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Frost withdraws from 
DNC chairmanship race
,  Feb. 1, 2005

Former Congressman Martin Frost of Texas withdrew as a candidate for the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee today (Feb. 1)—one day after state party chairs indicated in balloting they prefer Vermont Gov. Howard Dean with grassroots organizer Donnie Fowler their second choice

In withdrawing, Frost did not endorse any candidate, but did say that he had "called Governor Dean and congratulated him for running a strong campaign. The challenge ahead for Governor Dean will be to unite the Party, rebuild the DNC and win elections in every region of the country."

The one-time chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Caucus said the battle for the DNC chairmanship is "about rebuilding the Democratic Party so that we can better present to the nation our strong, hopeful alternative to the dishonest, corrupt and elitist Republican Government that keeps selling out the nation in order to reward its few, privileged friends"

In a news release, he added:

"Make no mistake, Democrats are the party that can best meet America's challenges - challenges like keeping our people safe and winning the war on terrorism, stopping the Republican attack on Social Security, solving the health care crisis, and ensuring that all Americans have good jobs and the opportunity to build a better future for their children. 

"With a strong, unified Democratic Party, a real 50-state party structure, and a commitment to working together and speaking directly to Americans' concerns and values, I am confident that we can and will elect Democrats at all levels and in all parts of the country. I look forward to continuing to play a constructive role in those efforts." 

Donald H. Harrison