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2005-01-13-Republican Jewish Coaliton-Social Security 

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Republican Jewish Coalition plans ads 
in support of Bush Social Security plan, Jan. 13, 2005

The Republican Jewish Coalition announced plans today (Thursday, Jan. 13) to run ads in Jewish newspapers across the country the week of Jan. 17 to support President Bush's proposal "for allowing young families to voluntarily invest part of their Social Security contribution, while maintaining the current benefits for those on Social Security or nearing retirement."

"Allowing younger workers to invest part of their Social Security contribution in the private sector will have several benefits: a greater rate of return than the Social Security system provides, giving workers more money upon retirement; workers can pass their savings on to their spouse or children, something not possible with Social Security; workers own their retirement account and direct it themselves," according to Matthew Brooks, RJC executive director.

The advertisement also includes information on joining the Republican Jewish Coalition. 

   Donald H. Harrison