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NYC Mayor Bloomberg promises progress
on 'fundamental civil right' of education
,  Jan. 18, 2005

NYC mayor's race file

education file

Calling education a "fundamental civil right," New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has promised to establish programs for gifted and talented students "where they don't exist now." In his weekly broadcast Sunday, Jan. 16, over WINS Radio, Bloomberg also said there will be expanded vocational opportunities for students who are not academically inclined.

"We're also going to create more new, small secondary schools and charter schools that give students the rigorous academic programs and individual attention that help them succeed," Bloomberg said.

A "Learning to Work" initiative will help "young people who aren't now on course to earn high school diplomas get the educational and vocational credentials they need," the mayor said. 

"Reforming our schools ensures opportunity for all our young people," Bloomberg said. "It's a big job-and we're headed in the right direction. Test scores and the graduation rate are rising. Schools are safer. We're setting and enforcing standards in the classroom." 

Donald H. Harrison