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Daily News Report
Rectangle-shaped ads, 750 pixels wide by 250 pixels deep
Nonprofit organizations: $10 per day, per insertion
       Political campaigns, $15 per day, per insertion
       Private Companies, Individuals $20 per day, per insertion
       Tribute ads (bar mitzvah, wedding, etc) $18.

       Advertisements may be linked to your website at no extra cost
       Year-round advertisers will also be listed on the home page.

* We will not accept advertising that is anti-Semitic nor that seeks to convert Jews to other religions.  Furthermore, we will not accept advertising for tobacco products or firearms.  The editor reserves the right to reject any advertisement on the basis of taste.

Archived stories
If you wish to place your advertisement on an archived story, you may do so at the rate of $1 per day, with a minimum placement of 180 days.

To place an ad: call Don Harrison at (619) 265-0808
or contact him by email at

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