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2005-01-13-Feinstein & Boxer-Hunter's Point 

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Ceremony celebrates conveyance of
first parcel of Hunters Point Shipyard
,  Jan. 13, 2005

Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif) and Barbara Boxer (D-Calif) joined in a ceremony Wednesday, Jan. 12, by which 75 acres of the old Hunters Point Shipyard were conveyed to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency for the development of low cost housing.

"Today’s ceremony signals the beginning of new jobs and new housing for the people of Hunters Point, and an end to the bickering that has gone on for a quarter of a century," Feinstein said. "I am hopeful that we can transform this former Naval Shipyard— that suffered from severe environmental contamination and an underground toxic fire— into a vibrant, vital part of the Hunters Point community.” 

Boxer said that "after more than a decade of consideration, I am gratified that this first Hunters Point land parcel is finally being transferred to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. Since 1974, the Hunters Point Shipyard has been closed and the land has remained unused. This transfer will allow the City and County of San Francisco and the Hunters Point community to move forward with an exciting revitalization effort that includes housing, parks, and commercial venues.”

Other speakers included Mayor Gavin Newsom, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Wayne Arny, acting assistant secretary of the Navy, and San Francisco City-County Supervisor Sophie Maxwell

In a Jan. 12 news release, Sen Feinstein provided these details of the project:

The Conveyance of Parcel A is the paramount step in the redevelopment of the Shipyard. Construction and development of Parcel A is scheduled to begin as soon as February 2005. Redevelopment of the first phase of the Hunters Point Shipyard has been designed to ensure that the local community directly participates in the economic success of the Shipyard by providing an unprecedented level of community benefits, including the following: 
•A total of 1,600 residential units, including a robust affordable housing program which ensures that at least 32%, and up to 44%, of the total units are affordable at income qualification thresholds tailored for the bay view that are 20% lower than typical affordability thresholds in other project areas, and a first-time home buyers assistance program for Bay view residents.
•An annual average of 430 construction jobs per year spanning a 5-year construction period and priority programs for community residents, businesses in the areas of job training, local hiring and contracting, construction assistance for local builders, priority leasing programs for community-based businesses and small business assistance and incubator space for small, local start-ups; 
•Earmarking 30% of all the land available for market-rate development for community-based developers and setting aside an additional 6 acres of land set aside for community development of community facilities; 
•35 acres of desperately needed parks and open space, including tot-lots, trails, community gardens – all 100% paid for by the private development; 
•Facilities for current artist tenants and participation of local artists in public art elements of new development projects; and 
•As a result of an innovative public private transaction structure, an estimated $30-40 million in net revenue from land sales to be reinvested in the Bayview Hunters Point community for additional community benefits. 

Donald H. Harrison