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2005-01-30—Lowey—Ossining Savings Bank 

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Keeping up with Jewish Officeholders
Rep. Lowey gets grant for
saving a savings bank
,  Jan. 30, 2005

U.S. Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) has obtained a $150,000 grant through the Fiscal Year 2005 omnibus appropriations bill to revitalize downtown Ossining, including the repair of the now empty 1854 Ossining Savings Bank.

“This building has been a historic part of Ossining downtown and a majestic gateway to the Village. It’s been empty for many years and we have been looking for an opportunity to revitalize it,” Ossining Mayor Eugene T. Napolitano was quoted as saying in a Jan. 27 news release issued by Lowey's office.

Said Lowey: An important part of strengthening our neighborhoods is protecting the historic sites that enrich our culture, increase our understanding of our heritage, and contribute to our local economy by drawing tourists. Unless we preserve these local treasures now, they run the risk of being lost forever. That’s why I am proud to have brought home critical funds to restore historic downtown Ossining.”

Lowey's office said the grant would be used to restore the crumbling facade of the bank building and for related projects in the village's downtown area. 
Donald H. Harrison