

Jr. Pioneer Women –Shoshana Club –Mrs. Milton Kraft, Sylvia Busch, Sylvia Shulkind, Frieda Ensel

Home for the Aged – Ida Nasatir, Mrs. Alex Newman, Mrs. A. Sackheim, Mrs. J. Goldhammer, Mrs. Zel Greenberg, Mrs. Sam Sosna, Mrs. Max Brody, Mrs. Caroline Brust, Mrs. Moe Hershey, Rose Malamed

            San Diego Bay City Bnai Brith Chapt 713 – Morrie Douglas, Mrs. Harold Garvin, Mrs. Tom Turner, Mrs. Sol Randall, Mrs. Sidney Rose, Mrs. David Schloss, Mrs. Geworge Starr…. Reva Garvin, Anne Schloss, Jeri Starr; Mrs. Bernard Levine, Polly Davidson, Bewrtha Kadesh, Tona Corenson, Mrs. Harriet Wieden, Eddie Breitbard… Mrs. Milton Rawdin , Mrs. Sol Randall, Dr. E. Wolf, Barbara Israel

            JCRA—Mrs Bessye Siegel, Anna Shelley, Goldie Schusterman, Betty Schwartz, Jeanne Camiel, Jennie Siner, Esther Schwartz, Anna B. Brooks, MRs. Jennie siner – anna B. Brooks

            Jolly Sixteen – no names

May 26, 1950 – Southwestern Jewish Press


Page 1:

            Survey Exposes Neglect of Jewish Youth in San Diego—no names

            Open House for New Americans—Rabbi Morton Cohn, Mayor and Mrs. Harley Knox, Judge and Mrs. Jacob Weinberger, Judge and Mrs. Frank Molina

            Monster Political Rally Wendesday May 31st at Temple Center—James Roosevelt, George Miller Jr. Leslie Gehres, State Sen. Kraft, Rep. Clinton McKinnon, Robert Driver, E.E. Eiler, Fred Simpson, Don Keller, John S. Lyons, A.El Gallagher, Crowell Eddy, Earle B. Childs, Frank Gibson, Dan Rossi, Anthony Gerhard, Ralph O. Goggshall, Charles Dail, Manchester Boddy, D.G. Hamilton, Helen Gahagan Douglas, Byron Lindsley, Walter Forward, Richard Nixon, allen Lame, Maxwell Kaufman

            Campaign Continues as Clean Up Day is Planned –Victor Schulman, Murray Goodrich, Nathaniel Ratner


Page 2

            Letters—Bernard Schwartz… Madame X,  Estelle Levi, Mrs. David Doctor

            Presents Second Gift of $100,000 to Brandeis University – no local names


Page 3 –

 To Be Wed—Sylvia Marie Goldman, Baernard Horrow, Morton Cohn, Mrs. Helen Goldman, Anna Horrow, M/M Rodin Horrow

Personals -- --M/M Robert Gordon, M/M Arthur Glickman…Mrs. Abe Solov, M/M Murray Solov…M/M Hy Kitaen…Rabbi/Mrs. N.I Addleson, M/M James Effron…M/M Morris Breitbard…Mr. A. Miller, M/M A.T. Lieberman…. Ms. Lena….M/M Walther Frend, Gerda Sonia Freund.

            Cradle—Elliott Liebermann, L.N. Liebermann, M/M T. Lieberman, M/M A. Miller, Mrs. Yetta Keen…. M/M Bert Goldberg, Marsha Libby Goldberg, M/M M. Goldberg, M/M Julius Jacobson….Phyllis and Harold Janoff, Claire Ilene Janoff, Michael Janoff, Max Kaufman (of LA), M./M Herman Janoff.

            Deceased – Lazar Gerson, Philip Gerson

            More Big Gifts – B.B. Margolis, Lewis Solomon, Lew Weiss, Mike and Jerry Bronstone, Charles Salik, Allen J. Stutherland, George Scott, Mrs. Sam Perlmutter…

            Hadassah Elects New Officers –Mrs. Al Slayen, Mrs. Sidney Goldhammer, Mrs. David Block, Mrs. Morton Thaler, Mrs. Harry Rosenthal, MRs. Edward Kitaen, Mrs. Hyman Kitaen, Mrs. Isidore Teacher, Mrs. Louis Bickman, Mrs. Julius Levine…Mrs. Julius Epstein, Mrs. Manuel Haffner, Mrs. Jack Gross.

            Pioneer Women Negba Club –Lillian…

            Star Bkery Wins Fame with Bagels – M/M Harry Felsot…


Page 4 – Linda Solof, Linda’s Lookout –Sherry Newman…. Anita Weinstock, Esther Weinstock, Herb Wenig, Shirley Krasne, Sam Sosna, Edie Press, Bernie Asner, Ada Picaizen, Werner Dreifuss, carole Hanna, Jerry Schissell, Audry Greenburg, Art Belezon, Barbara Shames, Debra Perlmutter, Sam Wolsdorf, Sandy Schissell, Moses Shapov, Florine Olf, Bob Woller, Harri Hamber….

            BBG’s Elect Officers –Roann Tepper, Eleanor Addleson, Edith Press, Ada Picaizen, Baarbara Shames, Barbara Mallen, Ethyl Schwartz, Audrey Greenberg, Rietha Stokes, Bobbie Recht, Frances Winicki, Ada Picaizen.

            Leonard Naiman, Inside AZA –Sam Broude,  Derrald Kitaen, Sanford Firestone, Harry Slayen, Harold Krinisky, Sanford Pechersky, Donn Kobernick, Harvey Levitt…. Bernie Asner, Burton Sharpe, Pete Haas, Sanford Firestone, dick Godes, Sanford Pechersky, Matt Strauss, Howie Esterson…

            Beth Jacob Forms New Sisterhood—Mrs. Morrie S. Kraus, Mrs. Morton Thaler, Mrs. Julius Penn, Mrs. Robert Struass, Mrs. Robert Penn, Mrs. Morrie S. Kraus, Mrs. Yale Kahn, Mrs. William Penn, Mrs. Ben Ornstein, Mrs. A.A. Abramson, Mrs. Arthur Gordon, Mrs. Jack Prager, Mrs. Aubrey Shulkind, Mrs. Sidney O. Weiss, Mrs. Alwin J. Feiler…Mrs. Morrie Kraus, Mrs. Robert Straus..Mrs. Morris Wax, Mrs. Martin Borenstein, Mrs. Saul Robbins, Mrs. Sol Winston, Mrs. Julius Klein, Mrs. A.P. Nasatir, Mrs. Baruch Stewrn, Mrs. Anna Shelley, Mrs. A.A. Abramson, Mrs. J.H. Liptt, Mrs. Arthur Gordon… Ruth Robbins, Gertrude Thaler, Silvia Shulkind.

            Lennie Klug, You Name It – Dick Silberman, Bruce Witte, Al Tepper, Shelly Sackheim, Ronnie Greenberg, Jack Strickman…Barbara Cohen, Marvin Saltzman, Pauline Ratner, Ira Shames, Nancy Weitzen, Herbie Schwartz, Polly Tavus, George Schlesinger, Les Steffel, Dave Tobias, Fran Winicke, Dave Sevel, Baarbar Hurwitz, Stanley Firedman, Barbara Shames, Jerry Zweig, Dolores Levy, Irwin Schwartz, Florence Duetch, Sid Stokes, Dorothy Pekofsy, Ray Solowitz, Angie Balaban, Bob Waller, Tommy Lloyd…. Sammy Krasner, Judy Traub… Irwin Schwartz, Jack Berliner, Larry Solomon, Dick Silberman, Harry Schoenfeld, Stanley Beck, Arline Blumer, Lennie Klug…


Page 5—

            JCRA—Anna Shelley, Esther Schwartz,

            San Diego Birdie stodel Bnai Brith – Sarah Geller, Roan Oglesby, Esther Brenes, Rose Aved, Mitzie Ornstein, Anna Shelley, Goldie Winicki, Shirley Weis, Rose Tepper, Ruth Brav, Bess Borushek, Zena Frommer, Jennie Siner, Esther Schwartz, Anna Brooks, Bess Borushek, Bennie Brooks, Esther Frank, Angeline Landau, Ann cantor, Blanche Davis, Ruth Aronoff, Mitzi Ornstein, Martha Feiler, bess Borushek, Jennie Kochberg, Rose Barries, Celia Schwartz, Martha Feiler, Kay Kraus, Bess Borushek.

            Histadrut Council of San Diego—Hugo Ernst,

            San diego Bay City Bnai Brith – George Despie, Hal Mather, Mrs. Tom Turner, MRs. Larry Wellins, MRs. David Schloss, Mrs. David Israel, Mrs. Stanley Yukon, Seema Caminer, Mrs. Sidney Rose, Mrs. George Starr, Rose Sloan,  Mrs. Jay Wellins, Barbara Israel…


Page 6

            Dan Rossi Endorsed by Twoi Organizations – Johnny Blatt, B.J. Felthaus,

            Yo-Ma-Co—Julius Feingold, M/M Al Landis, Herny Goldy, Art Friedlander, Lucille Weisel.

            Labor Zionist –Eva Checkaway, Florence Barach, Cantor Miller, Bess Borushek


Page 7 

            Lou Mogy, Scene Around Town – Eddie Breitbard, Zel Greenberg, Harry Mallen, Joe Martin… Morrie Kraus, Jerry Friedman…Jack Pivak, Norm Gelman, Edie Gelman, Mona Sharpe, Byron Sharpe, Norman Gelman… Ralph Hosenpud, Abe Sackheim, Sam Addleson, Zel Greenberg, Bill Burnett, George Burnett… Lou Pollack, Darrel Kitaen, Harry Mallen, Jack Siegler, Ben Press, Leo Beck, Lory Cantor, Ben Rubin, Dr. Mickey Stone, …harry Farb, Dr. Oscar Ravin, David Block… Larry Cantor…Allan Lame, Maxwell Kaufman, Don Keller, Rose Neumann, Mrs. Carl Esenoff, Mrs. M.D. Goodrich, Bernice Eseenoff… M/M Ben Harris, M/M Jack Gross, M/M Victor Schulman, M/M Morey Levenson, M/M Sam Fischer… Elmer Rosine, Abe Bronstone, Abe Herhsey, Natalie Smith…. Rabbi Morton J. Cohn.

            John Kluchin, News of the Fox –Stanley Yukon, Eddy Breitbard, Nathan Raitzas, Jouhn Kluchin, E. Max Cohen, Alvin Cohen, Rabbi Levens, Wilfred Robbins]

            Jolly Sixteen – Eva Chenkin, Mrs. Arthur Glicksman.

            Lasker Ldge—No Names.


Page 8 –

            Beth Jacob Congregation – A.A.Abramson, Morrie Kraus, Rabbi Stern, Arthur Gordon< Sidney Weis, Arthur Gordon, Joseph A. Kwint, Sidney Weiss, Rabbi Baruch Stern,

            Religious Schools Close Year’s Activity with Joint Picnic—No names

            Tifereth Israel News –Cantor Joseph Cysner, Rabbi Levens

            Temple Beth Israel – No names

            Beth Jacob Ladies auxiliary – Dr./ Mrs. A.P. Nasatir, Anna Shelley, Miriam Gleman, Lillian Gordon, Bargaret Beechek, Anna Shelley.


Page 9, Ida Nasatir – Whisper My Name…. Behind the Curtain

            Hal Emanuel, “Ratner Recommends”—music column, no local news.

            Irving R. Stone, “no local names.

            Cottage of Israel – no names..


Page 10 –

Day Camp Starts Registration – Irwin J. Wohl, Lynn Schwartz, Marian Wohl, David Anfanger, David Krinitsky, Nancy Strauss, Jack Schauder, Esther Weitzman

            S.D. is Asked to Guarantee 30 Additional DP Families—Victor Schulman, Dr. Walter Ornstein, Walter H. Bieringer,

            Chiropodist Opens North Park Offrice—Earl Richmond.

            Jewish War Vterans Auxiliary – Jean Spatz, Da e Frank, Eve Berger, Henrietta Cohen, Jean Spatz, Eva Berger, Binnie Brooks.


June 9, 1950

Page 1—

            Hadassah to hold ninth annual donor luncheon –Mrs. Moses P

Epstein (Judith Epstein), Mrs. Al Krasnow, Mrs. Al Slayen, Mrs. Sidney Goldhammer, Mrs. David Block, Mrs. Morton Thaler, Mrs. Harry Rosenthal, Mrs. Edward Kitaen, Mrs. Leon Solomon, Mrs. Hyman Kitaen, Mrs. Louis Bickman, Mrs. Julius Levine…. Julia Kaufman, Ann Zuckerman, Lee Greenberg, Silvia Bickman…. Mrs. Manuel Haffner, Mrs. Jack Gross—Silvia Bickman

            San Diego Response to Plea from UJA with $25,000—Max Rabinowitz, Morry Douglas, Murray Goodrich, Nahtaniel Ratner, Victor Schulman
San Diego to Exhibit Israeli Art—Albert A. Hutler, Dr. Leon Kolb, Jacob Steinhardt, Joseph Budko, Isi Ascheim, Ludwig, Schwerin, Francisca Baruch, Jacob Pins, Marcel Jancu, Johanan Simon, anna Ticho, Myron Sima


P2—Editorial Page

            Au Revoir – Ida Nasatir, abe Nasatir

            Human Side of United Jewish Appeal – William Cohn


p.3—Society , Personlas

            June Goldstein, Ben Ferber Married – June Goldstein, m/.m louis schlesinger, ben ferber, max ferber, rabbi morton j. cohn,  Mrs. Milton Effron, Victor Weiss..

            Deceased—Mrs Miriam Rubin, Ben Rubin,  Dolly Rubin Tenenbaum, Joy E. Sacks, Alan  Jeffrey Rubisn, Stephen David Rubin……Herman Haimsohn, Sadie Haimsohn, Herbert Haimsonh, Edward Haimsohn, Mrs. Sam Sklar, Mrs. Nathan Rubin.

            The Cradle – M/M Leon Rosenthal, Janis Lee Rosenthal, Mrs. R. Rosenberg, M/M I. Rosenthal….. M/M Edmund Breier, Beth Linda Breier; M/M J. Goldhammer, Mrs. M. Breier… M/M B. Margulies; Mrs. Bertha Bricker….  M/M Alvin Cushman, Edward Lee Cushman… Phillip Ralph Cushman, M/M David Segal; Mrs. Sarah Cushman… M.M Harris Rubel, Lt. Cmdr/ Mrs. D.M. Rubel, William Richard Rubel, Carolyn Rubel; Mrs. Rose Cane….M/M Richard H. Schuman (Jean Weiss), Annette Schumann, M/M Lew Weiss; M/M Morris Schuman;

            Rubin-Gunn Marriage – Josephine Ruth Gunn, M/M B.B. Kolkey, Isadore Zebulon Rubin, Mrs. Rose L. Rubin, Rabbi Monroe Levens…

            Dorothy Eisenberg Betrothed – M/M T. Gilbert Eisenberg, Dorothy Eisen berg, Norman Ronald Kaplan, M/M Irving A. Kaplan.

            Personals – Mrs. Louis Pollack, Glenda Pollack…Mrs. Irvin Kravitz, Mrs. Harvey Steinman, Mrs. William Carter…. M/M Max Avrick, M/M Al Shapero…M/M Otto Rosenbaum, M/M Hary Mandell, Lena Judd; Mrs. Louis M. Sosna, Bernard Sosna, Harriet Sosna…M/M Carl Esenoff..


Page 4 –Linda Solof, “Linda’s Lookout”—Phyllis Mollick, Ronnie Mollick, Milton Mollick, Reitha Stokes, Donn Kobernick, Jane Cohn, Irene Heller, Ethel Schwartz, Elaine Burdman, Linda Solof, Harvey Levitt, Bobby Glilckman, Eileen Rivers, Irwin Schachtman, Gloria Abramson, Lois Kaufman, Lenny Weiss, Barbara Sanders, Dorothy Sanders…. Estelle Berliner, Betty Jo Kauffman, Estelle berwin, Linda Solof, Marilyn Ellis, Devona Cooper, Cecille Oglesby, Beverly Addleson, Sandie Schissell… Anita Weinstock, Bernie Asner, Esther Weinstock, Art Belezon, Linda Solof, Burt Sharpe, Edie Press, Al Davidson, Fran Winiki, Matt Strauss…Neil Kleinman, Spencer Mendell, Dennis Naiman, Harriet Silverman, Susan Hutler, Brona Lauger, Janet and Susan Solof, Tewrry Kitaen, Peter and Lou Kleinman…. Marian Fineberg, Edie Press, Al Davidson, Marilyn Ellis, Jerry Levens, Esther Lustig, Burt Sharpe, Shirley Krasner, Lenny Bloom, Barbara Shames, Matt Strauss, Alice Low Zimmer, Zane Feldman…. Joel Mogy…Harvey Goodfriend, Phyllis Mollick, Mike Wittte…. Don Goldman, Bobby Beck, Andrea; Bill Kolender, Larry Cantor, Gary Chenkin, Matt Strauss, Linda Solof, Lenny Bloom, Eileen Rivers, Donn Kobernick, Bobby Glickman, Jerry Levens, Lois Kaufman, Jerry schissell, Joyce and Larry Addleson, Elene Gordon, Herb Solomon, Stanton Camiel, Deanne Brown, Janet and Susan Solof, Seymour Pomeranz, Robert Meyes and Lenny Weiss….Joan Press, Joanne Rosenfeld, Beverly addleson, Roann Tepper, Shirley Krasnewr, Eleanor Addleson, Florence Olf, Linda Solof, Ethel Schwartz, Bobby Recht, Ada Picaizen, Sadie Schissell, Marilyn Ellis, Lettie Levens, Estelle Berliner, Jackie Brodman, Fran Winiki, Esther and Anita Weinstock, Barbara Shames, Audry Greenburg, Ruth Fink, Marion Kramer, Sally Turner, Edie Press.

            Americn Youth Hostel Activities –no n…Mrs. Tom Cash, Elden Goodall…

Registration Opens for Camp Jaycee—Irwin J. Wohl,  Photo: Jack Aaronson
Lou Mogy, Scene Around Town –Mrs. I Rubin; Zel Greenberg; Barry Ackerman; Gil Shatz, Sam Sklar, Al Hutler, Seymour Okmin, Murray Goodrich, Father Joe, Artthur Goodrich, M/M M.D. Goodrich, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, M/M Alex Weiss, Stuart Mallen, William Schwartz, Ed Baranov, Henry Weinberger, Eddie breitbard….Al Sanders, Norman Rubin, Mort Sthlberg, Ernie Farkas, Jerry Freedman, Mack Freedman, Sam Bennett, Ted Brav, Mort Thaler…Sig Samuels, Mort Thaler, Sid Rose, Sam Kimmell, Matt Kimmell, Bill Burnmett, George Burnett; Lou Pollack, Glenda Pollock, Ted Schiller, Abe Sackheim, Vic Schulman< Milt Roberts, Harry Mallen, Lou Pollack; M/M Maxwell Kaufman, Julia Kaufman, Paul Kaufman

John Kluchin –Ernest Green, Ralph J. Feldman, Reva Garvin,

Lasker Hi-Lites –Ed Breitbard, Sam Kimmel…

Page 6 –Synaggoue Kashrut Commission of San Diego – Morris Penn, Paul Nestor, M.S. Berlin, Alex J. Newman, Moe J. Hershey, I . Jacobson, Joseph Gelman, Sandor Goldberger, S. Hirsch, Abe Abramson, Morris Penn, Rabbi Baruch Stern, Rabbi Monroe Levens.

            Beth Jacob Congregation – A.A. Abramson, Morrie Kraus, Rabbi Stern, Arthur Gordon

            Beth Jacob SisterhoodMrs. Joyce Fisher, Mrs. Yale Kahn, Mrs. Robert Strauss, Hafter’s, Molly Morse, Mrs. A.P. Nasatir, Dr. Nasatir, Mrs. Morton Thaler, Mrs. Morrie Kraus….

            Beth Jacob Ladies Auxiliary – Gertrude Rawdin, Lillian Gordon, Miriam Gelman, Anna Shelley

            Dr. Shirn to Visit Israel – Otto Schirn.


Page 7. –Ida Nasatir, The Buried Candalbrum….

            Irving R. Stone—As the psychologist Sees You…


Page 8 –Jolly Sixteen – Eve Chenkin, Julia Steinman, Bernice Esenoff, Rose Glickman, Frieda Nestor…

            JCRA – Anna Shelley,  Esther Schwartz, Anna B. Brooks

            Home for the Aged – Ida Nasatir, Mrs. William Moss, Mrs. Morrie Feldman, Mrs. Sarah Shelly, Mrs. Max Rabinowitz, MRs. Benn Rottman, Mrs. Moe Hershey, Mrs. Abe Forster, Mrs. Paul Cudney, Mrs. Zel Greenberg.  Ida Nasatir, Mrs. Milo Berenson, Mrs. Edward Binder, Mrs. Morris Breitbard, MRs. Arthur Glickman, Mrs. Jos. Goldhammer, Mrs. Ben Levenson, Mrs. Paul Nestor, Mrs. Geo. Neuman, Mrs. Harry Rosenthal, Mrs. Nathan Rubin, Mrs. Abe Sackheim, Mrs. Abe Sklar, Mrs. Sam Sklar, Jennie Siner, Henry Witte…. Mrs. Al Newumann, Mrs. Saul Chjenkin…. Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Rabbi Monroe Levens, Rabbi Baruch Stern., Rose Anderson

            Daughters of Israel –M/M Goodwin, Mrs. Rose Neumann, Mrs. Ida Pearl

            Jr. Pioneer Women (Shoshana Club ) – Rose Kraft, Sylvia Busch, Ann Lebow, Roberta Provus, Norma Solomon, Lillian Berwin, Sylvia Passel, Thelma Draper, Norma Rudolph, Zena Frommer, Rose Okmin, Eleanore Schindler, Fredell Robbins, Naomi Smigel, Dolly Asner, Phyllis Janoff, Marian Peskin, Ella Kahn, Lillian Nadler – Frieda Ensel

            American Jewish Congress00 Myer Pransky, Rabbi Leonard A. Greenberg.

            Junior Charity League – Sophie Stone

            San Diego Hillel _- Dr. Ernest Wolf, Sidney Stokes, Florence Deutch, Jack Strickman, Sylvia Winicki, Isabelle Banks, Martha Tennenbaum, Ed Millsberg, Bob Wohl…

            Labor Zionist Organization—Dr. Oto Schirn, Rose Bolot, Louis Schub, Billy Siegel, Ashler Yadlin, Bess Borushek.

            San Diego Birdie Stodel Bnai Brith No. 92 –Kay Kraus, Goldie schusterman, Martha Feiler, Bess Borushek, Rose Aved, Ruth Aronoff, ruth Brav, Anna Brooks, Jeanne Camiel, Ann Cantor, Ethel Berwin, Betty Freedman, Sarah Geller, Tillie Gordon, Freda Mallen, Mitzie Ornstein, Molly Solof, Stella Sarfan, Celia Schwartz, Anna Shelley, Bess Schissell, Ida Waxz…Betty Freedman, Esther Schwartz, Ruth and Jerry Aronoff, Bess Borushek….

            Pioneer Women (Negba Club)—Lillian Gordon


June 23, 1950—

            Page 1 – City of Hope Picnic to be held on June 25th—Ruth Douglas, , Mrs. Fannie Addleson, Mrs. Jennie Siner, Mrs. Anna Shelley, Mrs. Sylvia Adler, Anna Goldstein, Anna B. Brooks, Rose Tepper.

            Former Journal Staff Pounds Point Weekly _- Lionel Van Deerlin, Ewddy Orcutt, Sidd Fleischman, Jack Olsen, Tom Gwynne, Peg White, Bill Noonan, Frank Force…

            Art Exhibit at Cottage of Israel – Marshal Naiman, Leon Kolb, Molly Kerper, Evelyn Hermann, Rose Neumann, Muriel Goldhammer, Midred Waldman

Fund Pleads with San Diego To Step Out of 400 Class—Murray D. Goodrich, Nathaniel Ratner,  Victor Schulman.
To The Voters, My Friends – Dan Rossi


Page 2 Letters to the editor – Lee Sprkin;  Wayne Neal; Albert Hutler, J. Donald Kingsley

            Padres on Comeback Trail –

            Union of American Hebrew Congregations Hold Ground Breaking Ceremony June 24- Dr. Maurice N. Eisendrath,  Rabbi Roland B. Gittlesohn.

            Model Plane Contest Announced – No names

            Human Side of United Jewish Appeal – Jeanne Daman – no local names.


Page 3 – Betrothed-- Elena Shapov, Benjamin Kutchuk, M/M Isaias Shapov, Ephriam Kutchuk.

            Jean Siegel Betrothed – Capt. Arthur Siegel, Mrs. Siegel, Jean Frances Siegel, S. David Askeneiser, M/M Herman Askeneiser….

            Edith Epstein Wed in Garden Ceemony – Edith Sybil Epstein, M/M Abraham Epstein, Dr. Howard B. Russman, M/M A. H. Russman; M/M Max Rabinowitz; Rabbi Monroe Levens, Florence Rusman, Burton Epstein…

            The Cradle – D/M. Harold Elden, Kenneth Jay Elden, James David Elden, Jeffrey Elden,  Morris Dennen, Rabbi Morton Cohn….MM Eli Witt, Francine Diane Witt, M/M Gero Farkas, Sima Witt, Natalie Witt, Cynthia Witt, Eugenia Binder.

            Carol Schwitkis A Graduate of Davis College—Carol Schwitkis, Julius Schwitkis, Howard Schwitkis..

            Klug-Berenson Engagement Told At Garden Party – Shirley Ann Berenson, Dr. Albert B. Klug, Shirleye Ann Berenson, M/M Milo Berenson, Albert Klug, M/M Samuel Klug…

            45th Wedding Anniversary Celerated by Levys – M/M David Levy, D/M Edward I Levy, M/M Elmer Glaser… Mrs Harry Epsten, Esther Cain, Mrs. Jack Prager, Mrs. Orrel Reed, Mrs. Robert Epsten, Mrs. Herbert Hafter, Mrs. Richard Weinberger, Mrs. Sam Schwartz, Mrs. Henry Weinberger, Mrs. Ted Rosenfeld, Mrs. Alfred Rosenfeld and Mrs. Edward Sample…..

            (no headline) – M/M Albert Krasonow…..  M/M Harry Felson…

            Personals – Carl Umansky, Dick Berman, Jeanette Tobias, Jack Lowenbein, Dorothy Mitchell, Alan Gale, Estelle Addleson, Hebert Newmark, Roanne Schultz, Bernard Schwartz, Midge Nathan,,,  M/M Jerry Aronoff, M/M Johnson (Joyce Aronoff), Sharon Lee Johnson…..M/M Maxwell Kaufman, D/M< Leonard Madison…. M/M Benjamin Jacobson, Mrs. Marvin Jacobs (Joan Jacobs), Gary Stephen Jacobs….. Eugene Aronoff, Louise Ruzewick…. M/M Bernard Arenson, Dorothy Rabinowitz…. M/M Jack D. Wyner, M/M Ted Dryer, Jessica Keefe, Marian Bialac….. Ossie Ehrlic, M/M Sam Fishman…



Page 4 -- Linda Solof, “Linda’s Lookout”—Neil Kleinman, Barry Goldman, Harriet Silverman, Linda Zuckerman, Rochelle Goodrich, Maxine Schoenkopf, Dennis Naiman, Terry Kitaen, Janet Solof, Alvin Cohen, Alan Friedman, George Weiss, Alan Samuels, Freed Goodman, Merle Krasnow, Stanley Breitbard, Gary Cantor, Kay Prager, Loretta Goldberger, Steven Siegel, Janet Levenson, Roxanne Stein, Janice Klaskin, usie Hutler, Eugene Parker…. Paul Kaufman, Don Kobernick, Reitha Stokes, Gary Breitbard, Harry Slayen, Lou Kleinman, Harvey Levitt, Charles Fagelson, Leon Dikel, Ernie Addleson, Bobby Glickman, Esther Lustig, Arline Mihlman, Danny Blank , Edmund Rosenthal, Rslyn Burdman, Alfred Bruner, Jean Goldstein, Bill Kollander (sic),  Mike Witte, Phyllis Mollick, Lennie Weiss, Ethel Schwartz, Cecile Ogelsby….. Don Goldman, Hebert Solomon, Alice Low-Zimmer, Lettie Levens, Jackie Brodman, Horrace Myers, Stanley Friedman, Joan Rosenfeld, Eleanor Addleson, Caroline Silverman, art Belezon, Bud Fischer, Ellen Goldstein, Nancy Weitzen, Mary Gross, Carol Kaufman….. Estelle Berliner, Jerry Levens, Beverly Addleson, Bob Woller, Sandy Schissell, art Goodrich, Roann Tepper, Ronnie Greenburg, Shirley Krasner, Sam Sosna, Isabelle Banks, Sammy Krasnewr, Edie Press, Al Davidson, Bewrnie Asner, Ada Picaizen, Pete Haas, Bobby Recht, Al Schwartz, Bobb Recht…. Francis winiki, Dean Greenberg, Sherry Newman, Harry Ratner, Shirley Krasnewr, Sam Sosna…. Eleanor Addleson…. Janet Solof, David Rusin, Harriet Silverman, Sandy Ratner, Deanne Brown, Barry Goldman, Maxine Schoenkopf, Brenda Heiman, Neil Kleinman, Sharlene Stone, Stevie Schulman, Susan Solof, Dennis Naiman, Arthur Pogrell, Linda Douglas, Seymour Pomeranz, Alvin Cohen… Sandy Schissell, Shirley Krasner, Frances Winiki, Ada Picaizen, Edie Press, Jerry Levens, Douglas DeSure, Roann Tepper, Beverly Addleson, Pete Haas, Jerry Schissell, Marilyn Ellis, Jack Pearl, Dean Greenberg… Paul Kafman, Linda Douglas, Robert Myers… Joanne Rosenfeld, Beverly Kitaen… Burt Sharpe, Jerry Schissell, Aaron Kolky, Linda Solof, Roslyn Burdman, Bobby Glickman, Alan Cohen, Lou Kleinman, Lennie Weiss, Edmund Rosenthal, Jean Goldstein, Alfred Bruner, Herb Solomon, Elene Gordon, Don Goldman, Jane Cohn.

            Library Sponsors Summer Porgramfor Children—no local names.

            Honor Bestowed – Joel Goldfus, M/M Charles Goldfus
                       Sammy Krasner, Donald Rosen, “You Name It,”—Gene Freed, Jack Berliner, Bruce Witte, Al Tepper, Ronnie Greenberg, Sam Krasner, Chub Silvers… Dick Silberman, Irwin Schwartz, Harry Schoenfeld, Jack Berliner, Stan Beck…Zane Feldman, Alice Low-Zimmer, Norman Holtzman, Robbie Parkin, Shirley Berenson, Dr. Albert Klug…Irwin Schwartz, Stan Beck, Jack Strickman, Norton Goldberg, Marvin Saltzman, Lennie Klug, Irwin Schwartz, Dick Silberman, Berta Rosenfeld, Irwin Kobernick, Carolyn Kobernick….

            Alpha Phi Pi News – Harry Mallen, Howie Esterson, Irv Krravitz, Joe Schloss, Ted Teacher, Burt Epsten, Leonard Veitzer, Carl Umansky, Burt Nestor, Freddie Weitzen, Ben Press, Morrie N, Max Gendelman, Burton Nestor

            Hillel Winds up Year’s Activity—Richard W. Raun,  Mary Anita McGovern,  Medelon McGowan, , Mr. Shouse, M/M Henry Weinberger, M/M Louis Steinman, Dr. Ernest M. Wolf<  Sid Stokes, Esther Weitzman, Marilyn Schissell, Sylvia Winicki, Jack Berliner, Bob Wohl, Florence Deutch, Ed Millsberg, Stan Friedman…Morrie Kraus, Rabbi Jehuda M. cohen, Cantor Julian Miller, Gretchen Diaz, Esther Weitzman, Bob Wohl, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn

Page 5 –Lou Mogy, Scene Around Town – Rod Harrow,  Abe Sklar, Irvine Schulman, Abe Ratner, Max Rabinowitz, Ben Rubin, Victor Schulman, Lou Moorsteen, Rod Harrow, Abe Sklar..Sheriff Bert Strand,  Steve Schulman, Jack Gross Sr, Jack Gross Jr. Peter Stone, ..Abe Ratner, Betty Lou Moorsteen, M/M Archie Schoenkopf, Ben Levenson, Joe Kaplan, Leo Beck, Will Breitbard, Lory Cantor, Harry Wax, Harry Mallen… Its Peter, Stuart Penter, Abe Sackheim, Ruth Rosenberg, M/M Sol Rosenberg, Dave Anfanger… Howie Esterson, Bernie Asnewr, Leonard Bloom, Leo Beck, Bobby Beck, Harry Mallen, Lou Pollack, Irvine Schulman,

             John Kluchin, “News of the Fox” –Eddie Breitbard, Stanley Yukon..

            Lasker Lodge Hi-Lites—Ed Breitbard, Rabbi Jehudah Cohen, Morrie Kraus, Sam Kimmel…
            Tifereth Israel Synagogue – Bernard Altbaum, M/M William Altbaum; Gary Richard Cantor, M/M Lawrence Cantor…. Rabbi Levens, Eddie Cantgor, Herman Sarfon…

            Memorial Planned for Rabbi Moise Bergman – Rabbi Moise Bergman,  Leon Heiman..

            Labor Zionist Organization –Mr. I. Domnitz, Leon Elkind, Hugo Brummer, Bess Borushek.

            Beth Jacob Ladies Auxiliary –Ruth Aronoff, Fanny Goldberger, Sally Anfanger, Anna Shelley,  Rabbi and Mrs. Stern, Stephen Stern.

            Ber Mitzvah Boys – M/M Lawrence Cantor, Gary Richard Canmtor….. Bernard Altbaum, M/M William Altbaum…. Michael Price, M/M Dennis L Price.  M/M Koffler, Edith Koffler…..

            (personal) Mrs. Morris Feldman….

            TempleSisterhood – Mrs. Carl Esenoff, Mrs. Sam Friedman, Mrs. Maury Novak, Mrs. Sam Siraton, Mrs. Robert Stone, Mrs. E. Fewrrer, Mrs Maxwell Kaufman, MRs. Sig Stein, Mrs. Joe Alweis, Mrs. Leonard Lynn, Mrs. Florence Corwin, Mrs. Robert Miller, Mrs. Al Hutler, MRs. Leon Heiman, Mrs. Hobby Myers, Mrs. A. Sklar, Mrs. L. Bickman, Mrs. Dave Block, Mrs. Jack Goodman.

            Temple Beth Israel – Burton Sharpe, Linda Solof, Roslyn Burdman, Sandra Schissell, Leonard Weiss.

            BethJacob Congregation – A. A. Abramson, Rabbi Stern

            (SEPARATES) Rabbi Morton Cohn….Mrs. William Mintz….


Page 7 –Ida Nasatir, In Search….

            Irving R. Stone, As the Psychologist Sees You…

            Hadassah –Mrs. Morton Thaler, Mrs. Harris Rubel, Mrs. Max Gardner, Mrs. Thaler, Mrs. David Block, Mrs. Victor Selten, Mrs. E.A. Slayen…..


Page 8 – Home for the aged – Eddie Breitbart, D/M Philip C. Cosman, D/M Cosman…Rose Anderson, Lena Willbach.

            Jr Pioneer Women –Shoshana Club – Pearl Zwick, Evelyn Herrman, Sylvia Shulkind, Frieda Ensel, Pauline Segel, Pauline Merkin, Ray Lenette, Ann Godes, Mimi Karpman, Helen Medak….

            Yo Ma Co News – Herny Goldy, Art Friedlander, Joe Kitaen, Al Lande, Al Solomon, Ben Solomon, Ben Weisel…. Lucille Weisel

            JCRA – Esther Schwarts, Bessye Siegel, Anna Shelley, ; Anna Shelly, Sam Brooks.

            SD Birdie Stodle Bnai Brith Chapter 92—Betrty Freedman, Esther Schwwartz, Frank Goldman, Bess Borushek…

            Hadassah Evening Group Announces Dinner-Dance – Mrs. Harold Lehrer, Elaine Eifer

            Beth Israel Men’s Club – Leon Heiman, Dick Lustig.

            Pioneer Women Nega Club—Eleanor Gordon, Anna Shelley, Jennie Brown, Anne Oakley, Lillian Gordon, Florence Lebb, Doris Brenner, Norma Schaffer, Rose Miroff, Lee Sporkin, Edith Belzon, Margaret Beecheck, Ida Coleman, Edith Belezon, Rose Glaser, Lena Penn, Bessie Segal, Anna Epstein, Fannie Goldberger, sorina Schonfeld, Pauline Press.

            Hosenpud Replaces Berlin on Fund Board – M.S. Berlin, Ralph Hosenpud…


July 7, 1950 Southwestern Jewish Press

Page 1

            Fund campaign to continue throughout summer months –Murray Goodrich, Nathaniel Ratner,

            Irving Friedman to serve in chest campaign – Irving Griedman, Sam W. Hammill,

            San Diego Host to B’nai Brith Grand Lodge President – David Goldman,  Harold Keen

            ‘Council House’ to Close; served purpose say leaders – Maryon Doctor

            Father and Son Fashion Show – Joe Spatz, M.S. Berlin,  Ben Gordon, Bernie Rudin, Sam Fischer, Joe Kader, Jack Prager, Julius Levine, Eddie Breitbard, Al Newman, al Doctor, Eddie Baranov, Sam Druskin, Sam Brenes, Zel Greenberg, Moss Addleson; Isadore Teacher, Moe Hershey, Herman Tulchinksy.


Page 2

            Albert A. Hutler, “Community Currents” –Morry Douglas, Mrs. Rose Anderson, Mrs Robert Miller, Mrs Millie Berman


Page 3—Society-Personals

            Roberta Schissell Wed in Los Angeles –Roberta Marie Schissell, James J. Rosenberg, M/M Saul Schissell; M/M Ben Rosenberg; Miss Merle Goldman; m/m lou schissell; m/m david schissell; m/m Ralph baker; Barbara Cooper.

            Betrothed – M/M Berhard Low-Zimmer, Alice Low-Zimmer, Zane Feldman, M/M Louis Feldman.

            The Cradle –M/M Harry Aronoff, Linda Jane Aronoff; Phillip Howard Aronoff; M/M Aaron Dorfman; Anna Aaronoff…. Sanford Harrison Steinman, Dorothy Steinman, Harvey Steinman, Susan Steinman, Rabi Morton J. Cohn, M/M Morrs Feldman; M/M I. B. Kornblum, M/M Louis Steinman; M/M M. Silverman; Mrs. S. Steinman, Mrs. S. Beshon…. M/M Meir Bleiberg, Hannah Bleiberg…. David Bruce Kahn, M/M Vernon D. Kahn, M/M I. Blackman, M/M Morris Kahn.

            Who’s New –June Hyman, Richard Hyman

            Mouthful for Pipeful—Billy Rose (entertainer)

            Daughters of Israel – M/M Goodwin; Laura Simon

            Personals – Marian Feinberg, M/M Nathan Feeinberg; Jerry Greenstein…. Dr. Joseph Weinberger… M/M Mack Esterson…M/M Charles Kronick, M/M Harry Kronick, Marilyn Kronick, David Kronick… Mrs. Minnie Harris/Irving Harris, Sid Harris; D/M Benjamin Goldberg

            M/M Maurice Zahalsky, Gary Martin Zahalsky, Nancy Joy Zzahalsky, Beverly Zahalsky…. Carol Schwitkis… Joan Steinmann, m/m Louis Steinmann… Marvin Lee Jacobs, Joan Jacobs, Gary Stephen Jacobs…. Morrie Ackerman….Buddy Berenson, M/M Milo Berenson… M/M Hubert Wolff, Eva wolff, Blanche Kraus, Nat Braverman… Leo Greenbaum, Mrs. Julius Schwitkis, Bessie Fishman, Mary Fishman, Mrs. Muriel Elkin… M/M John Kluchin, Elaine Kluchin, Candy Kluchin…Mrs. Sam Orlansky, Helen Cohen….. Sol Randall,  Ada Randall, Samuel Randall, M/M Ralph H. Glassman….M/M Lou Moorsteen, M/M Leonard Slater, Richard Slater…. Esther Siegel.


Page 4

            Linda Solof,Donna Godes, Dick Godes, Carole Fischer, Bud Fischer, Lou Kleinman, Neil Kleinman, Peter Kleinman… Harry Ratner, Larry Ratner, Jean Goldstein, Marcia Ruskin, David Ruskin, Aaron Kolkey, Elsa Esterson, Howard Esterson, Sharlene Stone, Betty Jo Kaufman, Kay Prager, Phyllis Mollick, Edie Press, Roann Tepper, Al Davidson, Dean Greenburg, Marilyn Ellis…. Gary Chenkin, Bill Kollender (sic, Kolender) Ernie Addleson, Bobby Beck, Paul Kaufman, Larry Cantor, Bernie Asnewr, Lennie Bloom, Martin Goldstein, Bobby Glickman, Eileen Rivers, Shearn Platt, Donn Kobernick, Lois Kaufman, Ethel Schwartz, Jerry Schissell…. Gary Cantor… Bobby Recht, Al Schwartz, Edie Press, Al Davidson, Marilyn Ellis, Art Goodrich, Linda Solof, Don Goldman, Ethel Schwartz, Lenny Weiss, Roslyn Burdman, Leonard Naiman, Eliane Burdman, Leonard Lobel, Carole Fischer, Dick Godes, Eileen Rivers, Shearn Platt, Joyce Addleson, Aaron Kolkey, Esther Lustig, Burt Sharpe, Bobby Glickman, Allan Gardner…. Rosalie Mihlman, Joel Goldfuss, esther Lustig, San Freedman, donn Kobernick, Jane Cohen, Lois Kaufman,m Lenny Weiss, Harvey Levitt, Jerry Schissell, Aaron Kolkey, Burt Shjarpe, Gloria Rose, Rosilyn Burdman, Pete Haaas, Jake Baruchi, Don Solomon…. Burt Sharpe, Linda Solof, Roslyn Burdman, Joel Goldfuss… Sandy Ratner, Harry Ratner, Steven Gordon, Gary Cantor, Larry Cantor, Joel Mogy, Art Goodrich, Gary Chenkin… Steven Gordon.

            Jewish Youth Conference –Art Belenzon, Al /Davidson, Marilyn Ellis, Howard Esterson, Dean Greenberg, Leonard Naiman, Edith Press, Joanne Rosenfield, Jack Strickman, Roann Tepper, Judy Traub, Bob Waller, Fran Winicki…Al Davidson, …Dr. Samuel C. Kohs, Leah Jaffe.

            Leonard Naiman, “AZA,” – Jerry Schissel, Al Davidson, Leonard Naiman, Burton Sharpe, Harry Slayen, Dick Godes, Dan Abramson, Shearn Platt, Dean Greenberg, Lee Barlow, Pete Haas, Sanford Perchersky, Art Belezon, Don(n) Kobernick, Harvey Levitt….

            Naval Reserves Train in San Diego –no local names

            Big Hadassah Dinner Dance Benefit on July 16 –Mrs. Harold Leher, Elaine M. Eifer.

            Fund Gives Assurances for 15 Additional DP Families –Walter H. Bieringer,


Page 5

            Lou Mogy, “Scene around Town,”—Ben Gordon, Murray Goodrich, Victor Schulman, Abe Ratner, Nate Ratner, Saul Chenkin, Arthur Goodman, Lory Cantor….Abe Ratner  (long fishing story)….  Neil Morgan, Eddie Breitbard, Pauline Rubel, Jean Spatz, M/M Elmer Rossini, Sol Price, Sid Goldhammer, Al Hutler…Ken Bojens, Colonel Nelson, Carl Lichty…. Eddie Dominee, Ed Sarfan, Ruth Sarfan, Ray Stone, M/M Abe Stone…Harry Mallen, Mrs. Saul Chenkin…John Bate…Jack Gross, Victor Schulman, Abe Ratner…M./M Sam Fischer, Lee Douglas, Irv Kahn, John A. Hewicker, .

            John Kluchin, News of the Fox  M/M Joseph Gelman, Sanford Goldman, Sndor Goldberger, Sam Orlansky, Sol Briskman, Dave Schloss, David Goldman

            Guardians –John Bate, Lou Mogy

Page 6 –Synagogue News

            Temple Beth Israel Reveals Plans for New Altar (with drawing)—Moise Bergman, Milo Berenson, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn.

            Beth Jacob Congregation – Boris Gassin, Rabbi Stern, A.A. Abramson, Morrie S. Kraus… Rabbi stern… Rabbi Stern…Rabbi Stern

            Beth Jabob Auxiliary – Sandor Goldberger, Mrs. Ruth Aronoff, Mrs. Clara Weiss, Mrs. Marian Gordon…

            Temple Youth League Welcomes a New Counselor – Mrs. Richard Hyman, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn,  Mrs. Human, Burton Sharpe, Linda Solof, Roslyn Burdman, Lois Kaufman, Joel Goldfus.



Page 7

Ida Nasatir, “This Army of Israel”

Irving R. Stone – As the Psychologist Sees You.

            Irving Stone Leaves on Five Weeks Trip – Irving R. Stone…


Page 8 – JCRA – Anna B. Brooks, Ruth Douglas, Bessye Siegal, Goldie Schuisterman

            San Diego Bay Cxity Bnai Brith Women, Chapter No 713—Mrs. Sidney Rose, Mrs. David Sugarman, Mrs. William Conway, MRs. Sidney Kaufman, MRs. Ernest Green, Sadie Rothberger, earl Richmon, Mrs. David Schloss, Mrs. Harold Garvin – Rena Garvin.

            Jewish War Veterans ----J. David Brooks

            S.D. Birdie Stodel Bnai Brith Chapter No. 92 –Betty Freedman, Esther Schwartz, Martha Feiler,  Bess Borushek

            SD Post No. 185, Jewish War Veterans –Harry Aronoff, J. David Brooks, Allan Lame – J. David Brooks…

            Labor Zionist Organization – Hugo Brumer, Bess Borushek

            Jewish Congress Forwards Protest of Displaced Persons—no local names.


July 21, 1950 –

Page 1

            Drive Leaders in Plea to “400”—Murray Goodrich

            Big Sisters Elect Mrs. Rubel – Mrs. Harris Rubel, Anderson Woods,

            Racing Starts Tuesday, July 25 –Webb Everett, William Goetz,

            San Diego Bnai Brith to Host Annual Convention—Edward A. Breitbard, Ruth Aronoff, Bess Borushek, Morris Douglas, Zel Greenberg, Harry Mallen , Joe Martin, Ann Schloss, Dave Schloss, Jeri Starr…. Henry Weinberger, Eli H. Levenson.

            7,000 Expected Here August 5-8—Phillip M. Klutznick, Morris S. Kraus, Ernest Green, Mrs. S.J. Geller, Mrs. Harold Garvin…


Page 2

            Histadrut Council of San Diego –Leo Brett, Mrs. Joseph Richlin, Jack Goodman, Mrs. Meir Barach, R. Umansky, Sol Goodman, M.S. Berlin, Jos. Richlin, Meir Barach, Ben Feinberg, Frank Winick, I. Domnitz, M. Schaffer, B. Mallen, Ben Seal, A. Olf, Sam Briskman, B. Veitzer, Dr. Ernest Wolf, Mrs. Ira Gordon, Mrs. Ted Herman…

            Albert Hutler, Communimty Currents –



Page 3

Betrothed -MM Raymond Bass, Barbara Jeannne Dumont,  Milton Goodman Mason, M/.M George Mason

Showers for Shirley – Shirley Berenson, Dr. Albert B. Klug, , Mrs. Ben Gordon, Mrs. Paul Nestor,  arline Glickman, Mrs. Lou Solf

Personals – M/M Julius Meyer… M/M Louis Weinberg, Danny Weinberg…. Mrs. Harry Wosk…Doris Berman, Ralph Berman, Dick Berman….

            Mr. And Mrs. David Hurwitz Observe 25th Anniversary – M/M Maynard Hurwitz; M/M David Hurwitz; M/M Bernard Arenson; M/M David Hurwitz…. M/M A. L. Solof, M/M Theodore Corn, Kenneth Corn, Mel Letterman… Dave Levy, M/M Nandor Simon… M/M Max Lazard…. M/M Sam Toder, Ratner family…M/M Louis Stitzel, Mrs. Shirley Rebuf, Mrs. Natalie Wasserthal…Mrs. Jack Kempner…. Mrs. Lillian Pearl, Charlotte Pearl….

            The Cradle –Joyce Weitzen, Joseph Weitzen, Barbara Jo Weitzen, Judy Lynn Weitzen, M/M Morris Breitbard, M/M Fred Weitzen….. Adrienne Perliss, David Perlis, Leslie Nan Perliss, M/M William L. Moss, Mrs. Goldstein…. M/M Morton Thaler, Lawrence George Thaler; Mrs. George Shelley, Mrs. Lawes Thaler; Rabbi Baruch Stern, Mr. Schwartz, M/M Moe Sherman, M/M Saul Goldstein, M/M Harry Kessler.

            Nandor Simon Dies Suddenly—Nandor Simon, Mollie Simon, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Leo Simon, Jack Simon, Sylvia Greenberg, Rose Simon Kohn…

            Deceased – Mrs. Louis K. Grotstein, Natalie Smith, Louis K. Grotstein, Mrs. Edward Merken, Stanley Merken

            Samuel Komins (obituary) – Samuel Komins, Lavena Komins, Irene Barad, Lorraine Komins, Esther Katz, Max Camins, George Camins, Gussie Clar, Rabbi Baruch Stern.

            Pioneer Women Negba Club – Pauline Press, Eleanor Gordon, Bee Kushner,  Anna B. Brooks

            Esther Moorsteen to Speak to Methodist Group on Israel – Mrs. Louis Moorsteen


Page 4 – Linda Solof, Linda’s Lookout –Al Davidson, Edie press, Al Schwartz, Deon Goldman, Lenny Bloom, Bernie Asner, Linda Solof, Aaron Kolkey, Burt Sharpe, Roann Tepper, Sandy Schissell, Howard Esterson, Ada Picaizen, Shearn Platt,  Roslyn Burdman, Dick Godes, Lee Barlow, Shirley Krasner, Donn Kobernick, Harvey Levitt, Macian Fineberg, Pete Haas, Barbara Shames, Lettie Levens, Jackie Brodman, Stephanie Krasnow…..Paul Kaufman, Marshal Fichman, Roslyn Burdman, Elaine Burdman, Marcia Franks… Stephanie Krasnow, July Traub,  Judy Greenberg, Dean Greenberg, Joanne Rosenfeld, Jerry Levens, Stephanie Davidson, Al Davidson, Shirley Krasner, Matt Strauss, Edie Press, Al Schwartz, Elsa Esterson, Harry Slayen, Butchy Kraft, Cooky Kraft, Larry Slayen, Ronnie Slayen, Sheryl Slayen. …Barbara Shames, Lettie Levine, Roann Tepper, Ada Picaizen, Sandy Schissell, Shirley Krasnewr, Edie Press, Jackie Brodman…. M/M Tennebaum, Burt Sharpe, Jerry Schissell, Don Goldman, Linda Solof, Esther Lustig, Joel Goldfuss, Rosalie Millman, Lenny Weiss, Lois Kaufman, Bobby Glickman, Stan Friedman, Shearn Platt, Joyce Addleson, Dick Godes, Lou Kleinman, donn Kobernick, Harvey Levitt, Joyce Schwartz.

            New Service Offered to SD – Ted Naumann.

            Sammy Krasner, Don Rosen – You Name It --  Bob Rossen, Floyd Smith, Harriet Sosna, Bruce Witte, Barbara Shames, Ira Shames, Delores Levy, Sheldon Sackheim, Bobbie (Denver) Morris, David Tobias, Mrs. Leslia Steffal… Bobbie Wallter, Jack Strickman….

            Ada Picaizen, “Cross Discussion”—Roann Tepper, Edie Press, Marilyn Ellis, Linda Solof, Joanne Rosenfeld, Esther Lustig, Edie Press, Aubrey Greenberg.

            Alpha Phi Pi—Joe Schloss, Carl Naliboff, Irv Belenzon, Irv Kravitz, Max Gendleman, Ben Press, Burton Nestor—Burton Nestor.

            Coronadans Elected to Political Office – Eugene Horton, Keir Brooks….

            Cushman Publishes New Weekly – Eileen Jackson, Stuart Bell, Monroe McConnell, Michele Miller, Peg White, Richard Harmon and Norman Lasbury… Grant L. Nelson, Elliot L. Cushman….


Page 5  

            Lou Mogy, “Scene Around Town,” –Rod Horrow,  Abe Sklar; Rabbi Moise Bergman,Governor Earl Warren, Mayor Harley Knox, Philip M. Klutznick, Eddie Breitbard, Zel Greenberg, Mrs. Edna Fox, M/M Jack Gross, Molly Solof, Bill Solof,

            John Kluchin, News of the Fox – David Goldman, Henry Weinberger, Maury Hamberger, Eddy Breitbard, Reva Garvin, Harry Wax, Jerry Schissell, Joseph Gelman

            SD Lasker Hi Lites --  David Goldman, Henry Weinberger, Eli Levenson, Jacob Weinberger, Sam Kimmel, Jack Lowenbein.

Page 6

Beth Jacob Ladies Auxiliary –Ruth Aronoff           

Labor Zionist  Organization – Hugo Brumer, Max Lerner, Rabbi James Heller, Baruch Zuckerman, Nahum Goldman, Goldie Meyersonl, Victor Reuter, I Domnitz, R. Umansky, Bess Borushek.

Beth Jacob Sisterhood – Mrs. Morton Thaler, Mrs. Jack Prager , Mrs. Morris S. Kraus, Mrs. Aubrey Shulkind, Mrs. William Penn,  Mrs. Seymour Saltzman, Mrs. Julius Penn, Mrs. Robert Strauss, Mrs. Zel Camiel…Mrs. George Borushek, Mrs. Nathan Fewinberg, Mrs. Yale Kahn, Mrs. Morton Peskin, Mrs. Dave Schwartz, Mrs. Zel Camiel, Mrs. Mack Freedman, Mrs. Harold Keen

Fiesta in Old Mexico – No local names

Beth Jacob Congregation—Rabbi Baruch Stern, A.A. Abramson, Morrie S. Kraus, Cantor Boris Gbassin, Sandor Goldberger, J. Gelman…..

Temple Sisterhood – Mrs. A. Sklar; Mrs. L. Bickman

            Thrift Shop—M/M V. Tolontino, Estelle Levi, Martha Hollander

            Cottage of Israel – nop local names.

            Services: Rabbi Stern… Rabbi Stern


Page 7

            Ida Nasatir, “Lillian Wald, Angel of Henry Street” and “Legend of Louise”

            Council Inaugurates New Program – Mrs. David Doctor, Mrs. Philip Rand, Rose Anderson, Mrs. Harris Rubel,

            Irving R. Stone, “As the Psychologist Sees You,”

            San Diego Fish Co Opens New Location – Charles Saccio


Page 8 –

            SD Guarantees Care for 27 More D.P. Families –Victor Schulman, Albert Hutler

            Jr, Pioneer Women – Mrs. Thoedore Hermann, Mrs. Charles I. Turner

            JCRA –Anna Brooks

            SD Birdeie Stodel Bnai Brith – Betty Freedman, Esther Schwartz, Bess Borushek

            SD Bay City Bnai Brith Women, Chapter 713 – George Despie, Mrss. A. Schechter, Mrs. Louis Goldsmith, Mrs. Earl Richmond, Ronnie Schultz, Estelle Brodman, Ruth Barth… Mrs.  David Sugarman, Mrs. David Schloss, Mrs. George Starr Mrs. Harold Garvin…

            Art Service Moves to New Location—Ray Schwenhmeyer

            Jewish War Veterans Auxiliary – Jean Spatz, Esther Frank, Ann Schhloss, Binnie Brooks.



August 4, 1950--
Page 1

San Diego Histadrut Council Opens 1950 Cisrael Histadrut Campaign for Funds—Moshe Berman, Leo H. Brett, Dora Richlin, Jack Goodman, Florence Barach, M.S. Berlin, Sam Briskman, Meir Barach, I. Domnitz, Ben  Feingberg, Sol Goodman, Eleanor Gordon, evelyn Hermann, Israel Lebb, B. Mallen, Abrahal Olf, Saurice Schaffer, Ben Segal, P. Umansky, Barach Veitzer, Bertha Veitzer, Rose Wietzman, Frank Winicki and Dr. Ernest Wolf.

Fund Appeal to Reopen Drive in September and October –Murray D,. Goodrich, Nathaniel Ratner, Eddie Cantor,  Victor Schulman,

            Welcome to SD, Bnai Brith Delegation: Klutznick and Harrison to deliver keynote addresses; Dore Schary to be Honored –David Goldman, Frieda Levine, Edward A. Breitbard, Phillip M. Klutznik,  Maxwell M. Willens, Bertha Kadesh, Beatrice A. Harrison, Dore Schary.



Julia Kaufman, For Your Pleasure – No local names

       California Centennial Opens in Balboa Park – Governor Earl Warren, George Scott

Albert Hutler, Community Currents—Irwin Wohl, Ruth Newman<

Cottage of Israel – No local names.


p. 3 – Sylvia Bauman Wed –Sylvia Ruth Bauman, M/M Samuel Bauman, Samuel Warner Halper, M/M Louis Halper; Rabbi Morton J. Cohn

            Marriage of Abraham Rosenthal Told – M/M Jacob Rosenthal, Abraham David Rosenthal, Lillian Stein, m/M Stein

            Barbara Jeanne Dumont Wed—Barbara Jeanne Dumont, M/M Raymond Bass, Milton Goodman Mason, M/M George Mason, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn; Hollis Winters, Mrs. Milton Schwartz (Lynn Bass), George Winters.

            Thrift Shop – no names

            An Invitation – no names

            Personals –M/M Leo Greenbaum, M/M Dan Polesky, D/M Ted Riechman,,, John Kluchin, M/M Phil Kluchin, Candy Kluchin, Elaine Kluchin, Ronnie Kluchin, Bonnie Kluchin….M/M Morton B. Peskin,  Sandor Goldberger, Mrs. Goldberger, Loretta Goldberger, M/M A.M. Kaplan, Michal Kaplan, Andrea Kaplan…M/M Joseph Dembo, M/M Jack Dembo, M/M Frank Hirschberg…Dale Peskin, M/M Howard Peskin, M/M Phil Peskin…. Mrs. Sidney Smith….

            Cradle – M/M Wilfred Robbins, Randy Joel Robbins, M/M Harry Elkin, M/M H. Robbins.

            Irwin Weiss Bar Mitzvah – M/M Sidney Weiss, Irwin Weiss, Rabbi Baruch Stern, Oved Kosovsky

            Matt Strauss Wins Scholarship – Matt Strauss, M/M Bert Strauss….

            Personals…. Edieth Naiman…. Esther Siegel… M/M E.J. Also….

            Benefit Garden Tea –M/M Leo Greenbaum, Mrs. Nathan schiller, Mrs. M. Goldfarb, Mrs. Leeo Greenbaum, Mrs. Sam Fishman..

            Personal… M/M David Jafeee, Bruce Jaffee, Marcia Jaffee, Stephen Jaffee, Mrs. Warren B. Jackson…


Page 4 Linda Solof, “Linda’s Lookout”—Etta Bialek, Sam Sosna, Harriet Sosna, Sol Bialek, Helen Bland, Alan Couhen, Sandie Schissell, Jerry Levens, Bonnie Zahalsky, Arthur Newman, fran Winick, Bernie Sosna…Andra Beck, Bobby Beck, Tony Amanoff, Michael Brown, Sharen McGraff, Morene McGraff, Susan Canard, Andrian Cantor, Arline Solf…Paul Levin, Donna Feldstein, David Feldsein, caroline Byrns, Oliva Lippitt, Allan Lippitt, Sue Ann Greenberg, Mark Brier, Lyunne Barbara Binder, Johnny Ruden, Jerry Newman, Joyce Singer, Sheila Beth Smith, Barbara Ann Block, Bobbie Block, Fay Sarfan, Shelley Sarfan, Darryl Sarfan…Stanton Camiel, Seymour Pomeranz, Geraldine Solomon, Arline Mallen, Sherry Newman, Bob Meyers, Cecille Ogelsby, Norman Panish, Janet Solof, Harry ratner, Philip Kaplan, Jo Ann Bornstein, Linda Burton, Dorothy Hess…Elaine Shapov, Esther Weinstock, Anita Weinstock, Deborah Perlmutter, Edie Press, Jackie Brodman, Alice Low-Zimmer, Shirley Krasner…. Jerry Levens, Dean Greenberg, Judy Traub, Matt Strauss, Larry Strauss, Burt Sharpe….Elsa Esterson, Esther Lustig, Howard Esterson…. Roslyn Fox, Silvan Fox, Billy Fox, Larry Gross… Paul Kaufman, Maxwell Kaufman,…Shearn Platt, Donn Kobernick, dick Godes, Lee Barlow, Bobby Glickman, Stan Friedman, Linda Solof, Al Davidson, Jean Gordon, Sam Sosna, Carole Fischer, Marty Goldstein, Ronald Fieler, Edmond Rosenthal, Jerry Schissell, Sandy Schissell…. Gary Chenkin, Bill Kolender, Ernie  Addleson, Larry Cantor, Bobby Beck, Paul Kaufman…. Edie Press, Linda Solof.


            Ida Nasatir, A Letter from the Mid Atlantic.

            S.D. Bay City, B’nai B’rith Women, 713 –MRs. Sidney Rose, Mrs. David Schloss, Joseph Kwint…Mrs. Harold Garvin, Mrs. Tom Turner.



P.5 – Lou Mogy, Scene Around Town,  Vic Schulman, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Joel Mogy,  Joe Alexander, Milton Bloom, Max Bloom, D. Erenberg, Morrey Friedman, Marty Freedman, glen Gordon,m Jacob Glasser, Louis Kosh, Karl Levin, Jack Linden, Max Maron, Hnarry Maron, B. Mogy, Leo Newman, B. Polonsky, Abe schulman, ?Larry Silberkleit, Leo Zide, Rabbi and Mrs. Abe Maron, Dr. and Mrs. Victor Maron, Dr. and Mrs. L.J. Tiber, Mrs. D. Cooper, Mrs. Rose Singer…..Rod Horrow, Abe Sklar, M/M Saul Chenkin, Gary Chenkin, M/M Arthur Goodman,

            John Kluchin, News of the Fox –Izzy Gordeon, Al Simon , Sam Schonfeld, Sanford Sack, Paul Nestor, Nathan Raitzas, Sandor Goldberger Sol Briskman, Sam Orlansky, Eddy Breitbard

            5,000 offered in Greyhous Race August 18—no local names


Page 6

            Tifereth Israel Synagogue –Cantor Joseph Cysner,  Ben Levenson, Henry Bowman

            Beth Jacob Congregation – A.A. Abramson,  Cantor Boris Gassin, Rabbi Baruch Stern,

            Beth Jacob Sisterhood – Dorothy Feinberg, ethel Feldman, Mrs. Thaler, Jeanne Camiel, Harold Keen, Betty Freedman, Mitzi Ornstein, Rose Okmin, Rosalie Reisman, Dorothy Penn, Dorothy Feinberg, Ethel Feldman, Esther Schwartz, Lotte Garber…..

            Disunity is not Our Aim, an open Letter to San diego Jewry –Sol Goodman

            Center Day Camp Closes Fourth Successful Year –Morton Cohn Jr, Marjorie Lowitz, Jerry Varon,  Evelyn Weitzman, Jack Schauder, Al Hutler


Page 7

            Irving Stone – As the Psychologist Sees You
            Opens New Play – Rose Simon Kohn, Mrs. Nandor Simon, Fritz Rotter, Claire Luce, Bela Lugosi, Frances I Sullivan.


Page 8

            $3,000 Pledged at Initial Dinner—Joseph Cysner, Moshe Berman, Rubin Umansky, Sol Goodman, Leo H. Brett, I Domnitz, Dora Richalnd, Florence Barach, Eleanor Gordon

            Jewish War Veterans –J. David Brooks

            J.C.R.A –Anna B. Brooks.

            Auxiliary Hebrew Home for the Aged –Mrs. V.R. Shelley, Mrs. Paul Cudney, Mrs. Marcel Brust, Mrs. Max Brody, Mrs. David Horowitz, Mrs. Harry Rosenthal… Mrs. Edward Bland, Mrs. Ben Harris…Mrs. Wm Moss, Mrs. Saul Chenkin…

            Council of Jewish Women –M/M Harry Epsen, Mrs. William Gerelich, Mrs. George Solomon, Mrs. David Ferer, Mrs. Max Nelson, Mrs. David Horowitz, Mrs. Harris Rubel, Mrs. William Moss, Mrs. Harry Kaufman, Mrs. Al Morris, Mrs. George Burnett.

            Jewish War Veterans Auxiliary –Jean Spatz, Tess Furst, Myra Schoenthal.


August 18, 1950—Southwestern Jewish Press

Page 1 – Volunteers for Blood Bank Needed – J. David Brooks< Jackson J. Holtz, Abe Wilks….]

            Beth Jacob Consecrates New Building August 20 –Cantor Boris Gassin, Rabbi Simon Volgin, A. A. Abramson, Rabbi Baruch Stern, Morrie Kraus, Ralph Hosenpud.

            Goal of Reopened Campaign to be 1949 Figure –Victor Schulman, Murray D. Goodrich, Nathaniel Ratner,


Page 2

            Julia Kaufman—For Your Pleasure, no local names

            Ida Nasatir, A Letter from Paris…

            Albert Hutler, Community Currents –Rabbi Cohn, A.P Nasatir< Eddie Breitbard, Morrie Kraus


Page 3

            Theodore Albert to Claim Lora Dean Addleson as Bride –Lora Dean Addleson, M/M Sam Addleson, Theodore Albert, M/M Phil Albert, Rabbi Monroe Levens, Charlene Solomon, Joannie Breitbard, Barbara Addleson, Beverly Addleson,  Mrs. Jack Resnick, Elene Gordon, Marion Mishne, Rose Samuels, Tessie Albert, Orletha Slobe, Jole Nelson, Jack Resnick, Dick Witz, Erwin Gersh, Wally Hirsch, Allewn Mishne, Dave Seltzer…

            Elena Shapov Wed –Elena Shapov, M/M Isaias Shapov, Ben Kutchuk, M/M Ephrian Kutchuk, Rabbi Monroe Levens, Rabbi N. I. Addleson, Alicia Kanosky, Ethel Shapov, Eleanor Addleson, Esther Weinstock, Deobrah Perlmutter, Harry Shanks, Emilio Urcis, Moses Shapov, Joel Shapov, Werner Dreifus, Henry Siner, Anna Fatt…

            Council of Jewish Women Garden Party – Mrs. Louis Steinman

            Max Pearls Wed 30 Years – M/M Max Pearl

            Personals – Rabbi Samuel D. Soskin, Rabbi and Mrs. Morton J. Cohn….

            Personals –M/M Sol Randall, Ada Randall, M/M William Brody,….Estelle Brodman, Roslyn Barth, Ruth Barth….Revlyn Brenner, Mrs. A. Schoenkopf, Mrs. Sam Fichman, Louise Gilmore, Ellyse Speigl, Nancy Solof….Selma Selton, Sig Stein, Ken Robertson, Annetta Robertson, Neil Morgan, Carol Morgan…. Selma Rutstein, Sig Stein…Lou Lipton… M/M Maxwell Kaufman, M/M Milton Rindler…. Jerry Cohn, M/M Harry Schwartz, M/M G. H. Blackman, Jerry Blackman…. Max Rabinowitz…M/M Bob Spiegel, M/M Morris Ackerman, M/M Maxwell Kaufman, Dick Moorsteen….. Pearl Slayen, Al Slayen…. M/M Julius Schwitkis, Howard Schwitkis, M/M Louis Redner, Marilyn Redner… M/M Maurice Weinberger, Mrs. Pauline Schwartz, Mrs. Mary Flaster, Mrs. Harry Schenkel, Dr. Joseph Weinberger, Mrs. David Levy, Mrs. Maurice Weinberger, Rose Weinberger, Esther Cane, ruth Propoer, Millie Levy, Jennie Levy, Pauline Schwartz…M/M Albert Hulter, Mrs. Ossie Ehrlisch, Ernst Michel…. Leo Mintz…


Page 4

            Linda Solof, Linda’s Lookout – Shearn Platt, Dick Godes, Harvey Levitt, Donn Kobernick, … Esther Lustig, Al Davidson, Bobby Glickman, San Friedman, Connie Schuster, Burt Sharpe, Carole Fischer, Gary Smith, Kay McLaughlin, Gloria Abramson, Ewileen Rivers, Linda Solof…. Gary Smithy, Burth Sharpe, Connie Schuster, Linda Solof, Sandra Dembo, Gilbert Dembo, Linda Friedman, Susan Solof…. Cecile Oglesby, Stanton Camiel, Norman Panish, Geraldine Solomon, Janet Solof, David Levens, Seymour Pomeranz, Sherry Newman, Arline Mallen, Larry Kaufman, gary Breitbard,l Joan Borenstein, Dorothy Hess, Jimmy Kaufman, Dean Greenberg, Florence Krasnewr, Marilyn Smith, Estelle Berwin…. Burt Sharpe, Jackie Sharpe. Roslyn Burdman, Elaine Burdman, Janice Gordon, Steven Gordon, Neil Kleinman, Dennis Naiman… Iris Kolender, Marlene Kolender, Bill Kolender, Mary Lynn Dickman, Martin Dickman, Sammy Dickman…. Bobby Glickman, Stan Friedman…Joanne Rosenfeld, Al Ezrin, Shirley Krasner, Dean Greenberg, Beverly Mash, Jerry Levens, Sandy Schissell, Dick Kite, Eleanor Addleson…. Edie Press, Roann Tepper, Sandie Gellerman, Dotsie Kahn, Ruth Fink, Audry Karlip, Marian Kramer….

            Sammy Krasner, Don Rosen – You Name It –Bruce Witte, Barbara Shames, Ira Shames, Delores Levy, Dee Wyner, don Rosen, Dave Tobias, Les Steffel, Ronald Greenberg, Audrey Karlip, Jerry Asnwer, Esther Wweitzman, George Schlesinger, Anna Samposon, Sheldon Sackheim, Shirley Krasner, Gene Freed, ronda Lepidus, Sammy Krasner, Roann Tepper, Marian Kramer, Bob Waller, Ruth Fink, Frank Goldberg, Lee Winicki, Edward Heimson, Dotsy Kahn…


Page 5—Lou Mogy, Scene around Town –Ted Schiller, Morrie Wax, Bob Goodwin, Ed Israel, Lou Pollack, Rabbi Moise Bergman, Rabbi Morton J. Cohn, Rabbi Monroe Levens, Rabbi Baruch Stern, … Sam Addleson, Mike Caine, Laurence Cantor, Carl Esenoff, Morrie Feldman, Rodin Horrow, Lou Karp, Julius Levine, Herman Sarfan, Sam Sosna, Dave Stotsky, Dr. Philip Rand, Dr. Oscar Ravin…  Hannah Ferrer, Allie Ferrer…. M/M Dave Stotsky, M/M James Shannon, Gertrude Harris, Ben Harris, M/M Sam Rassin, Harry Farb, Sam Fischer….. Lou Leavitt, Ralph Feldman, Max Rabinowitz, M/M Saul Chenkin…. Evelyn Mogy, Joel Mogy…. Zel Greenberg…. Mickey Fredman, Allen Firestone…Lorna Dean Addleson, Theodore S. Albert, Shirley Ann Berenson, Dr. Albert Baruch Klug, Revlyn Louise Brenner, Marvin Greene….M/M Abe Ratner, Sandy Ratner, Rabbi Monroe Levens, …M/M Its Penter, Diane Fischer, Victor Schulman

            John Kluchin, News of the Fox – Ernest Green , Irving Cohen, Sanford Goldman, Dave Schloss,  Nathan RaitzaS, Sanford Goldberger, John Kluchin, Stanley Yukon, Harold Garvin, Sol Randall, Dave Schloss.

            Back In Service – Lt. Herbert Newmark

            Personal – Barry Ackerman, M/M Morris Ackerman…


Page 6 – Ida Nasatir --Leah W. Leonard, Jewish cookery--Dr. Max Nordau

            Young Hearts by David Matetz, Story of Theodor Herzl--

            Psychologist Column to Appear next issue – Irving Stone

            Erwin Weiss Bar Mitzvah—Erwin Weiss, M/M Sidney Weiss,

            Unveiling – M/M Louis Brickman, Mrs. Sarah Gill, Rabbi Baruch Stern

            Tifereth Israel News – Fred Charles, Sam Charles, Rabbi Levens< Cantor Joseph Cysner, Leon Elkind, Rabbi Levens, Cantor Cysner, Ben Levenson…

            Deceased – Hannah Ferer, Allen Ferrer, R
Rabbi Morton J. Cohn,
Harvey Ferrer, Sophie Popper, Al Popper.


Page 7 –

            San Diego Birdie Stodel Chapt 92—Ruth Brav, Edieth Bennett, Mitzie Ornstein, Rose Aved, Jeanne Camiel, Goldie Schusterman, Martha Feiler, Ruth Aronoff, Sarah Geller, Bess Borushek…

            New Books At Library –No local names

            Jewish War Veterans –J.  David Brooks

            Histadrut Council – Dr. Judi L. Hahn, Florence Barach


Page 8

            Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood – Mrs. Abe Sklar, Mrs. Louis Bickman, Mrs. Florence Corwin, Mrs. Charles Kronik, Mrs. Harris Rubel, Mrs. Mack Esterson.

            Racing Enters 2nd Half of Season—M.M Tom Adams…

            Pioneer Women Negba Club – No local names

            San Diego Bay City Bnai Brith –Mrs. Harold Garvin, Mrs. George Starr, Mrs. David Schloss, Mrs. Sidney Rose, Mrs. Israel Borne,  Mrs. David Schloss..

            Jewish War Veterans Auxiliary –Rose Tepper, Jope Spatz, Esther Frank, Binnie Brooks

            JCRA – Fannie Addleson, Jennie Siner, Esther Schwartz, Anna B. Brooks

            Hadassah –Joseph Friedman, Mrs. Victor Selten, Mrs. B. Dobrans, Mrs. Sol Price, Mrs. Jerome Greeben, Mrs. Philip Rand, Mrs. Ray Lieberman, Mrs. Leo Beck, Mrs. Louis Bickman, Mrs. Abe Sklar….

            Jr Pioneer Women Shoshanan Club – Mrs. Ensel.

            Hebrew Home for the Aged –Mrs. Saul Chenkin, Mrs. Rose Anderson…Mrs. Edward Bland, Mrs. Ben Harris, Mrs. Saul Chenkin.