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2005-01-10-Lieberman-Mahmoud Abbas 

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Joseph Lieberman

Keeping up with Jewish officeholders

Lieberman congratulates Mahmoud Abbas
on election as Palestinian president
,  Jan. 10, 2005

U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman congratulated Palestinian president-elect Mahmoud Abbas, whom he said "now bears the responsibility for leading the Palestinian people in meeting 
their commitments under the roadmap to uphold security and stop terrorism."

Using Abbas' nickname, Lieberman added in a news release issued Jan. 10, " I look forward to 
working with Abu Mazen for a better life for the Palestinian people and the security of peace for 
Israelis and Palestinians." 

Lieberman also said "I applaud the Palestinian people for choosing the 
path of democracy. In voting for new leadership, the Palestinians have begun a new era in their 
history that offers new opportunities for better relations with the United States and with Israel." Donald H. Harrison