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June 2007


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61 Saturday Evening, June 30
 1. Hebrew University sees hope for asthma cure

 2. Technion dedicates sculpture celebrating reading

 3. Knesset taps 80-year-old at U of Haifa as 'top student'

 4. Dorothea Shefer-Vanson: Is 'land-for-peace' formula now planned for Syria?  

 5. Eliyahu Sigel: Israel has its answer to U.S. 'Blue Angels' team

 6.  Jews in the News

 7. Jewish Grapevine

 8. Donald H. Harrison: Dead Sea Scrolls scholar's first career wasn't in the stars

 9. Rusonik to lead Tifereth Israel discussion on Mishnah

 10.  Jews in sports

60. Friday Afternoon, June 29
Katsav resigns as Israel's president in plea bargain

  2) Wexler wants EU to declare Hezbollah 'terrorist'

  3) Anti-Semitic vandalism at Ottawa cemetery

  4) EJC President calls on Venezuela's Chavez to curb anti-Semitism

   5) Alarmed by teen glorification of WWII fascism, Wiesenthal Center urges education in Croatia

   5) Dorothea Shefer-VansonAhmadanejad's twisted logic in Holocaust denial

   6) American Jewish Committee names attorney
Victoria Schonfeld assistant executive director

   7) Rep. Steve Kagen says he'll send payraise back

   8) Gideon Aronoff: Immigration bill defeat disappoints HIAS chief

   9) Dov Burt Levy: Columnist tells responses to his anti-WJC column

  10)  Jews in the News

  11)  News Sleuths

  12) Jewish Grapevine

  13) Baby Cheer at Seacrest Village

  14) Jews in Sports

59.  Thursday Evening, June 28
United Methodist report urging divestment 'borders on anti-Semitism,' ADL charges

 2) Four IDF soldiers wounded during Nablus operation

 3) Opinion poll shows Israelis are pro-America while Palestinians are pro nuclear-Iran

 4) Israel and the sexual harassment issue

 5) Even the Hebrew word for them is funny: Standupistim

  6) Germany agrees to increase pension payments
by cost of living for Holocaust survivors

  7) Former Egyptian Jews to seek restitution of property

  8) Failure to assimilate Muslims can lead to their radicalization, Lieberman's Senate committee is told by European witnesses

  9) ZOA opposes Palestinian prisoner release; tells concerns about Tony Blair as Middle East Envoy

 10) Failure of Blair's predecessors—not the men but the mission

 11) Jews in the News

 12) News Sleuths

 13) Jewish Grapevine

 14) Our home page now links to 3 Jewish events calendars 

 15) Ohr Shalom hosts July 13 Zamru Shabbat at Mission Bay 

 16) July 27 'Midsummer Musical Shabbat' at Ner Tamid

 17) Over-hyped, under-delivered Carmen at Playhouse 

 18) Recognizing 'the other' and what can be done

 19) If yesterday's box scores were an indication, their mothers were right—five Jewish major leaguers should have become doctors or lawyers

 20) Chutzpah

58.  Wednesday Evening, June 27

    1. Donald H. Harrison: Institution-builder, fundraiser, peace negotiator: which of these roles—or maybe all—are Blair's?

     2. Once nationalized Cecil Hotel returned to Jewish family then resold to Egyptian government

      3. Israeli eye doctors will go to Kenya to help Sudanese refugees at request of UN agency

     4. Israel and Kazakhstan announce direct flights

     5. RJC urges Democrats to dump Carter as
overseas spokesman given his Hamas comments

     6.  ADL, AJC praise Israel turnaround by United Church of Christ

Ronald S. Lauder and Matthew Bronfman:WJC leaders in Brussels decry European anti-Semitism, Iranian threats of Israeli genocide

      8.  President George W. Bush: Bush, rededicating Islamic Center, wins applause as he calls for Palestine and Israel side-by-side

     9.Jews in the News

    10.News Sleuths

    11.Jewish Grapevine

12. Sandy Golden: Physical and spiritual side of birthing focus of 'Shalom Baby' class for expectant parents
    13. Shira Kline, a.k.a ShirLaLa, in kids' concert Aug. 5

    14. Eileen Wingard: Symphony book tunes into discordant and melodic

First Homer—Ryan will never forget this game, but Schoeneweis would like to

57.  Tuesday Evening, June 26
Donald H. Harrison: British PM era ends for Tony Blair; does he now step onto the Middle East stage as Quartet envoy?

House votes to reopen Statue of Liberty to tours

Iran divestment campaigns praised by Olmert

Ban Ki-moon wants journalists to become forces for Mideast peace

   5.  European Jewish Congress elects Kantor president

ADL denounces World Council of Churches campaign against Israel as 'moral outrage'

   7. IDF and UNWRA cooperate on Gaza relief effort

House unit demands efforts to capture killers of American contractors in Gaza

House committee seeks Japan's apology to WWII sex slaves

ZOA says Abbas admits that the Palestinians were not the original settlers in the Holy Land

  11.  Jews in the News

  12.  News Sleuths

  13.  Jewish Grapevine

  14.  Seacrest happenings

JFS seeks 'Rides & Smiles' volunteers

Joel Moskowitz, MD: Domestic abuse a pandemic, playgoers learn

Holy Land archaeology featured at Museum of Man

Free jazz and klezmer Wednesday night at Organ Pavilion

  19.  Sheila Orysiek:
Are Pointe Shoes Kosher?

  20.  Norman Manson:
Hilda: memoir of creative, eventful, bittersweet life

  21. Jews in Sports

56.  Monday Evening, June 25

Olmert at Sharm el-Sheikh offers release of 250 Palestinian prisoners without 'blood on their hands'

U.N. Humanitarian Relief Coordinator blames
Palestinian rocket attacks for border closure

U.N. condemns murder of UNIFIL peacekeepers

AJCongress urges defeat, not reconciliation, for Hamas

   5.  Israel's Abramovitch is off to China to discuss bilateral relations

   6.  Dorothea Shefer-Vanson:
Maestro, a little drilling music, please

ADL rues Supreme Court decision limiting taxpayers' ability to file First Amendment suits

   8.  Ackerman, Lantos urge State Department to hire Arabic- and Farsi-speaking gays dismissed by the Pentagon

 Independent school group mulls Torah lessons

  10. Letter: 'Once Again that European Sickness is Upon Us."

   11. Jews in the News

   12.  News Sleuths

   13. Jewish Grapevine

   14. Audrey Jacobs: My Husband the Long Distance Swimmer Heads for Catalina.

    15.  Bruce Lowitt: These Modiin miracles weren't menorah nor oil

55.  Sunday Evening, June 24
1. One year later: Israel's government tells its efforts
to win release of captives in Gaza and Lebanon

Prime Minister's Office arranges computers for Sderot

    3. Dorothea Shefer-Vanson:
Reflections on Hamburg and the grandma I never knew

    4. Ira Sharkansy:
Amid talk of Gaza war, 'do nothing' is a better option
    5.  Jews in the News

    6. Jewish Grapevine

Sandy Golden: Land of Milk and Honey provides cinematic feast

Dead Sea Scrolls debut in San Diego on Friday

Skirball Cultural Center opens 'Noah's Ark' Tuesday

  10  Gail Forman: Prague's Jewish Museum evokes mixed feelings

   11.  Baseball Jews

54.  Saturday Evening, June 23
Weizmann Institute of Science reports finding 'switch' that turns on and turns off body protein

U.N.warns of 'general food shortages' in Gaza

AJC praises Senate for passing energy bill

   4.Dorothea Shefer-Vanson:
Fellow translator led a quiet life worth remembering

Not kosher to eat, but shrimp are great to study; Ben-Gurion scientists find males have reproductive cycles

Isaac Newton's 'secret knowledge' on display at Hebrew University

Alfred Mann Research Center opens at Technion

Textbook on Jews by Sarna and Krasner wins educational award

   9.  Donald H. Harrison:
Congressional partisanship out of place when
Iran's terrorist clients occupy 3 of Israel's borders

  10. Jews in the News

  11.  Jewish Grapevine

  12.  Humor: The Talking Dog

  13. Sports: Baseball Jews

53.  Friday Afternoon, June 22

House in partisan fracas narrowly approves foreign aid, including $2.44 billion for Israel

How they voted on the Foreign Aid Bill

House again passes bill to cut off 'aid' to Saudi Arabia

UNESCO Chief Matsuura opposes boycott of Israel universities
ADL urges UN, NGOs to seek release of 3 Israeli prisoners
    6. Dorothea Shefer-Vanson:
Differences between being 'planter' and 'planted'

    7.  Steve Rabin: Republicans vote against aid 'act of political hypocrisy'

   8.  Jews in the News

   9.  News Sleuths

 10.  Jewish Grapevine

Shalom, Israel! There Went SSDHDS 8th-graders!

 12. Rabbi Baruch Lederman: The Russian veteran at the Jewish inn

A nostalgic visit for baseball's youngest general manager

52.  Thursday Evening, June 21

Wiesenthal Center urges Spain to conduct full-scale
search for Nazi war criminals who may be in hiding

ZOA details efforts to persuade Congress on Iran, Palestinian Authority and U.S. embassy

   3. IDF battles terrorists; ships aid to Gaza

U.N. says Israel must permit more goods to flow to Gaza

AJC study says sanctions still could work to prevent Iran from developing N-bomb

Dorothea Shefer-Vanson: Well, okay, Jerusalem lacks Tel Aviv's beach

Hadassah's national convention already a sell-out

Reform Jews hail passage by New York State Assembly of bill legalizing same-sex marriage

   9. Rabbi Wayne Dosick: Let’s build demonstration towns in
the Middle East – and the Midwest

  10. Jews in the News

  11.  News Sleuths

  12.  Jewish Grapevine

Hadassah women receive chaplain's insight into Iraq warfare

Jewish Family Service sets Adoption Alliance schedule

  15. Shabbatons in San Diego, New York;  Torah and ethics study crowded Chabad year

   16. Oops!  Jason Marquis serves up Sammy Sosa's 600th

51.  Wednesday Evening, June 20
House adopts resolution urging United Nations to bring charges against Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Middle East now 'highly volatile,' UN envoy Michael Williams reports to Security Council   

   3. Changing of the Defense Ministers in Israel (video)

Lantos favors support of Abbas; urges U.S. to admit more refugees from Iraq

   5. Dorothea Shefer-Vanson: And what about the daily life of Israelis?
6. Ezer Mizion provides day of respite for cancer patients and their families

Resolution to honor Morgenthau, others, for Holocaust rescue efforts draws Filner support

House adopts resolution honoring Jacob Birnbaum

Schiff gains 200 to recognize Armenian genocide

  10.  Shoshana Bryen:
Why JINSA takes a 'contrarian' position on Abbas

  11. Jews in the News

  12  News Sleuths

  13. Jewish Grapevine

Jewish Family Service’s Foodmobile Expands Service

   15.  Eileen Wingard: Copland’s Appalachian Spring delights
Ohr Shalom in last days of S.D. spring

  16.  Sports

50. Tuesday Evening, June 19
Donald H. Harrison: San Diego UJF directs $2.16 million to Sderot and Sha'ar Hanegev for rebuilding from Gaza rockets

Joint Bush-Olmert Press Conference: Olmert proposes regular meetings with Abbas

IDF provides humanitarian relief to Gazans

Italians protest war criminal Priebke's work permit

Anti-Semitic letter writer gets 6 years for threats

Ira Sharkansky: Reassessing the outcome of the 2nd Lebanon War

  7. Dorothea Shefer-Vanson: The Music of a Community

  8. Shoshana Bryen:
U.S. should drop idea of independent Palestine; Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs offers advice to Bush, Olmert

  9. Jews in the News

10. News Sleuths

11.  Jewish Grapevine

12. Donald H. Harrison: Tales of two ceremonial occasions, hours apart


49.  Monday Evening, June 18
1. Donald H. Harrison: Only one Palestine, not two, and it's headed by Mahmoud Abbas, declares U.S. Secretary of State Condolleezza Rice

U.N. Secretary General deplores rocket attack on Northern Israel; calls it effort to 'destabilize' Lebanon

Aid efforts in Gaza return to earlier strength, UN agency says

   4. First Israeli selected to head UN committee

   5. Dorothea Shefer-Vanson: My passport to adventure in Tel Aviv

     6. Sheila Orysiek: Bubbe and the Old Order Amish

Israel's Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni makes
direct 'peace appeal' to the Arab world

    8. Jews in the News

    9.  News Sleuths

   10  Grapevine

Donald H. Harrison: Marty Block begins campaign where he began married life

12  David Strom: When it all became clear to Hannes Klar   

   13.  Carol Davis: Moxie scores with Devil Dog Six

48.  Sunday Evening, June 17

Livni tells Portuguese leaders of Israel's  new 'dual strategy' for dealing with the Palestinians

   2. Ira Sharkansy: I
s Israel waiting for a causus belli to deal with Gaza?

3. 30 ways to save water suggested by Jewish National Fund and International Arid Lands Consortium

   4. Dorothea Shefer-Vanson: Even Yad Vashem can have a typo, so verify listings

5. Shoshana Bryen: Reply to Alvarado de Soto: U.S. is pro-Israel and is not neutral between its friend and terrorists

   6. Jews in the News

   7. Jewish Grapevine
   8. Donald H. Harrison:
Don't spill the wine on the Lamborghini's leather

9. 94-foot scroll by Ruth Weisberg provides centerpiece for retrospective at Skirball

47.  Saturday Evening, June 16

      1. Congressman Anthony Weiner seeks to end all aid,
including humanitarian, to Palestinian Authority

    2. Susan Davis to head Personnel Subcommittee
of the House Armed Services Committee

Ben Gurion University professor Alon Friedman
honored by Germans for his epilepsy research 

 4.Ecuador's Minister of Education has both a family and professional interest in Technion 

5. Brandeis University receives $15 million from Schusterman Foundation for Israel studies center

    6. Dorothea Shefer-Vanson: When the high school reunion is in a country left behind

     7. Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld: The High Cost of Free Speech

    8. Dov Burt Levy:
World Jewish Congress is a misnamed billionaires club

    9. Jews in the News
   10. News Sleuths   

   11. Jewish Grapevine

Look out, Israel! Here come SSDHDS 8th-graders!
Hebrew University scans, uploads 1,042-page mahzor dating back to 1331 in Nuremberg

46.  Friday Afternoon, June 15

1. Donald H. Harrison: U.S. continues to back Mahmoud Abbas government in Palestinian Authority

2. Bush meets with Jewish leadership at White House

3. Asaf Romirowsky: The fight against the Israel-haters in academia

Anti-boycott petition signed by 4,700-plus academics

ADL, AJC accuse UN of institutionalizing anti-Israel bias

Bruce Kesler: Waldheim reprehensible alive, remains so dead

    7. Dorothea Shefer-Vanson: Israel has frum and not-so-frum Orthodox weddings

Baron Guy de Rothschild dies at 98

    9. Jews in the News

   10.  News Sleuths

   11. Jewish Grapevine

San Diego Jewish Academy grads roll up honors

JCF offers Tikkun Olam Camp for youthful philanthropists to learn about the art of giving

Rabbi Baruch Lederman: The reasoning of a hoarse Torah-reader

     15. Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal:
An aging secret from the Maggid of Konitsch

45.  Thursday Evening, June 14
Donald H. Harrison: Hamas terror force wins control of Gaza; multinational intervention seen as possible

Olmert in Knesset describes Peres' election as Israel's president as 'a moment of hope, a moment of joy'

Hadassah sends Peres its 'mazal tov'

Emanuel and LaHood urge safe place for Gaza kids 

Kurt Waldheim dies; AJC says his Nazi past
forced Austria to acknowledge its own role

Dorothea Shefer-Vanson: Family over politics draws writer to 'territories'

   7.  Jews in the News

   8.  News Sleuths

   9.  Jewish Grapevine

Congressional Gold Medal proposed for Jerry Lewis

  11. Fred Reiss:
Traces of God: Easier to find God if you actually look

  12. Natasha Josefowitz: Men are for tasks: Women are for process.

44.  Wednesday Evening, June 13
Donald H. Harrison: Israel turns to former prime ministers: Peres elected as president; Barak heads Labor party

2. Shoshana Bryen: Hamas appears to be the victor over Fatah in Gaza civil war, with help of Syria, Iran

President Bush names four to represent him at History of Polish Jews Museum's groundbreaking ceremony June 26

Congressman wants UN High Commissioner fired

AJC decries 'culture of hatred and death' in Gaza

     6. Dorothea Shefer-Vanson: Hilde was a living link with the German Jewish past

     7.  Jews in the News

     8.  News Sleuths

     9  Jewish Grapevine

   10  Carol Davis: Hamlet and the moral dilemmas that lie therein

   11.  Carol Davis:
Three Jewish 'Stars' Feted at Annual Tribute to Volunteers

43.  Tuesday Evening, June 12

      1. Olmert suggests an international force between Egypt and Palestinian Authority to stop smuggling

    2.Israel always intended to give back Golan—University of Haifa researcher

    3. Holocaust denial denounced at historic interfaith
gathering of Jews, Muslims, Hindus in Indonesia

Germany completes compensation of WWII slave laborers

   5. Settling civil wars in Iraq, Palestine, difficult tasks

   6. Dorothea Shefer-Vanson: Be it ever so dusty, there's no place like Israel

    7. ADL, AJC Praise Columbia University for its
statement on British academic boycott against Israel

    8. Bill
prohibiting sale of jet parts to Iran wins
approval in the U.S. House of Representatives

9. Jews in the News

    10. News Sleuths

   11.Jewish Grapevine

Bruce F. Lowitt; 'First' pitcher at Padres-Rays game heads for Israel league

   13. Norman Manson: Books— 100-year-old's story is a true autobiography, not just a memoir

    14.  Carol Davis: TheatreNostalgic Sassy Sarah Vaughn provides enjoyable evening

42.  Monday Evening, June 11

1. Jewish Family Service issues appeal to help 20 frail Holocaust survivors 

   2. Key committee of American Association of University Professors rejects British call for boycott of Israel

   3. Lauder succeeds Bronfman as WJC president
4. Smith seeks worldwide education campaign on Shoah

5. ADL asks Nigerian Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka to withdraw praise for NOI's Louis Farrakhan

   6. Shoshana Bryen: JINSA applauds resignation of Larry Talent from U.S.-funded Arab language television  news staff

   7. Congressman Adam Schiff introduces legislation to ban campaign payments to congressional spouses

8. Nadler committee to quiz former EPA Administrator Whitman on whether public told of post-9/11 toxins

9. Rep. Susan Davis, Senators Boxer and Lieberman team up for service personnel's mental health

   10. Jews in the News

   11. Jewish Grapevine
Music recipe: Jazz sextet + klezmer quintet = once in lifetime opportunity to hear the two in jam session

   13 Dorothea Shefer-Vanson: The Saga of the Saba and the Safta

41. Sunday Evening, June 10
Israel organizes its response to UK's proposed academic boycott

 2.  Harel appointed deputy chief of staff of IDF

3. Donald H. Harrison: Current S.D. City Council 'less public-spirited' than previous councils, says Abbe Wolfsheimer Stutz

    4. Jews in the News

    5. Jewish Grapevine

6. Laurie Baron: Cinema in the Crossfire of Jewish-Polish Polemics

      7.  Dorothea Shefer-Vanson: The satisfaction of mentoring a young, talented musician 

40.  Saturday Evening, June 9
      1) Feinstein, 7 other senators call on Bush to reinvigorate Middle East peace process

    2) Hebrew University Ph.D. wins Kaye Award for ‘natural protection’ to reduce spread of Alzheimer’s Disease

    3) Olympics movement honors Israeli race walker

    4) Brandeis taps Nader Habibi for Middle East Studies

    5) Dorothea Shafer-Vanson: I love Israel in the Springtime...

    6) Jews in the News

    7) News Sleuths

    8) Jewish Grapevine

Jewish Museum in Prague spotlights Otto Guttfreund

39.  Friday afternoon, June 8
Donald H. Harrison: Divestment-from-Iran legislation advances in Florida and California

    2) Shoshana Bryen:
Neither the U.S. nor Israel should prop up Assad's Syria

Ban Ki-Moon 'shocked' by Iran's anti-Israel threats

4) RJC lauds effort to monitor Iran's arm smuggling

 5) Schiff introduces bill to 'fingerprint' nuclear materials

       6) Dorothea Shefer-Vanson Putting the Middle East dispute in chronological context

        7) Jews in the News

       8) Jewish Grapevine

         9) Issues Forum

 10) News Sleuth

         11) Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal: The special Gematria of the tzitzit

         12) Rabbi Baruch Lederman: A rabbi teaches colleagues the meaning of hospitality

13)  Carol Davis: Hairspray is filling the ozone at the Civic Theatre

38.  Thursday evening, June 7

    1) Bipartisan congressional delegation pushes resolution
repudiating boycott of Israel by British labor groups

HIAS commends Senate for approving 'asylum' amendment to the Immigration Reform bill

    3) American Jewish Committee expresses concern over
Switzerland's pipeline agreement with Iran

Dorothea Shefer-Vanson: Driving in Israel: Not for the faint of heart

     5)  Rabbi Wayne Dosick: This year must not be 586 BCE, 70 CE or 1933

    6) Donald H. Harrison: Such Elation! San Diego berths cruise ship

    7) Jews in the News

    8) Jewish Grapevine

    9) Carol Davis: Did you see the one when Moses played Joseph?

10)Norman Greene: The sounds of his exercise routine: Oy, Ahh, Oy, Vey!

37. Wednesday evening, June 6
   1) United Nations  officials mark 6-Day War anniversary by blaming Israel

   2) Shoshana Bryen: Six-Day War was the result, not the cause, of Arab governments' hostility to Israel
Jewish groups plan demonstration June 10 in Washington D.C. to counter anti-Israel effort

    4) NJDC faults 26 Republicans for opposing bill to
establish commission on Jewish WWII refugees

    5) Reform Jews seek hate crimes protection for gays

    6) Anti-Defamation League says United Church of Christ
ignores Jewish suffering in its statement on Middle East

    7) 'I am my brother's keeper,' vows HIAS chairman

    8) Dorothea Shefer-Vanson: As we remember 1967 war, let's also recall the wounded

News Sleuths: Watching the media gathering and reporting the news of Jewish interest
   10) Jews in the News

   11) Jewish Grapevine

    12) Interfaith Shelter Network plans dinner, tour and Dead Sea Scrolls lecture

 13) David Strom: Iran seen through the eyes of a woman of steel

   14) Songs of a Wayfarer to highlight TICO Concert
   15) Humor: The kosher computer

16) Sylvia Cysner remembrance

36. Tuesday evening, June 5
  1) Some Republican presidential candidates favor bombing Iran's nuclear facilities, if necessary
 2) 'Boycott Israelis, you also boycott us'—Dershowitz, four Nobel laureates, other scholars vow in petition

  3) ZOA calls on United Nations to expel Iran for threats to 'wipe out' member state Israel

  4)Vacations without children? That's not the Israeli way

  5)  Shel Silverstein a legend in winter home, Key West

  6)  Jews in the News

  7)  Jewish Grapevine

  8) At age 70, UJF of San Diego is giving itself a facelift

Who Wrote the Bible?’ subject of free AJE mini-course

 10)  Used Book Sale to Benefit JCC's Astor Judaica Library

35. Monday evening, June 4

* Roz Rothstein: StandWithUs urges world response to Iran's latest threat to eliminate Israel from the map

*'Why be Jewish?' topic of Bronfman conference in Utah

* Ira Sharkansky: 'Boycott?  What boycott?' ask British lay persons

*Olmert holds meetings with Senator Joseph Lieberman and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist

*Dorothea Shefer-Vanson: Month-long study qualified us as Israel Museum hosts

Anti-Defamation League urges Norway, South Africa to refrain from direct diplomacy with Hamas

*Jews in the News

*The Jewish Grapevine

*Inter-religious confab in L.A. probed 'Challenge of Respect'

Manhigim students will discuss civil rights and modern dictatorships

*Obituary: Dr. George W. Weinstein

34.  Sunday evening, June 3

    1) Donald H. Harrison: Will Bill Clinton become the U.S. Middle East envoy?

     2) Haifa University to grant 119 scholarships in the name
of each of the Israeli soldiers who died in Lebanon War

    3) Computers and Internet 'flatten' the playing field,
Friedman tells Hebrew University graduates

Bacteria unable to resist Technion-developed antibiotic

    5) Jews in the News

    6) Jewish Grapevine

    7) Gerry Greber: Military personnel, civilians enjoy seagoing Shabbat

    8) Norman Podhoretz: On the choseness of the Jews and the centrality of Jerusalem

    9) Sheila Orysiek: One mistake is an accident, but three are symptoms

   10) Jewish Museum in NYC spotlights Nevelson

33. Saturday evening, June 2
'Nobody will drive us out,' mayor of Sderot vows in conference call

ADL's Foxman raps Swiss for proposing to Iran the conference on the Holocaust

   3. Wiesenthal Center urges investigation of Hizbollah activities in Paraguay

AJC congratulates law enforcement for thwarting a terror attack at JFK

Ban-ki delivers closed-door report on Middle East to members of United Nations Security Council

Wexler, Crist on bipartisan trip to Israel

   7. National Intelligence Estimate to determine what threat global warming poses to American security

   8. Wyden contrasts his and Obama's health care plans

   9. Jews in the News

  10. The Jewish Grapevine

Donald H. Harrison: Finding a Jewish story wasn't a fair challenge

  12: Carol Davis: Babies, Babies, Babies

  13  Lynne Thrope:
A Visit to the Renown Culinary Institute of America

32.  Friday afternoon, June 1
President Bush authorizes Secretary of State Rice
to provide limited assistance to Palestinian Authority

   2) 8,000 sign petition urging DePauw University
to deny tenure to Shoah minimizer Finkelstein

Zionist Organization of America, citing new Israeli poll,
urges Olmert to abandon idea of 'unilateral withdrawals'

   4) Jews in the News

   5)  Jewish Grapevine

Jewish Community Foundation, now largest grantmaker in
San Diego County, celebrates 40 years of philanthropy

Jewish Family Service resettles more than 60 refugees each year in San Diego area

Rabbi Baruch Lederman: Whenever abba forgets his hat, it's sure to rain

   9) Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal:
Rely on yourself.  Don't expect a miracle!

  10) Carol Davis: George and Martha are at it again!

Donald H. Harrison: Yes, there are Jewish stories everywhere—even among the Seals and sea lions