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2005-01-23—Israel Cabinet—Sderot

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Sharon convenes Cabinet meeting in Sderot
to show solidarity against Qassam attacks,  Jan. 23, 2005

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon convened his regular Sunday Cabinet meeting in Sderot Jan. 23 to show solidarity with the Negev city that has been regularly targeted by Qassam rockets fired by Palestinian terrorists in the neighboring Gaza Strip.

Addressing Mayor Eli Moyal, Sharon said: "Mr. Mayor, you have stood here on difficult days, you have demonstrated outstanding leadership.  After a long period of Palestinian terrorism and intensive operations by our security forces against terror, quiet has prevailed."

Sharon, whose family ranch is located near Sderot in the northern Negev, said, "I have heard criticism more than once, and I want to tell you that even if things are not always done publicly, w have never stopped acting on behalf of the residents here.  I am a neighbor of the city of Sderot. I have heard the explosions many times and I know how hard and frustrating it is to live like this, in Sderot, in Nir-Am, in Sa'ad, in Gush Katif and everywhere else that is under attack."

According to a news release issued by Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sharon told the Cabinet and local onlookers: "We still do not know if there has been a genuine change in the situation.  We hope so.  We are closely monitoring events.  One thing is clear—if terrorism is renewed, according to the Cabinet's decision, Israel will do everything to prevent attacks on Sderot, the Negev and the communities in the Gaza Strip."

He expressed his "hope that the quiet will continue, and if not, the IDF and the security forces will continue to do everything in order to remove the threat from residents here."

    —Donald H. Harrison