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2005-01-14-Weiner-Bloomberg-NY Jets

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Rep. Anthony Weiner

Keeping up with Jewish officeholders

Weiner wants Jets in Queens,
Bloomberg out of City Hall
,  Jan. 14, 2005

2005 mayor's race file

U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), hoping to leave the 109th Congress to become New York City's 109th mayor, says the New York Jets belong in Queens, not in Manhattan. Building a football stadium for the Jets in the Willets Points section of Queens—instead of Manhattan's West Side—"would save approximately $1 billion," Weiner said in a news release posted Thursday, Jan. 13, on his website.

Putting the stadium in Queens, he said, is in line with his goal of pumping more economic development funds into the boroughs. He has urged that "at least 25% of all Economic Development Corporation (EDC) funds be distributed to the boroughs on an equitable 
basis, by jobs or population. Manhattan has received twice as much funding from the EDC over the past five years than the other four boroughs combined.

Taking direct aim at incumbent Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Weiner said “The stadium is symbolic of the Mayor’s approach to public investment and what he would do for the 
next four years. The stadium is an example of his wrong choices and a profoundly uncreative vision for the City’s future.

“I want us to fight for a better life, and I want a Mayor will fight for more opportunity for 
everyone," he said during a speech at the New School in Manhattan. " New York values are fighting for the whole City, for all five boroughs, for small businesses not just large ones.” 

In what he described as his "economic growth plan" for the city, the congressman also proposed developing a system of faster ferries and buses to take commuters to Manhattan; preventing Wal-Mart from moving into neighborhoods and killing local businesses; reducing city fines and tickets leveled against small businesses; streamlining government approvals for small businesses, and developing a micro-loan program to incubate small businesses.
 —Donald H. Harrison